Call Larger Women “Marshmallow Girls”, Says Magazine

Marshmallow girl Goto Seina

A new term for larger women has appeared in Japanese, thanks to the plus-size women’s magazine, la farfa.

The magazine recently introduced one of its models, Goto Seina, as a “marshmallow girl”.

But the word has created an online controversy among netizens; while some feel it is a positive term for those who are not as small as the average Japanese woman, others feel that it is just confusing the issue, and that such women just need to lose weight.

What do you think? Is “marshmallow girl” a more user-friendly term for the larger women among us?

From Livedoor News:

The Pros and Cons of “Marshmallow Girl”

In a nutshell:

The term “Marshmallow Girl”, which means a plump woman, is trending online.

Differing opinions; “They’re confusing it with ‘fatty'”, “It’s a good thing that they can enjoy fashion”

Model who is considered a “marshmallow girl” takes it as positive.

Pros And Cons Of “Marshmallow girl”, Models Themselves Are Positive… “I’m So Happy About It”

la farfa VOL.4

Goto appearing in <em>la farfa</em> magazine.

Goto appearing in la farfa magazine.

The term “marshmallow girl” to refer to women who have a “chubby” body-type is causing controversy online, but on December 11, a model introduced in a magazine as as marshmallow girl, Goto Seina, spoke positively of the term on her blog, saying, “It’s something that makes me really happy”.

In the November 20 edition of the fashion magazine la farfa VOL. 4 (published by Bunka-sha), which is aimed at plus size women, they called women with good bodies “marshmallow girls”. Online, this roused a controversy, with some saying “They’re confusing it with ‘fatty'” and “It’s a good thing that they can be happy and accept themselves, and enjoy fashion”.

Goto Seina

Goto Seina

Goto Seina, who is actually introduced in the pages of the magazine as a marshmallow girl, is positive: “Of course there will be different opinions — people who say ‘you’re a pig’ or ‘you’re a fatty’, but for me, [marshmallow girl] makes me really happy”. Goto also said that she would be happy if the term “marshmallow girl” would spread, and she’s happy if she or the magazine help people to know about it. “The thing is, the “Marshmallow man” or “Bibendum” are exactly like me! (^-^) They’re distant cousins, for sure!” she joked cheerfully.

Goto Seina

Goto Seina

The la farfa editorial blog was also updated on December 11. Although there were some nasty comments about marshmallow girls, Goto says she took no notice and just laughed.

Besides, it seems that Goto has been booked for TV appearances just by marshmallow girl becoming a hot topic. Can marshmallow girls spread their wings in the entertainment world without giving in to bashing?

Comments from


Just call them fatty.


How about just calling them “pizza girls”?


Fine to just say “Michelin Man”.


Marshmallow man is OK.


A beautiful girl → marshmallow girl
Fugly girl → fatty.
That’s how it should be.


Sumo girl.


Nah, they ain’t light like marshmallows, this gives the wrong impression, don’t like it.
Make it “paperweight girl”.


Yeah, they’re not like marshmallows at all — not light or soft w.
I think that “drum-barrel girl” is most suitable.


I’ll accept them as marshmallow girls if they have beautiful skin and they’re not sweaty.
If they’re breaking into a greasy sweat and they have spots, then I shall certainly not accept this term.


A gentleman’s kindness is in calling a fatty a fatty, to give them the motivation to change things.

Comments from Livedoor News:


There’s nothing wrong with calling someone who’s plump a fatty in the first place…I mean, shouldn’t you make them realise that they are fatties and make them understand clearly why that’s awful? It’s Ok for the female celebrities who are making a buck off it.


Come on, we’re just talking about the pointless conclusions of some magazine. I’ve never seen anyone use “roll cabbage” and all that stuff in a normal conversation. People will be sick of it soon.


I don’t really know what sort of consumer desire they’re trying to titillate by calling middle-aged women in their 30s and 40s “girls” and calling fatties “marshmallows”. It’s up to them if they want to encourage idiotic consumers, but in real society these nutcases who really do think they are these things are a pain in the ass.


Reminds me, in a certain film a marshmallow ghost called “Marshmallow man” appeared. I reckon she really looks like him…Marshmallow girl.


A fatty is a fatty.


Pros and cons is a word to be used when there are about the same number of opinions that agree and disagree, I think.


♪ Ghostbusters!♪


Give this a rest, there’ll be confused fatties all over the place calling themselves marshmallow girls.


