DNA Evidence Emerges That Japanese Share Korean Blood

The double helix structure of DNA

Recent research corroborates that modern Japanese have a shared ancestry with their Korean counterparts, based on two distinct ethnicities existing in the Japanese peninsula. These are known as the Jomon, a proto-mongoloid people who were the original inhabitants of Japan, and the Yayoi, a neo-mongoloid people who are thought to have come to Japan via the Korean peninsula thousands of years later. This has been common knowledge in Japan for some time, even spawning a popular book, ‘Kimi wa yayoi jin ka, jomon jin ka’ [Are you a Yayoi or a Jomon?], where readers can have fun figuring out which they might be.

The article below shows how new genetic evidence indicates the shared heritage of the Yayoi Japanese with the ancient peoples on the Korean peninsula, and shows how this lineage is still evident in the modern day. When published, the research received considerable attention from the media in both Japan and Korea. Here, japanCRUSH brings you perspectives from the Japanese Internet, although you can find the Korean perspective on koreaBANG.

From Yahoo!News.co.jp:

DNA Proof That Japanese People Have Korean Blood Reported by Korean Media

It been discovered that modern Japanese ethnicity was formed from the repeated mixing of blood between the Jomon, who were original inhabitants of the islands, and the Yayoi, who crossed over from the Korean peninsula. A research team, which comprised researchers from the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (in Kanagawa Prefecture) among others, published these results in the digital edition of an international specialist journal dated November 1, which is edited by the Japan Society of Human Genetics. This was reported in quick succession by several Korean media outlets on November 2.

The Korean media has published the news under titles such as ‘The Genetics of the Japanese Mainlanders is Virtually the Same as Koreans’, ‘DNA Proof: Japanese Are Descendents of Koreans,’ and ‘Korean Blood Flows Inside the Bodies of the Japanese’.

Researchers added the DNA data a total of 71 people who were descended from Ainu tribes or who were Okinawans, to the DNA data of of approximately 460 people, chiefly residents of the Kanto region who originated from the main island of Honshu, Chinese, and Westerners. Upon mapping the data, those originating from Honshu were genetically closest to Koreans, and the Ainu peoples were genetically most similar to Okinawans.

While there has previously been research on the genetics of the Japanese people, this research has greatly increased the reliability of the data due to its mapping of up to 9,000,000 DNA variations in each person.

The Korean media explained that along with this new ‘Consanguinity Theory’, the origins of the Japanese people have been set forth as the ‘Transformation Theory’ in which the Jomon people adapted to the environment in each area, and the ‘Replacement Theory’ in which the Jomon people overpowered the Yayoi and settled in certain areas. (Editors: Lee Shin-hye and Yamaguchi Kouji)

Who's cuter? Yayoi or Jomon?

Who’s cuter? Yayoi or Jomon?

Comments from Yahoo!News.co.jp:


So why despite that are we so different from each other?


Those who claim to be the antecedents of the Japanese people have deteriorated rather rapidly [as a people].www


We don’t have Korean blood, we just had a common heritage in part! Now we’re completely different from you fuckers!


This is like sooo wrong, like majorly disgusting. But there, if you go back to monkeys the human race is all the same.


But now we’re totally different though. (笑)


The Jomon, who were the original inhabitants, and the Yayoi, who crossed over from the Korean peninsula

Back then, was there even such a thing as ‘Korean’?


Don’t take this as a chance to list everything. ‘The roots of the sophisticated Japanese people were Korean. But Koreans are also sophisticated.’ Is that it? Sorry to disappoint, but the land on which they grew up are as different as chalk and cheese, so even if the roots are the same, we’re different peoples. Please don’t lump us in with them. Because it’s disgusting.


>’Ainu and Ryukyuwans are Jomon, Genetic Lineage of the Japanese, A Picture That is Corroborated by Analysis of the Genome (Sankei Shimbun). Kicking up a fuss when you see an article like this? Together with the Japanese people, I’d like to make my wishes very clear: I reject this. Do not put the Japanese Hwabyeong people together. It’s unpleasant.


It’s not Korean blood, it’s merely that our DNA structure is similar to that of Koreans. The origins of humanity rose out of Africa and spread out around the world. Of course the DNA is going to be similar. I mean, if you mix water with Calpis, or coffee, or even mud, it’s still completely different, right? Even they they’re all virtually the same water w


Assuming that the roots are correct, then far from Koreans advancing, it actually just proves that Koreans are in decline. In these thousands of years that have passed, they’ve grown apart from Japan.


