Explosion Heard At Yasukuni Shrine, Netizens Respond

An explosion heard at the controversial Yasukuni Shrine today has made headlines throughout Japan.

Although there is no evidence that an explosion was successful, police did find evidence of a rudimentary explosive device in a toilet cubicle at the Shrine, which was due to celebrate the Niiname-sai harvest festival, a Japanese version of Thanksgiving.

Netizens from Yahoo! and mixi find it difficult to conceal their rage, with many pointing out that the incident may well have been planned by a “neighbor”, suggesting that the perpetrator might have been Korean or even Chinese. It is also clear that netizens still have the recent Paris attacks on their mind, given the frequent references to IS.

From Yahoo! Japan:

Explosion Heard At Yasukuni Shrine; No Casualties, Batteries And Pipes Found

Yasukuni shrine explosion

At around 10am on November 23, there was an emergency 110 call from a public toilet within the grounds of the Yasukuni Shrine, Kudankita, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, saying: “I heard an explosion and there’s smoke escaping”.

According to Tokyo Metropolitan police, there were batteries scattered on the floor of a cubicle in the men’s toilets, and the battery cases showed signs of scorching. Something akin to a metal pipe with lead wires attached to it were also discovered; however, there were no signs of an explosion, and the source of the explosion sound remains unclear. No one was injured.

The Metropolitan Police’s Public Safety Division are analyzing what was in the pipe recovered from the scene, but say that the structure of the suspicious item seems to differ from those used in guerrilla incidents carried out by extremists in the past. Shortly before the sound of the explosion, a man with a paper bag is seen in the vicinity on CCTV footage, and police are investigating his link to the incident carefully.

According to Police, components that may be used to create a timed explosive device, such as size D and size AA batteries, battery cases, and a digital timer had been left on the floor of the bathroom stall. On the ceiling someone had made a square hole measuring around 30cm, and four sections of pipe (around 3cm in diameter, 20cm in length) were discovered in a bundle inside.

The Metropolitan Police Bomb Disposal Squad were dispatched to retrieve the suspicious items. Police dogs were also used to search the bathroom to ensure there were no other dangerous items present.

According to Yasukuni Shrine, at 6am this morning all gates into the shrine wer left open. The explosion was heard at around 10am, immediately before the Niiname-sai Thanksgiving Festival, which celebrates the autumn harvest, was due to begin. The Niiname-sai was held according to schedule, but no further worshipers were admitted to the shrine outside of those who had appointments. The public toilet where the incident took place was checked several times per day by staff.

From Yahoo! Japan:

Explosion At Yasukuni Shrine; Tokyo Police Investigate On Suspicion Of Terrorism

At around 10am on November 23, there was an explosion in a toilet in the southern part of the Yasukuni Shrine, Kudankita, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.

Police are investigating the incident as an act of terrorism/guerrilla incident.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


It’s not IS, it’s our neighbors


They have CCTV, so he should be arrested in no time.
I hope that they do the right thing and release his real name in the media.


Well, pretty clear this isn’t the work of anything Islamic.


As far as this is concerned, it’s definitely not IS. No matter how you look at it, this is Hangul.
At least IS have the precision to target something and blow it up.


It’s definitely not IS when its an act targeting Yasukuni.


Isn’t this terrorism though?


When you think that this wasn’t a suicide attack you realize it’s unlikely to be IS.


I wonder how Tiananmen and the Blue House felt about this news?


Ah yes, our suspicious neighbors…


Recently the number of people coming into Japan from China and Korea has increased dramatically, it seems. Bet they’re not coming in to pay homage at our shrines.

Comments from mixi News:

Woah….umm this just makes me really angry…!?

Just from the place this happened, seems like we’ll be about to see the nationality of the criminal.

We don’t know who the criminal was, but isn’t Japan too soft on these terrorists that are extremists?

No matter what the nationality, treat this person as a terrorist. If you don’t let them know that we won’t be messed with, the next time it won’t end so easily.

Handiwork of Koreans again?

Treating this as an act of terrorism means that for the person who did it, capital punishment would be appropriate.

It makes me sick that people are saying “Oh, it was a Korean” without having any proof whatsoever. And it’s really sad that these are the comments getting upvoted.

Lefty friends of the Chink-Gook SEALDs?