Fatties aren’t ill or anything, it’s completely their own fault that they’re fat — not like people who are really bald or ugly, where there are elements of heredity. If you have time to make excuses, or make up words that are going to make you feel better, then get off your ass and lose weight!

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  • davo

    no offense but i would never date a fatty.

    • Ruaraidh

      If someone can’t even take care of their own body, that’s a really bad sign. It makes sense not to get too involved with people like that.

      • Boris

        Or you’ll know you’d be fed for life….
        Or you’ll know you’d have to compete for food for life…

    • who cares about your preferences. A lot of men would

    • cb4242

      We haven’t seen your face or body, who’s to say, a chick would date you, let alone think that you’re an attractive guy?

      • davo

        r u referring to me?i have dated girls from different races and they have all been slim,healthy lifestyle.Of course inner beauty counts as well but i would never date a fatty.Not to say i would not be friends with them.I have had large friends in the past but most of them suffer self confidence issues.

        • Sempath

          The self-confidence issues are from jerks like you looking down on them for their weight, no matter how much “inner beauty” they may have.

  • Marshmallow Boss

    Dealing with exam stress by constantly snacking is rapidly turning me into the kinda of Marshmallow Boss that requires calling the Ghostbusters!

    • Marshmallow Boss

      I think it’s ridiculous to harass a woman for being fat and/or unsexy, because we women do not owe it to the world to hot.

      Fat people, including fat woman, have a right to go about life without being harassed.

      …but to demand fat to be considered attractive is silly. As a result of exam stress, I looked like a bloated zombie with panda eyes – very unattractive – I think it’s ridiculous for my mother to criticize my looks when my chief concern this week was exams exams exams – but now that the exams are over, I will get back in shape before I hit the clubs – because while expecting women to have to be attractive is ridiculous, expecting people to be attracted to unattractive traits is also asking too much.

      • Guest

        lol same xD the last two weeks i’ve like lived off of junk food and pop because of final exams and essays. i’m so bloated D: thank god my house has a treadmill

        • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

          IF you are doing exams, junk food isn’t good for practise and revision. It has a negative effect on the brain and body, so you probably wouldn’t do as well as eating healthier foods.

          • Guest

            yeah i know that logically.. but when i’m stressed i start to crave junk food… x.x

      • Comebackkid13

        Love this comment. Honest with a douse of astuteness.

  • Yaminah Jamison

    ….I think it depends on what people consider “fat.” What one person think of as fat, may not even be as such to another.. (who isn’t fat) Heck I may be considered fat to their standards. Body size doesn’t necessarily equates to health. So really depends. It’s a construed word even more so today..

  • Butsu

    Actually saw this on TV yesterday and they presented it pretty good. Not saying its good to be overweight, but some Japanese girls have a really unhealthy obsession with dieting when they don’t need to. And you don’t need to be super skinny to be considered attractive either, so I thought this was pretty good actually.

    • TSDown

      You hit the nail on the head with your first sentence. Many translated replies placed blame on the individual, for in a democracy the idea is that each person is responsible for their own actions. We are offered choices and it is not the fault of the ideology for the decisions made; however nobody questions the influence of other elements such as television and the media, which on a constant daily basis perpetuate and reinforce the ideal image of attractive men and women. As someone else pointed out, the perception of beauty has changed over time – in Japan blackening the teeth was once considered an attractive trait for females. Yet few question the endless promotion, advertisement and prevalence of fast/junk food, soda beverages and other products that should not even be considered suitable for consumption in the first place. The twisted concepts of what constitutes food have thoroughly penetrated the psyche of generations – it has become so ingrained that wholesome food, grown from the soil, is avoided because it is considered bothersome, bland and just not hip/cool. Borderline inedible.

      Nobody has time to prepare food anymore they say. Fruits and vegetables are more expensive than frozen pizza or microwave dinners they say. Yet nobody asks how it become this way and why products with zero nutritional value are being sold on the shelf under the food aisle.

      Still it must be the individuals who are at fault. Nobody is forcing them to buy garbage and eat it. They made the conscious decision to do it to themselves and boy does it tastes great and boy is it convenient. So the premise must be that if people are stupid enough to buy it, they will continue to sell it. A few overweight people here and there – who cares. Any long term effects down the road are just that – long term.

