‘Please Sell Me Your Panties’ Says Man To Girl While On Bus

A man asks a female student if he can buy her panties

A man has been arrested for attempting to purchase the underwear of a female university student. While travelling on a highway bus.

The man, who is a civil servant, offered the girl 5,000 yen [approx. $42] for her “panties” by showing him a message he had typed on his mobile phone. The message also asked that the girl ignore the message if she wasn’t interested in making the transaction. Unsurprisingly, she didn’t ignore it.

Some netizens think that arresting a man just for offerring to buy a girl’s knickers is going too far, while others think that the man should finally lose his job for his behavior, having previously groped a school girl…

From Yahoo! Japan:

“Sell Me Your Panties”: 41 Year Old Environmental Department Manager From Okayama City Arrested For Propositioning Female University Student

On October 4, Okayama Police arrested Ono Shuichi (41), a manager at the Okayama Municipal Environmental Department, on suspicion of having violated the prefectural anti-nuisance bylaw for having shown a female university student a note which read “Sell me your underwear” while on a bus.

At around 8:25 pm on October 4, the suspect allegedly showed a female university student (20) the screen of his mobile phone, which had a lewd note that read “Won’t you sell me your panties for 5,000 yen? If you don’t want to, then please ignore this”. The incident happened in the vicinity of the Okayama interchange of the San’yo Expressway, as the highway bus was en route bound for Kurashiki Station from Kyoto Station.

The woman was sitting in the back seat of the bus, and Ono was sitting in the row in front of her. He showed her the screen of his phone by reclining his seat and thrusting his had through the gap between the seats. Ono stated that “she was cute; I wanted her panties” and admits to the charges.

The woman told the bus driver what had happened at the west entrance of Okayama Station, which was her scheduled stop. A police officer rushed to the scene and arrested Ono on the spot. Ono had also intended to alight the bus at the same stop.

According to the Okayama Municipal Environmental Department, Ono was made to compensate a female high school student in March 2012 after groping her, and was disciplined through a 6-month suspension from his job. The department stated: “We would like to offer our sincerest apologies that a member of staff has been arrested and has caused such trouble for all the residents of the city”.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:

Being straight down the line like that is quite something, but I’m afraid you K.O.’d.


Had he been lucky and got that type of girl, then he might actually have completed the transaction. But still, for a 41 year old guy to be after “panties”…


Probably he was being a bit cheap? LOL


He was kind of weirdly earnest about the whole thing — “please ignre this if you’re not interested”. Still, to call them “panties” sounds kinda pervy. The fact that he was a groper in the past means that he’s probably beyond help.

( ゚д゚) (#^ω^)\(^o^)/:

I’m not defending him, but no matter how you look at it, this is peace. In other countries it wouldn’t be all that unusual if something like this had ended with someone’s life being in danger.


Is this actually a crime?

 There was a time when those stores that sold used women’s clothing for guys were pretty popular, but I guess they were a good thing?


Say goodbye to your job.


You’re gonna be fired, dude.


Come on, who’d sell for 5000 yen? …be difficult to even sell for 50,000 yen, but for 500,000 yen

? Done deal.


And 500,000 yen would have made her so happy, too.

Comments from Twitter:


I’m probably not the only one who imagined Oolong from Dragon Ball…


I wonder what kind of punishment he’ll get eventually?
We don’tjust need a reduction in the number of civil servants, we need an actual revolution in the civil service.


Haven’t there been a lot of incidents like this in Okayama Prefecture recently? You guys alright over there?


So if it’s sexual harassment or a violation of a byelaw to sincerely ask something of an adult woman then I’d like them to make it really clear where they draw the line…


Come on dude, you should buy the more mature lady’s knickers for 5,000 yen too.


If I can get 5,000 yen just for doing that I’d sell my panties in a flash 〜(´-`).。oO


Why would you ignore him just because he’d asked…what’s more he’s got form, hasn’t he?


5000 yen? If someone said that to me I’d floor them — way too cheap.


That guy is terrible at negotiating. Might have been that the figure he offered wasn’t the figure she had in mind?
No matter, but it’s pretty difficult to understand him being arrested as a groper just for asking that.

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  • risotto

    This sounds like it could be entirely made up and yet…

    • metron

      this is Japan we’re talking about. it’s actually realistic

  • guest

    Putting aside the groping, as it was in the past and isn’t relevant to this incident, I don’t know how you can arrest someone for asking to buy panties. If he said, can I buy your shoes, would he have been arrested? While the two articles of clothing each obviously have different significances, fundamentally it’s the same thing.

    • guest

      Says so on the article
      “on suspicion of having violated the prefectural anti-nuisance by law”
      Given that the message had sexual undertones it could well fall under being a nuisance under Japanese law, but I am no Japanese law expert you have to look it up.

  • Claude

    “There was a time when those stores that sold used women’s clothing for guys were pretty popular, but I guess they were a good thing?”

    Yeah, this old chestnut. I was walking past an old dilapidated building once and a light caught my eye. It was obviously closed for years but a light was on inside a doorway so I took a look and there was a vending machine with porn, dildos, lube and womans panties that were supposedly used according to the box they were in. Japan.

  • SeoulKorea

    Japanese guys love to smell Japanese girls underwear and jerk off.

    • Claude

      Thanks for clarifying.

      • CoreanoNoChino

        You welcome.

  • vonskippy

    Obviously the girls not a Business major, otherwise she would have negotiated the price to twice or three times the original offer instead of whining to the authorities.

  • ProfessorBaek

    What is purpose of Japanese men smelling woman underwear?? Do you know the answer to Japanese men addiction??

    • jin

      It’s called hentai philosophy.

      • Kapital7even

        In Korean it is called ” Byuntei” philosophy.

        • jin

          In Chinese it would be bian tai [变态] philosophy. which also means Metamorphosis and abnormal. [ :]

          • CoreanoNoChino

            In Korean in means ” Sex addict or Nymphomaniac”.

  • Japperoo

    Just another Japanese whore selling her dirty soiled panties to a sex pervert racist Japanese oyaji.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    I got nothing.

  • KoreanicPeninsula

    How can guy get off by smelling girls underwear???

  • PeninsulaPride

    Japan always have had Sex addiction. Sex addiction is a part Japan culture.

    • jin

      Baby making is not in it though.

      • Kapital7even

        Tokyo, is World Porno Capital. Surpassed California Porno Industry 10 years ago.

        • jin

          I’m talking about Japans population drop…………………………….

          • CoreanoNoChino

            Sucking out the sperm from Hot dog. What do you expect???? Human Population increase evolution??

          • jin

            “Baby” making. How dense are you 😂

          • TypeK1ng

            Sucking the Hotdog reflects yourself. LMAO.

          • Kapital7even

            Like you know what ” Dense” means. LMAO.

          • CoreanoNoChino

            Like you know what ” Dense” means. LMAO.

      • Kapital7even

        I said addiction. Not baby making addiction.

  • What has the bylaw got to do with offering to purchase underwear from somebody who was wearing them. Untrue story. If she made a complaint to the police about him offering to purchase her knickers/underwear “panties” then he would have been cautioned for harassing a woman if he insisted on purchasing the woman’s underwear. Very nice story anyway it must be very nice to be offered money for your underwear. So 1980s in the days when you actually had sexually frustrated people nowadays they’ve had syphilis before the age of 19. The innocent days were so interesting experiencing was so exciting! pity the story originated from the Yahoo! department.

  • AL


  • Big AL

    I don’t understand the appeal in smelling “used” underwear. Kinda grose…

  • Mike1388

    I dont see the problem if he want to buy it. At last will be the woman who decide if she sell it or not.

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