Group Of Female University Students Pass Out In Central Tokyo


A strange incident in Shinjuku has netizens talking.

A group of university students who went out drinking as part of their club’s activities resulted in the girls from the club all collapsing en masse in central Tokyo, as passersby photographed them and quickly uploaded the incident to Twitter and YouTube

At time of writing, the cause of the incident is still unknown, but now some sources are suggesting the use of “spiritus capsules” on the girls are what caused them to collapse…


[PICTURES] Extraordinary Occurrence As Female University Students Pass Out En Masse In Front Of Old Shinjuku Koma Theater; Was It Meiji University Official Club “KREIS”?


It has been revealed that there was an incident in which female university students passed out en-masse in front of the now demolished Shinjuku Koma Theater.

Here are the pictures that were uploaded one after another on Twitter. Police and ambulances rushed to the scene, and it seems that the whole place was in uproar. There were also reports that “some people had shit themselves”, and that there was complete chaos.

Twitter / tobichiry: Like, 10 people have died outside the old Koma Theater, and Nagabuchi is playing next to them, as usual…


Twitter / daysgoodbye: Damn, things are going crazy in front of Koma Gekijo


Twitter / shota_dd: Meji University students completely smashed in Shinjuku! Police and emergency services were there until a moment ago


Twitter / miyamumum: Seems like it’s Meiji University students. The fools drank too much and now the police have to look after them.


At the current time, we don’t know what actually happened, but there is information circulating to suggest that they were members of the Meiji University and Nihon Women’s University official tennis club, “KREIS”.

You see a lot of people hammered and unable to move in Shinjuku of an evening, but it is clearly very unusual to see “Several people passed out on the street, and in some cases they had shit themselves”.

Moreover, the fact that while female university students had collapsed all around, the damage to the men who seemed to be their male counterparts, seemed to be relatively light, means that we can’t help but feel that something is up, and we are all awaiting more information.

・ 9:48 Update

The information given to us by the PR department of Meiji University is as follows. It seems they are currently in the middle of confirming the facts:

BUZZAP Editor:
There are reports circulating online that ysterday some students who are assumed to belong to an official club at Meiji University were passed out en masse outside Shinjuku Koma Theater. Was the University aware of this?

Meiji University PR:
We checked the reports online this morning.

BUZZAP Editor:
Does the University plan to confirm the facts? Or, if it is confirmed that these are current students, does the university have any plans to punish them?

Meiji University PR:
Just from the information we have, we can’t tell whether or not these are our students, but we are in the middle of confirming things. At the current time, this is only a hypothetical situation, so we can’t give any indications (regarding punishment).

・ June 23, 12:28 Update:

The situation at the scene was filmed. You can see how strange a situation it was.

What kind of state are they in that those looking after them have to carry them because they have to be restrained…?

・ June 24, 1:00 Update:

Japan Women’s University have issued their official position. At the present time, it seems that it hasn’t been confirmed that students from Japan Women’s University were participating.

Notice Regarding Official Club Of This University: Japan Women’ University

Notice Regarding Official Club Of This University:

On June 20, an alcohol-related incident occurred with a club from another university that is recognised by this university as an official club, and along with trending online, it has also been reported in part of the media.

Regarding the confirmation that is being carried out at the university at the current time, there is no confirmation that students from this university took part.

However, it is a fact that this is a club officially recognised by the university; therefore we are scheduled to consult on how to deal with the matter from now on. We are extremely sorry for all the fuss that the matter has caused.
Japan Women’s University.

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What the hell is this about?


I wonder if this wasn’t due to sleeping pills?






If they took urine and hair samples they’d soon find out what caused it.


Come on, you’d never end up like that from alcohol.
There’d be more people vomiting like when people have acute alcohol poisoning.


What kind of drugs make you shit yourself?


Would you shit yourself if you had alcohol and sleeping tablets?


Why are all the guys ok?


This is some kind of crime, right?


No matter how you look at it, the objective here must have been sexual assault.


People are going to be pissed.
It’s not only the university’s image that’s going to go down because of this.

名無しさん@0新周年@\(^o^)/: [in response to above]

If they’ve spiked them, then it’s not just going to end with them getting suspended from school.
They’ll be headed for jail.


They were definitely spiked www


It’s just too stupid to mix alcohol with sleeping pills or relaxants. If you do it badly, people die.


So they’ve tried to drug them, huh.


Isn’t this just a regular crime?

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