Chinese Residents Urged To Leave Japan By Anxious Relatives

Families of Chinese resident in Japan urge them to leave before war breaks out

And so the saga over the Senkaku Island Dispute continues with further panic mongering being reported in the Japanese media.

The dispute over a few uninhabited islands in the East China Sea (conveniently located close to possible off-shore gas resources) claimed by China, Japan and Taiwan has escalated since the summer, leading to demonstrations and unofficial boycotts of Japanese products in China, and to public and netizen outrage in Japan. Most recently, there have even been fears of war in both countries. Here, a Chinese language paper in Japan surveys opinions of Chinese citizens living in Japan.

From Yahoo! Japan:

‘Things Would Be Awful If There Was a War!’: Chinese Resident in Japan Under Pressure From Families to Return To China, According to Chinese Newspaper

According to Chubun, a Japanese Chinese-language newspaper, on January 25, 2013, many Chinese citizens living in Japan have started considering returning to their families in China since the deterioration of Sino-Japanese relations.

The Senkaku issue has cooled Sino-Japanese relations below freezing point. As Chinese planes and boat patrols continue surveillance activities in the area surrounding the Senkaku Islands, there are more than a few Chinese citizens wondering ‘will this lead to war?’. Parents who are worried about children who have been living in Japan long-term are pressing them to ‘come back quickly!’ The same thing happened after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Mr. Zhang in Tokyo was pressed by his mother on the phone: ‘How will Chinese people in Japan be treated if a war breaks out? Come back now before it is too late!’ Mr. Gao, who had come to Tokyo on vacation, was pressed by his parents in Beijing to go back to China as soon as he could, so he cut his plans short and returned to China.

Mr. Zheng, who lived in Japan for 15 years, was also constantly being called on the phone by friends and family urging him to come home. No matter how Mr. Zheng emphasised that ‘Japanese people do not care that much about the Senkaku Island dispute in their day-to-day lives, let alone think about war,’ his relatives would reply ‘The Japanese only behave that way in front of you because they know you’re Chinese’. When he talked to a colleague on Chinese instant messenger service QQ, he was told ‘come back to China at once. You’ll be taken hostage.’ Mr. Zheng also remembers, however, that his Chinese friends all cried out ‘it’s the end of the world’ after the Fukushima nuclear disaster as well. Now, as then, he has cut contact with China and continues on with his normal life. This is the only way he can have any peace and quiet again.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


If you go back, the smog will be waiting for you (笑)


The gap between the image they have in China and the actual situation of Japanese society. It really shows how much the Chinese Communist Party are making propaganda and brainwashing the people.


Well, go back soon then, and spread the word about how magnificent Japan is.


Go back, go back~ And all foreigners in Japan should go back to their countries and not come back again~


North Korean people, feel free to do the same


Please, for the sake of Japanese peace! Please go back, even if it has nothing to do with war or anything! (笑)


The ones making a fuss are idiot Chinese people! The people who want to leave should leave fast!


Other foreigners living in Japan should go too


I think that Japanese people living in China should come back home soon too


They’ve got it the wrong way round, it’s the Chinese who will take Japanese hostages! Don’t treat us as though we’re as barbaric as them! Japanese people have common sense and decency!


The Chinese people living in Japan understand that Japan is WAY safer than China. It’s cause it’s full of poison.


The ones who are in the most danger are Japanese people in China.


‘Taken hostage’? That is a Chinese concept.


What!? And so what if you don’t know how Chinese people in Japan will be seen if a war breaks out? Japanese people in China are assaulted on a daily basis even without a war.


Well if that’s the case, go back soon then. No one is stopping you (笑)


Please, by all means, go back. There is no use taking people without morals or pride hostage and we don’t want to do it. In Japan, there are no dishonest people to take people hostage anyways.


Really, really! Go back then! It will be a sign to go home when the Self-Defence Forces fire a bullet from the Senkaku Islands! And bring the Koreans with you!


They need to choose between being naturalized as Japanese or going home. If China becomes an enemy nation, there will be nothing else to do but put them in an internment camp.


If I beat someone up, it’s to make them pay for their mistakes.

