‘Attack On Titan’ Director’s Attack On Film Critic Goes Viral

Director Higuchi Shinji lashes out at critics of Attack on Titan.

Director Higuchi Shinji.

Back in April, japanCRUSH reported on the live-action adaptation of Attack On Titan when the promotional materials first debuted. Internet user reactions were overall negative, with many criticizing the cheap-looking effects and changes to the original story.

The film finally debuted this past weekend, but critical reviews have been equally harsh. One famous Japanese critic, Maeda Yuichi of Super Film Reviews (超映画批評), awarded the film a mere 40 points out of 100.
In response, the film’s director Higuchi Shinji posted a comment on Twitter mocking Maeda’s low score. Unfortunately for Higuchi, the post went viral and he ended up making a public apology.
2chan users, who had been harshly criticizing the film since it was first announced, continued to blast Higuchi for his remarks and offer their own equally harsh critiques of the movie.

From Yahoo! Japan:

“Attack On Titan” Director Apologizes For Twitter Outburst, Expresses Anger at Staff Who Sent Preview Invitations

On July 31st, Higuchi Shinji (age 49), director of the film “Attack on Titan” (which opened August 1st) updated his personal Twitter account. He issued an apology for his “outburst at a harsh review” that was posted on the Internet.

The film had gotten a score of 40/100 on one particular film review site. In response, director Higuchi Shiniji took to Facebook where he posted: “Nice! I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I’d received praise from an expert, but this is a relief. I mean, whoever sent this guy an invitation to the advance screening is a moron!”

The post was only supposed to be shown to friends, but somehow it leaked onto the Internet where people called it “an outburst” and said “seeing Higuchi flip out was hilarious”. Higuchi apologized by saying, “If I were going to lose my cool, I wish it had been for a legitimate reason. This is truly unfortunate. I’m sorry for causing trouble for everyone involved”.

“My so-called ‘outburst’ was directed at the PR idiots who sent out preview invitations to people who don’t deserve to see an advance screening. The thing about individual feedback is that there’s nothing you can do about how it’s received. So I won’t be mad.” he said, explaining his intentions.

Comments from 2ch:


I could tell this movie was no good just by the trailer.


40 points is pretty good, isn’t it?


Just from watching the trailer, it looked like a crappy photomontage where the image resolution didn’t fit.
Also there was something wrong with Eren (Japanese, male)


What’s wrong with calling a boring film boring?


The evening edition of the Nikkei newspaper gave it two stars, so this seems like a fairly appropriate score.

栓抜き攻撃(神奈川県)@\(^o^)/ :

There’s no sense of “being there” in the film.
Even though it’s live action, it feels flatter than the anime.


I mean is he that worried about Super Film Reviews?
It doesn’t seem like they really have that much influence.

32文ロケット砲(庭)@\(^o^)/ :

Post the link to Super Film Reviews.http://movie.maeda-y.com/movie/02014.htm
There’s really nothing that bad written.
Higuchi must have a really short temper if this kind of review sets him off.


Look at the smug director flipping out at a fair review w

ミラノ作 どどんスズスロウン(愛知県)@\(^o^):

The Titans were fairly decent.
but for the way the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment moves, I’d give 5 points out of 100.
What a disappointment.


Making all the characters of different nationalities Japanese is too much.
Even when they’re calling each other by foreign names it feels cheap, like some third-rate Shakespeare production.
And on top of that, they go and cast the half-Japanese Mizuhara Kiko as the Misaka, the only Asian character in the original series.

32文ロケット砲(庭)@\(^o^)/ :

40 points is too high.
Even if I were to go easy on this movie, I’d say 10 is fair.


I wouldn’t even watch a live-action Japanese film for free.
Too bad Hollywood didn’t get a shot at making it.

ジャンピングカラテキック(北海道)@\(^o^)/ :

I’m not surprised by this. I could tell this was a piece of crap just from the commercial.


If I’m not mistaken, isn’t 40 a pretty high score for a live-action adaptation?


Super Film Reviews:

[some other live-action adaptations of anime series]
Devilman 2 pts.
Lupin the 3rd 3 pts.
Gatchaman 4 pts.
Kaibutsu-kun 5 pts.
Higurashi 10 pts.
Azumi 10 pts.
Casshern 15 pts.

Attack On Titan 40 points <---High score


I haven’t seen the movie but I just know it doesn’t deserve 40 points.

ランサルセ(北海道)@\(^o^)/ :

It seems like the number of successful live-action adaptations is incredibly small.

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