Man Arrested For Covering School Girls With Mayonnaise

man covers girl with mayo

While we recently learned that mayonnaise would be one of the things the world would miss if Japan were to disappear, it seems that Japan might not miss mayonnaise all that much if a recent incident is anything to go by.

News of a 25-year old man who has been involved in several incidents whereby he covered schoolgirls in mayonnaise when they passed him in train stations has angered netizens, who call his actions “perverted”.

Is this tantamount to sexual assault? Or was the man just trying to ensure the girls were appropriately dressed?

From Yahoo! Japan:

Man Arrested For Putting Mayonnaise On High School Girls In Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture

A 25 year old male company worker, from Sakaemachi in Kawanishi city, has been charged with assault and arrested on January 9, after putting mayonnaise on a high school girl on an escalator in a train station. The suspect is said to have been unmistakably recognized.

On October 10th at around 7.10pm in Kawanishi-Noseguchi station, the suspect put mayonnaise on the back of a 15 year old female student from a private school in Itami-city, who was standing in front of him on the escalator down to the platform.

According to the police, the girl heard a strange sound on the escalator and turned around to see a man standing behind her. She realized what had happened straight after in the station toilets.

The police investigated 6 similar incidents that happened last October in the vicinity of the same station. The man was found from CCTV images.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:

Beyond perverted


Is he an idiot?


A new type of mayonnaise lover… (-_-#)
The worst…


I don’t understand the appeal, but someone who wastes food has an ugly heart

Second Life:

We’re not getting any less of these weirdos in the new year, then?


Was he trying to eat high school students?


What was his aim? I’m finding it really difficult to understand.


High school girls aren’t broccoli.




It symbolizes semen I guess.


According to the police, the girl heard a strange sound on the escalator and turned around to see a man standing behind her. She realised what had happened straight after in the station toilets.

So no-one around got involved then.

Write his real name.


Quite a novel idea, but don’t actually go and do it.


Don’t mistake girls for salad! …(´;ω;`)


What is mayonnaise for, huh? Put it on lettuce!


What’s more.. There were 6 incidents…


I can’t understand what he wants to do at all.


Put soy sauce on him!!!


I love mayonnaise and high school girls and I can’t forgive this!!!


I don’t see the appeal, kind of can’t understand why you’d be inclined to do that…

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  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    You sure that was mayonnaise and not uh…

    • Tam


    • firebert5

      Whipped cream?

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Yeah, right? Did the policeman use his finger to try or something??
      “Its mayonnaise and not cum!”

      • markus peg

        Be quite or I’ll mayonnaise you up the back of your legs…
        This could become some kind of new psychotic craze…

  • Meanwhile in Japan…

    • firebert5

      …mayonnaise happens.

  • David

    Japan, just when I thought you were not going to surprise me anymore.

  • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

    He clearly wanted to spunk over school girls and this was the next best thing for him.

  • YellowMagic

    In a more serious note, from a legal aspect, he may be condemned for assault but would it not be difficult to prove it as sexual assault?
    In order for it to be sexual assault, I would assume, they must prove a certain unwanted action took place, with perverted intentions the majority of the people can at least comprehend.
    Think of the legal implications.
    Would it be the same case if it was ketchup or mustard?
    Would it have to be condiments white or perhaps light yellowish in color?
    I mean Japanese mayonnaise looks nothing like the stuff…


    Only in Japan…

    • Thor

      With that case, the sexual assault laws reach their limits. When does a act becomes a sexual assault ? Where does it begin, where does it stops ? On what basis this act is seen that way ? How can anyone prove anything related with these laws ? I hope the guy will be able to appeal this case on court. The aftermaths promise to be interesting.

    • lasolitaria

      I don’t think it’d be any different with other substance: ketchup (resembles blood), mustard (vomit?), chocolate (feces), water (urine). Hell, some people would cry assault if the guy just blows air on her! Also, try the same scenario with the roles reversed or with people of the same sex: it’d be quickly dismissed as nothing but a -very mild- prank. The fact that it’s a man doing this and a woman is on the receiving end is what triggers the outrage. So the problem here is not the perception of mayo but the perception of women and men.

    • Macro Broccoli

      It is maybe not as exclusive to japan as we would like to think… A couple of years ago a man was arrested in america for carrying around his own semen in a pump action soap bottle and swuirting it at random females in a shopping mall…

  • zachary T

    to Mrs. Kim M. ” properly dressed?” I see what you did there ^_^. yeah, this guy has problems. wasn’t that guy who got caught in the sewer a while back from Hyogo? what is happening in that prefecture???

  • Guest

    I really think they should do a DNA to see how ‘special’ those mayonnaise is…

    • markus peg

      You think he mixed his special recipe into the mayo for added joy?

  • vonskippy

    Only in Japan, because in Europe or the States the “Schoolgirls” would kick his ass.

  • UserID01

    How in the hell could he be charged with sexual assault if there was zero indication of a sexual nature to the crime? I doubt he’d have been charged with sexual assault if he threw powdered sugar? Or perhaps leaves? This is ridiculous.

  • markus peg

    Did it come shooting out of a squeeze bottle?

    Maybe he worked for the mayonnaise company and wanted to get some press for them lol

  • Gaijin gaijin

    Obscene..! Wasteful?.! Poor taste..! Everyone knows prime meat deserves better than mayonaise… A nice dipping sauce, at least… Lol

  • Gaijin gaijin

    Now I know Japan is obsessed with food, but seriously..?

  • How did I miss this BUKKAKE story?

  • Raymond

    So did the schoolgirl taste it and exclaim “Oh my God it’s mayonnaise!”?

  • Lita

    I forgot a friend told me something about this and sent me this picture making fun of the perv; here it is.
    I guess you can partly blame the food industry about the matter.
    Take Hardee’s for example. Notice how the female models are set to look attractive in a slutty way while trying to pry their mouth open to get that first bite. When finally doing so they make wiping their mouth look seductive.
    Another is the mom in a Hellmann’s Mayonnaise commercial. The looks in here eyes and the expression on her face all look like something you’d see in a KY adult product ad.
    Supposedly the companies figured if sex sales, why not add sex appeal into their ads. When unfortunately their only enabling or encouraging perverts like this.

  • Lita

    Give him credit the condiment have always had multiple uses for other things other than food. But the time, places, who he was sharing his mayonnaise fetishes with were absolutely WRONG.
    If only he had someone who has the same fetishes as he does but done behind closed doors then this wouldn’t have been an issue.

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