      • Comebackkid13

        You are all too PC. Men not being attracted to fat women is nothing new, and the media gets more blame than they should. And yes, that question has been asked over and over and over again TSDown, nothing new, whatsoever. They merely show what men already like. And lets keep it in perspective, they are just ideals, fantasies for men to oogle at.

        I guess men should get angry at books like Shades of Grey for raising a standard of wealth that men have to achieve in order to find women. Everyone gets so touchy about women and beauty and weight. Sorry, men like beautiful women, both in face and body. Should we get defensive because women expect us to have a house and a car and enough money to support 3 children and a wife while the wife stays at home by the time we are 28? Its tough, but hey, its an ideal, and a good one too. Standards are good.

        You are also over-dramatizing it. The hyper-skinny ideal is gone along with the “twisted concepts of what constitutes food have thoroughly penetrated the psyche of generations” lol

        Nothing wrong for liking girls with good bodies, the one in that picture, does not have a good body. Life is tough and we weed our the genes of the undesirable

        • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

          The media get blamed because the level to ‘perfection’ they make the ladies in magazines and lad-mags or porn out to be is taken to a new level. Women already doll themselves up with make-up, add to the fact we not have plastic surgery (I am looking at you Korea) and Photoshop to enhance people who are already beautiful (face and body) and do touch ups here and there causes even beautiful women to doutb their own beauty.

          And men have different tastes. I know you are generalising but my black mate likes girls with a big booty and myself prefer a girl with a cute face with tits. Everone is different but generally fat women are not beautiful to men. Unless you’re like another mate of mine who is a chubby chaser and not ashamed to admit it. More cushion for the pushen has he puts it.

        • Flora

          It’s a good thing you’re right – this means that you’re pompous self-entitlement & stupidity won’t be passed down. At least, not without finding a drunk LSE girl and stabbing the condom first.

          • Comebackkid13

            Hahaha, so venomous. Because I like pretty girls? How heinous, how abhorrent of me. Lol

          • J

            Who are you to define what’s beautiful or not? Are you a superior human being, or what’s your point?
            I think it’s wonderful that larger women are building up their own community, especially in Japan when it’s considered so controversial. Their own space where they can give tips on fashion, health or anything else in those categories since it’s more difficult to follow them in regular magazines, where the average weight is 40 kg.

            Of course Comebackkid, you can be attracted to ”pretty girls” as much as you like. No one is forcing you to go out with larger girls or as you call them – ”ugly”. But my point is .. Why should girls lose weight for YOU? Their not your lapdogs, they’re separate beings with their own lifestyles. When life is so short, what’s wrong with eating as much as you like, enjoying life at your fullest and loving your body even though the majority doesn’t find it attractive? They should be respected just as much as girls who keep themselves fit and eat healthier, we all need to find our place in life because we only have one chance.

            You need to understand that it’s not just chubby girls finding excuses as to why they’re big, because they know they are. But they love it, and they love their bodies, and you have no right to take it away from them.

          • J

            I just read it through and realized I messed up my English (they’re, not their) here and there, sorry! I’m not a native speaker.

          • Comebackkid13

            First, J, if you are not a native speaker, let compliment you on your very good English. I could not tell that you are not a native speaker whatsoever.

            Coming back to the topic, people get emotional and like to put words in the mouths of men when talking about this. I never said that women had to lose weight to please me. I never said that girls should lose weight for me. These comments have no relation to my point, what I said, or my opinions.

            I have friends who are larger and happily married. That is great and you are right, people should live life to the fullest in their own way.

            However, with this topic, people come out and say things like “girls don’t need to be skinny for men.” That’s fine. They don’t. But if someone, like me, says that we men are generally attracted to shapely (not
            skinny but shapely), girls who are not overweight, we get attacked as being shallow. What is shallow about it? It’s how we are born. There is also nothing wrong with women liking men who are financially stable, leaders, and charismatic. Those are the general traits women like in men.

            You say women are not my lapdogs; this is ridiculous because again it has nothing to do with what I said. Do you think my cute, in shape girlfriend is my lapdog? Or that any women who loses weight and stays in shape becomes a man’s lapdog? You’re English is very good but you lack skills in logical arguments. You should research Straw Man and Red Herring arguments, especially Straw Man. You have good English so you should be able to understand what it is even if you read it in English.

            Again, if a girl does not mind being overweight, that’s fine. Let her live her life. But also don’t make men who are not attracted to them into bad men. I don’t make women who don’t like lazy men who live with their parents bad women.

            There is a difference between not being attracted and attacking this women.

