Man Serves 6 Years For Rape Before Girl Admits She Lied

A man who has served 6 years after wrongly being accused of rape is to get a retrial.

There has been outrage among 2ch netizens after a man handed a 12 year sentence for two counts of rape and one of sexual assault on a 14 year old girl might have been wrongly imprisoned.

The man, who maintained his innocence throughout and attempted several appeals, was already 6 years into his sentence when the girl finally came forward and admitted that she and her witness had lied about the rapes.

Now, the Osaka District Prosecutor has called for a retrial in which the man is expected to be found innocent…

From Yomiuri Shimbun:

Retrial In Rape Case To Begin, Man Will Enter Innocent Plea…Osaka District Court

On February 27, the Osaka District Court opted to begin a retrial after a request from a man who was released from prison by the district prosecutor because he is most likely innocent of a rape for which he had been serving 12 years in prison.

Apart from the woman and her witness going back on evidence they gave that the woman had been the victim, the existence of a medical record stating that there were no traces of sexual violence on the woman’s body was also revealed. District Judge Toishi Ikuro noted that “There is new evidence to suggest that there should be an innocent verdict”. It is expected that the man will be found innocent at the retrial.

According to the original judgement, the man was indicted for the crimes of rape and indecent assault for having raped the same woman twice in November 2004 and April 2008, in Osaka City, and also for groping her breasts in July 2008. The woman complained about these incidents to Osaka Prefectural Police twice in August and September.

The man claimed from the investigation stage that he was innocent; however, in 2009 the Osaka district court judgement stated that “it is difficult to think that a 14 year old girl could have fabricated an assault that never took place” and sentenced the man to 12 years in prison. In 2010 the Osaka High Court threw out an appeal, and in 2011 the Supreme Court rejected a final appeal, and confirmed the original verdict.

In September 2014, while the man was serving his prison sentence, he applied to the district court for a retrial. During a hearing to request a retrial at the district court, the girl and the witness admitted that their testimony at the first trial, upon which the man’s guilt had been based, was false, and explained that “During the investigation and the trial, I wasn’t able to get it off my chest that I’d told a lie”.

During the prosecutor’s investigation, a medical record was discovered from August 2008 when the woman was seen at a clinic that noted the doctor’s opinion that “there are no traces to indicate that the woman was assaulted”.

The district prosecutor submitted for a retrial hearing after there was no evidence to support the testimony of the women who denied the assault. In November last year, prosecutors also produced a document saying that “there was the possibility of innocence”, and the man was released from prison and his sentence was suspended. In total the man had served around 6 years of his sentence including the time he was detained following his initial arrest and the time he had served in prison.

In his decision, Judge Toishi indicated that the women’s new testimony completely negated the testimony upon which the man’s guilt had been based in the final judgement made by the courts. He stated that “the medical records strongly corroborate the reliability of the new testimony”.

Comments from


So that was all a lie, huh?




Ah, Japanese law, in which suspicion *is* grounds for punishment.


And so, this guy had his life destroyed, but who’s gonna compensate him for that?


Don’t compensate him with our tax money! Squeeze it out of that woman, good and proper.


They need to stop finding people guilty based on these vague confessions and testimonies.
I won’t even get started on the comfort women.


This is just too tragic.
No matter what they do, they can’t give back to him what they took away.


The woman is innocent, of course.
Where the hell is the gender equality in this?
This is the evidence that the court carries out sexual discrimination.


Well she was 14, so the lie will end with a lie.


Oh so glad there wasn’t a rape at all…


Idiot girls like this are the ones who should be having their names revealed online.


But why did she lie? What for??


This is exactly the thing that we need strict punishments for.


This shit girl is made of shit, but those around her are also pretty awful. They found that man guilty just based on her testimony when there was no other proof. We’re never going to be able to get rid of all these shit bitches who make crazy accusations, but we should be able to get rid of insane trials where people are found guilty just based on someone’s testimony.


The money that will be paid to this wrongly accused man, that’ll be our tax money. So basically we are the ones saying, we’re so deeply sorry, please take this money and forgive us.
Why the hell do errors made by public servants have to be corrected with the people’s money?
I wish that public servants would pay it out of their own pockets!


Make the girl’s parents pay out like 100 million yen.


But in the end why did she tell that lie?
She must have hated that guy so much that she wanted to ruin him through a rape crime.

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  • AbC

    That girl’s family need to pay compensation to this guy… And the girl should serve the remaining 6 years in jail.
    What a stupid decision to convict someone based on ‘a 14 year old couldn’t fabricate an assault that never took place’. That retarded judge should also spend 6 years in jail with the lying bitch.

