Woman Outs Adulterous Ex On Company’s Facebook Page

Woman outs adulterous ex-husband on Facebook; man and partner lose jobs.

Tabloid weekly Josei Seven posted a cautionary tale of adultery gone wrong to Yahoo! Japan this week, telling the story of a vengeful ex-wife who outed her cheating husband on his company’s Facebook page following their divorce.

Netizens are overwhelmingly supportive of the wronged wife, pointing out that the man and his lover got what was coming to them. But did the man and his lover deserve to lose their jobs over the affair?

From Yahoo! Japan:

Man Whose Ex-Wife Anonymously Posted About His Workplace Affair On Facebook Driven To Resign From Job

The risks of adultery are considerable. You won’t just be driven to divorce, but you might also lose your credibility in society.

There was a husband in his 40s, who worked at a publicly listed company, and a wife who was in her thirties. The day of their 8th wedding anniversary, the wife, who had noticed her husband’s suspicious behavior, checks his cell phone. Doing so, she uncovered texts showing he was cheating on her, and that this infidelity had taken place within the company he worked at. After a messy divorce that lasted six months, the wife landed a large amount of compensation, and the divorce was finalized. However, this did not abate the ex-wife’s anger.

In fact, it was from this point on that the tragedy of the ex-wife’s revenge began.

The ex-husband’s place of work was a major electronics maker, with its own Facebook page. It was on this page that the ex-wife left an anonymous tip off for the company, commenting under a false name that her ex-husband had been committing adultery in the company. Of course, she didn’t forget to post her husband’s real name, nor his partner’s…

The information that was posted was a huge issue for the company. They immediately investigated and confirmed that the pair had a real relationship. The ex-husband was pretty optimistic, thinking he’d get off with a strong warning, but he was ordered on secondment to a subsidiary company, while his partner in crime, who had been a contract employee, was told that her contract had been cancelled.

The place the ex-husband had been sent to work was a de-facto demotion, and he soon resigned from the job. The ex-husband was convinced that the person who had tipped off the company had been his ex-wife, but since there was no concrete evidence, there was nothing he could complain about.

※ From the August 14 edition of Josei Seven.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


The pair who were committing adultery, well, they reaped what they sowed, but this malice after getting compensation after a divorce, wow, that ex-wife is scary.
Is it the man’s fault for choosing a woman like that in the first place? Or is it the man’s fault for turning her into such a woman…? Hmm. Guess in the end it’s the man’s fault either way.


Wow, the compensation for adultery is big.
Now, even if you don’t realise it yourself, things always come back to you in a different form.


Adultery is bad, and there’s no two ways about it, but
since the adulterous acts themselves take place in private time, a company would need to prove that it had reflected badly on the business in order to punish employees.
If they act unfairly toward the people involved by demoting them and so on, then that’s illegal.
I also wonder about the wife, writing that misconduct has taken place as though it’s justifiable.
Nah, seems pretty obvious that adultery is definitely bad.


It’s pretty normal to be demoted if your company finds out that you’ve been adulterous.


Well, if you’re not going to be able to recover thoroughly once you’ve done it, you shouldn’t do it.


This kind of thing just goes to show that the ex-husband (and his lover) got what was coming to them.
Because if they hadn’t been adulterous none of this would ever have happened.


So they don’t give the name of the company or of the man? It’s quite possible that this is fiction made up by the editors who were in a bind because they had no good content for their magazine w


Wow, how the mighty have fallen.


There’s no need for this stuff to be news.
This is the level of water-cooler gossip.
You guys really tried hard, huh.
Not particularly surprised.
‘Cos it seems like most women hope for the unhappiness of their exes.


Kinda feel like the ex-wife is bad for writing it,
but the thing is he shouldn’t have been adulterous in the first place.
If you’re going to have an affair, you should really at least consider the risk that you will lose everything you have.
He messed up his ex-wife’s life, so he can’t really complain if his life gets messed up.


All I can say is they got what was coming to them.


This is just karma for his adultery.
I don’t even have any sympathy for him w
On the contrary, it serves him right.


You just can’t measure the compensation that someone should get once that ultimate trust between husband and wife has been betrayed.
I think he got off lightly.
Please think about the emotional scars you’ve given your ex-wife.


I bet you he hasn’t broken up with the woman he had the affair with.


I’m a man, but even I think that it’s the husband’s fault.
He brought this on himself, and it’s wrong to hold a grudge against his ex-wife.


Well if you don’t make your ex-husband look bad, then you just look like a malicious wife.

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