Japan’s First Fish-Flavor Candy Goes On Sale, Netizens Curious


Have you ever wondered what would happen if a salmon fillet and a chewy candy fell in love?

Nope, us neither.

But Japan has. More specifically, the company UHA Mikakuto in collaboration with Sanrio, has.

Yup, they’ve made a salmon-flavored candy, born of the insatiable attraction between new character KIRIMI-chan (a salmon fillet) and the well-known candy Puccho.

Netizens are going crazy over this crazy new candy, but will fish-flavored confectionery really catch on? Would you try it?

From Naver Matome:

Salted Salmon Flavor…The Mysterious Collaboration Between Puccho Candy And KIRIMI Chan

When you think of KIRIMI-chan, you think of the Sanrio character based on a fillet of salmon. So I’m kinda worried what this is gonna taste like (゚A゚;) GULP!


A Twist Of Fate? …An Unbelievable Collaboration

And So The Pair Were Drawn Together


From: www.puccho.jp

The chewy candy Puccho, a household name, and KIRIMI-chan, a Sanrio character.

And Then…Salted Salmon Flavor Was Born!!


From www.puccho.jp

For real?\(^o^)/

UHA-Mikakuto’s chewy candy “Puccho”‘s novel new flavor has appeared. And believe it or not, it’s “salted salmon flavor”!

From: Netorabo: “Salted Salmon Flavor” Puccho Launched With Sanrio’s “KIRIMI-chan”

The new product, which kinda makes you doubt what you’ve heard — “S-salted salmon flavor….!?” — is born from a collaboration with “KIRIMI-chan”.

From: “Would Probably Go Pretty Well With Rice…? Puccho And KIRIMI-Chan Collaboration “Salted Salmon Flavor” Goes On Sale!” [Pouch]

[Online Video]: Puccho “KIRIMI-chan” Edition

Puccho fell in love with KIRIMI-chan…

“It seems that it’s been made to have a refreshing taste because it has lemon gummi in it.”

From: Netorabo: “Salted Salmon Flavor” Puccho Launched With Sanrio’s “KIRIMI-chan”

But wait, doesn’t it have flakes of fish in it? w

“Salted salmon flavor, highly unusual for a chewy candy. In pursuit of a real flavor, there is a salmon flake in the center of each candy.”

From: Puccho Salted Salmon Flavor: UHA Mikakuto

They’ve been really thorough, even putting a salmon flake in each one.


Got me some KIRIMI-chan Puccho!(o´・ω-)b pic.twitter.com/hbDwqcEmwi



They’re selling a salted-salmon flavor Puccho, so I bought some to try!! DONOTGETTHIS!!! pic.twitter.com/hvlAdhODlh


The Color Of The Candy Is Crazy


The color wwwwwwwwwwww pic.twitter.com/l2K03P8yOU


Just too realistic! ww


Puccho salted-salmon flavor pic.twitter.com/vItfRv5YOL


The skin part on this one is pretty big.


Look closely! There’s a salmon flake in there!? I ate it!? It’s amazing! www


Mikakuto really did put it in.

And the taste…yup, really salty.

川村 幸紀:

I bought some salted salmon flavor Puccho to try. Tastes a bit salmony and is salty (笑) pic.twitter.com/sN8KK87PVQ



Salted salmon flavor Puccho. Thank you Saijo-kun! But honestly, it doesn’t taste so good



Pretty individual thought behind this Puccho salted salmon flavor…This Puccho has a kinda dubious flavor that ain’t salted salmon…It doesn’t taste good, and I’ll never buy it again. (But my friend said it was great, so there’s definitely a personal difference there)


Don’t really need the salmon flake in there…

鈴木忍\( ˙▽˙ )/シノシノ:

Salted salmon flavor Puccho There’s a salmon flake inside and stuff (笑) The outside part is tasty, but the salmon flake…hmmm…(笑) pic.twitter.com/b0PGvlGObW



[New Product Alert!]● Salted salmon flavor Puccho with a salmon flake in the center!…Yup, yup, there’s definitely one in there! Come try it! ♥ pic.twitter.com/HAKvssIsTN



Yesterday I got my first gift. The salmon inside was really salty but covered in something sweet — I really recommend it was a whole new dimension of disgusting, made me feel sick. Seems I’ll never be that friendly with the person who bought me this or KIRIMI-chan either. pic.twitter.com/tZF8ORJAM3


Even has an effect on relationships www

Isn’t This Something You Eat With Rice?

“You could even say that rather than this being candy, it’s more like a side dish. Would probably go pretty well with rice?”

From: “Would Probably Go Pretty Well With Rice…? Puccho And KIRIMI-Chan Collaboration “Salted Salmon Flavor” Goes On Sale!” [Pouch]


Definitely wanna eat some rice with this salted salmon Puccho stuff.

まさき☆さん 仙台貯金HowMuch?:

Miso soup, natto, pickles, salted salmon flavor Puccho with my rice…The new staple of the Japanese breakfast (>_<)/ twitter.com/kirimi_sanrio/…

This Might Even Set A New Standard In Japan


The “KIRIMI-Chan x Puccho” collaboration “salted salmon flavor” that I oversaw the product planning and package design on goes on sale today! I’m so happy that this novel plan came to fruition! There’s salmon in it! And the taste is really salty and delicious! It’s on sale for a limited time only, so get it while you can!

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