Tokyo Man Arrested After Pouring Coffee on Teenage Girl

Man arrested for throwing coffee on schoolgirls

This week, a months-old mystery was solved when a 32-year-old Tokyo man was arrested after pouring coffee on a teenage girl as he passed her on his bike. The perpetrator turned out to be the culprit behind a long string of similar events. When asked about his motivation for this strange habit, the man said that it felt good to make a beautiful woman turn and look at him, and that pouring liquid on women gave him a “sense of accomplishment.”

Netizens on Yahoo! Japan and have been puzzling over the source of this bizarre fetish, with some musing that this level of perversion is far too abstract to truly understand.

From Yahoo! Japan:

32-Year-Old Man Arrested After Pouring Coffee On High School Girl’s Head, Tells Tokyo Police: “It Felt Good For a Beautiful Girl to Look Back At Me”

The Shakujii division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested Inomata Kouta (32), a part-time store clerk from Doshida, Nerima, Tokyo, on charges of assault after he allegedly poured liquid on a female high school student on the street. According to the police, Inomata has admitted his guilt, saying “It felt good to throw my drink on a beautiful girl I liked and have her look back at me, and afterward I smoked a cigarette and felt a sense of accomplishment. I’ve done this over ten times since last year.”

It seems that around 7 p.m. on April 26 on the streets of Oizumimachi in Nerima, the suspect threw a liquid that appeared to be coffee on the head of a female freshman (15) who was walking near her high school as he passed her on his bike.

Since February of this year, seven women between their teens and their 40s have fallen victim to similar crimes within the Shakujii police office’s jurisdiction alone, and Inomata has been identified as the perpetrator using the women’s eyewitness testimony and security camera footage.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


How should a person like this be rehabilitated? There are so many excessively strange cases.


No matter how you look at it, he’s a pervert.


If there weren’t security cameras around, they probably wouldn’t be able to make an arrest in a case like this.


The meaning is way too unclear when he says he smoked a cigarette and felt a sense of accomplishment afterward.


Recently, there are so many perverts who surpass what I can even imagine.


Well, since he didn’t take out a knife and kill her, he can probably be helped, but…


These days I often hear people talking about how they don’t care about the consequences so they just want to satisfy themselves, but I wonder why this is happening. With this arrest too, the security cameras came in handy so at least that’s one good point.


I wonder if this is kind of like what’s called pseudo-rape? Recently here (this has probably been around for a while, but as a topic here) this comes up a lot, but behavior like a man pouring liquid on a woman probably falls under that category, right? Psychologically speaking ()


He’s completely nuts.


The age range is broad, but the conditions that arouse him are quite narrow, huh.

Comments from


It’s an obsession, right?


I don’t understand this fetish at all.


I don’t understand what this means w


There really are all kinds of humans, aren’t there?


I wonder if he poured the coffee on her because he couldn’t just cat-call her like a normal person?


This is a bit too high level for me, I can’t keep up with it (・ω・)


He probably really wanted to pour shit on her, but he’s a gentleman so he used coffee.


What a true high-class gentleman.


What an annoying prank.


In short, he “wanted to have a beautiful girl I liked turn and look back at me,” so he did this idiotic thing. If he was a super-hottie, this would probably be just a commonplace everyday event, but if an ordinary person unreasonably tries to follow his dreams, it turns out like this.

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