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  • YourSupremeCommander

    Don’t be so ridiculous people, there’s not going to be any war!

    • I sincerely hope so. I hate to see my people go to war with them.

  • ChuckRamone

    What about Chinese with Japanese spouses? Did you guys ever see the movie Shinjuku Incident? That movie made it seem like there are, or were, a lot of illegal immigrants from China in Japan, though it made it clear that this was in the 90s. If some of them are illegals, how would Japanese people know to go after them? They’re not even on the books. As for legal residents, I think they’d have time to flee before the crap really hit the fan. So far it’s just bickering and posturing between the two countries.

    • linette lee

      What does illegal immigrants from China in Japan has anything to do with this story? I heard there are a lot of illegal Koreans in China too. What china gov’t going to do with them?

      • chucky3176

        China can do a lot about those illegal North Koreans. Send them to South Korea. Wouldn’t that solve the problem? But China won’t do that.

        • linette lee

          China has an agreement and understanding with North korea. China will give north korea back their refugees and both countries remain in friendly relationship at the border.

          How about South korea gov’t do arrangement and ask North korea directly for prisoners and refugees that were repatriated? So China won’t have to be in hostile relationship with north korea. Your south korea can provide money in exchange for those prisoners and refugees. North and South need to negotiate. China can’t be in the middle forever taking care of your problem.

          • Ruaraidh

            China is practically creating the problem, not taking care of it. The existence of North Korea as a separate state hinges almost entirely on support from China.

          • linette lee

            China should stop providing for North korea. They should not supply food and energy billion dollars worth to north korea anymore.

          • chucky3176

            Excellent ideal linette! We finally agree on something! Now can you send that demand to the Chinese government?

          • linette lee

            yes yes yes, but make sure you send a request to south korea gov’t don’t forget to provide for the north koreans. Make sure south feed the north koreans. The last thing we want to see is millions of starving women and children dying.

          • chucky3176

            South Korea has already massive humanitarian intervention plan in place, in the event the North Korea’s government collapses. China just has to let that happen, but you know and I know, China will never let that happen.

          • linette lee

            You have too many theory and conspiracy don’t you.

      • ChuckRamone

        I’m just trying to imagine the possible scenarios. A Chinese resident of Japan will have either illegal or legal status. And I watched Shinjuku Incident recently. Fun movie.

        • linette lee

          That is the first movie distributed under Jackie chan’s company. He has his own company now to produce and distribute all his movies old and new. I am glad he produce this movie and not his usually good cops bad cops ku fung style film.

  • Kate

    Seems a little over the edge? I really don’t think there will be any war, it seems more like the medias fear mongering and over exaggerating the situation for ratings.

  • besudesu

    Yeah, I think this is another example of media trolling…There’s not going to be a war. I mean, I can imagine Chinese parents being concerned like any parent is overly concerned when their children are even remotely near to anything that might present the slightest danger, so the article in the Chinese newspaper doesn’t seem so unusual. It’s the fact that it was picked up by the Japanese media for the netouyo vultures to feed on that seems strange to me…

  • Jack

    Chinese people live quite peacefully here…

  • chucky3176

    I think the Chinese people and their media got it backwards. It’s the Chinese who will take everyone hostage if there’s any war. Just look at the way they behaved last fall, thousands of mobs on rampage, attacking, destroying, and killing. Mob attacks are becoming a real bad characteristic of the Chinese in China. I don’t take any sides on this issue, but as a third party onlooker, that’s how I see it. On the other hand, the Chinese who don’t travel to Japan should count their blessings since Japan is practically a radioactive wasteland unfit for human life.

    • Cleo

      80k in total all over China protested while in one day in the same month, 100k in Okinawa protested the American presence and the Americans haven’t done to the Japanese what Japan did to China

      they lynched Chinese and Koreans after the 1923 earthquake and Hirohito was a youthful witness who rode through the city

      • That was a long time ago.

        Nothing wrong with forgiving (maybe not forgetting..), live and let live.

        The vast majority of Japanese and Chinese were not even alive in 1923. In fact, I have a grandparent who wasn’t even alive at the time.

        Just let it go. Jesus.

