Fashion Model Arrested For Stealing Curtains

A magazine model is caught shoplifting in Tokyo

A model from a well-known fashion magazine, Koakuma ageha, was caught shoplifting in Tokyo earlier this month — apparently, new curtains were top of her list.

While her thievery has riled netizens, many of them are even more upset by the fact that she lied about her family, claiming to be a descendent of the famous warlord Takeda Shingen, when in reality she was just a plain old Suzuki…

From JNN:

Fashion Magazine Model Arrested For Shoplifting Curtains?

A 28-year old woman was arrested by Tokyo Metropolitan police for shoplifting at a shopping mall in Mizuho, Tokyo. The woman is a fashion model for the women’s fashion magazine Koakuma ageha.

The woman arrested at the scene on suspicion of theft was Suzuki Chihiro (28), the model known as Takeda Anri. Suzuki is suspected of stealing curtains and sundries worth tens of thousands of yen along with a woman in her thirties at a Mizuho shopping mall on February 6.

According to police, Suzuki was restrained by a shop assistant at the scene, and has admitted to the charges.

Suzuki had been active as a model and had appeared in the popular women’s fashion magazine Koakuma ageha using the stage name “Takeda Anri”.

Takeda Anri arrested for shoplifting.

Butter wouldn’t melt…

Comments from Facebook:


I’ve been on a go-kon [group date] with a Koakuma ageha model before,
they were all after money and even more vulgar than hostesses…
I went because it was hosted by a senior guy at the Shintani Kawasekai, but aside from me everyone had more than 100,000,000 yen and
it was common for their annual income to be over 50,000,000 yen…
Thing is they were all traders (笑
I was like in my second year since starting at Shintani Kawasekai, and my salary was pretty much half of everyone else’s,
but still, it looked like on of those bitches was gonna take me home.
I mean come on, just by looking at me I’m a total otaku,
and I have this aura of being unpopular with the ladies…
You know, I learned something, I realised that there really are girls who are so blatantly after money.

さくら 矢吹:

Isn’t this the girl who was lying saying “oh I’m a descendent of Takeda [Shingen]”??
Shoplifting wwwww She’s a liar and a thief — she’s no good w.
I mean, just by looking at her it’s clear that she’s no descendent of Takeda w. I never believed her from the start anyway w.
Thing is, the way you are inside shows on the outside.
Please use this as your chance to grow up and get a regular job w.

伊藤 憲吾:

Guess she was just a little demon [koakuma= “little demon”], huh?

藤井 佑衣:

She’s the one who loses from this…
This crime is going to haunt her for the rest of her life.

細谷 大:

What the hell, she uses the surname Takeda as her stage name, when she has a proper real name like Suzuki Chihiro?()
Even so, I still find it really difficult to understand why she was fibbing about being a descendent of Takeda Shingen.
That’s pretty rude to his real descendents.

Masahiro Tsukada:

Just what I’d expect from Koakuma ageha (^^;) Even the self-described descendants of Takeda Shingen fall.

本田 義弥:

She called herself a descendant of Takeda Shigen, that girl! And her surname is Suzuki after all that…w.
As a fan of Takeda Shingen, this news pisses me off.

中島 孝祐:

So that person who misled people by saying she was a descendent of Takeda Shingen has been nicking stuff, eh?…That saying that “Liars turn into thieves” really rings true.

西山 裕子:

Shoplifting is not good. Either buy it with the money you’ve earned or get someone else to buy it for you.

清水 ヒロユキ:

Huh? She’s 28?
Seems like she announced that she was 23, so guess that it wasn’t only lies about her family that she told w.

Kouji Hinoki:

There is just no way that a criminal like that could even be a descendent of Takeda Shingen.

Emphatically not a relative of Takeda Shingen.

Emphatically not a relative of Takeda Shingen.

Comments from




She’s a proper bad’un.


If her surname is Suzuki then she ain’t a descendant of Takeda Shingen, is she.


Clearly she’s stolen stuff worth more than a few tens of thousands of yen.
This is the level of a theft ring.


The scale of this is just too huge.


Small demon has become a proper demon.


The shop assistant who stopped her is Uesugi [netizen is making a joke about Uesugi Kenshin, who was the rival of Takeda Shingen. Both were prominent daimyo during the Sengoku Period.


Rather than a little demon she’s a little villain.


Pretty amazing that she’s been nicking curtains, bet her other crimes have been pretty amazing too.


It’s all false — her face, her name, her age, her past.

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