Sailor Moon Underwear Gets Netizens Excited


The popular manga franchise Sailor Moon has collaborated with underwear company PEACH JOHN to create sets of Sailor Moon-related underwear.

The announcement has… excited… netizens, attracting over 20,000 tweets in a short space of time, as well as comments on all major websites.

From Netorabo:

When You Take Off Your Clothes You’ll Be A Sailor Warrior! “Sailor Moon Costume Bra Sets” Announced; Collaboration with PEACH JOHN

Moon Prism Power Make Up For Grown-Up Girls Too!!!!

The manga “Beautiful Warrior Sailor Moon” and underwear brand “PEACH JOHN” have collaborated. There are 4 different products, but the center of attention has to be the “Sailor Moon Costume Bra Set”. With a bra that has a sailor-collar design, there are matching pants that have a huge ribbon attached…that means that you can secretly transform into the sailor warrior that you long to be! It’ll definitely make hearts race.


There are 5 different types of costume bra set “Sailor Moon”, “Sailor Mercury”, “Sailor Mars”, “Sailor Jupiter”, and “Sailor Venus”. The attached ribbon can be taken off. The price is 4980 yen [approx. $49]. And with the “moon stick” that is about to go on sale next year, all you grown-up girls will be able to make-believe that you’re Sailor Moon for the first time in about twenty years.

What’s more, the lineup also includes a “Sailor Moon Pattern Bra Set” (3980 yen; approx. $39), a stripey pair of “Sailor Moon Panties” with a Sailor Moon silhouette design (1800 yen; approx. $17), a t-shirt and shorts set “Sailor Moon PJ” (4980 yen; approx. $49). These are perfect for everyday use.




Orders will be taken at “Premium Bandai” from December 12. They will go on general sale in late February next year, and will also be available via mail-order and catalog from PEACH JOHN, as well as in stores. Orders are expected to be shipped in late February.

Comments from Twitter:


Want these. Reaaaaaly want these. On edge.

[email protected]

! @sazae_f: Masao~! PEACH JOHN is gonna start selling a Beautiful Warrior Sailor Moon Costume bra set~! I want one~! And then every night, in the name of the moon, I want to punish you~! [the last part is a phrase from the manga]


The design is way more Sailor Moon than I thought.
But wouldn’t it be better if they make them into a swimsuit?


Hey, if I take my clothes off, it’ll be amazing. (In a Sailor Warrior way).


@G6118 Should I get you these for Christmas?


I’m on the look out for someone who’ll have sex with me while wearing this.


Honestly, just looking at the pictures is making me horny.


Right, well I’m doing Mercury — thanks.


If these were swimsuits I’d understand it, but underwear? How…how do you wear that?


Waaaaaaah the second bra is so cute!!!


But they don’t have my size!!!!!!!!!!


Fucking want these! No one to show ’em too though (・∀・)

Comments from


Things that will probably happen after this:
・ Lots of comments suggesting these to wives and girlfriends, and lots of comments refusing.
・ Rumours about the cosplay sex industry using these and ordering them.
・ Otaku uploading pictures of themselves wearing these.
・ Loads of people in groups of 5 wearing this underwear at summer Comiket


What are these warriors going to fight?

オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!: [in response to above]



Is PEACH JOHN’s orgy service included?


Where are the pictures of girls wearing these?


There’s no Saturn, so I’m not interested.


If they had jojo I’d buy it.


Hah, dressing up for the first time in 20 years…


At least say that these are for foreplay, please.


A while back, I cosplayed as Mercury at winter Comiket.
So nostalgic.

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