Pregnant Woman Dies After Collapsing Onto Incoming Train

pregnant woman killed by Tokkaido line train

A Tokkaido Line Train

The most read article on Yahoo! Japan yesterday was the sad news that a young woman who was four months pregnant had collapsed just as a train pulled into the platform, causing a fatal blow to the head as she struck the side of the carriage.

Netizens are full of sympathy for the woman’s family.

From Yahoo! Japan:

28 Year Old Woman Who Was Four Months Pregnant Hit By Train After Fainting

At around 11:10am on June 6, a woman (28) who was waiting for a train on the platform of the JR Tokkaido Line Minami-Kusatsu Station in Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture, hit her head on the side of the carriage of the limited express train bound for Himeji from Yasu as it was coming into the station. The woman was rushed to hospital, but she had suffered a massive blow to the head and later died.

According to the Kusatsu division of Shiga Prefectural Police, the woman was four months pregnant. Since those around her witnessed her looking ill, police are investigating the incident in detail based on the assumption that the woman was in poor health, and that she collapsed toward the train as it was coming in to the station.

As a result of the incident, the six upper and lower tracks of the Tokkaido line were delayed by a maximum of 22 minutes, affecting around 2,500 passengers.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


I’m so sorry that this incident happened. Make it obligatory for them to install platform doors, quickly.


When you have anemia or whatever, even if you think to yourself “oh shit, oh shit”, you lose consciousness and collapse before you’ve even realised.
In fact, if this happens suddenly then there’s nothing you can do.


They really do need platform doors…


It’s such a difficult time, with morning sickness and everything.
This is such an unfortunate accident.
And when I think about how her husband and family must feel…


I can’t even begin to express my condolences for the husband and family of a woman who died at a time so full of happiness when she was pregnant.


‘The people around her witnessed that she seemed ill.’
Out of these people there must be a fair few who regret being unable to call out to her and take her to a safe place.
I don’t know if I could have acted had I been there, but when I read news like this, it hurts to think that you can’t rely on other people.


Can’t they just use tax money for installing platform doors?
I mean, it’s far more meaningful to use it on that than it being wasted on fake adverts like that idiot councillor in Hyogo Prefecture did [ie Nonomura Ryutaro], or it being used on stupid political activities.


This is just awful.
I suppose all the pregnant woman would have wanted to do is protect the child she was carrying…
Too cruel.


It was so difficult to see this news ;;
May she rest in peace.


I’m so sorry to hear this.
I suppose she must have been in such a state that she didn’t even realise “it’s dangerous to collapse forwards”.


When I think of her poor husband…(>_<) I mean, he's lost the two people he loves most at the same time...


Four months pregnant…hmm…I guess she must have had terrible morning sickness…


Because the train was on its way I think that she went toward the train because she didn’t want to miss it, even though she was feeling dizzy.
This is such an unfortunate incident, and it’s really surprising that there are people who write such horrible things on here. May she and her baby rest in peace.


It’s distressing that even though lots of people noticed that she looked ill, no one helped her.


When you have morning sickness, even if you feel fine at the time, you can suddenly start to feel ill, and it seems that she collapsed as she was rubbing her stomach, so perhaps her stomach felt heavy and suddenly started to hurt? It must be so painful for her husband.


My deepest deepest condolences, I just don’t know what to say.
People really do need to take care around the platform and crossings.
Even if they don’t mean it, there are people who bump into you and things…

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