Doctor Tells Young Patient’s Father To ‘Drop Dead, Asshole’

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The most commented-on article on Yahoo! Japan today was the news that a doctor had told a Brazilian man, who had brought his daughter to the hospital in an emergency to “Drop dead, asshole!”.

But the story is not as clear cut as a cursing doctor and an anxious parent.

Videos showing part of the argument between the doctor and the girl’s father were later uploaded to YouTube, and although the show that the doctor was speaking very harshly to the man, the man also acted violently toward the doctor, and refused to follow his advice.

Netizens say that this has nothing to do with discrimination, and that both men were in the wrong.

What do you think? Scroll down to see the video.

From Yahoo! Japan:

Brazilian Father Of Girl Rushed To Hospital Is Told By Doctor: “Drop Dead Asshole!”

On January 27 it was understood during an interview with Iwata Municipal General Hospital, Shizuoka Prefecture, that in December last year, a doctor of respiratory medicine who was in his twenties cursed at a Brazilian man who was accompanying a female infant who had been taken to hospital in an emergency, saying “Drop dead, asshole”. The hospital accept the facts of the situation, and have stated that “We have explained the situation to the gentleman concerned, and would like to apologize”.

According to the hospital, in the small hours of December 24, the girl (6) who lives in Kikugawa City, also in Shizuoka Prefecture, said that there was something wrong with her legs, and was taken to the hospital in question. The male doctor who was the doctor on duty examined the girl and deemed that it was not an emergency, and advised the girl’s father to bring her to the hospital during surgery hours. But the girl’s father would not accept this, and began arguing with the doctor. During the argument, the doctor apparently made remarks such as “Drop dead”.

The doctor said that “The man could only speak rudimentary Japanese and I was unable to communicate with him successfully; this made me angry and so I muttered the curses”.

Two videos that recorded the exchange between the men have been distributed on the video sharing site “YouTube”, and these have been trending online. There is no scene showing the doctor swearing, but the doctor is recorded as telling the man very harshly to “Go to a [fucking] pediatric department”.

According to the hospital, the doctor has received a stern warning from the hospital chief. The person responsible for doctors at the hospital said that “As a doctor, this was inappropriate. We would like to thoroughly educate the doctor in question to prevent a recurrence of such a situation”.

Video from YouTube:

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:

篠原 修司: [Blogger Comment]

I don’t know why Yahoo! has given this such a trollish title. J-Cast News has much more detailed information on this. According to the hospital’s response, it seems that:
・The girl came to the hospital in an emergency at night on the day in question. They explained that she did not need emergency treatment.
・The father was not convinced, and pressured for his daughter to be hospitalized, the cause to be determined, for the girl to be in a place that would be responsible for her if she deteriorated, and for the doctor to write a doctor’s certificate with a diagnosis.
・During night-time emergencies, the doctors are unable to carry out the necessary tests in order to write a doctor’s certificate, therefore the rule is that they don’t write doctor’s certificates.
・Due to this, even though the doctor called a pediatric doctor and explained about the illness and how to deal with it, the father did not listen and simply repeated his assertions.
・During this argument, the doctor made the inappropriate remark (Probably, “Drop dead, asshole).
・The father of the girl grabbed the doctor’s lapels and shoved him.
・At this point, the families of other patients began filming on their smartphones.
・The doctor was urged by his colleague to apologize for the inappropriate expressions he had used.
It seems to me that the editorial board of the trending section of this website have not struck a balance between public need and social concern.

The Deeper The Love:

The title of this made me wonder “Oh, was he discriminated against because he was a foreigner?” or something like that.
But in fact, that had nothing to do with it, and it was a disgruntled patient.
That doesn’t mean that the doctor wasn’t in the wrong though.


What the doctor said was terrible, a doctor should never be able to say something like that.
But the thing is, why did it end up on YouTube?
Did they mean to threaten him, like if you don’t listen to me I’ll put this on YouTube?


I think it’s crazy that this got uploaded online.
We don’t know who filmed it or who uploaded it, but I just don’t like these things were people are searching for things to troll with….


Why don’t they make an article out of the fact that a Brazilian father shoved a doctor?
Isn’t it a problem that he was violent?
Or is it that even if a healthcare professional faces violence, they just have to put up with it, like a sheep standing in the rain?


So even though the situation was that they came in the middle of the night when it wasn’t even an emergency, and they were barely able to communicate with him, the father started taking a video — he must have zero common sense.


First off, the father is in the wrong for not following the doctor’s advice and raising his voice, and to record the video, it’s like a premeditated crime.


It’s not good to curse, but the patient he was cursing at is also very strange. Hospitals are not convenience stores.


I kinda feel like they’re both to blame.
The doctor telling someone to drop dead is bad, but what about the father who uploaded it online?


His remarks were not good, but I don’t think it was good to upload it on YouTube either.


The doctor’s words and behavior were out of line, but I don’t think it’s very nice to upload the video online.


Hmmm, well, when this is all that’s in the article it seems like the doctor is in the wrong, but…
They went to the emergency room when it wasn’t an emergency, and even though they were told to go and see the pediatrician during surgery hours, he still told the duty doctor to call a pediatrician, and told them to hospitalize the girl.
The doctor is wrong for having become emotional, but fundamentally I think this parent was a monster patient.


Well he had time to take a video.
The way the doctor responded wasn’t good, but in this situation I can’t really sympathize with the patient.

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