Comedian Arrested For Stealing Schoolgirls’ Uniforms

Takahashi Kenichi arrested for stealing girls' school uniforms.

Comedian Takashi Kenichi.

Well-known comedian Takahashi Kenichi of comedy duo “King of Comedy” has been arrested for stealing the uniforms of high school girls from a Tokyo high school.

The duo, made up of Takahashi and his partner Konno Hiroshi, hit the big time when they won the TBS “King of Skits” competition in 2010, although they were already an established comedy act.

According to police, Takahashi had taken dozens of items of clothing from the school’s changing room while the girls were in gym class. He has also been linked to other incidents, and has a previous arrest for groping.

Netizens are shocked at Takahashi’s crimes, with many pointing out that as the “handsome one” in the duo, he had no reason to behave as he did, highlighting among other things netizens’ troubling understanding of sexual offences.

From TV Asahi News:

Takakashi Kenichi of King of Comedy Arrested

Takahashi Kenichi arrested for stealing girls' school uniforms.

Comedy duo “King of Comedy” (L: Takahashi; R: Konno)

Takahashi Kenichi (44) from popular comedy duo “King of Comedy” was arrested by Tokyo Metropolitan Police on the afternoon of December 26 on suspicion of stealing the school uniforms of female high school students.

According to an investigation spokesperson, Takahashi is charged with having crept into a high school in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward back in April, where he stole 20 items of clothing including blazers and skirts from the girls’ changing room of the school gym while the female students were attending gym class.

Around a year ago there was a similar incident in a different high school in Tokyo, and the fact that Takahashi’s car is shown in the neighborhood CCTV footage from that time has also come up in the course of the investigation. Police are investigating on the basis that further offences have been committed.

Comments from


For real??


Huh? Isn’t he part of a prize-winning comedy duo?


Is this the guy who fought a groping incident?


Takahashi was also arrested for a groping incident.
He was acquitted though.


This can’t be true wwww For real? wwww what the hell is he doing www.


Wow, this is a real shock.


Stealing schoolgirls’ blazers?
That’s beyond a sexual fetish.


To steal a high school girl’s blazer is substantively a sex offence.
This dude is done for.


Guess they won’t be able to broadcast today’s episode of that comedy show “God of Entertainment”.


So he’s not the ugly one?


Wait, didn’t he only do it because he had nothing to wear?

From Twitter:


But he was so successful as a celebrity…Just like Tashiro, isn’t this some kind of illness?


This is the most disappointing news I’ve heard in a while.


Whaaaaa Takahashi from King of Comedy!!!?
With a face like his and a status like his he could have had anyone he wanted!!
What is going ooooonnnnn!!!!


The handsome one from King of Comedy has been arrested….is this for real?


What did the boring guy do…caused such trouble for his partner, poor guy.

本田 巨頭オ in Da House:



If he’d been a teacher they probably wouldn’t have arrested him.


Seriously. It’s the guy from King of Comedy…


His fetish is already an illness.

小松 勉(日護会副代表 相良宗介):

This guy has definitely done stuff like this before, right? There’s a really high re-offending rate for those who have this kind of fetish. Guess the only thing for it would be to embed a GPS in his body or cut off his dick.

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