Boy Murders Schoolgirl, Uses Twitter To Mask His Crime

Murder of Mie schoolgirl Terawa Hiromi, arrest made

Students comfort each other after their friend’s death Image source

As details emerge over the murder of school girl Terawa Hiromi in Mie Prefecture, netizens have expressed their extreme anger at the 18 year old criminal.

Terawa was murdered in late August 2013, but the suspect in the murder was only brought in for questioning a few days ago, after having lived normally following the murder and even managing to graduate high school with his crime still undetected.

The article below describes how the boy used social networking site Twitter to describe his shock at the crime, further masking his alleged involvement in the girl’s murder.

From Yahoo! Japan:

Boy Arrested In Mie Middle School Student Murder Posts On Twitter After Incident:’I Couldn’t Stop Shaking’ — Prefectural Police

It was discovered in an investigation interview on March 3, that in the case over the murder of Terawa Hiromi, a third year student at a middle school in Yokkaichi, Mie who was 15 at the time of her death, the boy (18) arrested under suspicion of theft and murder had posted on the micro-blogging site Twitter after the incident that “My hands won’t stop shaking. And this was such a peaceful town, too”.

During an interview, the boy stated, “I wanted money. (Terawa) was not an acquaintance of mine, and I did it alone”, and the North Yokkaichi head investigation team are investigating the boy’s movements in detail. On the afternoon of March 3, the investigation team sent the boy to the prosecutor.

According to those involved in the investigation, on August 29 last year [2013], when the body of Terawa was discovered, the boy posted on Twitter: “This is some heavy stuff. They say the corpse of a middle school girl was found in my hometown. My hands won’t stop shaking”. After that, he also made further posts: “The police are pretty tense” and “We will definitely get our peaceful town back again!”.

Even after the incident, the boy attended a prefectural high school as he usually did, and graduated on March 1. Until immediately before his arrest, he had written on Twitter that he had found a job, along with other details about his daily life.

On March 2, when the boy was with his father in Suzuka, also in Mie Prefecture, he was asked to come in for voluntary questioning. He complied with the questions asked during interview and admitted his involvement, but spoke no words of remorse.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


For a brute like that, who can kill someone and they act like nothing happened is never going to go straight.
A shit like him will only go out and do the same thing again if he gets a prison sentence.


For those left behind, for her family, this article must just make their blood boil
↓ ↓ ↓
‘ He complied with the questions asked during interview and admitted his involvement, but spoke no words of remorse’


This is not something any sane person would do.


Whenever I read an article like this, this is what I always think:
What’s the point of the “juvenile law“?
Although the name and photo of the murdered girl have been put out all over the country,
even the name of the person who killed her is being kept secret.
This makes me feel so uncomfortable.
That atrocious boy won’t improve — give him the death sentence.


A brute like him will go on to live normally in society after a few years.
Such is the current state of Japanese law.
If I were related to the girl, even if that boy got released from prison I’d hunt him down and kill him — no doubt about it.


When I think of the fear, the despair, and the worry of that poor girl in the moments she realised she was going to be murdered, then there can only be capital punishment for this boy.
The kind of evil that would hastily deprive another human being of their life just for the sake of a small amount of money can never be rehabilitated, and I bet that the victim’s family don’t want the criminal to be rehabilitated either!!!


This is a brutal crime where he tore off her clothes to try and rape her, but killed her because she screamed, took her money, and ran off.
He lived normally even after the murder, and didn’t even show any remorse after his arrest.
This complete fucker can have that crazy juvenile law applied to him, and then return to society after a few years, but the girl he cruelly murdered will never return.
Until they abolish that idiotic juvenile law, I suppose that evil crimes by youths will continue to increase.


This is absolutely what people mean when they say don’t rely on someone’s appearance.


THat bastard has no future.


It must be so painful for the victim’s family.
I’d like to make that bastard feel the same.


I think that the juvenile law is fine while children are still in elementary school.
I won’t say that this applies to everything, but for murder shouldn’t the boy just be tried normally?


If he’d been after money then he’d have chosen someone else to steal it from, wouldn’t he?


You wouldn’t strip someone naked if you were after money, would you?
Sex offenders should be castrated.


They said on the news that they’d waited until after he’d graduated to arrest him, so does that mean that in fact they knew it was him a while earlier…??
I think they really should revise that irresponsible juvenile law.

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