The thing is that tracing it back to the roots means going back to Africa! Simply because we have blood from a people who came over from mainland China, don’t put us together with Korea, a paradise for rape and assault that was where some of those people stayed. The fact is that you people are the only ones with DNA abnormalities, so don’t try to look away.


No matter what, they just want some links with the Japanese, I guess. It’s really a disgusting country.


This means that we have the blood of people from the mainland who came via the Korean peninsula, not that we have Korean blood. It’s just that strictly speaking Japanese and Koreans partially share their roots. Just as you’d understand from comparing chimpanzees with humans, changing only a few genes creates a completely different being.


The biggest error in all of this is the fact that they’ve been convinced since before the year 2000 that the people who were on the Korean peninsula were ‘ethnic Koreans’. But the original ethnic Koreans are something from after the establishment of a unified Silla. Up until then, even the leaders of the Three Kingdoms of Korea and the Three Kingdoms of China all had different ethnicities. Then, from the classical period, even after the Chinese dynasties and the establishment of a unified Korean state, there were the Han people, the Mongols, the Xianbei, and the Jurchen (Manchu) invaded constantly. Therefore, it’s correct to say that ‘Japanese people are Jomon, and also have consanguinity with foreign tribes that came via the Korean peninsula and the Ryukyu Islands‘, and not that ‘The Koreans are the ancestors of the Japanese’. Furthermore, one important fact is that the Y-chromosome relating to the ancestors of Japanese men is different from that of Chinese and Koreans. Well, no matter what, Koreans who use the vanity of trivial academic research are dipshits anyway.


If so…what are the differences in civilization?

Comments posted via Facebook:

巴 マミ:

Fucking disgusting gooks.

宮村 みやこ:

Damned right.

Ryuu Kawana:

What a load of bollocks…
If you trace it back then you get to Africa, but so what?
‘Japanese people have Korean blood’⇔’Korean people have Japanese blood’. That is to say that the annexation of Korea was ‘justified’ based on ‘blood’! Why limit the comparison of Japanese with Korean genetics in the first place? Makes me sick. Recently, be it Ryukyuans or Ainu, they’re on about ‘genetics, genetics’, but aren’t they just trying to segment peoples through separating out different ethnicities based on genetics? In Greater China, they don’t not permit ethnic self-determination and gradually carry out ethnic cleansing, and in other countries they make distinctions. I guess China just gets on with it. Or perhaps they’re just trying to promote ‘racial discrimination based on genetics’?

Kyoko Ogasawara:

My husband thinks that we’re definitely not mixed with them. He only thinks we’re from Polynesia, and in fact, he’s been mistaken for Polynesian so many times when we’ve been there…Anyway, ‘mansei’ to Korean origins! We’re all from Africa anyway.

Ryuu Kawana:

Your husband has a dark complexion and an air of dignity!w Saying that, it seems that the ethnic roots of the Polynesian territories, (or maybe oceans?) were Taiwanese who liked to travel by boat. But, I guess it looks like the Koreans want to become Japanese quite a bit.

Akira Kaneuchi:

This is a hilarious theory~First of all, Korea didn’t even exist at that time w The present-day Evenks have no relation to modern Japanese, do they~www

Yuki Nakamura:

No matter how much they say we have a common ancestry, it seems to me as though making a direct link between that and words like we have the same blood as Koreans is overly simplistic. Certainly, even if that is the same, Japanese and Koreans are different. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is something else entirely.

Shuko Eaton:

I mean, like how obsessed are you lot with the Japanese?(笑) Don’t put us together with them. Get a life!

Toyo Ohashi:

If you look at ancient history all this is perfectly reasonable! But Japanese and Koreans are different! It just means that part of our DNA is shared! Because a billion years ago the land was still joined together!

Tomoyuki Satoh:

‘Japanese people have Korean blood’
Umm, already knew that….
They say that ‘The genetics of Japanese mainlanders is basically the same as that of Koreans’, and ‘Japanese are the descendants of the people in the Korean peninsula’. Even between humans and chimpanzees, the base sequence of the DNA only varies by 1.2%. Don’t put us together. What’s more, in a book I read before, it said that 70% of Japanese ancestry ought to have originated from China, including South China. Only a small part of those moved to Japan via the Korean peninsula.

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