Woman Arrested For Pushing Man Onto Tracks At Busy Station

Tokyo's Shinagawa Station.

Tokyo’s Shinagawa Station.

Shinagawa is home to some of Japan’s largest corporations, and forms part of Tokyo’s business district. Accordingly, the JR Shinagawa station is one of Tokyo’s busiest, with several hundred thousand passengers passing through each day.

But just a few days ago, a 34 year old woman has been arrested for pushing a man onto the tracks at Shinagawa, and what’s more, police think she did it purposely.

Netizens are outraged at the woman’s behavior, calling it “attempted murder” and an “act of terrorism”. There have also been the usual misogynistic comments, with the woman’s Facebook page being made public, and netizens criticizing her physical appearance and the fact that she appears to be married with a child.

From TBS News:

Woman Arrested For Pushing Man Onto Railway Tracks, Man Seriously Injured

News footage of the suspect.

News footage of the suspect.

A 34 year old woman has been arrested by Tokyo Metropolitan Police on suspicion of causing serious injury to a man who she rammed into and pushed down onto the tracks from the platform at Tokyo’s JR Shinagawa Station on the Yamanote Line.

The suspect arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm is Miura Haruka (34), a part-time worker from Yokohama City. Miura is accused of causing serious injury by pushing a man from Chiba Prefecture (36) down onto the railway tracks from the platform of Shinagawa station at just before 9am on January 6, dislocating his left ankle among other things.

The station’s CCTV cameras show Miura ramming the man, who was walking towards her from the opposite direction, with her left elbow as he passes by.

Miura said that she does not know the man, and denied the allegations during an interview, saying “I wasn’t trying to push him onto the tracks, my shoulder just bumped into him”. Police are investigating the sequence of events and any motives Miura might have had.

Comments from 2ch.net:


She’s mental.


Completely crazy.


She’s insane, so scary.


Come on, this is attempted murder.


So you can’t even stroll around Shinagawa these days?


Oh she’s a complete nut job, isn’t she? Frightening.


She’s a habitual criminal.


It’s probably more appropriate to call this an attempted murder than GBH.
Still she seems like she’s one of those saccharine sweet nutcases so it’s possible she won’t get prosecuted.


Don’t get me wrong, the woman is scum, but dude, don’t be all falling on tot tracks just because a woman rammed you.

レッドインク(新疆ウイグル自治区)@\(^o^)/: [in response to above]

You’re talking about something hitting you from the side, at speed, which weighs at the least 40-50kgs. It’d be a pretty big deal not to lose your balance at that.


WTF, this woman is shit.
I’d like to punch her until she loses consciousness.


It’s attempted murder, or a terrorist attack on the transport network.
This definitely isn’t her first crime, either.
Hasn’t this bitch killed other people by pushing them like that?


The woman’s like a wild boar.


Wow, scary that she’s actually married.
This is why I don’t like being at the front of the queue on the platform.


Too frightening, let’s avoid being first inline on the platform from now on.

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