Cute ‘Casual Cosplay’ Pokemon Outfits Praised By Netizens

Would you wear a Pikachu-inspired outfit?

Would you wear a Pikachu-inspired outfit?

Netizens have been raving once more about an old Naver Matome post that features outfits inspired by all 151 of the original Red and Green Pokemon. The cute sets of clothes first appeared on US site Polyvore.

The outfits re-imagine the Pokemon into a “casual cosplay” style that matches the colors and attitude of the original characters.

Below you can see some of our favorites — click through to Naver Matome to see all 151 outfits. Which ones would you wear? Technically gotta wear ’em all, I guess…

From Naver Matome:

Collection Of Cute Coordinated Outfits Inspired By Various Pokemon

I’ve gathered together some coordinated outfits inspired by Pokemon that were on a website called Polyvore. They are only the first generation (the 151 pokemon that appeared in Pokemon Red and Green). To see details about the products please use the links below the pictures. [OP] Zzzzzzさん

What is Polyvore?

“A US service where you can upload outfits you’ve styled yourself”

From: Let’s Enjoy Fashion More! ☆ POLYVORE, the service where you can easily make your own outfits FashionHack

“POLYVORE is the world’s biggest online community which helps users to search for styles and trends throughout the world. Every day 15,000,000 people use it, and 44,000,000 sets of coordinated outfits are shared.

From: Let’s Enjoy Fashion More! ☆ POLYVORE, the service where you can easily make your own outfits FashionHack




























Comments from Twitter:


Toooooo cuuuuute ( ु ›ω‹ )♡


Woah. Really amazing.


Funny (笑)


This is an amazing idea. The Caterpie one is cute, but I’m not sure about wearing it thinking “I’m Caterpie”….(笑)


Super cute~! I want these~!!


I have a coat that’s kind of like Eevee so I could totally do this.

[email protected]:

These Pokemon outfits are pretty glam.

[email protected]:

Oh but it’s just the colors that match (´・Д・)

[email protected]:

This is great. Don’t they have a men’s version?


Cute ♡

[email protected]/26定演!!:

Amazing. I’m lost for words.


I saw them all!


Amazing! So detailed!


Girlfriend: “Sorry to keep you waiting!”
Boyfriend: “Wow, so today you’re wearing the Caterpie clothes?”


This is just brilliant!


These are all cute! And I know pretty much all the pokemon, too.


I want to wear: Ivysaur, Vulpix and Eevie.

[email protected]:

I like the purple outfits.


Don’t they have a version for good-looking guys?

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  • -_-

    Pretty creative.

  • B

    Aw. Just imagine Zaitokukai with those outfits screaming “KILL ALL KOREANS!”

    Just aw.

    • Frank.

      An article with nothing about Koreans, and you mentioned this. Seems like some people are as racist as the people they complain about.

    • FinalFantasy’sNextTopModel

      Dude, you are obsessed about the zaitokukais or what?

    • Delicious Ttongsul

      Why do you Coreans always have to be so loud and arrogant at all times? Is it because your country is small, dominated throughout all of history, and currently split in half?

      Just shut up and enjoy the Pokemon. 🙂

    • B

      I love how you assume that I’m korean. Well, I’m not.

      Plus, there’s nothing racist about my comment. I was making fun of it maybe, but I think that you’re starting to abuse that word and it’s getting embarassing.

      Btw, Delicious Ttongsul, you’re one of the worst trolls that I’ve seen on this page. If you’re gonna be offensive at least do it well.

      • Boris

        You post on JC about an article that has nothing to do with politics, Korea or anything else Korean related, yet you use such an article to make such a comment. You claim you were making fun, but failed to do that.

        Why bring this up? One can only assume you have an agenda.

  • Who wants to look like Raticate? lol

    Love the Clefairy one

  • FYIADragoon

    These are pretty good. It would be kind of interesting to see the one for guys..

  • Nova_REMIX

    Lol I love Polyvore. You find some of the most creative stuff there. These aren’t even the best ones. But I totally dig Meowth, Arbok, and Clefairy. And yes, there are guy versions. Lol

  • Cysorzowa

    Surprisingly good tasted as for something inspired by pokemons. Really great job. I love it.

  • Guest

    I think adding kitty ears to the cat one and a small pony tail to the pony one would be really cute too. Really cute outfits

  • UserID01

    A little TOO much yellow with the Pikachu-inspired outfit, but the other outfits were really put together well. In all honesty. I wouldn’t look at the outfits and think, “That’s a Bulbasaur outfit!” but… they really are fashionable. Someone did a great job with ’em.

  • Guest

    the others ones are cute but the pokemon one is really ugly ngl

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