        • gangnamstyle

          why dont i go to ur house rape your mom and sister slaughter your dad and ask for your forgiveness in 20 years, you dumb fuck

        • Chang Liu

          I think sadly that just doesn’t fly with a lot people.

  • thmswhnr

    Another Sino-Japanese war would be a wet dream come true for a lot of Chinese patriots. They’re living in a fantasy world where the PRC is going to team up with the Soviet Union, beat the fuck out of imperialist America, liberate Taiwan, liberate 南朝鲜, etc. etc..

    • chucky3176

      And truly the sad thing about it though is that China’s navy and airforce that will do most of the fighting over the islands, is no match for Japan’s self defense force. China will get shredded to pieces in the event of a naval clash over the islands. Much of their equipment are questionable in quality, including China’s navy which is seriously inexperienced at sea compared to the well formed Japanese navy. What advantage China has over Japan, is their economic leverage over Japan. That’s what they should be using.

      • Johnny

        I think you serverly understimate China’s military power, they’ve been patrolling against pirates along africa’s coast and they gave vietnam a kicking back in the 70’s in there brieft navy spat so I don’t belive they are inexperienced.

        • chucky3176

          Fighting a modern warfare, a series of clashes using naval warships and fighter jets, is way different from patrolling against clearly militarily disadvantaged foes. The time that takes Chinese airforce to refuel, rearm, and reprep their scrambled fighter jets takes over twice the time that Japan airforce takes. In addition, Japan’s American made jet fighters have been combat proven over many wars, while the Chinese J series fighters based on modified Soviet technology are yet to be proven in combat. Time in and time again, the Soviet fighters that clashed against the American made fighters, lost in other wars. There has never been a single American made fighter that got shot down by a Soviet made plane. As for your navy, read this excellent analysis by an American magazine which rates Chinese navy fifth in Asia Pacific for its effectiveness and ability to carry out their combat missions (not just counting the number of ships).

          • wacky

            true that is exactly why china should go to war, chinese armed forces are untested in real combat the sooner the better, if it is take to long to realize this then it will be too late for china

        • Jahar

          You mean the Veitnam that had spent 10 years in Civil war, with the US helping bomb the crap out of them, and had their ally suddenly turn on them? 35 years ago? And pirates on barges? yeah, that’s experience.

      • TrickyNishidake

        The fuck are you talking about? China would just drop the nuke and bam, no more Japanese.

        Yes, that’s how awesome Chinese people are.

        • iliketowritearticles

          Da fuck r U talking bout? It don’t work like dat.

        • y.m.

          LOL chinese nukes will go off at their own country before they can be launched

        • Jahar

          Haha. Not even the CCP is that stupid.

      • Ruaraidh

        Wouldn’t it be funny if they did go to war and Japan blew up the second hand soviet aircraft carrier China is so proud of. It’d be almost worth it just for that to happen.

  • ‘come back to China at once. You’ll be taken hostage.’ that was funny. I remembered a Japanese professora once during a conference presentation talk about how many foreigner comes to Japan to learn and then they dont leave and she wish they would leave. The audience laugh, but she seems so serious.. She also said to the female students, once you get married dont follow your husband do whatever you want. Again the audience laugh. One professor ask her if they can borrow some of the professional from Japan (because they have over 7000 professional in that field), she said no, Japan need them all. The audience laugh again. All of this she said with a poker face. At a conference where there are a lot of well known professor and professora. One thing about her though, of all the people there she seems polite, well mannered and doesnt talk much unless was ask and her body language was very different than most people. In addition to that, she dress well.

    Must be a culture thing, because most people brought up in different place exhibit hard to notice nuances that sets them apart. For the Japanese I have befriend, met and observe, they seem to have that little pride that show not from words, but their behaviour.

