‘Fake Teacher’ Suspended From Osaka Middle School

Osaka fake teacher taught for 15 years without teaching licenseOsaka fake teacher taught for 15 years without teaching license

The Osaka Prefectural Education Committee, which in recent years has been plagued by a series of educational scandals, including the case of a student who committed suicide following corporal punishment by his coach, and an incident where a teacher was found to be moonlighting as a sex worker, is in hot water once again.

This time, the education committee have discovered that one of their teachers, who had been working in municipal middle schools for a period of 15 years, was in fact a “fake teacher”, who had forged his teaching license.

Still, netizens think that the committee are being too hard on the man: after 15 years of teaching to an appropriate standard, surely he has earned his license?

From Yahoo! Japan:

“Fake Teacher” Had Been Giving Lessons For 15 Years At Middle School In Osaka, “I Was Always On Edge Wondering When I’d Get Caught Out”

On February 21, the Osaka Prefectural Education Committee announced that a male teacher (45), who had been responsible for society classes at a municipal middle school in Higashiosaka, had been teaching for 15 years without a teaching license, and had given classes at a total of four municipal middles schools. When the man had been employed, he had submitted a forged teaching license. On Feburary 20, the education committee stated that the man had lost his job, and that they were reviewing whether he would be required to repay his salary. The Ministry of Education stated “We have never heard of an example where someone had taught for 15 years without a license”.

The education committee are looking at the possibility that the man’s actions amount to criminal acts in violation of the education worker’s licensing law and forgery of a stamped official document, and are in discussion with the Osaka Prefectural Police regarding this.

According to the committee, the matter was discovered when the teacher was in the process of renewing his license in January. On the license itself, the man’s name, date of birth, and number were all recorded, but because the number on the paper copy of the man’s license and the number recorded in the electronic system referred to completely different people, the man admitted the forgery upon questioning.

When the man had been employed, he had forged a license by changing the name on a license he had borrowed from a friend, and then submitted it to the education committee. The man said “Even though I had told those around me I was going to be a teacher, I couldn’t graduate from university. I was always on edge wondering when I’d get caught out”.

The education committee have said that the graduation certificates of students who had taken this teacher’s classes, as well as the grade promotion certificates for current students of the school, were still valid.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


Really all he’s done is prove that middle school classes are a level that you can teach even if you don’t have a license.


There are loads of teachers who are shit teachers even though they have licenses,
so I wonder how this fake teacher actually was in the classroom.


“”We have never heard of an example where someone had taught for 15 years without a license”.
If he hadn’t been found out at the last minute, no one would ever have known.
There are probably fake teachers like that still out there.


Isn’t it because he always showed up at work and always taught properly the reason that he didn’t get found out for 15 years?
On the other side of things, you have teachers who won’t even stand to sing the national anthem,
teachers who fill our kids heads with left-wing ideology during history lessons,
teachers who don’t come to work because of protests against the bases in Okinawa,
teachers who raise their hands to children or children’s mothers,
teachers at public institutions who carry out their political activities during work hours.
There are countless shit, useless teachers who actually have licenses.


I suppose he was desperate to not get caught out, so
he was probably giving surprisingly decent classes.


If he’d actually been in the job for 15 years, couldn’t they have just given him a license?

Giants gogo:

Even a monkey could get the teaching license itself.
Having one or not is pretty much irrelevant to whether or not someone is a good teacher.
Not that I’m trying to defend this fake teacher or anything.


There was no difference in what he was teaching, so shouldn’t they just leave the salary repayment?
A system that can be so easily fooled is also at fault.

萌える あひゃ 焦げくさい:

But for 15 years, the fact is that his performance reviews didn’t result in grounds for dismissal.
Makes you wonder what the hell they are appraising, doesn’t it. wwwwwwwwwww
Seriously though, with the standard of teachers at public schools they can do the job even without a license wwwwwwwwwww


So if he’s 45 and he’s been teaching for 15 years, that means he’s been doing it since 30, huh….
So that means he had some experience as an employee before that, right?
He probably knows a lot more about the world than a real teacher who graduated school that then immediately started working in a school.


So they’re going to go so far as to ask him to pay his salary back?
He might be a fake, but he must have been doing the key elements of the job, right?
And he might be a fake, but seeing as he’s done the work he should get compensation for it, shouldn’t he?


There are also teachers who might have licenses but who are bad teachers and have none of the qualities a teacher should have (・・;)


So you have a driver who hasn’t driven once since taking their license, and a driver who doesn’t have a license but who’s been driving every day for 15 years.
Who’d you rather get in a car with?


So was this fake teacher good at teaching?
If he hadn’t been any good there’d have been complaints from students and teachers, and he’d have been found out already.
It’s not a matter of life or death, but the education committee checks are too lax.


Fakes are really popular these days.


He’s like Dr. Blackjack (笑)


If you think about it, normally if someone had been teaching for 15 years I think they’d qualify as a teacher.

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