Nagoya Student Murders Old Woman: ‘I Wanted to Try Killing’

19 year old student murders elderly woman in Nagoya

In a tragedy chillingly reminiscent of another murder case earlier this year, a Nagoya University student was arrested this week on suspicion of the murder of an elderly woman, with no apparent motivation for the crime. The remains of a 77-year-old door-to-door religious solicitor who had been reported missing were discovered in the student’s apartment on January 27, and she has since admitted to choking the woman with a scarf and striking her in the head with an axe. The news story went viral after it was revealed that the student stated that she’s always wanted to “try killing someone.”

Netizens were quick to connect this case with other cases of violent crimes by young women that have made the news recently, with many commenting cynically on the role that religion played in this incident.

From Sankei News:

19-Year-Old Nagoya University Student Arrested on Suspicion of Murder – “I Wanted to Try Killing”– Choked and Struck 77-Year-Old Woman With Axe

After discovering a woman’s remains inside an apartment in Shouwa Ward, Nagoya, Aichi prefecture police arrested the female Nagoya University Student (19 years old) who lives in the apartment on January 27, on suspicion of killing the woman by hitting her with an axe. In response to interrogation, it seems the suspect admitted her guilt and stated, “Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to try killing someone.”

On the same day, police confirmed that the remains were that of Mori Tomoko (77), an unemployed woman from Harusatocho, Chikusa Ward, Nagoya, who had been reported missing by her family on December 7. It seems that she met the university student through her work as a door-to-door preacher, and on the day of the incident they had participated in a meeting for a religious group together.

Around noon on December 7, the suspect allegedly killed Mori in her apartment by striking her in the head with an axe and strangling her with a scarf.

According to the police, the student stated that “the door-to-door solicitation annoyed me,” but she also made statements to the effect of, “Anyone would have been fine for a murder victim.” Along with investigating the student’s mental state and specific motive, the police will also order an autopsy on January 28 to investigate the cause of death.

Comments from


”I wanted to try killing someone”
This again?!


That religion completely lacks rewards, huh?


Why does a female university student own an axe?


Which animes will be get restricted?

ラ ケブラーダ(チベット自治区)@\(^o^)/ :

the door-to-door preacher granny
the coed who wanted to try killing someone


It’s a bloodthirsty world out there.


As expected, nothing good comes of being religious.


The Axe Girl
She’s coming!


This is… the current trend of knife-girls.


Even after she became a college student, she has a motive like this


They’re definitely gonna make a movie out of this


The fact that you can get killed like this means that there is no god.


freak vs. freak


Even ISIS would be surprised at this, right? wwwww


You hit an old lady with an axe? What are you, Raskolnikov?


Is this a horror film?


Which religion was it? Have they interviewed the person who gave her the directions for the solicitation assignment yet?


Are axes effective for dealing with cults? w


They could use this incident to make a new law that missionary work must be done in pairs.


The target of her solicitation turned out to be a killing machine.

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