Burger Chain Creates Huge 14-Layer “Tokyo Tower Burger”

Tokyo tower

Japanese burger chain MOS Burger hit the headlines last year over a racism row, but this time they are garnering attention from netizens due to their “tallest ever burger” the “Tokyo Tower Burger”, which has 14 layers, literally towering over other items on the menu.

While some netizens can’t wait to sink their teeth into this special edition burger, others think that such publicity stunts should be beneath MOS Burger.

Would you try a “Tokyo Tower Burger” if you were passing by their new Tokyo Tower branch?

From mixi News:

MOS Burger’s “Tallest” Burger Ever? “Tokyo Tower” Burger Limited To Chain’s New “Tokyo Tower Branch”

MOS Burger's new "Tokyo Tower" burgers

MOS Burger’s new “Tokyo Tower” burgers

A special menu including a “Tokyo Tower Burger” and a “Tokyo Tower Cheeseburger” is to be sold at the MOS Burger Tokyo Tower Branch (Minato Ward, Tokyo), which will open on March 13. Apparently the burger is based on the image of Tokyo Tower, and is “MOS Burger’s tallest hamburger ever”.

The Tokyo Tower Burger (800 yen; approx. $6.60) is a huge burger made with two beef patties, pastrami bacon, onion rings, tomato, and covered with chilli sauce. In total they say it has 14 layers. While the Tokyo Tower Cheeseburger (860 yen; approx. $7) is a burger with 15 layers, and has two added layers of sliced cheese.

The branch is located on the second-floor food court of Tokyo Tower Foot Town. The branch is open daily from 9:30am to 9:50pm.

Comments from mixi.jp:

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Doesn’t suit MOS Burger to do stuff like this.

This is a pretty crude for MOS Burger (´-ω-`)

I wish that MOS Burger wouldn’t try to do things like MacDonalds and Lotteria [another Japanese burger chain].

Wow…this is just like Lotteria’s Pa— (self-restraint).

How the hell are you supposed to eat that.

Looks pretty good….but there are no MOS Burgers near me.

Come eat the Lucky Pierrot Futocho Burger ╭( ・ㅂ・)و グッ !

No Osaka Tsutenkaku burger yet? Really? No Osaka Tsutenkaku burger?

I’d never eat anything like that…

Unlike that gook feces wine company Lotteria, this burger is probably safe to eat and delicious, but it looks pretty difficult to eat (^_^;)

I wanna try this

Well it costs 800 yen, so it’s probably a pretty big.

This sure is a menu for pilgrimages to sacred sites (笑) wahahahahaha (笑) (* ̄∇ ̄*)

Starting with this, next they’ll have a Skytree Burger, and an Abeno Harukas Burger too.

Great job MOS, this looks great…but …I’m just some old dude with my Gasta [a popular brand of antacid] to hand, no confidence I’ll even finish it.

Great, I’ll eat this! (^^)v

I’d never finish this~ It’s kind of a strange thing for MOS Burger to do. What’s going on MOS~

Aww man, now I really want a MOS Burger ♪( ´▽`) I’m gonna have one for my lunch tomorrow ♪

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  • YourSupremeCommander

    You need a mouth this big to eat it.

    • chucky3176

      That’s a big size mouth for a big cock.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Who cares how dignified a burger is?! It’s a burger! A fast food chain needs no dignity, that’s why we have things such as Waffle tacos, Double Down Dog, Triple Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza, and more!

    • left nut

      Agreed, there is only so much lipstick you can put on pig.

    • Markus P

      Have you ever been to Mos burger? It may be fast food, but, it feels like upper-class fast food.
      I love Mos burger, would really recommend trying something from their menu someday to compare it to Mc Donalds and Burger King.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Oh actually I’ve been to them before in Taiwan. Yeah they definitely do have that vibe about them.

        I’m ok with a Tokyo tower burger though. I think my original post makes me sound a little too passionate about burgers… I don’t eat them enough to want or not want types of burger anywhere, ahaha

    • Guest

      But I don’t think there is any point in a sandwhich that can’t be eaten as a sandwhich.

  • FYIADragoon

    Can someone explain to me how do you eat this? Because I’m American and even I don’t get it.

    • Ken Morgan

      They have burgers like this at Archies and various pubs in Manchester. People either squash it down, eat it like an open sandwich or they slice it into quarters (top down view) and eat them like kebabs as big burgers often have 2-4 wooden sticks through them to make them keep their shape.

    • Dan

      Share them with others?

  • Dan

    Looks like plastic…

  • Cysorzowa

    Impressive 🙂 . However eating a burgers like this will make one look like the Great Buddha in short time.

  • vonskippy

    Of course in real life the actual sandwich will be about 1/4 that tall. Marketing photos are always so fake.

  • Realist

    A burger with 14 layers but only 3 are meat? Why do I feel like the real thing’s gonna be like 2.5 inches tall and take 3 to fill up a normal sized male? LOL

  • hello123


  • master chief

    still doesnt beat the heart attack grill

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