Man To Sue Women’s University For Rejecting His Application

Fukuoka Women's UniversityFukuoka Women's University

Fukuoka Women’s University

A hopeful student in Fukuoka has made the news this week for attempting to sue a women’s university for not admitting him to study a course there in 2015.

The man is suing Fukuoka Women’s University on the grounds that rejecting his application would be unconstitutional.

Netizens are split between supporting him and thinking that he’s just out to seek attention. What do you think? Is there really a reason to study at a women’s university? Or is this guy just demanding his rights as per the Japanese constitution?


Man In His Twenties Wants To Be Accepted Into Women’s University, Sues University For Being “Unconstitutional”

On November 14 it was revealed that a man in his twenties from Fukuoka who did not have his application to public university Fukuoka Women’s University accepted, was to sue the University at the Fukuoka district court in December for being unconstitutional due to unjustifiable gender discrimination. The man is asking for a retraction of decision to reject his application, as well as financial compensation.

The lawyer representing the man stated that “In the past, one dimension of women’s universities was to give preferential treatment to women for whom educational opportunities were difficult to obtain; however, this meaning has been lost. There is no basis in the constitution that permits the existence of national women’s universities”. This was the first time the lawyer had represented this kind of case.

According to the court claim, the man had sent his application to the University in November 2014, so that he could sit the entrance examination for mature students to be admitted to the department of food and health of Fukuoka Women’s University in 2015.

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Thought maybe he was just a weirdo, but he surprisingly has some pretty decent reasons there w
It’s pretty convincing w

トペ コンヒーロ(WiMAX)@\(^o^)/:

Assumed he was just another whiny homo, but I was wrong.


Has the time finally come for me to go to Ochanomizu [one of Japan’s top women’s universities]


He only submitted that application because he wanted to sue them.


I wonder if he just suddenly said he was going to sue them?
Wonder if there weren’t discussions before he submitted the application.


Even for high school, all-boys schools have been erased across the board. But girls’ schools are still allowed… Well, I guess even now the connotation that they’re wife-producing schools is still strong.


This is just the same as saying it’s unconstitutional because men can’t go into women’s toilets.
There were those feminist hags who said that we should get rid of boys’ schools because it’s gender discrimination but this is just the same.

イス攻撃(チベット自治区)@\(^o^)/: [in response to above]

If only the women’s bathroom has a toilet bowl, then I say let ‘em use it.


Even if he did enter that school I think he’d only get disillusioned.


Seems like he’s some punk who’s in his rebellious phase.


He really wants to go to a girls’ school that much…? ;;


Well it’s true that there are no men’s universities.


They should let him in. Once he changes sex.


I agree with this guy.
I wish someone would sue train companies who have women only carriages for being unconstitutional because that’s public transport.


Why doesn’t he just go to another university or take another major?


In so far as his reasons for wanting to go to a women’s university might be economic, the guy still has enough money to hire a lawyer w


It’s true though, the very fact that women’s universities exist is weird.
Why is it only women who have women’s universities?


This is an unjust claim. It’s strange that the number of universities has increased so much, and yet facilities to get a necessary qualification are that hard to come by.


There are more idiots than ever, huh? Asshole like this just cause one court case after another. It’s like how kids who cry receive more than their fair share of candy.

サッカーボールキック(埼玉県)@\(^o^)/: [in response to above]

He’s probably just been crying himself to sleep until now.


Somehow, I get the sense that he was aiming for a settlement from the very beginning…


He’s lined up some very pretentious arguments, but he probably knew he wouldn’t be accepted from the outset, and was scheming to take their money.

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