Popular Actor Izumi Masayuki Dies Aged 35, Netizens Mourn

Actor Izumi Masayuki dies aged 35

By far the most-read story of the day was the sad news that the actor Izumi Masayuki had passed away. He was only 35.

Izumi will be remembered best for his roles in Kamen Rider 555 and the popular crime drama Kasousen no onna.

Netizens are extremely shocked and saddened by Izumi’s passing, particularly since he was so young.

From mixi News:

Actor Izumi Masayuki Dies Aged 35, Appeared In “Kamen Rider 555” and “Kasouken no Onna”

It has been revealed that the actor Izumi Masayuki passed away at a Tokyo hospital on July 28 at 5:35pm. He was 35 years old. His management company made an announcement regarding his death on August 4. On his official site, it had been posted that Izumi had “been under medical treatment for a while”, but the cause of his death has not been made clear.

An actor hailing from Tokyo, Izumi made his debut in the 2002 TV drama “Gokusen”. The following year he appeared in “Kamen Rider 555”, and from 2004 he was a regular in the drama “Kasouken no Onna” from series 5 to series 11.

His funeral will be held among his closest relatives.

Comments from mixi.jp:

Whhhhhaaaaat! The guy from Kasouken?

Wow, I thought it was a pity that he wasn’t in Kasouken anymore, but this is just awful. My condolences.

He was too young…

It can’t be true! The only handsome guy on Kasouken! ッッッ(T_T) Such a shock…

This has to be a joke, right? Maybe now he will really wake up as an orphenock…And then he can put on the “Ogra Emperor Belt” and appear in all his glory?

And so much lay ahead for him…he was taken too soon! Such a pity…may he rest in peace.

What!!!! I used to watch Kasouken all the time (´・_・`)

I loved Kamen Rider 555 and I used to enjoy watching it every week. He used to play the monster, didn’t he? I loved it so much I used to record every episode and watch it over and over…and even now it’s my favorite of all the Kamen Rider series. Rest in peace, Izumi.

I learned about this from a Mymixi tweet. At 35 he was way too young ;-( Rest in peace.

Comments from Twitter:

iso :

He was Kiba in 555…he was too young. May he rest in peace.

ごんた :

Oh!? Is this the Orphenock guy from 555?

はやぶさたゃん :

What! Kiba [Izumi’s character’s name in Kamen Rider 555] is dead!?


He was such a good actor, it’s a real pity he’s gone. R.I.P.

Taka 6350 :

So young. Too young…

山崎164 :

Σ(゚д゚;) He passed away!
He was so young…

RJ :

Wow. I have no words. This is a pretty big shock.

フジモリ“ショートケーキ”ダイスケ :

I’m a horse in the Chinese zodiac, so I used to love Horse Orphenock…I even went to see the film with my daughter ( ;∀;)

けんじー@誕プレ引き続き受付中♪ :

This has to be a lie…Ken from Kasouken…

ゆきゆ きち :

Such a shock. I wonder if he stopped appearing in Kasouken because of his illness, too?

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