Huge Hole Opens Beneath Children’s Swings, Netizens Confused

hole opens beneath children's swings at park

Last week, visitors to a playground in Kasugai, Aichi Prefecture discovered a massive five-meter wide hole that had opened up right underneath a swing set. It appears that the area had previously been used as a mining site back before the war, which may have caused the ground to weaken and eventually collapse.

The bizarre nature of the incident, combined with the fact that it occurred on a playground of all places, provided netizens plenty of opportunities to crack jokes about what might have caused the massive hole to appear.

From Yomiuri Shimbun:

Ground Collapses at Playground Leaving 5m Hole


City officials in Kasugai, Aichi Prefecture are investigating the cause of partial ground collapse that was discovered at the Maehira Playground.

The discovery was made on the 15th at around 8:30 AM by a local resident who notified the city.

During the investigation of the park (Approx. 490 sq. m), officials discovered that the ground had collapsed near a swing set, leaving a hole that was roughly 2 meters deep and 5 meters across and that the support columns on the swing were crooked. Because of this, the city installed a safety barrier and closed the entrance to the park. The collapse had been reportedly been without warning but no one was injured.

According to the city, the surrounding area had been mined for lignite prior to the war, and that it had been reported to the Chubu Bureau of Economics at the Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry. They are now taking measures to deal with the problem further.

Comments from


This looks like the tracks of something was unleashed and then escaped.


It’s the swing you can’t get off


It must be a geofront.


Could it be Attack of the Saiyans!? (note: Saiyans are superpowered characters from the popular manga/anime series Dragonball)


I thought it might be the kind of hole you could dig with a shovel but I never expected this.


The Terminator has emerged.


So don’t let any fatties get a ride on the swing.


It’s a plot by the mole people.


Some young girl just discovered her psychic powers.


It looks like there was a battle between some telepaths.


This must be the work of Tremors (note: Tremors is a 1990 American film featuring giant sandworms)


So, it’s already begun has it.


This is something that happens a lot in Minecraft


Could it be…Akira!?


Is it a sinkhole?


That’s quite an exciting swing set they got there.


This is what happens when someone with tremendous power suddenly shows his true strength.

Comments from Twitter:


LMAO at these people saying it’s a geofront www.
I mean, isn’t it just a plain old sinkhole w? Definitely the kind of thing you see on Minecraft w.


Ah yes, we often see this in the world of Minecraft.


World’s most obvious trap ( ;´Д`)


The Saiyans have arrived.


This is pretty scary.


Well, I guess at least the picture is funny.


Is something going to crawl outta there?


Attack of the Saiyans?!

Hibino Yusuke:

I wondered about where this was and then I realized: this is the park I used to play in when I was in elementary school.


So they didn’t notice any of this when they were installing the swing?

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