Top Ten Jobs Of Guys Girls Don’t Want To Date

In Japan, as in the West, eligible bachelors are often thought to be men with jobs like “doctor”, or “pilot”.

But now an online survey taken by over 200 women claims that the opposite is true — these are the men that Japanese women don’t want to date.

2ch netizens were intrigued by these results, with a number of them admitting their relief (as well as disbelief) that not all women are looking for men with high powered jobs…

What do you think? Is this survey on to something? Or, as one netizen put it, is it just “sour grapes” on the part of the respondents?

From Livedoor News:

Top Ten Jobs Of Guys Who Girls Don’t Want To Date, No. 1 Is “Restaurant Work”

In Short:

Surveyed Women About The Jobs Of Guys They Wouldn’t Want To Date, Announced Results

No. 1 Was Restaurant Work, Followed By People In Medicine and Beauty Industry, Then Teachers And Businessmen

Women Think That People Who Work In Restaurants Have Unstable Jobs And No Fixed Holidays

Sorry! I’m Sure They’re Really Nice Guys! Top Ten Jobs Of Guys Who Girls Don’t Want To Date ⇒ “No. 2? Doctors And People In The Beauty Industry”

When it comes to the guy you date, the details are important! That’s for sure. But still, no matter what you like in terms of looks, no matter how good his personality is, you still don’t want to go out with him because of his job…That’s how women really feel about certain jobs. So what are these jobs that have such a negative image with women? We asked working women about the jobs of guys they wouldn’t want to date:

Q: What job does a guy you don’t want to date have?

No.1: “Restaurant-related”…14.4%

No 2 (tie): “Doctor”, “Beauty industry”…12.4%

No. 4: “Teacher”…10.9%

No. 5: “Businessman”…7.9%

No 6: “Pilot”…7.4%

No. 7: “Other”…6.9%

No. 8: “IT-related”…6.4%

No. 9(tie): “Public servant”, “Construction/Carpentry”…5.5%

No. 11: “Creative industry”…4.0%

※ After No. 12 the results have been omitted.

"Hmm, these results seem to indicate that I am not as eligible as I thought..."

“Hmm, these results seem to indicate that I am not as eligible as I thought…”

The result for the no. 1 job that puts women off dating a guy was “restaurant-related”. Then tied at no. 2 was “doctor” and “beauty-industry”, then at no. 4 was “teacher”. So we asked specifically what it was about these jobs that put women off.

■ No. 1: “Restaurant-related”

・”It’s because I feel at these jobs are unstable, and they don’t have regular holidays” (Technician in food/drink industry, 26)

・”Even though you have to work really hard, the salary is low, so neither of you have much leeway and all you ever do is fight” (Assistant in apparel/textiles industry, 24).

・”Doesn’t seem like he’d have much money, and he wouldn’t have holidays when I do, so we wouldn’t be able to go on dates” (Admin worker in construction/carpentry, 31).

So for guys who work in restaurant-related fields, it seems that there is the impression that the pay is low given how hard they work. What’s more, there are also opinions like “He wouldn’t have time to go on dates”, “His lifestyle wouldn’t mesh with mine” that are given as the reason that women don’t want to date guys with these jobs. We don’t know if this is a fact or not, but some people seem to think that “Guys who work in restaurant-related industries tend to drink a lot and get hammered” (Assistant, transport/storage, 33).

■ No. 2: “Doctor”

・ “I wouldn’t go out with a guy who’s a doctor because it seems like he would have a very irregular lifestyle, plus he probably wouldn’t be able to help bring up children. What’s more there’d be the question of heirs, and I get the impression that I’d clash with my mother-in-law over it”. (Other, 28).

・“He’d probably be quite proud, and busy” (Creative worker, 32)

・“I suppose it would be difficult with his family. If you’re not from a family of doctors then they’d probably say you couldn’t date and stuff” (Admin worker in automotive industry, 32)

Reasons that stood out as to why women didn’t want to date doctors, who along with their families tend to have an image of being part of the elite, were often things like they are surrounded by women so they would be likely to stray, and that their families would probably be strict. “I think he’d probably be pretty clever, and his work hours wouldn’t be fixed, so I wouldn’t want to go out with a doctor. Plus he probably wouldn’t choose me as a partner either” (Office worker in hotel/travel/amusement industry, 32). So we got some realistic opinions like this one too, where the woman assumed a doctor wouldn’t choose her in the first place.

■ No. 2: “Beauty Industry”

・“Seems like a lot of these guys would just be messing around” (School/education worker, 28).

・“They seem like players. I’d get jealous, and that’d probably be pretty tiresome” (Secretary, 26)

Guys who work in the beauty industry also ranked at no 2, and they have an overwhelming reputation for being players! We saw a lot of opinions that said women thought these men would be likely to judge women harshly, and they’d be likely to cheat because they were so used to dealing with women. Furthermore, as one woman put it, they “don’t look like they’d have stable incomes” (Metals/chemicals industry assistant, 32), so it seems that women would be worried as to whether these guys would have any money in the future.

■ No.4: “Teacher”

・“I wouldn’t date a teacher because I get the impression that a lot of them are narrow-minded and don’t have a lot of common sense” (Finance/securities industry assistant, 30).

・“They seem like they would put school first and that their own lives would come second” (Machine technician, 28).

・”I wouldn’t date a teacher because they seem argumentative. They hold their own opinions too strongly, and they talk down to everyone” (Admin worker, schools/education, 33).

Teachers seem like they have a hard time of things, between students and guardians, but because they live in the closed world of the school, there seems to be the impression that they think they are more important than they really are. Although we wonder whether some of these opinions might be based on teachers people have had in the past, there were also teachers you must have got on with too!

Since a lot of women are realists, in these results we see a lot of opinions that say guys who women don’t think have a future with are a no-no. Men who are too busy, men who have unstable incomes. Or men in jobs that have a persistently negative image for being players. Still, it’s a woman’s prerogative that when she likes a guy, that kind of thing doesn’t really matter anymore. It seems that the most important thing is to not get carried away with the image of particular jobs that we have in society, but rather to focus on your partner’s true self.

(Endo Ryoko)

※The results were based on a “My Navi Woman” web survey carried out in March 2015. There were 206 eligible respondents (women aged between 22 and 34).

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男色ドライバー(やわらか銀行)@\(^o^)/ :



Huh? Doctors aren’t popular with women??


They like doctors and pilots, don’t they?
They’re, like really rich, right?


It’s pretty unbelievable, but security guards and nurses aren’t in there…w


I’d love to see the faces of the women complaining about these things…


And so little old me, bottom of the bottom in the retail world, is IN THERE!

トペ スイシーダ(東京都)@\(^o^)/:

Has the time finally come for me, the humble truck driver?


I wonder why, when doctors are at no.2, that lawyers aren’t even on there…


It’s just sour grapes that doctors, pilots and businessmen are in the top ranks


Where are the rappers in all this?


Top earning elite handsome doctors are at number 2 in the I don’t want to marry them rankings. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?


Well I’m pretty relieved that the guys who put the dandelion garnish on the sashimi aren’t on this list.


How about yakuza?


Doctors have this image that they’re too busy to really cherish their families.


Come on ladies, even if you don’t want to date them, you want to marry them

ボ ラギノール(茸)@\(^o^)/:

In the wedding industry, doctors get to register for free.
So I think we all know what the truth is, right?


Those soldiers in the restaurant industry have really high rates of singledom and divorce


Don’t look at the job, look at the man!

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