Online Controversy Over Party’s Shocking Anti-Military Poster

Shaminto controversial poster Japan Social Democrats self-defence

The captions on the poster read: “‘From that day on, Daddy never came home’
How sad such a future would be.
Say NO to the right for collective self-defense.”

Recent discussions in Japan suggesting that the government will now go ahead and revise the constitution to enable the nation’s military to engage in collective self-defense have been met with considerable opposition, including one incident of self-immolation.

Now, a new poster released by the left-wing Social Democratic Party in opposition to the government move is rapidly going viral.

The poster, which features a young boy crouching and saying that “Daddy never came home”, has been blasted by netizens who have criticized the shocking image as “awful”, as well as disrespectful to the families of those who have lost loved ones who were members of the current self-defense forces.

What do you think? Is the poster justified if it stimulates debate? Or is it simply an insensitive shock-tactic?


Social Democratic Party Poster: “Daddy Never Came Home” — Right To Collective Self Defense

On June 16, he Social Democratic Party released a new poster calling for opposition to the authorization of the right to collective self-defense.

The poster features a young boy saying to himself, “From that day on, Daddy never came home”, and senior party members say that although the poster is perhaps somewhat extreme, the aim is “To show that this is an issue that involves the lives of our self-defense force members, the lives of our country people”. A Social Democratic politician’s child was used as the model, and the photograph was taken by a regional Social Democratic politician, so costs for creating the poster were kept low (Eguchi Tatsuya).

A controversial anti-military poster by Japan's Social Democratic Party

Comments from


This is horrible.


Using a kid to get people.
Just what we expect from the lefties.


Given the fact that it’s made to disgust you, this is a first-rate poster.


Be great if they made a version of this featuring the families who had their kids kidnapped by North Korea.


So Daddy got killed in the line of duty when he went to help with disaster relief, huh?


Wow, these guys are real nut jobs.


“From that day on, Daddy never came home”
Yeah, ‘cos that was the day that Daddy left home with another woman.


Contrary to what their intentions were, their ratings are gonna drop.


Looks like Daddy really really wanted to go to war. What can you do? w

Leftie weirdos really love war w

Makes me feel sick.
Don’t those idiot lefties feel sorry for the families of self-defense force members who died in the line of duty after being dispatched for disaster relief?


I wonder if those left wingers think that normal people won’t notice that they’re distorting things on purpose?
I don’t think this will have any effect on people other than their warped friends.


Thing is, if this kid’s Daddy hadn’t done his job, then it would be dangerous for other kids’ Daddies….w


Those old guys you see out repairing road do pretty dangerous work I reckon, and yet that’s OK?


I feel uncomfortable that the Communist Party and the Social Democrats, who up to this point have discriminated harshly against self defense force members and their families, are using members of the self-defense force for their own principles.
Do they know no shame?


“From that day on, Daddy never came home”
Yeah, cos Daddy gone and eloped with some woman.


I think it’s inevitable that the self-defense forces will be used politically, but I don’t want them to be used by the bloody Social Democrats, plus to use them in this way is really bad.


These guys do a good job of getting on Japan’s nerves.


You know, this is why the fucking left are no good, they try to take advantage of people’s consciences.


People are gonna support them because they’re opposing things for the sake of opposing things.
Thing is, after they’ve opposed everything they basically have no policies.

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