    • Claude

      Compensation for 6 years of his life down the toilet? The family doesn’t have enough money, the court will have to compensate him. “It is difficult to think that a 14 year old girl could fabricate a rape that never took place.” How naive of the judge. Compensation due.

      • Markus P

        To add to what you have both said, the original judge should lose his job and possibly go on trial as his stupid mistake caused another great harm.
        The only up side to this story is that at least she confessed, that saved him another 6 years of being in jail for no reason. Poor guy.

    • tricky

      But she had a ‘witness’. A witness can send you to jail. In any country.

      • FYIADragoon

        Eye-witness testimony is well-known to be one of the least reliable. The only reason it works for rape crimes in some countries is because of a “guilty until proven innocent” mindset that has corrupted people’s minds. And as this case shows, this can have devastating results.

  • Guest

    These japanese netizens cracks me up. Read some of the comments. At first this guy from Osaka was accused of being a zainichi korean and now they are saying the girl that lied is a korean too haha. oh god.

    • Guest

      I don’t remember reading here the word “Korean” at all.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        You have to realize, that some people are very good at making SHIT up.

        • Chucky3176

          First of all, I’m not the OP, “Guest”.
          Second, he’s correct. You won’t see it in the English translations, but you will often see it in the Japanese forum. It’s just that they didn’t get translated. It doesn’t bother me because it’s predictable as predicting that tomorrow will be rain. What’s ironic is that probably when that man was convicted of rape, they probably would have claimed that he was Korean victimizing a poor innocent Japanese girl. Now that it turns out the girl lied, the girl now is a lying fale comfort woman Korean. The falsely accused man is now an innocent pure Japanese. You can’t make this up, really. This is Japan.

      • jef

        Well, not among the comments translated and shown in the post, but quite likely on the actual board.

        At least there’s one mention about ‘comfort women’, who have nothing to do with the case and they rather have strong cases unlike the trial in question.

        Anyway, so much for the 99% conviction rates, don’t you think?

        • Hotmail

          There were 3894575754783493 anti Korean marches in Osaka yesterday honest!!! and I spent 16 hours last night cutting and pasting 2-chan comments into google translate. Oh the horror!!!!

          • chucky3176

            Rutim, please use only one ID, as the mod has requested.

          • jef

            1. If there are marches or protests that target a specific ethnic group or groups on (pretty much) a daily basis in any city, it is indeed horrific for various reasons. Well, maybe you’re just too barbaric to realize that in the first place.

            2. お宅(ヲタク)とは違って自分第二外語できますので、グーグル翻訳とかいらさいし、このような勝手な発言はおやめくださいますようお願いいたしますな。

            3. 2ちゃんなんか読んてる暇あるかよ。

          • Hotmail

            Waaah Waaaah Waaaah….its not daily marches its hourly, no no no no every second, 3 seconds ago in Nagoya 123000000000 Japanese went on an anti Korean march. I read it on the internet but my computer crashed (fucking samsung) and I lost the link which provides evidence of this hate.



          • jef

            Please keep going. I’m actually enjoying this. Wonder how further mentally low you can go. So, please, by all means.

        • Cysorzowa

          “At least there’s one mention about ‘comfort women’, who have nothing to do with the case and they rather have strong cases unlike the trial in question.”

          Exactly. Especially that this is rather the example of rapists getting away with rape…

        • sickofthis

          well, you can click the source, 2ch,net and find out if it is really quite likey or not. `comfort women` may not have nothing to do with the case but the case might have meaningful suggestions to think

          • sickofthis

            In the sense that how you believe they rather have strong cases unlike the tral in question. Dont forget how current South Korean Government, judical power treating 122 victims of ex-한국군위안부

  • jap bi bap

    Just more examples of japs behaving like…japs

    • Balkan

      Japs is a very derogatory term for Japanese, used by the ones who hate Japan. If someone hates Japan, why would (s)he be spending his time on a web portal dedicated to this country?

      • Boris

        Because he hates Japan and needs to vent that hatred anonymously online?

      • bumfromkorea

        Well, dude. He’s already saying racist things even without the slur. If he’s going to be a racist piece of shit, why not go 100%?

      • Raymond

        I’ve met Japanese Americans who’ve referred to themselves as Japs.

    • bumfromkorea

      … Correcting a judicial mistake after finding out about it? Well, I guess you’re right.

  • wrong

    Rape is not a crime in japan

    • bumfromkorea

      In the sense that possessing blue cheese is considered a crime in Japan, unless it’s for religious purposes.