          • J

            I don’t think anyone mentioned it being bad for guys to prefer bigger or skinnier girls over each other. Did I ever assume you were a bad man for thinking skinnier girls are more attractive? I only went against you said things such as ”do you get angry because I like pretty girls?” because it makes it sound like girls must be skinny in order to get a partner.
            I have nothing against you not being attracted to women with extra weight or girls that you personally don’t find pretty, it’s your own definition and you decide who you want to spend your life with. I just don’t think it gives you the right to disrespect larger women or tell them they’re ugly – because it hurts so much for them, and you especially don’t have a reason to do it when you’re not forced to be in a relationship with them.
            We like different things not because of how we were born, but mostly how society shapes us and our environment, and of course I know most men prefer fit girls because that’s how society shapes us. And that’s just how it is, I never denied that – but we need to remember that this sort of ideal is just a matter of time, not long ago, being plump was the ultimate ideal.

          • J

            And I don’t think your cute, in shape girlfriend is your lapdog. I just said it because again, you seemed confused about people being mad at you for only liking ”cute” girls as if it is obvious for all girls to be cute just for you, I’m sorry about that.
            I think it’s important that we try to understand each other from an open point of view, despite of gender differences. I try to see everyone from an equal perspective. It might be obvious that a big girl knows herself that she can find a partner even though she’s overweight, but many of them are bullied long periods of their lives and even hearing that they’re not good enough from a stranger can be so hurtful when their confidence is at it’s lowest. And I’m aware that they’ll will hear it from other people also sooner because of how our current society is, but it doesn’t help to just feed them with even more hurtful words. To say that you don’t prefer or would want to be with an overweight woman is fine, but to say that anyone that’s not fit and cute isn’t good enough is just cruel.
            Then there’s of course the bigger women that are proud o f their weight and don’t care about others,

          • Comebackkid13

            Also, if you would be so kind as to indicate where I demonstrated this so called self entitlement. Do you what that means?

  • Boris

    The lady in the picture is a bit fat. She looks good for a fat chick since she has make up on, but she is a bit big for a skinny guy like me. I think she’d break me if she were on top.

    Fat and really thin aren’t attractive. It is why the hourglass figure is still seen as an attractive figure.

    What I don’t get is these comments online. I read in Japan, a large percentage of guys don’t have GFs or never had sex. Maybe they should take a look at themselves before complaining about fat girls.

    • firebert5

      Nice to see the internet is still the internet.

    • Kiwi

      They are not man enough to handle her

      • Gerhana

        where are you? come, I wish to handle you with a nice and pleasant conversation.

        • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

          by conversation, do you mean conversation or “conversation”?

          • Gerhana

            “conversation” because that would make her angry, and I like it when shes angry, and she likes it too. You should give her a try.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            I have to give it a pass. I have a wife, and I don’t like it when she is angry. That’ll mean I have to cook for myself that evening.

  • One for all

    I’d tap that….as long as she looks like she is in the third picture

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Hell yeah.

    • LaoShu

      Am number 3 in the cue lol

    • Boris

      She looks fat in the picture with the clothes on, but not so bad when she is wearing less…

  • A Pinky Promise

    “Fatties aren’t ill or anything, it’s completely their own fault that they’re fat — not like people who are really bald or ugly, where there are elements of heredity. If you have time to make excuses, or make up words that are going to make you feel better, then get off your ass and lose weight!”


    Come to USA and say that shit LOL

    • FYIADragoon

      Only in the West will you find that people actually attack you for finding unattractive traits unattractive. Ah, the wonders of Political Correctness.

      • A Pinky Promise

        1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
        2. Beauty standards have changed throughout history
        3. It’s not that long ago men liked chubby girls.

        • FYIADragoon

          It wasn’t long ago that people believed washing yourself on a daily basis was a bad idea too. I think we’re supposed to learn from the mistakes of the past, not build on them.

          • vonskippy

            That was Hitlers logic too. Hey, if you didn’t have blond hair and blue eyes, off to a little “improvement center” for you.

          • FYIADragoon

            You know, I go to the gym regularly, and I never once have looked down upon an obese person there, because I know they’re there to work through their problem and face up to it. I didn’t just pop out of the womb with muscles myself. If you’re fat, all you need to do is work hard and control yourself. No need for your extreme defensiveness.

          • Boris

            There are people who can blame it on genetics rather than just eating a lot.

