Man Arrested After Sex With Schoolgirl He Met Via Dating App

A man is arrested under suspicion of rape after lewd conducted with a 12 year old girl.

The most read article on Yahoo! Japan today is the news that a man in his twenties was arrested after having sexual relations with a 12-year old school girl he met via a smartphone dating app.

While this kind of offense is sadly not peculiar to Japan, the response of Yahoo! netizens suggests that many believe the girl is as much to blame as the man. This is a distinct contrast to the legal standpoint, whereby minors are not capable of consent.

From Yahoo! Japan:

“I Did It Knowing She Was An Elementary School Student” Man Arrested For Rape Of Girl At Love Hotels And His Home.

On May 15, the Shimokyo division of Kyoto prefectural police arrested suspect Nakatsuji Isao (23), a self-described gardener from Kyoto’s Sakyo ward, on suspicion of rape for having performed indecent acts with an elementary school student. Police say that the man admitted the charge, saying “I did it knowing she was an elementary school student”.

In January of this year, Nakatsuji is said to have carried out indecent acts at love hotels in Kyoto and at his own home with a girl (12), also from Kyoto, who at the time of the incident was in the sixth grade of elementary school.

According to police, the girl and Nakatsuji had met through a smartphone dating app, and since autumn last year it is alleged that Nakatsuji had repeated these acts with the child five times. The crime was discovered when the girl’s mother visited police in February after her daughter had told her what had happened.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:

hon *****:

I don’t know what kind of app this is, but perhaps an elementary school student who uses dating apps might need a bit more educational guidance too?

hon *****:

That bastard pervert needs some guidance too?!..I wonder how his parents brought him up…

red arrow:

…I bet he’ll re-offend, so castrate him.


What kind of elementary school student uses dating apps?

cat *****

“The girl and Nakatsuji met through a smartphone dating app”
Mothers and Father of Japan, are you still going to let your kids use smartphones?


Also, WTF, this elementary school student….!?!?

eme *****:

They’re one as bad as the other, the parents must be idiots.


The thing is, the man is to blame, but wasn’t the elementary school girl also in the wrong?!

mcr *****:

Is this rape?
They met several times,
so the elementary school student is also to blame…right?
Mind you, there’s no doubt that the guy has lolita complex.


Someone needs to tattoo “child rapist” on his forehead.


“Crime was discovered by the mother when the daughter discussed it with her in February”
What, were they talking about how she can’t discipline her child…!?
If you can’t discipline your own child, who’s going to do it….??
Rather than blaming the child, I feel some real anger toward the mother…( -_- # )

ma_ *****:

I bet this kid doesn’t have a decent future ahead of her, the only thing she’ll end up as is a kyaba-jo [hostess] or working in the sex industry. Leopard can’t change its spots.


As far as the man is concerned, what can I say…
Castrate him or something.
The problem is, the school-girl he was with.
Because of her age, this is technically “rape”, but isn’t it just regular enko [compensated dating; where older men pay schoolgirls for sex/sexualised acts]

ta_ *****:

Yup, they’re one as bad as the other.
Well, I guess the adult is the one who should be able to judge, so it’s reasonable that he should take responsibility.
Still, an elementary school girl huh?….the word is coming to an end.

nps *****

We don’t know if he forced her to do it…
but I think the school girl is also in the wrong.
If this guy hadn’t been her partner, she’d have found some other guy to have sex with, right?

hay *****:

He should be given a severe punishment.
And they should take smartphones away from children.


Please make sure that he can never “get up” to this again. [ie castrate him]

per *****:

One as bad as the other.

mer *****:

Parents who let an elementary school girl have a smartphone and let her do what she wants are idiots.
This is just the tip of the iceberg these days.


Hope he gets severely punished.

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