Commuters Save Woman Stuck In Platform Gap By Pushing Train

passengers work together to save a woman stuck between the train and the platform edge

One of the most viewed stories of today is quite literally an uplifting one, as busy commuters in the morning rush hour worked together to push a train so that a woman trapped between the train and the platform edge was able to escape unscathed.

The incident happened at Minami Urawa station in Saitama Prefecture, and the total delay to the line that morning? Only 8 minutes.

Netizens admired the passengers working together to save the woman, with many happy to see the “good side” of Japan make headline news for once.

From Yomiuri Online:

Passengers Push Train to Rescue Woman, Passengers Applaud

passengers tilt a train in Saitama to save woman

Passengers and station crew push the carriage together to rescue a woman who has been caught between the train and the platform. (9:19, July 22, at JR Minami Urawa station) Photo by Nobuo Shigeta

Around 9:15 am on the morning of July 22, a woman in her 30s who was about to get off the local train from Omiya heading to Isogo, fell through the gap between the platform and train carriage and got stuck at her hip on the JR Minami Urawa station on the Keihin Tohoku line.

About 40 people including passengers that was on the train or platforms and station crew pushed the train together to make a gap in order to rescue the woman.

The woman was carried to the hospital but did not have any apparent injuries.

According to one of our reporters who was on the train, at the time of the accident, there was an announcement by the station crew saying “There’s a person stuck.” The passengers of the train got off the train voluntarily.

The passengers then helped the crew, who were trying to push the train.

The woman was rescued within minutes and the passengers applauded.

According to JR East Japan, when the platform is straight, the gap between the carriage and the platform is about 20 cm wide.

The carriage that was in the accident was the 4th in a 10 car train, and weighed about 32 tons including the wheels.

There is a suspension between the chassis of the car, which has the wheel and the carriage, and when the train is pushed, the suspension stretches and the carriage tilts.

There was maximum 8 minutes delay to the Keihin Tohoku Line due to this accident.

Comments from Twitter:


I think it’s a wonderful thing, and if I was there I would help…but it irritates me and makes me nauseous when they talk about it like a heroic tale…. “applaud”, eh?


What a sight. That’s good though. The train was only late for 7 minutes, people must have been very quick to act together. A good story for once.


The people can do it, so Diet members can do it too, right? I don’t mean pushing the train! I mean throwing away personal gain to solve difficult problems together! That’s patriotism


To be able to do this without being forced to, it must be the Japanese….

◇みぃ◇ ( METEOR ):

I feel I am saved when I see people helping each other like this.


Perhaps Japan is not damned after all.


Wonderful news. To help a stranger, those who happened to be there working together….I didn’t think such a thing would happen today.


The good side of Japanese society. There must have been people who were frustrated as it was the morning rush hour. Good there was no injury.


32t. Pushed, opened, only 8 minutes late. That was quick action.


I am glad I was born Japanese.


These stories are often handled as heroic tales, but train companies and the government should make sure these accidents don’t happen in the first place by placing platform doors etc.


Every time I see things like this I try to think that people want to be nicer to each other. Even if someone bumps into you and they don’t apologise….that makes me less angry, and くく w


This news after the House of Councillors election. I see Japan shining!


When I was a kid, I saw the same thing at Yotsuya station. I think Japanese people haven’t changed in this regard.


The Japanese seem to be shining the most here in recent news pictures


How slim is she!?

Ricki Koichi Shimada:

To be able to “voluntarily” do this immediately in 100s, is amazing. Only 8 minutes late maximum. Everyone wins.

トミー s:

A Japanderful picture!!


So if there’s “good will of people” there’s no need to eliminate the gap between the carriage and the platform or to set up platform doors!


It’s a good story~

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  • Jim

    I hate to be “that guy,” but I see stories like this, total strangers acting in unison to help another total stranger, and I think to myself, “What a shame that China has a reputation for standing by and doing nothing while others are in danger.”

    I hope China’s next generation can learn to help someone when they’re in need.

    • wesley

      there are tons of stories of people helping strangers in china as well, you just dont see them nearly as much as the negative ones because theyre usually the ones that get the most attention. they’re also always spread around eagerly by people with an anti-chinese agenda like yourself. china’s population is 1.3 billion, of course there are a lot of shitty people, especially when china is still developing.
      also google the “peng yu” case. its backwards ass rulings like these that turn people away from helping others in china.

