2014 Grand Prix For Japan’s Top Ten Buzzwords Announced

Comedy duo "Nippon Elekitel Rengo" in character.

Comedy duo “Nippon Elekitel Rengo” in character.

Every year, Japanese publishers U-Can hold a competition for the most popular new buzzwords circulating in the Japanese language.

This year, the two phrases awarded the Grand Prix were “the right to collective self-defense” after the Abe cabinet’s reinterpretation of the constitution, and “no that’s bad ~ no, no!”, from the popular “Mibojin Akemi” skit by comedy duo “Nippon Elekitel Rengo”.

But netizens are displeased with the words selected by the panel, with many finding these new words underwhelming and not representative of some of the biggest issues in Japanese society over the past year. 2ch netizens also suggested that the political nature of one of the Grand Prix winners were indicative of the “left-wing” judging panel…

From Yahoo! Japan:

2014 Grand Prix For Buzzwords Goes To “No That’s Bad ~ No, No!” And “Right To Collective Self-Defense”

On December 1, the 2014 U-Can Grand Prix for new words and buzzwords was announced in Tokyo, with “right to collective self-defense” and “no that’s bad ~ no, no!” chosen as the winners of the annual grand prix.

“The right to collective self-defense” was given approval to be exercised by Abe’s cabinet on July 1. It split national opinion given that the cabinet changed their interpretation of the constitution without revising it.

“No that’s bad ~ no, no!” is a line from the “Mibojin Akemi-chan” [Akemi the widow] skit by comedy duo Nippon Elekitel Rengo, consisting of Nakano Soko (31) and Hashimoto Koyuki (30). In the skit, an old man, “Komagai-san”, played by Nakano, calls in an inviting tone, “Hey, how about it darling ~”, and the robot “Chatty Wife ‘Mibojin Akemi-chan No.3′” played by Hashimoto continues to reject his advances, by saying “No that’s bad ~ no, no!”.

Other words selected for inclusion in the top ten were: “as I am” from the film “Frozen” [the theme song “Let It Go” was translated in Japanese as “As I Am”]; “carp girls”, to refer to those who support the pro-baseball team Hiroshima Carps; “kabe-don” which gained popularity through the shojo manga “L♥DK”; “danger drugs” which were renamed from illegal drugs; “Go-kigenyo” [farewell] which is said by narrator Miwa Akihiro at the end of each installment of the NHK serial TV novel “Hanako and Anne”; “mata-hara” [maternity harassment], referring to the harrassment of women in the workplace due to pregnancy or motherhood; “Yo-kai Watch”, a video game which has become a spin-off manga and TV anime; and “legend”, which refers to Kasai Noriaki (ski-jumper), Aoki Isao (golfer) and Yamamoto Masahiro (baseball player) who have all been active in the sports world for a long period of time.

Comments from 2ch.net:


The right to collective self-defense, that’s bad, no no.


Yeah join those two winning words together and that’s the left-wing in a nutshell.


Hah, that’s tomorrow’s Asahi Shimbun headline sorted w

ラ ケブラーダ(dion軍)@\(^o^)/:

I don’t get what’s funny about them.


I’m surprised at how arbitrary these are.
No matter how left-wing the people who select these are, don’t they know they’re supposed to strike a balance?


No matter how I think about it I reckon it should have been something to do with STAP cells.
These things are just stupid, they should stop doing them.


Isn’t it awful that they even make a buzzword competition into political propaganda?


This happens every year, it’s more of a prize for the words that they want to make into buzzwords.
I was sure that somehow Torigoe [Shuntaro; a veteran journalist] would be included in the panel, and of course he was.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


Pretty awkward that the right to collective self-defense is a buzzword.
I don’t really understand what their judging criteria are.


Good job, Elekitel.


There was a lot of buzz about last year’s buzzword grand prix, but this year it feels like they did it on the down-low.


There are a good few words out of those nominated that I’d never have though were really buzzwords in the first place.


