Elementary School Teacher Arrested For Making Bomb Threats

An elementary school teacher is arrested for making bomb threats against the local education committee.

On August 19, a Chiba prefecture teacher at a public elementary school was arrested for making bomb threats against the Noda City Board of Education, in an apparent attempt to convince them to cancel the Saturday classes that were introduced earlier this year. 2ch.net netizens have little sympathy for the man, and some see his outburst as an example of the negative consequences of one man taking yutori education policies way too far.

From Sankei News:

“If You Don’t Cancel Saturday Classes, I’ll Blow Up Every Government Office” – Teacher Threatens City Board Of Education, Is Arrested – Noda, Chiba

On August 19, the Noda division of the Chiba prefectural police arrested Yabusaki Masami (49), a teacher at Nanakoudai Elementary School in Noda city, on suspicion of intimidation. It seems that Yabusaki sent threatening letters saying things like “I’ll blow up the government office” to the Noda Board of Education to force them to cancel Saturday classes. Police say that Yabusaki has admitted to these charges.

Apparently, the suspect sent an anonymous threatening letter to the Board of Education between July 12 and 14, including content such as “For the sake of Noda’s teachers, I’m gonna blow up every government office in the city with all the horrible assholes like you inside. My preparations are complete.”

According to Noda police, it seems that he sent threatening letters five or six times in June and July, making statements including, “The exhaustion from being forced to work through Saturdays is not tenable,” and “I stay in bed all day on Sundays.” No explosives were recovered from Yabusaki’s home.

Noda city’s public elementary schools introduced Saturday classes this year. Until this incident, Yabusaki was serving as the head of academic affairs for Nanakoudai Elementary. The Board of Education has stated that “It’s extremely unfortunate that he did this while in the position of teaching children.”

Comments from 2ch.net:


Yep, he certainly blew up his life…


Feels just like the Japan Teachers Union.

逆落とし(チベット自治区)@\(^o^)/ :

Stupid left wing teacher loves bowing stuff up.


“Yabusaki Masami (49).” This grandpa’s 49 and he’s still this much of an idiot?


Even at 49, he still needs yutori education?


It’s scary that sometimes there are crazies like this among the teaching staff. There’s a lot of left-wingers, too.


This was kinda funny.


He totally wrote the letters from the perspective of a teacher, huh? w


How nice, thanks to them making Saturday classes, they uncovered a weird teacher


He thought it was yutori, but on the contrary…


“If you don’t cancel Saturday classes, I’m gonna blow up every government office in the city with all the horrible assholes like you inside.” “I’m prepared to blow up all the government offices at any time”
Grade-school level sentences.


Terrorist teacher


If the brats were sending threatening messages demanding that Saturday classes be canceled, I’d understand it. But if the fucking teacher doesn’t want to do it, he should just quit his job.


LOL at this gigantic asshole


This is exactly the ideology of teachers’ unions


Even if they’re threatened with blowing up the government office… www


This is a letter a teacher wrote? He’s totally lacking in expressive power. “Gonna blow up all the government offices” gets an F.


This is a teacher who’s just a wannabe criminal ()


It would have been funny if he was a high school science teacher…


If he didn’t like it, he should have just quit or whatever, but even idiots like this can become teachers I guess.

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