            I am the opposite though, I can’t gain weight easily, I could go a month eating 2 pizzas a day and not gain much weight. It is hard for me to gain weight (that includes both healthy and unhealthy weight) and very easy for me to lose it.

          • Zappa Frank

            Just 2 pizzas a day and you even want to gain weight? Maybe if you do job that makes you stay seated all day no exercise and few walk.
            On the other side I still have to see a fat that really eat less than me and does not simply claim it. Genetic may has a role but mostly is an excuse. In the nazi camps there were no fats, if you eat less you lose weight..

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            Zappa – I have not seen any but I have read it off the BBC news site..

            I was in Korea at one point in my life and had to live off Pizzas or quick meals (and Pizzas were my choice because I was sick of noodles even though the pizzas were meh) and once I realised I had pizza twice a day without gaining much weight. I walked to work which was 5 mins away and I tended to walk everywhere and didn’t sit down much at work either. I am skinny as shit and weak as a daffodil and hardly any fat. The one time I hit the gym and gained weight, put on some muscle I was suddenly hit with a stomach infection where i lived off fluids for a week and lost everything I worked very hard to gian….

          • Zappa Frank

            I said it because I have a lot of fat friends, and despite they all claim to eat just a few and get fat even drinking water the truth, eating with them, is that they really have bad habits about food and even worst about do exercise. DNA may be a bit involved, but I think is also an easy excuse. Of course with the age is easier to gain fat, but that’s another thing.
            2 pizza aren’t that much, especially if, as you said, you use to walk a lot.. that’s not genetic, it’s a habit..
            I understand you frustration in losing the weight you gained, I can assure that what you lost can be gained back quickly if you come to gym again.

          • Zappa Frank

            I agree on this. there’s no reason to claim fat is good, fat Is beauty only to keep on having an unhealthy lifestyle.

        • Comebackkid13

          This girl isnt chubby, she has a small waist with a fat ass. Hello hello Eleanor

        • David

          OK, the second one is a great example, the first one is like a 25,000 year old mother goddess figure.

      • Kai

        Political correctness doesn’t attack you for finding unattractive traits unattractive; it attacks you for expressing your unattraction in a needlessly offensive way. Political correctness doesn’t demand that you be attracted to what isn’t attractive to you; it just encourages you to not pointlessly hurt other people’s feelings, on the premise that you wouldn’t likely like it either if the roles were reversed.

        • FYIADragoon

          The way that it’s twisted and abused in the West, it does all of those things. It isn’t healthy to be obese. It causes a variety of health conditions that can ruin your life. For obese parents, it sets a bad example for their children. Anorexia level skinniness is just as bad, but the trend in the West at the moment is to state that obesity is “normal.” There is nothing normal about being overweight. Your ideal political correctness does not exist. Political correctness, like gender equality and racial equality, always gets twisted to help one side over the other.

          • Boris

            PC may have gone too far one way in the West, but like Health & Safety, it is sadly lacking in the East. You can be racist to minorities and foreigners and you the native populace can get away with it.

            On to the fat/obese point. People are not saying being obese is normal. We know it is unhealthy, hence so much being done about it, from food packaging to doctors speaking about it and healthy eating and healthy living being big businesses in the West. What people got fed up of is stigmatising…or better yet, bullying people because they are fat. Yes, lose weight if you are obese. Gain weight if you are too skinny. You can be ‘big’ and not obese. You can be ‘thin’ and not anorexic. The issue is being one extreme or the other.

            The thing I noticed in East Asia is that what people would consider a healthy body shape/mass in the West is seen as fat here. They like skinny chicks, to the point that the chicks look anorexic (not all). I met a lady who isn’t fat but was called fat by people. If she had been any thinner I would have said she’d need to put on weight.

            The lady in the pics does need to lose weight, but that’s just me.

          • tomoe723

            racism in asia has lesser weight compared to western racism that’s the natives can get away with it. unlike the west racism where it is founded on centuries of slavery and oppression, in asia, its more political or wartime circumstances. the next generation doesn’t really carry over the misgivings of the past with such fervor that racism remarks are not taken seriously. only extremists who have political agendas take racism seriously.

          • David

            Are you really arguing that racism in Asia is OK because you did not have slaves? Not only is that crazy but it is factually untrue, plenty of slavery in Asia long after that in America was ended. In Thailand, for instance, it did not end until 1902 (1882 but owners were allowed to keep any slave until they reached the age of 20). To think a comment by an ignorant Japanese person toward, let’s say a Mongolian person, based on race hurts them less than a comment in America of a White person toward a black person, is a self-serving delusion.

