Anti-Groping Police Officer Arrested For Touching Girl’s Ass

Policeman arrested for groping student at women's university

Public groping incidents are a common problem in Japan, particularly on the nation’s transport networks. So much so that there are police officers specifically assigned to deal with and reduce the number of such incidences.

But today it was revealed that the police officer responsible for dealing with groping incidents on Kanagawa’s rail network had been arrested for groping the ass of a student at a women’s university…

From Yahoo! Japan:

Anti-Groping Officer Arrested On Suspicion Of Touching Female Student’s Bottom — Kanagawa Police

On October 29, the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Inspection Office announced that they had arrested Nagasaki Hironori (30, of Kurobeyoka, Hiratsuka City), a head patrol officer in the Railway Police Force, on suspicion of violating the prefectural anti-nuisance byelaw for having allegedly touched the bottom of a female university student in a parking area for bicycles. Nagasaki is the person responsible for clamping down on groping incidents on the region’s trains.

The arrested suspect allegedly touched the bottom of a female university student (19, from the same city) through her clothes at around 10:40pm on October 28. The incident took place in a bicycle parking area at the west exist of JR Hiratsuka Station in Beniyacho, Hiratsuka City. The suspect admitted to the charges, saying “There is no doubt about it. I did something wrong to the victim”.

According to the Police Inspection Office, from around 5pm on the day of the incident, Nagasaki had been drinking in the area around Yokohama station after finishing work, and was on his way home. The female university student whose bottom he touched let out a scream and Nagasaki ran off; however, a male part-time worker (30) who was nearby restrained Nagasaki 50m down the road, and handed him over to police officers who came running after them.

Koshimizu Yoshinori, head of the the Police Inspection Office apologised for the incident, saying “This is extremely regrettable, and we look upon this as serious. This is unacceptable behavior for a police officer, and I offer my deepest apologies”.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


Just by looking at the title this is hilarious.
I felt sorry for the girl who got touched up though.
Guess the police didn’t cover this one up smoothly.


I guess he will be punished more than a normal person!


Usually a lot of people would get caught up on the fact that the man who helped her — who should be praised for his actions — was a part timer, but I guess it depends on the circumstances of the individual.
I too worked a part time job for just under two months after my unemployment benefits ran out before I found the job I have now.
You never know whether this man had been working as a freeter for his whole adult life or whether he was seriously looking for work, so I kinda feel like there’s not much point into going in to that kind of thing.


Everyone has their own stuff going on,
And so, if you can go on surviving then who cares if you do it by having a part time job.
It’s not something for other to comment on. Let alone if you’re actually doing some good.


If you look at this as not being a sudden incident, then I bet this guy had been looking at the suspects he encountered during his job and thinking “damn, I’m envious” on a routine basis.


I just don’t get this.
I want to ask him why he thought he’d give such a thing a try.


What do you even all this kind of thing…
It’s no laughing matter but I did laugh.
It’s really amazing that he was not just an ordinary policeman, he was the anti-groping policeman.
And still….


Kinda LOL’d at this.


The main problem is that he groped her, and of course it’s good that he got arrested, but I think it’s crazy that even though he was drunk a policeman can get restrained so easily by a member of the public.


Recently there are lots of incidents where people go out for wool but come home shorn.


I always think this, but on TV they have special programmes like Police 24 and stuff, but it would be good sometimes if they would investigate the misconduct that goes on inside the police forces. I reckon it would get good viewing figures.


Guess he kinda investigated the wrong place.


No matter which way you look at it, this guy is a professional criminal.

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