If the criminal was a Chink bastard or a filthy Chon, then let’s send them back to where they came from. And from now on, let’s forbid anyone from the three countries (apart from Taiwan) from coming into Japan.

The affinity between terrorism and anti-Japanese sentiment is really shown here. We should be serious about this and resist them this criminal conspiracy.

Give the bastards who did this at Yasukuni the death penalty.

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  • JEng

    “Lefty friends of the Chink-Gook SEALDs?

    If the criminal was a Chink bastard or a filthy Chon, then let’s send them back to where they came from. And from now on, let’s forbid anyone from the three countries (apart from Taiwan) from coming into Japan.”

    • JEng

      remember when HK lost its locusts to Japan and Taiwanese started investing in failing hot springs resorts in Japan for “foreign” guests?

      • fr hy

        many japanese serve there for their foreign guests even hanging their flags at such resorts

        • Peninsulawide

          She looks Korean.

          • Kepler

            Kurata Mao

        • Alex _

          What movie is this picture from?

          • fr hy

            its an actual bar in Sasebo i believe.

            BEIJING (AP) — President Barack
            Obama’s pardoning of a turkey named “Abe” this Thanksgiving has led some
            Chinese to gloat at the Japanese prime minister’s expense.

            part of a peculiar annual tradition at the White House, Obama on
            Wednesday granted amnesty from the dinner table to two turkeys named
            “Honest” and “Abe” — from the nickname for President Abraham Lincoln.
            But a translation glitch in Chinese media replaced the character for
            single-syllable “Abe” with the surname of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo
            Abe (pronounced “Ah-bay”).

          • Alex _

            Well, that scene looks like something out of an AV movie… so I was asking about its title. One guy in the comments said that the person on the picture is JAV idol Kurata Mao.

          • Kepler

            from a gravure photoshoot set

          • Alex _


      • Peninsulawide

        Taiwan Chinese are Japan brown noser.

  • Peninsulawide

    Probably done by Taiwan Chinese.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    The ride never ends!

    • Taekwon1V1

      Do not stroke your mongolian hotdog too hard.

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian


  • Butsu

    If I got the news correct this morning they identify a 27 year old Korean man on the security cameras. He had stayed at a hotel 10 min from the shrine and he returned to Korea 2 days ago.

    • IhateGOOKS

      So it was a Chon! I knew the filthy gooks were behind it. Kill all the Gooks and kick them all out of holy Japan!

      • KPKR

        You probably from Taiwan the land of load of SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Everyone

        Grow up Chucky.

    • Former Gaijin

      If they know his age and his nationality, then that means they have confirmed his passport and identity. It’s been couple of days since Japanese media reported this news story, why haven’t the Japanese government and police announce the perp’s name, and also why haven’t they asked the South Korean government to extradite the criminal? Something isn’t right here, because if the police have not announced the bomber’s name, that means they’re still investigating the case. In which case, to announce the criminal’s nationality (when the police has not revealed the criminal) before the police does, is irresponsible yellow journalism of xenophobic kind, which I have come to be familiar with, when living in Japan. The point is whether the bomber was a Korean or not is immaterial. It’s how the Japanese media and internet has treated this case, is what matters most here.

      • Butsu

        I just reported what they said on the NHK morning news man. My guess is that since no damage was actually done he’s just banned to enter again. And it was never a confirmed bomb right? Just something that sounded like a bomb. I was browsing the web at the time so I can’t say if it was a statement from the police, however, the person did leave Japan two days prior to yesterday and was caught on the security cameras in and around Yasukuni shrine.

      • KPKR

        Person could have been Chinese using South Korean Passport fake identity. I bet 99.9 percent that person is Taiwan Chinese. Even though Koreans hate Yaku shrine. No Korean would waste time and money on that shrine. Last time it was Chinese national that bought a ticket to South Korea. Japanese government thought it was done by Korean. In reality it was done by Chinese.

        • Butsu

          Given Japan – Taiwan relations I’d say that seems highly unlikely. Also Lee Teng-hui has even visited, although that was a controversy of its own. Oh well, maybe a KMT-nut would do it.

          • Taekwon1V1

            Taiwan too afraid.

  • ghenis

    The usual right-wing Japanese trolls intervention, the only interesting thing is that this time they mention Daesh.

  • Taekwon1V1

    Taiwan is part of South East Asia like Phillipine.

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