    • Cleo

      that sounds like the fabrication of a narcissist with a dangerously fragile ego – they probably would dress in those ugly stepsister dresses all the time if the Americans didn’t make dressing down APPEAR to be aristocratic – the Japanese even wrote a book still in print about it called “Take Ivy.” If you’re really cool, your appearance and demeanor isn’t going to have anything to be remarked upon. You’re just going to be awesome – that’s not the same thing as insisting on being impressive. They’re never going to be the brightest light in the firmament. What is the Japanese version of Hugh Grant whose rabid Japanese fans must have been dismayed when he impregnated Ting Ting from the local takeaway – it simultaneously fed them a placebo that perfectly shaped Ting Ting (who kind of looks like Hugh Grant) was such bimbo but it still killed them that he did it. They wrote him so many letters to no avail!

  • PixelPulse

    I doubt the Japanese (or anybody) will ever go as buckwild as the Chinese did.

    • Cleo

      yes, gangraping babies in China is a very calm decent honest thing to do unlike the people who have the temerity and bad manners to protest such an expression of Japanese superiority

      • PixelPulse

        We are talking about two different incidents.

      • Jahar

        Who are you talking about? Dead people? From another time? Let’s paint 150 million people with a brush based on crazy people from another era.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    It’s still a valid reason to worry. There is tension among the two nations, and given the Japanese comments, there is a lot of hate directed at the Chinese and Koreans. Even when America wasn’t directly involved in WWI and WWII German-Americans took flak from their neighbors simply because they came from the same country as the ‘bad guys’.

    • Jahar

      That was in a different era. Japanese people don’t dump noodles on passersby because their governments have a disagreement. They understand that it’s not a matter to be resolved by attacking random civilians.

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        A different era maybe, but attitudes seem about the same. Given the comments from Japanese netizens, it seems there is plenty of anti-Chinese. While I understand that it is the internet where anonymity makes people braver, but all it takes is one guy to take it too far…

        • Jahar

          Look at the behavior of people from the past few months, on this issue. Japanese generally don’t care at all, while chinese attack people in the street and destroy anything related to Japan. I think this is a much better indicator of how people feel.

  • nintendo-nerd

    I hope there is no war between Japan and China…
    can you imagine a world without Japanese porn??

    • y.m.

      lol you must be a virgin

      • nintendo-nerd

        your mother and I are very happy together, thank you 🙂

  • Looks like I’m late to the party yet again, but I think 軍機 was meant to be “military aircraft” rather than “military
    secrets”. It looks like the original article used the Chinese word (軍機) instead
    of the Japanese one (軍用機) for some reason, otherwise the original sentence doesn’t make much sense – “Chinese military secrets and patrol boats are continuing their precautionary activities in the vicinity of the Senkaku Islands”.

    • besudesu

      No you’re right, it is military aircraft or planes…I thought I’d changed that…

      • besudesu

        Ok, my version actually shows planes….interesting.

        • Oops, my bad, I opened this article when it first came up on my twitter, but then put off reading it while I was too busy. Next time I’ll know better than to read a day old article without refreshing first!

          • besudesu

            Don’t worry — I appreciate your sharp eye! Sometimes I have to edit on the go though, so be sure to refresh ^^

  • Amir Fahran

    I hope the Japanese destroy the dirty Communists.

  • There is a lot of fear because if the relations between Japan and China approach war, the US will drawn in because of the major US military bases at Okinawa, Sasebo, Iwakuni, Yokota, Yokosuka and Misawa–they would be likely first-strike targets for Chinese forces in order to slow down US military response.

  • R.R

    Considering Japan has no military with which to make offensive strikes, I’m not sure how people could even fathom that Japan would start a war with China. The US loves cheap Chinese labor way too much to side with Japan on an offensive.


  • dim mak

    Well that’s a load of shit, nothing’s gonna happen over a few rocks

  • Chinese people seem to be so paranoid. Why do Chinese people literally believe war is extremely likely right now, when it would be detrimental to both countries at the moment? Nobody in Japan literally believes there would be an actual war right now. Not all commenters on Yahoo Japan are ‘netouyo’ by the way….some of the Japanese commenters are merely calling out on the paranoia from the Chinese and their CCP owned media.

    • Misiooo

      They are not paranoid. They lack ability of forethinking, even a minute in advance, not to mention consequences of a war (for them). And I like it that way.

  • Shuyi Ye

    this is so embarrassing how the people from my country are acting D: sry..

  • dahueka1989

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