Couple Arrested for Performing Car Park Sex Act For Teens

A couple were arrested for performing a sex act in front of Japanese teenagers in a Saitama car park.

A couple were recently arrested for performing a sex act in front of two middle school students, aged thirteen and fourteen. The pair are alleged to have lured the students into a car park, where they made the students watch their antics.

An article explaining the case is included below, along with netizen comments.

From Yahoo!News:

Couple Arrested for Performing a Sex Act in Front Of Middle-School Students: ‘We Were Making Them Study As Part of Their Sexual Education’

The Saitama Prefectural police Women and Children’s Protection Unit and Gyoda police arrested two suspects under a violation of the Prefectural Adolescents’ Healthy Sexual Development bylaw. The suspects were a part-time worker Kono Naoki (62), of Futabamachi in Tokyo’s Itabashi district, and his girlfriend Fujinami Chie (26) of Shiba, Kawaguchi City in Saitama Prefecture, who were arrested for performing a sex act in the street for two middle-school students who they had never met before. The case was referred to prosecutors in Kumagaya district, Saitama Prefecture, on November 29. The pair pleaded guilty, with Kono stating ‘I was overtaken with sexual desire’ and Fujinami stating that ‘We were making them study as part of their sexual education’.

At around 7pm on June 30, they performed a sex act for a thirteen year old boy and a fourteen year old boy in a car part in Hanyu City, Saitama.

According to the investigations of the Women and Children’s Protection Unit, the suspects noticed the two boys on the street and lured them into the car park, where they performed a sex act in front of them, and then also made them touch Fujinami’s breasts. Kono gave the students the e-mail address of his cellphone, and his involvement was revealed.

Comments from


I guess they’ve been reading too much erotic manga.RT @DrFaust: I wonder if they have this kind of erotic manga…


And what’s more there’s a huge age gap between them(´Д` )

Ichizo Terai:

Exhibitionists?..Doesn’t matter, let them do what they want w

森 邦彦 (MORI Kunihiko):

Is it even possible for him to be 62 and for her to be 26?


So shocking! I bet the students were shocked too! I mean, first of all, isn’t it weird that he’s 62 and she’s 26? . But the old man’s got a lot of energy.


Isn’t it strange that he’s 62 and she’s 26?


There really are people about with those kinds of perversions. But more than that, I’m speechless at the fact that there is a couple where the guy is 62 and the girl is 26. Wasn’t it enjo kosai?

美神 先生@原発、TPP、ACTA反対!:

That’s a very physical sex education! w I think that this will be something the middle-schools students have learned for their futures thoughw


That is one complicated perversion, if you’re 26 and go out with a 62 year-old, plus you do stuff in front of middle-school students, plus you get arrested and say that ‘you wanted to make them study’ –.


What? (62) and (26)?

[email protected]左肩リハビリ中:

Are their ages even correct?


What the hell is this news? w

( ゚∀゚)o彡°みっくみく!!:

What were they thinking?


Whatever, but the age difference is…the man is like the same age as my father, and the woman is the same age as my wife..

じゅん ((⊂(`ω´∩):

So shocked at the age difference of the couple


No one was hurt but they still got arrested…this is a victimless crime.


So jealous.


Who reported it? The students? You guys, you got to touch tits, didn’t you?


Amazing! I hope they’re not traumatized though.


Just what you’d expect from Haniyu City.


If you imagine the scene, it’s a pretty hot turn of events.


Because their ages are 62 and 26, it’s also possible that one of their ages is a mistake…


62 and 26. I bow to your enthusiasm for education.

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