Schoolgirl Murderer Wanted To Cut Classmate ‘Into Pieces’

A schoolgirl murders a classmate in Nagasaki in brutal hammer and saw attack

Investigators at the scene of the crime. Image Source

Yesterday came the shocking news that a high school girl (16) had been arrested for the murder of her classmate, Matsuo Aika (15). The gruesome crime saw the victim beaten with a hammer, strangled, and then have her body mutilated, all at the hands of a fellow classmate. Today, police announced that the only motivation for the crime was that the murderous schoolgirl wanted to cut her classmate “into pieces”.

While some have pointed out that the girl responsible, whose anonymity is guaranteed under Japan’s controversial Juvenile Law, has had a difficult upbringing and was living alone at the time of the murder, others insist that this kind of crime is unforgivable.

The crime has also brought back memories of the Kobe Child Murders back in 1997, where a fourteen year old boy murdered a ten year old boy and an eleven year old boy. There was widespread controversy when the government announced that the boy was to be released back into society in 2005.

From Yahoo! Japan:

“I Wanted To Cut Her Up Into Pieces” — Nagasaki Police Say Girl Prepared Hammer and Saw For Murder Of Classmate In First Year Of High School

In the incident where Matsuo Aika (15), a first year student a prefectural high school, was murdered by her classmate (16) at an apartment block in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture, it has been discovered during a police interview on July 28 the girl made a statement to the effect that “I wanted to cut her dead body up into pieces” when asked about her motivations for the murder. It was also revealed that an iron hammer and a saw were used to commit the murder and to amputate part of the body.

The No.1 Prefectural Police Investigations Unit are investigating based on the possibility that the school girl had planned the murder prior to the incident, and that she had prepared the tools used in advance. Still, from the content of the girl’s statement, police are going ahead with the investigation without having ruled out a psychiatric examination for the student. According to the results of the autopsy, the cause of Matsuo’s death was revealed as suffocation resulting from pressure applied to the neck. Her estimated time of death is taken as being between 8 and 10pm on July 26.

According to an investigator, hammer was beside the bed where Matsuo’s body was found, and the saw was left on the bed. These are the implements assumed to have been used to commit the murder. Police suspect that after Matsuo had been hit on the back of the head repeatedly with the hammer while still standing, her neck was wrung with a rope, and her had and left wrist were cut off.

So far in the investigation, the school girl has admitted to the murder, saying “I hit her on the back of the head and strangled her. I did everything myself”. Regarding her motive for the crime, the girl provided a statement to the effect that “I was interested in cutting her corpse into pieces”. The girl has made no testimonies about any trouble or grudges with Matsuo, who had been her classmate through middle school and high school.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:

His masters voice:

Isn’t it a messed up system when even though all this was done to her by someone we only reveal the name of the victim?


I was interested in cutting her body up into pieces.

Made me think of the Kobe child murders


She’s crazy.


This kid’s father, who’s a well-known lawyer in their hometown, and who got rid of her as soon as his wife died and married a new woman twenty years younger than him, needs to face this incident and take responsibility as the guardian of his child who is still a minor. I think he should defend her and explain this to Japanese society.


This murder was just done for pleasure.
Couldn’t they have stopped her at the point when she was still murdering small animals?
I bet she’s been abnormal since she was a child.
Her parents bear a heavy responsibility for this, leaving her alone like that.


This kid can’t be allowed back into society.
She’ll only do it again.


This is genuinely fucked up…
This isn’t one of those problems where it was because she felt lonely at home, or because she didn’t want her only friend to go home….
This kid is a bona fide psychopath.


Is it OK for her to have a second chance in life just because she is a minor, even though she’s done such things?
There’s just no way she’s going to become a decent adult, nor is she going to be able to live a decent life.


It’s just unbelievable that she’s done something like this and they don’t reveal her name.


This crime goes way beyond asking what her home environment was like.


So she’s made no statements about trouble or grudges between them, and her motivation was just that she wanted to cut her up?
I wonder if that really is it with her…she’s dangerous so please don’t let her back into society.


They should make her name public.
I suppose they’re thinking that because she is still a minor she can mend her ways after this, but I feel sorry for the people she’ll attack “after this”.
She needs to bear the gravity of her crime, to be labelled a murderer, to feel remorse.


This attitude where she’s saying she wanted to cut her up, that means she’ll be found innocent under article 39 in the psychiatric examination.
Then, her father will have her name changed because of his power as a lawyer, and she’ll enter back into a society as though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.
The victim’s life is over, and the perpetrator’s life just gets reset. Job done.
I bet her lawyer father is in on this, right?


I don’t think she’s going to repent or reform.
I hope they never let her outside again for the rest of her life.


I was interested in cutting up her corpse

If she did this just for fun, and there was no grudge or anything, then
it doesn’t bode well for the future.


Aaah, scary. So frightening….
She was her classmate, in the same school year, right? Why was she able to do such a thing?


They really gonna defend her under the Juvenile Law when she’s committed such a heinous crime?


I suppose she had a peculiar personality from the start.
When you look at the fact that she prepared these deadly weapons,
it’s really regrettable that something couldn’t have been done at the stage where her behavior had been abnormal in the past.


Regardless of whether they are men or women, some people are just evil for no reason.

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