          • tomoe723

            you missed my point entirely.. compared to the west where slavery existed for many centuries, in asia, it’s just a few decades, spanning 1-2 generations at most, due to some recent battle or war. over time, racism comments in asia are a form of ridicule in jest, nothing personal. like i said, only extremists take racism in asia seriously. if there was slavery in asia that spanned centuries like that in the west, its because of society structured that way, caste system or the likes, which is different from western slavery in the circumstance that slaves accept their fate in some way, but still slavery nonetheless.

          • David

            OK, I still must be missing your point. There has been (documented) slavery in Asia for thousands of years (I am not even counting the sex slave trade today which is alive and well protected by the authorities in many countries). What makes you think slaves in Asia accepted their lot any more or less than slaves in Africa, Europe or the new world? It has not been my experience that there is less racism in Asia only that people have not learned to be tolerant of others in the last 50 years like in other countries, so people generally do not call others out on open and obvious racism. Just because people accept the racism does not mean it does not exist. Perhaps I am still missing your point.

          • tomoe723

            because the slave, servant-master relationship in Asia is more forgiving than that of Africa in Europe or the Americas. “Slavery” as you put it as documented in Asia do not treat their slaves like animals like how the Africans were treated.. even though they were bought and paid for like livestock, they are still well fed and clothe. Most Asian slaves are borne out of financial obligations or war treaties, not unlike the mass forced slavery of Africans.

            The racism in Asia is not borne out of the slavery like how white people are racists to black. In Asia, it is more of a ridicule out of geographical/territorial conflict. Example, when white people are being racist to blacks, does it carry the same burden as when they’re being racist to Chinese or Asians in general?

          • David

            I can not speak for every country, but when a person (of any color) is racists toward another it is considered by most to be pretty low in the United States. This happens between whites and blacks (both ways), blacks and Hispanics, Asians and whites and Asians and blacks. Of course that is a very general statement. When I was a child in the 60’s white racism against blacks (especially in the south) got much more news, but I think Koreans who get harassed by black people or Mexicans who get harassed by whites today feel just as put upon. After all this is not the 1960s. As for how slaves were treated in the new world (70% went to mines in South America where they were worked till they died, 20% went to sugar cane plantations in the Caribbean and about 10% went to plantations in the southern part of the U.S. until the importation was outlawed in 1809), The race problems in America has much more to do with the segregation and discrimination that happened AFTER slavery was abolished than people being mad because an ancestor was a slave.

          • tomoe723

            yes, i understand the weight of racism in the United States.. it’s very taboo even though its quite rampant especially in the southern states.. but in asia, it’s not as harsh as the U.S puts it… like for example if some malaysians/indonesians make fun of japanese/korean eyes, that’s considered racism to most white people but it’s just ridicule to them, no severe implications.. it’s just childish name-calling at best. again back to what i mentioned before before, the people who take racism too seriously as if it contained very harmful implications are only extremists who have political agenda. everyone else will just dismiss it as sort of a child’s tease.

          • David

            Fair enough. If this is your opinion I understand it and will not try to change your mind. I have lived/visited Asia (Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, Indonesia and the Philippines) for 30 years. I am not Asian, but my wife is. What you see as harmless or near harmless childishness, I see as unproductive and hateful. Believe me, I am the last person to call the race card in America, I am socially conservative and think it is overplayed here but is still quite open and obnoxious when I have Asian friends tell me something like “yea we feel sorry for you in America because you have so many black people and everybody knows they rape and kill a lot.” Good discussion.

          • tomoe723

            I can’t believe your Asian friends will say something like that.. all my black friends in the states were very decent and sensible.. I hated some white people because of their wanton display of arrogance and pride which leads to severe circumstances like police picking on black people for no other apparent offense other than them being black.

            In Asia however, to some degree, you’re right. It is unproductive and hateful, but people who do these are just children or have children’s minds, immature and irresponsible. But I doubt it would escalate to violence or murder. The worst that could happen is just a refusal to cooperate with the other race, to avoid interaction or stay away. Thankfully, most of it happens in internet forums or online games. But sometimes, you can probably observe it mildly in public transportation or service oriented establishments.

            The authorities usually don’t indulge in racism against another though, because they have their own agendas for corruption. Race don’t matter to them.. hehe..