      • Ana Belen Ruiz

        Couldn’t agree more

      • Jim

        How do you figure I have an anti-Chinese agenda? Where did I ever say I don’t like China or I think China is a bad place full of bad people? I don’t believe that at all. That was a horribly far-reaching assumption on your behalf. If anything, I think the Chinese people feel like their hands are legally tied. I do know about the Peng Yu case and I think that’s one of the biggest reasons why people don’t act when they see someone in need. The assumption that those helping = those responsible for the ones hurt. It makes a one-victim accident or crime into an accident or crime where both the original victim and the one trying to help is made into a second victim through faulty logic, bad court systems, and the demand for compensation from the closest person possible.

        So please try not to accuse me of being anti-Chinese. I happen to like China very much and would love to visit someday. But that doesn’t mean that the current state of China makes me feel any safer about my odds of being helped if something bad happened to me while I was over there. Crappy judges in crappy courts helped to create a sense of hesitancy and vulnerability in people that might otherwise want to help me but won’t for fear of being sued. You and I agree on the same exact things, so why you’re attacking me and accusing me of being anti-Chinese is beyond me.

    • linette lee

      Li Boya, a Railway Police Academy student who graduated in 2011 majoring in Public Security Information Network Security Monitoring and trained with the Beijing Railway Public Security Bureau, was on a train platform maintaining order for passengers boarding the 1547 train at Changli Rail Station. To save a middle-aged man who had jumped onto the tracks, both of Li Boya’s legs were crushed [by a train].

    • Viva Madrid
  • nars

    Great work Japan… The rest of the world can continue “bitching” 🙂

    • Sillian

      Kudos to the good work but it isn’t something unique in Japan or any other particular country like you and some of the netizens above seem to imply.

  • terriblemovie

    Japanese people can be so full of themselves at times. They actually believe something like this is a uniquely Japanese trait. *rolls eyes*

    It reminds me of how they always proclaim that their country is unique because they have 4 seasons. Yeah, so does every other country within the mid latitudes.

    • chris

      how they always proclaim that their country is unique because they have 4 seasons? please let me know how Japanese people always do that?

      you actually have no idea what you’re talking about. you’ve never been to Japan either. most Japanese people admire societies where strangers are quick to rush in adverse and tough situations – like the US. Japan is like parts of Europe. they turn a blind on crimes happening in front of them because they are scared to get involved and would rather mind their own business.

      quit your bigotry and don’t act like its a “Japanese thing.” keep your skewed views to yourself instead of trying to fish for upvotes.

      • Rutim

        Nah, that’s normal anywhere around the world. I’m reading daily that the passengers of the train helped woman stuck between platform and carriage by pushing it away and I’m sick tired of it. In New York whey have Superman to do this kind of daily stufff…

      • Mihel

        “how they always proclaim that their country is unique because they have 4 seasons?”
        I have actually heard that.

        Though I don’t think the majority of japanese believe they are the only country in the world with four seasons, the fact that Japans is “more unique than average” in various aspects is very emphasised at times.

    • Vau

      you’re full of shit. what’s wrong with being happy and proud that everyone chipped in and help a person in trouble? does it always boil down to race? people like you are a sad existence to humanity.

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  • master chief

    she could have avoided being stuck if she could pay attention for 10 seconds while getting out instead of staring at her phone updating her twitter or whatever

  • mr.wiener

    Nice people everywhere. Sometimes all it takes is a disaster and everyone works together for a brief time strangers shake hands and we are all family….all too brief a time.

  • Cv

    Wow would never see this happen in China, they would just watch her and ask her how are you going to get out of there? Maybe even give her glass of water, or some money and say good luck you have 8 mins till the train leaves.

    • Xapos

      yeah, because those videos youve seen of chinese not helping literally represent 1.3 billion people.
      i hope to god you’re just trolling and don’t actually believe what you say. otherwise…. welll…. you should take yourself out of this game

  • elizabeth

    That must have been one extremely thin woman. Too thin for her own good.

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