I don’t think this prize is really necessary any more……


No doubt about it that this year “no that’s bad ~ no, no!” is a buzzword.
It became a buzzword as the year went on.


This year’s buzzwords are small fry.


This year is surprisingly weird….?
There was the thing over STAP cells and Nonomura, I don’t suppose these are really buzz”words”.


It’s a bit dubious that the right to collective self defense is in there.


To put it frankly, this is just a pissing contest. Just like last year’s winner, there is not a single word here that will stand the test of time.
This year none of them are applicable.

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  • RaphaeI

    Dismayed by the Netuyo reaction. The “right to collective self-defense” is one of the most sinister, Orwellian buzzwords ever coined, and the netuyos are wildly out of touch with mainstream Japanese society, who vigorously opposed the constitutional desecrations.

    • guest

      “one of the most sinister, Orwellian buzzwords ever coined”

      I honestly can’t tell if you’re being serious here or not… Though you if you are, I think you definitely need to read up and what collective self defense is and isn’t, and why it is a fundamental right of any country.

      (Pro-tip: It doesn’t mean that the Imperial Japanese Army gets to reform tomorrow, scream “Nippon banzai”, and take off to resume attempts to recreate the east Asian prosperity sphere. Not that there is any desire to on the part of the Japanese, but certain paranoid parties certainly see this happening.)

      • learned guest

        The fact that you think as do in your “protip” is exactly why this is so sinister. As evident in the rise of nazi germany and even imperial japan itself, evil often spring from the tiniest actions and seemingly good ideas.

        Read up on collective self defence all you want, just dont take it at face value. There are far more at stake here.

        • David

          Fair enough, people should be cautious with a country that has a brutal history. But Japan has been militarily quiet for 70 years now, I think they have earned the benefit of the doubt. Being able to point to something concrete really is needed if you are going to ask for distrust of the Japanese people/government/military.

          • Learned guest

            Yes, japan has been “millitarily quiet”. But thats party because they have to be, they were literally not allowed to be millitant. If they had offensive armies and remained peaceful, then yes they can be trusted. If they contiune to be bound by the constitution and said “you know what we dont really care because we prefer peace” then yed they can also be trusted.

            But now its the case of “hey, we’ve had this rather unfair constitution forced upon us for 70 years, i think its long enough a punishment so lets find sneaky ways of altering it” does this really sound like someone who can be trusted?

  • Guest

    Surprised “Korean” was not mentioned.

    • Boris

      Korean is probably the buzz word for JC considering how much it comes up, even when articles have nothing to do with them, they get mentioned.

      • Chucky3176

        I see that you got five thumbs up for that comment. To illustrate that this isn’t just Japancrush picking out anti-Korean stories, but a general pattern in Japanese internet, read this story about Korean tourists to Japan increasing by twice due to worthless Yen.


        The majority of the Japanese comments were dirty Koreans stinking up Japan, don’t come comments.

        I believe more of these kinds of stories with their reader comments should be published all over Korea, why Koreans need to stay away and not spend their hard earned money in Japan. Plus it will save those foolish Koreans who insist on traveling to an irradiated country from having to get cancer treatments later in their lives.

        • Boris

          This article has nothing to do with Koreans, but surprise, surprise, someone made a comment on it. I’ve found this seems to be a trend on JC, as another article about casual cosplay using pokemon also had such comments when the article had nothing to do with Koreans.

          Then you come sticking up for the original poster and missing the point. Typical.

          Why are posters making comments related to Korea (usually like the ones above) when the article has nothing to do with Korea?

          Is it because such posters have an agenda?

          What is their the agenda?

          • Chucky3176

            The original poster was a troll. But he still makes a good point. I’m not trying to troll, but I too was genuinely surprised any of the buzzwords cursing out the Koreans weren’t on top of the top ten list in Japan, considering the pattern in Japan.