          • David

            I think most of them have never had any actual contact with black people (very few African Americans come to Asia). They only know what they think they know from movies or t.v. shows. I am speaking of Asian friends who were born and live in Asia. Obviously, those in America who see and interact with black people everyday know that they are just like everybody else (some are great, most are normal and a few are bad). Good point about the authorities, I have never seen very much institutional racism in Asian countries, corruption is color blind.

          • tomoe723

            Oh, no wonder they said that. Hollywood portrays black people to be bad almost all the time, type-casted into gangster, thieves or drug-addict roles. In some movies, even if the protagonist is black, he’s always partnered with a white guy fighting yet more black bad guys (or mexicans).

            For Asians who haven’t seen reality in the states yet, movies is all they think to be true. I was like that too before I lived there for a few years, I don’t live there anymore though. But I shun away from negative generalizations of people from movies because I prefer to make my own judgment when I meet them. Most of my unmet expectations were of the physical surroundings, I thought america was all tall skyscrapers and lots of cars and roads. I was lucky though to have had a friend who exposed me to all that black history. He showed me a lot of black literature even all the way back to the 1500s.

            You probably know all that I’m saying here already… but I’m still saying it anyway. So on the last note, back to authorities (or people in general), if you’re a foreigner and I think you are, just be careful when you deal with them. It’s not the worst that could happen, not trying to scare you or anything, but they will try to extort as much money from you as they can simply for the fact that you’re a foreigner. But in Japan though, that’s less likely to happen compared to other neighboring Asian countries.

            I guess that’s all there is I have to say for this discussion. It was nice to exchange ideas with you. Good luck on your life and family.

          • Kai

            I understand “political correctness” can be taken to extremes by some people and in many instances but I’m trying to avoid it being conflated into some sort of obvious “evil” label, like “feminism” or “liberal” or “Islam”.

            I agree it isn’t healthy to be obese. I’m not defending unhealthy habits, choices, or lifestyles. I’m just defending the the definition and point of “political correctness” as it was intended.

            I don’t think my “ideal political correctness” doesn’t exist. Plenty of people get the point. It’s just about being tactful in our speech, about the Golden Rule.

          • David

            This is not PC it is called common courtesy.. When did it become your job (or the job of any of the people making mean comments here) to go around telling people they are fat and ugly? If you REALLY think a person who is overweight does not know it, I don’t know what to say to you.
            It does not take any balls to pick on a woman with low self-esteem over the internet.

  • MyMotto

    lol Japanese people haven’t even seen real fat.

    For me there’s big and then there’s fat, fat is unhealthy and big is big. The girl in the pics looked big, not fat.

  • FYIADragoon

    “others feel that it is just confusing the issue, and that such women just need to lose weight.”

    Thank god that some people still have common sense. Goddamn, a trip to the gym and easing up on the junky meals wouldn’t kill them.

  • Park

    i think fat shaming is ok. being fat is not normal and is definitely not healthy. being overweight should not be normalized.

    • Flora

      Being fat is perfectly healthy, as is being tall, beefy, thin, petite, or whatever else you happen to be.

      Having high BP, or high blood sugar, or high cholesterol, or being dangerously underweight, or smoking, or drinking excessively, etc etc – THAT is unhealthy.

      It should also be noted that still thinking that people should be made to feel bad about their body type because you’re too stupid and lazy to look any of this up and educate yourself, makes you an a$$hat.

      • David

        Absolutely. I have a friend in China, about a size 4 in America, here she is considered FAT and gets told this almost everyday by both students, other female teachers and random people she meets. My wife is a size Zero and has to shop in the teenage girls section (which does not make a 47 year old woman happy), when she goes home to Thailand to visit, her mother, aunties and friends all tell her how fat she is.

  • vonskippy

    Wow, how nice of all the perfect people to stop their modeling jobs to come here and comment on people they deem unworthy. Before commenting on how people don’t fit your personal view of “normal” or “pretty” or whatever, why don’t you post your own link to Hot or Not so we can judge for ourselves if you have the right to call anyone else imperfect.

    Geesh, what a bunch of vain assholes.

    • FYIADragoon

      No need to be so defensive over your problem.

      • Comebackkid13

        I love this response lol. Just as easy to attack comments like Vonskippy’s above for attacking someone else’s ideal of beauty. And by the way, shapely and pretty isn’t usually personal by uniform in the realm of beauty.

