‘New Georgia Coffee TV Ad Is Sexist’ Claims Actress

Yamada Takayuki's coffee advert angers Japanese feminist

Japanese actor and singer, Yamada Takayuki’s new TV commercial for Georgia Coffee has angered actress and singer Nakayama Chinatsu, who claims the advert is sexist.

The commercial, which you can see below, features the tagline “I Make Society”, using the masculine pronoun “ore” with Yamada repeating the line dressed as men working a variety of different jobs. While Georgia are attempting to encourage working men, their key market, to purchase their coffee, from a woman’s perspective the ad seems to exclude the role women play in structuring society.

Netizens, however, love the commercial, criticising Nakayama’s feminism as damaging to women.

What do you think? Do caffeine-fueled men really make society? Or is Georgia’s ad indicative of a masculinist society that omits women’s contributions?

From 2ch.net:

Female Actress and Author — “Georgia Coffee’s Ad ‘I Make Society’ Is Sexist! I Won’t Be Buying Their Coffee Again!”

On the 22nd of February 2014, an article by Nakayama Chinatsu that focused on her ‘unease’ at the above CM appeared in the evening edition of the Tokyo Shimbun. “I have bought that canned coffee on numerous occasions, but after seeing their recent commercial on TV I debated about drinking it ever again. They are telling men everywhere, salary men and ramen vendors, factory workers, even young boys: ‘The society that I create’. It’s not obvious from the brand name, however in the commercial the actor Yamada Takayuki appears as each type of guy above.”

Nakayama said that what spurred her to become a feminist campaigner was being told by a man forty-five years prior, “Look at social textbooks. Women barely appear in them, right? Society was built by men.” (Omission)

While Nakayama was agitated, she carefully watched the commercial again. It seems as though her first impression changed somewhat. “The weak father with his young son cheered me up, as his character was created in a lovely and comical way. But of course, the repetition of, ‘This world is created by me (male pronoun)’ made me feel uneasy.” The character’s fake bravado “is looked down upon by women. I don’t understand what it is they’re doing, but then it is made by and for men.”

Incidentally Georgia is in the midst of its ‘The world was created by whose labour?’ campaign. On the homepage it says, “The people at Georgia know all this. They know that this CM works to strengthen the role of the working man with sweat on his brow. They put together all these male-dominated jobs to enforce the idea that it is (only) they who built the society we live in.”

Coca-Cola Japan stated that they were unaware of Nakayama’s article when asked to comment. However they may not be able to give any immediate answers on whether the people in charge of the product are aware of the situation, or how consumers are responding (to Nakayama’s criticism), as the respective parties in charge are different.

From YouTube:

Comments from 2ch.net:


If it were the other way round nobody would say anything.


I bet she never bought it.


Women don’t really drink this stuff so it’s fine.


The people who go on about this kind of stuff can’t even build a home, let alone the world.

トペ コンヒーロ(やわらか銀行):

It’s a product aimed at older working guys, so aren’t they doing just that? It’s just marketing.

ラ ケブラーダ(栃木県):

I truly think these stupid girls are holding back women’s social elevation.


Elevating women above men is not equality.


Georgia’s main target is men, so why do they have to focus on women?


If working women disappeared suddenly it wouldn’t make much difference, but if working men disappeared society would be in chaos.


Women have it so easy.Men are busy with their jobs so they don’t have time to make a fuss over commercials.


These idiots are the enemy of women.


It’s really tiresome so remake the CM with women replacing all the men.

Comments from YouTube:


I don’t understand why people are getting angry about female discrimination because of this CM.


They are wonderful words o(^-^)o


It’s really cool. It makes me want to confidently say, ‘It’s me!’


Yamada Takayuki is the best wwwwww


Personally I think he’s cooler when he doesn’t have a beard, it suits him.

Love Britney:

I really do like Yamada Takayuki!!


So cool, this ad wwww


Way better than AKB’s coffee ad


So handssooooosome!!!
I like all the different versions of Yamada,
but personally, I like him better without his beard~.

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