Teacher Smashes Store Register When Asked to Confirm His Age

The touch-screen panel that asks customers buying alcohol or tobacco to confirm whether they are over 20 years of age.

The touch-screen panel that asks customers buying alcohol or tobacco to confirm whether they are over 20 years of age.

A 63 year old teacher lost his temper and smashed a touch-screen register at a convenience store in Osaka, when asked by the clerk to press the button to confirm his age.

The age of majority in Japan is currently 20, and new regulations require customers purchasing tobacco or alcohol to touch a button confirming that they are not underage. While many have questioned how effective this system really is in preventing sales of restricted items to minors, it seems that most problems have been caused by those from older generations who are insulted at being asked whether they are old enough to buy what they want. This recent incident is not the first of its kind, and netizens are quick to judge the attitude of the suspect as being somewhat immature compared to his advanced years.

From Sponichi.co.jp:

63 Year Old Part-Time Teacher Arrested After Getting Annoyed and Destroying Convenience Store Register When Asked to Confirm Age.

On January 26, Yawata City police arrested a 63 year old part time teacher at Hirakata Municipal Shoudai Middle School in Osaka Prefecture under suspicion of damaging property when he was caught breaking a convenience store register.

In a convenience store in Yawata at around 4:35pm on January 26, the suspect allegedly grew angry when requested by a female staff member to push the age confirmation button for sales of tobacco, and punched the LCD screen with his fist.

According to the police, the part-time teacher refused to push the button, saying to the staff member, ‘You know how old I am by looking at me, don’t you!’ The store clerk reported the crime because the man broke the register’s touch screen.

Comments from 2ch.net:


Well, if you’re in Osaka, there’s no two ways about it.


I quit my job in a convenience store because I didn’t like customers like this.


If you get pissed off at something like this and then break stuff then I guess you’re not mature enough w


Just push the button! Freak…


Depending on the store, some are trying to show that they’re taking age confirmation seriously. I’m a bit dubious as to how much of an effect this has on minors.


It’s wrong that he broke the register, but it puzzles me that they make customers do it even when the staff can clearly tell that they’re old enough.


What’s so bad about pushing a button. It’s fine saying that you can tell by looking, but can you tell the difference between an old-looking 19 year old and a baby-faced 20 year old?


This is another bad effect of strengthening of regulations, so if you’re holding a grudge against anyone, it should be against the Japanese government. Convenience stores have done nothing wrong.


The guy’s psychological age was less than that of a child.


A bastard who gets mad at something like this even when there’s really no way they’re being offended shouldn’t go outside. Fool.


It’s no problem for me to push the button, so I push it even if I’m not told to, but recently shop staff have been pushing it themselves without asking me.


But, I mean, those registers are expensive, right? What an idiot to [break something] that costs hundreds of thousands of yen because of a temporary feeling.


Come on, you’ve only got to press a button that’s right there in front of you. How can you be annoyed at that? I just absolutely don’t get it.


Isn’t it pretty easy to just push the button?


He could have been happy just thinking something like ‘I still look pretty young, huh, hahahaha w


As he’s been teaching the children he’s been contaminated by a childish mentality.


All you have to do is touch the touch-screen panel…why are there so many people who have a problem with it? w If you don’t like it, just buy them on Amazon w


Not this agaaaaaain. The stores need to think about protecting their employees, too.


I know how he feels, but there are some people whose age you can’t tell.


If you look at his actions you can see he’s underage.


I think it’s easier to touch a screen with your fingertip than to punch it…

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  • I know the elder generation don’t like technology, but this is getting out of hand–very literally!

  • based on the article i read about people living in Japan and technology usage, the impression given is that it is the combination of the new and the old world. For instance in some houses they still use old technology like VHS, casette player and the portable kerosene kitchen etc while in work place they do not use e-mail especially with the senior employee, they use fax instead. Then there is the bank cards with no magnetic strip and can only use ATM made specifically for that bank and only at certain time.

    There are also a big leap in technology like a phone which allows you to send full text e-mail rather than the SMS and that you can use the phone to pay for things at convenience store. It seems like there is no middle ground in Japan you’re either advanced or ancient. I may be wrong because this judgment are based on what I read, not from experience, if so please correct.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    is Japan really like this? I expect this from Chinese after being around those nitwits for so long but really, Japan. I always held the Japanese up here ^ you know? Someone enlighten me. Tell me what the ‘real Japan’ is like.

    • bluesummers

      There are assholes all over the world.

      • rollin wit 9’s

        point taken and nuff said! thanks chap.

  • the Japanese people just don’t want to change, look at some laws and you find that it is completely not logical but they continue because they are use to it. like if you ask why do you do this this way, and they answer “because it’s the way it is, don’t question why just do it” maybe it have something to do with habits.

  • Hm… honestly, if I was in an already frustrated mood I would have the urge to do something like that.. especially if the machine suddenly stopped working. But, I don’t let my emotions get the best of me to that extent…. if so, I think my computer, phone, dishes, everything would be broken…………

  • Paul M

    Is this age check only for Japanese nationals? It’s just that I wasn’t asked to check my age when I stopped by to get a few Asahi’s from the Family Mart next to my hotel the other day. Oh, and I’m disappointed as the Family Mart didn’t smell of cheese http://www.japancrush.com/2012/stories/family-mart-mystery-stink-caused-by-new-cheese-nugget.html

    • besudesu

      Hahaha. I know, I went back to Japan after that Family Mart thing, and I couldn’t smell it either! (I also never managed to get one of those nuggets, though). As for the age check, all foreigners have to do it too. I’ve seen store clerks trying to explain to people who speak no Japanese and then eventually pressing it for them. But maybe not all Japanese convenience stores have them yet…

      • Paul M

        I think I played the part of clueless foreign tourist very well so as you said the clerk probably just pushed the button for me. I didn’t have the nerve to ask for one of those cheese nuggets. I also remember reading an article about vending machines that serve alcohol requiring some form of ID like a fingerprint or something, have you encountered any?

        • besudesu

          Yeah, cigarette machines and vending machines that sell alcohol now mostly have some ID scanner attached to them. I’m not sure if it takes a fingerprint or a card, but they do exist…

    • dltcker1

      The age verification buttons are only at Lawson. They look at me with the crazy eyes when I touch the screen at Family Mart for no apparent reason.

  • What a psycho. Punching a screen because of asking him his age?

    I feel sorry for the clerk.

  • MisaoAkiOlivier

    I don’t know, it was pretty funny to me lol

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