7 Worst Things Guys Say On Dates With Women

The 7 worst things guys do on dates with women Japan

Man: “I wuv yooouuu”
Woman: “Shut the hell up”

Ever wondered what the 7 worst things a guy could do on a date are? Ever thought that impersonating Mickey Mouse in bed might be one of these? No…we didn’t either. But apparently, it’s up there with asking to split the bill.

Netizens have rediscovered this article from February 2015, which lists the things that upset women on dates. Many of their comments focused on the fact that although the survey was for women between 19 and 63, they are uniformly described as “girls”. But it was the 51 year old woman in the first point on the list who had the toughest time, with the majority of comments singling her out for ridicule…

From Buzz Plus:

Absolutely Forbidden During A Date!: The Top 7 Things That Make Girls Disillusioned With Guys

Dear Men, do you know the phrase “Even a 100-year love can cool”? It means that even when someone is crazy about you, their feelings can cool off in an instant.

Women get hurt by the smallest things guys say, and they will turn to hate you in a flash. When girls aged between 19 and 63, were surveyed, they revealed their top 7 things men say that make women grow disillusioned.

No.1: Shall We Split The Bill?

Just when your heart is elated after a delicious dinner,you get that feeling as though you’re falling from a cliff right at the last minute. Split the bill? Really? Wasn’t spending an enjoyable time with me worth even that much to you? Guess guys think that happy times cost nothing, huh? (Home helper, 51)

No.2: Is It OK If I Kiss You?

Kisses should happen naturally. I mean, even if you’re not officially going out you can still judge whether or not the atmosphere is right for a kiss can’t you? Why do guys ask “Can I kiss you”? Plus, their faces coming at you after they’ve said that — makes me sick (Office worker, 33)

No.3: Using Old-Fashioned Japanese

I was messing around with my boyfriend by poking him in the ribs. “St-st-st-stop that if you please!” [note: Japanese uses honorific verb “gozaru”]. What the hell. Why are you using honorifics? Made me wonder if he was from the Edo Period or something. Plus this was all in front of Shinjuku Station. I was soooo embarrassed” (University student, 22)

No.4: Huh!? Where’s My Coupon?!

I went to a pretty expensive restaurant with my boyfriend. He was all like “Today, I’m really going to treat you”, and I had a feast. But when the bill came, he started saying “Huh!? Where’s my coupon!?”. Apparently he’d printed out a discount coupon, and lost it. Even the waiter was smirking. “It’s gone!! What should I do!! It’s gone!!” he carried on saying. I was super embarrassed. I mean, I wanted to say well if it was only a 10% discount just pay it already. (Office worker, 26)

No.5: I’d Like To See Your Place

As soon as they know you live alone, there are too many guys out there who then want to come to your place. Now isn’t that when you see the ulterior motive! I think I’d like to break off any relationship with a guy like that before we end up going out together. “I’d like to go to your place” is something girls should say, not guys (Freeter, 29)

No.6: I’ll Buy It For You Next Time

Even though I say “buy it for me” because I want it now, I don’t know why guys always say “Oh I’ll buy it for you next time”. If they can’t say they’ve got no money because of their pride, then I’ll just break up with the pauper and find a new man. Honestly, give me a break. I’ve lost so much time because of useless men. (Office worker, 37)

No.7: I’m Mickey Mouse! Pleased To Meet Yah!

This guy got into bed with me messing around imitating Mickey Mouse, saying “Hallo, why, I’m Mickey! Pleased to meet yah!”; “I’m Mickey”;”I’m Mickey”. More so than it just making me feel sick, it actually made me wonder if he was an imbecile. What’s more, he kept on with it, saying “Oh, there’s Minnie!!”. Listen honey, Minnie ain’t there!! (University student, 20)

・ Women Hate Splitting The Bill

When we were gathering the things men had said together for this survey, they were put in order of most shocking by 15 women. And sure enough, we hate “splitting the bill”, right? I suppose now there is a culture where it’s natural that guys pay the bill.

Comments from 2ch.net:


She’s 51, LOL


At 51 if you’re a home helper, the parents you were helping are probably already dead.


Well if she’s 51 she may as well pay them www


Umm, I reckon her partner doesn’t think it’s a date…


Wow, she has sooooo much confidence.


Fuck off, much better to spend some time playing with the neighborhood dog than spending time with that old hag.


At the end of the day, even if the guy pays for the date, I still don’t like this beggar mentality, where they thing it’s natural that the man should pay.


I just don’t get why women feel good about being exchanged for money.
If you both like each other, then whether you split the bill or treat the other one makes no difference.

Comments from Twitter:

There’s lots of things to rip into here, but first off, their definition of “girl” is too broad. 19 – 63?


No.1 is just amazing. I mean, give me a break, it is not a happy time to have a meal with a 51 year old home help. No actually don’t give me a break. Give me the money.


My lady tells me that if I just spoil her, it makes her feel bad, so we split the bill a lot.


Women’s feelings on these things are pretty complicated…still, if you’re good-looking they’d forgive you anyway.


Women don’t like splitting the bill, but then again men don’t have all that much interest in 51 year old home helpers, either.


Don’t like splitting the bill, huh? Pay the whole fucking amount then (trash)


Hah, a 63 year old girl.


What the hell is this shitty article…(duuuh).

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  • Dan

    Different culture, I’m sure. A lot of these felt, at the very least, non-offensive to me.

    The bill thing seems really old fashion to me.

    • Zappa Frank

      even more old fashion the explanation:

      “Wasn’t spending an enjoyable time with me worth even that much to you? Guess guys think that happy times cost nothing, huh?”

      so only the guy had ennjoyble time, she was there to be treated…

      • Dan

        Oooh, good point. I had forgotten about that too. Sounds like she wasn’t even trying to enjoy it

  • nineteen85

    And that is why women can never have nice things. Like equal rights. Most men not of the last generation personally cannot be bothered if women got paid the same, or got treated the same in the workplace or at home. But care about the little things, like splitting the bill. In Korea, it’s equal military service. Of course women don’t want these things. So, no equal rights. Men need to be paid more so they can pay for everything and not have to split the bill.

    • Xio Gen

      Go back to redpill.

      • splooge

        found the princess

  • QuickInfo

    Not really sure survey was done by Japanese girls. All those 7 lists reminds me Korean girls not Japanese girls!!!!

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      I don’t think you need to be Korean or Japanese to get weirded out when the guy pretends to be MICKEY FRIGGIN MOUSE!

    • metron

      again with the Korean non-sense. it was done by Japanese girls. give it a rest

      • North

        No such thing called non-sense, it was called self opinion.

        • metron

          “No such thing called non-sense” good luck with that

          • KPKR

            good luck with that, good luck with that to you too.

          • metron

            don’t worry

          • North

            Good luck to you too.

          • metron

            don’t worry

  • Born2BeCrea8ive

    again why is this 7 list info important?

    • fr hy

      worst thing I said “Show me ur tits” but it actually worked

      • Vorteksio3 .

        Who is she?

        • fr hy

          some white washed chick name Sarah Turner and no she is not biracial like other asian chicks with white names eg. London Keyes

          • KoreaKRKP

            called Porno actress in short.

  • Comebackkid13

    Even though I say “buy it for me” because I want it now, I don’t know why guys always say “Oh I’ll buy it for you next time”. – Fack off

  • SeoulKorea

    Have you ever tried talking to Taiwan girls???? very awkwardly strange people like Fillipinoes.

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