Chinese News Uses Gundam Footage In Item On Japan’s Military

Chinese state TV channel accidentally shows Gundam footage when discussing Japanese military

An amusing incident occurred recently on China’s state-owned TV network when, during a discussion of Japan’s security measures, footage of a Gundam appeared alongside actual Japanese aircraft and battleships. The gigantic mobile suit seemed to go unnoticed by the TV presenters at the time since it was only visible for a brief second. Internet users noticed that this particular Gundam had been taken from a Japanese commercial for Nissin Cup noodles, but that does little to explain how the clip made it into the news reel.

From Yahoo! Japan:

“Gundam Shown In Footage of JDF On Chinese State TV, “We Can’t Beat Japan If They Have A Gundam.”

Chinese news program shows Gundam footage when discussing Japanese military

The news item on CCTV.

China is abuzz after a Gundam, a Japanese cartoon robot character, appeared in what was allegedly footage of the Japan Self-Defense Force during a special broadcast by China’s state-owned TV about Japan’s security laws.

On June 30th, China’s state-owned TV network aired a 30 minute special. The program was critical of Prime Minister Abe and his security laws, with specialists appearing in studio to explain the roles and strategies of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces. During all this, the words “Japan Self-Defense Force materials” were added on-screen and footage purported to be that of the Self Defense Force was shown, but…

“Just as I thought, this is for Japan’s strategic advantage.”

There, all of a sudden, a Gundam appeared. The Gundam was shown for a split second, then immediately after changed to footage of a Japanese “Aegis”-type battleship.

Online, comments poured in from Chinese viewers who had seen the program.
“Of course Japan has a Gundam.”
“If Japan’s got a Gundam, there’s no way China can win.”
“Are the guys over at the state-run broadcast a bunch of morons?”

Additionally, there was footage of other supposed weaponry that had appeared in anime other than Gundam as well as unrelated footage of things like American aircraft carriers. Current Self-Defense Force members who saw the video had this to say:

“I doubt a Gundam would be useful in actual combat.” (JDF member)

“Wouldn’t the town get destroyed?” “ (JDF member)

The Gundam footage which was shown on China’s state-owned TV bears a strong resemblance to a commercial that aired in Japan and appears to have been obtained illegally through the Internet, but it’s unclear as to how or why the footage was used.

Comments from 2 ch:


So it’s true, there was a Gundam. The Special Defense Forces are amazing.


But what is this originally from?
There haven’t been any live-action depictions of Gundams.

イス攻撃(dion軍)@\(^o^)/ :

The serious responses from the JDF made me laugh www


It’s top secret but Gundams are already being deployed!!

垂直落下式DDT(西日本)@\(^o^)/ :

A large number of Zakus would be better than a Gundam


Ugh, are you kidding me? They spilled the beans about the underground Gundams? www

パイルドライバー(千葉県)@\(^o^)/ :

I wonder if China has any idea that they’re the Zeon Army.

ハーフネルソンスープレックス(庭)@\(^o^)/ :

Even if there were Gundams, you’d need a pilot as good as Amuro Ray


China’s information agency is just awful as you’d imagine.

雪崩式ブレーンバスター(栃木県)@\(^o^)/ :

There must be a Japanese otaku working at state-owned TV.
No doubt he’ll be done away with later.

32文ロケット砲(dion軍)@\(^o^)/ :

There’s also the ever so slight possibility that Godzilla could be born out of the Fukushima disaster.

セントーン(徳島県)@\(^o^)/ :

Why wasn’t the Space Battleship Yamato shown?
It’ the most relevant.


Isn’t this divulging state secrets?

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  • Dan

    Hahahahahaha, their editting must have slipped by a second there. Someone put it in as a joke and forgot to take it out?

    Or perhaps it’s a joke article in the original Japanese page? I tried looking at the YahooJapan page, but it says the page could no longer be found and might have been deleted?

    • Butsu

      No, it has been circulating on the web on various pages during the week. With headers such as “No China, Japan doesn’t have a Gundam” or something along these lines.

  • TruthHurtsToday

    Cartoon could have more action.

  • Far Eastern Japan Empire

    Japanese military can defeat any Chink army easily, Gundam or no Gundam.

    • Pharenheit

      Wow… Just. Wow.
      How is this kind of racial slur permissible?

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        Like so

      • Wa Japanese Warrior

        What is racist about it? Where’s the racism?

        • Dan

          “Chink army”. I missed it the first time too, glossed over it and thought it said “Chinese army”.

      • besudesu

        Yeah, it’s not permissible.

        • guest

          Anti Japanese slurs are often left on this site. You at best ignore them and at worse endorse them. When you start living in the real world, trying to get translating gigs I’d strongly recommend leaving JC off your resume.

          • besudesu

            We never ever endorse any form of racism.

            And thanks for the advice.

          • NintendoD.Boss

            You most certainly don’t and thanks for stepping in before things got ugly. Apparently the Japanese netizens were not sufficiently racist which displeased certain “foreign” agent provocateurs hoping for a fight.

            I’ve found some of the ugly racism and personal insults directed towards Koreans and Japanese on this site and Koreabang off putting. It’s nice having a moderator actively moderating this nonsense. Ignore the haters. Some of us readers are actually grateful for your work on this site since you could have just as easily followed Chinasmack’s route.

          • besudesu

            Thank you for the vote of confidence. It means so much to me when people enjoy the site!

            I admit though that sometimes when help is thin on the ground that it’s difficult to moderate as strictly as we’d like to. So I’m always grateful when other members of the community draw attention to racist comments or hate speech, because I don’t always have time to go through everything…(>_<)

          • NintendoD.Boss

            That’s fine and I understand. We can’t expect you to be slaving on this site when there is so much more to life. The fact that you take valuable time off to translate and work on this site is something that is often taken for granted. Some readers can be pedantic, ungrateful, impatient, entitled and plain nasty. I’ve seen translators, writers and moderators often being subjected to abuse. For what it’s worth, I think you always handle yourself very well. Speaking from experience, dealing with confrontational people isn’t easy.

            In short, just wanted to let you know that you’ve been doing a great job overall and thank you for that! Cheers 🙂

    • David

      You do not seem to be very knowledgeable about military matters in addition to being disgusting.

      • Wa Japanese Warrior

        He does have a point though. Japan will easily win over the paper tigers. Japan has the strongest navy in Asia and probably the world, except the United States. I wouldn’t mind testing out that theory myself. Let’s get it on. I want to see Japan to spank China so bad, and shut these Chinese mouths.

        • Pharenheit

          You think a strong navy is all it takes? How old are you?
          Do you know the population of China?
          Do you realize that your country is struggling with birth rates? You really think you have enough manpower to make any difference? Delusional.

          • NintendoD.Boss

            Most likely just a troll whose sole purpose is to agitate.
            Do not fall for the bluff. “Wa Japanese Warrior” or “Far Eastern Japan Empire” are clearly not Japanese but probably the same loser. Fake Japanese often employ patronizingly nationalistic names no normal Japanese would use. They also know fuck all about the language and tend to be insecure white males. Agent provocateurs. Nothing more.

        • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

          Except China has one thing Japan doesn’t: Supersonic nuclear missiles.

        • Lyn

          Yeah okay….pretty sure China has more foot-soldiers than the entire population of Japan but whatever….

    • besudesu

      I’d revise my use of language if I were you. I think you’ll find the term “Chinese” is what you’re looking for.

    • guest

      Grow up Chucky

  • firebert5

    Reminds me of when the BBC used the Halo emblem for the UN one

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