          • Rutim

            Chucky, how big is Zaitokukai you think? It’s in the medias only because they’re picked up by the press and active on the Internet. 15k people can’t do the same thing that 120M can.

          • Boris

            You were surprised?

            Maybe because the Japanese are not as racist as your claim or think?

            Or maybe you are more prejudice against the Japanese than you let on?

            You and the original commenter have an Anti-Japanese-Pro Korean slant in all your comments on JC.

          • Chucky3176

            Boris, I’ve scanned through all the posts in that 2ch comments section, and there are quite a number of negative references to Koreans on a subject Koreans shouldn’t even come up. So I take that back, NOT a surprise at all that Koreans DO get mentioned on a subject which has nothing to do with Korea. This is not just the JC thing as you falsely claim. It’s endemic to the entire Japanese internet in general.

          • Set

            Get your hand off it Chucky. To think you would waste your time reading 2ch comments to discern what the Japanese Internet (and thus, according to your logic, the rest of Japanese society) ‘truly’ thinks of Koreans, paints a somewhat disturbing picture of obsessive compulsiveness.

            The ‘Buzzword Grand Prix’ happens annually and looks at words associated with trends. Your beloved ‘hallyu’ began dying off a couple of years back, that trend is long over.

          • Chucky3176

            I suggest you read some of the Japanese comments in that 2Ch and Yahoo article links. I see that a fair number of the Japanese commentators are mentioning Koreans. It just never fails.

          • Boris

            You missed the point and now digging yourself deeper.

            I am not talking about articles on 2CH or YahooJP, but the one above and its’ like on JC. There is no reference on this article on this site (as well as the pokemon cosplay) to have anything to do with Koreans. Yet, you and the original commenter seem intent on making anything on JC related to Korea and Koreans.

    • Delicious Ttongsul

      Can you Koreans stop bringing yourselves up on Japan Crush? We really don’t care about your country.

      • wrle

        Says the person named “delicious ttongsul” lol..

  • stupid korean president

    Beth This is news about korean sex slaves forced by korean government. it is at this moment no 2 access ranking at Yahoo Japan. lets discuss this one at JC

    • good nip dead nip

      How about no dumb cunt jap

  • disgusting korean democracy

    Korean government used to force 1 million korean genuine female to become sex slaves

    • wrle

      You japanese right nuts live in alternate world I swear.

      • disgusting korean democracy

        You some koreans just dont have guts to face up toward your realities. Chinese reactions to Korean government’s sex slaves
        called [the fifth supplies] [heroines to earn foreign ccy to support the country]


        Chinese reactions. {Koreans do not have fucking rights to critisize Japanese goevrnments!!]

        • wrle

          “Chinese reactions”? Before you even begin, the Chinese are even more critical about japan’s war crimes and sex slaves than the Koreans are. Even your friend Taiwan and their president recently has been criticizing the japanese government for their denials and holding sex slave exhibitions. Bet you didn’t know that? And while the right winging Japanese media goes around nit picking on Koreans and somehow try to portray the “chinese” or someone is on japan’s side, its really Japan that “just dont have guts to face up toward your realities.” And this is only part of their culture of lying and saving face.

          Don’t you look at international media? Even the UN has spoken out to japan about about the sex slave issue. The global community constantly criticizes the Japanese government for their wartime denials and visiting yasukuni. Japan can never foster better relationships with their Korean or Chinese neighbors if their government continues to lie.

          • disgusting korean democracy

            Ridiculous, who the fuck cares about useless blind UNs.
            How come they dont even refer to sex slaves victimes forced by SK government? which has much more tangible evidences and more victims. Not even a word. Sex Slaves exibitions? Teitaikyo would go anywhere anytime once see the chances to hold stupid exibition. So what is yor execuse on [the fifth supplies” ” Monke houses”?

    • Japanese Are Racists

      Sri Lankan man dies at immigration center after being denied medical attention


      This is the reality of Japan today. But is there any buzzword about that? Nope.

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