  • Comebackkid13

    Just like the mattress girl in the states, “Rape Culture” paranoia. Silly stats running around like 1 in 4 (25% chance) women are raped in university, while FBI research shows that 1 in 4000 are assaulted in college (0.025% chance). As long as women can file for rape charges on the basis of getting drunk, having sex, then regretting it a week later, or weaponizing sex to live out their fantasies and inflict damage on someone of their choosing, rape “statistics” will remain high.

    • dontcomeback

      Yes yes lets first blame the women themselves, “culture”, society, Anything! Before starting on the poor innocent rapists

      • Comebackkid13

        Which rapists? Where? That’s the point of the fed stats. I went a bit tangential above but it comes down to the same point, false accusations and an intense paranoia surrounding the issue. Good job on not making sense though

      • besudesu

        You’ve been posting here under several names, which is against the rules of this forum. If you don’t want to be banned, read our FAQ and act accordingly. Otherwise I will have no choice but to ban you from commenting on the site.

        • Comebackkid13

          Besu, you’re so hot when you lay down the rules on people.

        • FYIADragoon

          You guys do observe IP adresses, I assume?

      • Mateusz82

        Yes… let’s blame the perpetrators of the crime… you have something against that? Seriously, men accused of rape are not the same thing as rapists. You’re guilty of the same thing as the judge.

        Feminists are just taking a page from the Ku Klux Klan playbook, just modifying it a bit. Instead of “We must believe all white women when they accuse a black man of rape”, it’s become “We must believe all women when they accuse a man of rape”.

  • Cysorzowa

    Having sex with someone 14 years old is still a crime even if he/she is willing. But it’s not clearly stated in the article whenever the actual sex occured or not.

    • Claude

      The age of consent in Japan is as young as 13yrs in some prefectures. The constitution says 13yrs but some prefectures have written their own law. Supposedly it’s not statuary rape if the couple can prove they are “romantically involved”.

      • bumfromkorea

        Yeah, but there are interacting local laws that makes the “romantically involved” a virtual impossibility (all of them, I believe, require parental consent). Age of consent is 13, but it’s not really 13. It’s 18.

  • FYIADragoon

    I’d say taking 30% of the judge’s salary for the next 12 years and having that matched by the girl/family to be given to the wrongfully convicted man and having the girl serve the next 6 years should be mandatory in this situation. Robbed a man of his youth and his future. I’d argue for life imprisonment if she hadn’t admitted to the charges.

  • Nihilist

    The fair thing to do. 1. Fire everyone involved in this case. 2. The girl has to pay reparations to the guy. 3. The guy can commit whatever crime he wants (to her) that consist in 6 years of inmprisonment for free.


    • Markus P

      LOL at number 3! Funny.

  • It would’ve never happened if this was in Korea. The sentence would’ve been just 6 months!

  • commander

    Does anyone know what compensation the pathetic man, if clear his name in the retrial with acquittal, could seek against state and the girl for incriminating him with concoted testimony?

  • bujiebuke

    This: “in 2009 the Osaka district court judgement stated that “it is difficult to think that a 14 year old girl could have fabricated an assault that never took place” and sentenced the man to 12 years in prison.”


    This: “During the prosecutor’s investigation, a medical record was discovered from August 2008 when the woman was seen at a clinic that noted the doctor’s opinion that “there are no traces to indicate that the woman was assaulted”.”

    I’ve always considered Japan to be a beacon of law in Asia until today. Based on this story, the man’s conviction was based on a judge’s own personal feelings contrary to medical evidence…

  • zardd

    compensate money, And the Girl should give him 6 year free sex 🙂

  • Anyone heard of Steven Prescott before? Yea… the guy should be awarded $6m CAD from the court! Japan’s Justice System is absolute shit! Makes me feel sick that shit like this happens.

  • Mateusz82

    Is Japan going to be as bad as the US when it comes to rape witch hunts, where the burden of proof is, “Well, she said he raped her, and women are incapable of lying, so… yeah.”

  • Buford stettler

    This type of thing is happening in most developed countries. It seems it is politically correct to prosecute men base on accusation alone. Evidence is hidden by police , the coroners office, and forensics to achieve this agenda. The courts in the US have mandatory arrest laws if a woman even states she was touched by a man. Prosecution of women for lying in court is not part of the political agenda either. I know of a man who was castrated by his ex- wife she called the police to have him arrested for domestic violence. He was arrested she was not arrested he is still paying her 50% of everything he makes to keep her from calling the police . He is tired of being arrested . By the way that guy is a important surgeon , but let’s just say this daycare worker got his balls . There are many examples of this , the reality is 40% of all female complaints of domestic violence or rape are lies. You must allow prosecution of women and men or this will continue as women face no consequences for there actions.

  • T-AKA B27

    21 century is full of these bitches liars.

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