    • David

      They all seem to be people with blank spaces (or cartoons) where their picture should go. Hmmm I think that is pretty telling Von, you may have hit a nerve. Maybe when they grow up a little they will appreciate people for who they are more (especially people they will never be dating in real life because they are in their little cave watching porn).

  • mattman183

    You are what you eat?

  • Guest

    Let them call themselves “marshmallow girls” it’s not like them being overweight is hurting anyone but themselves.

  • Guest

    The girl in the 3rd picture is sexy in my opinion. A little chubbier then most Japanese women seem to be but not disgustingly obese or anything.

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      I don’t know if you’re trolling but it is the same chick in all the pics.

    • jem

      It’s the same girl. I think she looked bigger in the 2nd pic because of the jacket.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      I happen to agree with you. That angle does suit her better than the other pictures included in the article.

  • Thor

    You can’t expect everyone to look like world class models, and you can’t help some to be bigger than others, not necessarily because they eat a lot since more than a few big people are like that for genetic reasons. Enjoy diversity ! If this girl is happy to be “marshmallow”, why not ?

    • Thor

      And I like the way she doesn’t take herlself seriously.

  • markus peg

    How about sumo size/d = XXXL

  • death_by_ivory

    She looks puffed up in that jacket but in the last picture I think she is just wider becuase of her bigger chest. She wouldnt shop in the plus size department in the USA that is for sure.
    Some people say if you are fat,it is your problem becuase you the one who is unhealthy which is true.But not when healthcare cost for the rest rises becuase we need to take care of so much health problems due to obesity.
    Anyways she has a cute face.

  • Pingback: Japan Introduces Term “Marshmallow Girls” To Combat Fat-Shaming | Audrey Magazine()

  • Flora

    Unless you’re a size that’s bigger than what your bone structure & muscles can support, your being fat is completely healthy. End of story. Anyone else saying otherwise to try to justify their self-important ego trip is either ignorant of this fact or simply to much of an idiot to accept it. Someone’s DIET or LIFESTYLE may be unhealthy, in which case one’s size is a symptom and should definitely not be the focus of how to get healthy.

    For the chronically dumb out there, take this as an example. If someone is overweight and has high blood pressure then, barring some kind of genetic disorder, they should take pains to reduce the amount of sodium and fat in their diet and should probably get more exercise. If this method happens to have the side effect of weight loss, that’s fine; if their weight stays the same, then that’s fine too. Likewise, someone with great health stats but who happens to be chubby – or even fat – is perfectly healthy and shouldn’t be pressed to lose weight unless they want to. Why? Because “being a Fattie McFatterson” has never been written on a Cause of Death slip.

    This has been a “Be Less Stupid” PSA.

  • kimjongwho

    Fat woman are woman too I get it. However, to put them on the same level as woman that work to shed the weight and keep a good figure is really asinine. Our mate selection is based on how healthy this person is for mating and producing offsprings. Evolution and time have given males instincts to what is attractive and it’s not obese woman. I am sorry but this is just how it is. Theres people out there who specifically fight obesity as a fetish so there’s hope.

    • David

      Are you under the impression that skinny women have babies easier?

  • wafflestomp

    Get real. Woman who are fat are almost always fat due to their own gluttony, Pic related

    • Déji Fadahunsi

      There is a huge difference between fat obese and chubby body fat and still healthy, not every woman has the ideal stick thin figure, this does not make them fat, Asian women even fat compared to European women are not as big and would not often be accused of being fat if they are chubby in USA and UK like they are in Japan and China or Korea, I have still yet to see a fat Mongolian girl, however the chubby body type is common with Inuit Greenlandic women too and they are still very attractive

  • Déji Fadahunsi

    Hmm these girls are not fat, at least not obese, they are not thin, but certainly not un-attractive

    • ShihonoRyo

      You must be joking, I wouldn’t even poke a fat girl with a stick…
      Fat girls have no respect for their own body, to do this to themselves is a shame.
      Unless it’s a mental problem there is no excuse to being fat, they have no self-control.

      • Déji Fadahunsi

        You would be in dating hell in the UK then, most girls and women from age 15 upwards in UK are a size 16 dress, like these girls in Japan

        • ShihonoRyo

          I know. I generally don’t date girls who are bigger than size 10,(or 12 if they look really good) but there are plenty of slim foreign girls around who aren’t fat mingers.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            I would say a size 10 is pretty ok, but size 6 is too skinny. 8 to 12 is a decent range. Similar for men, we should stay fit and healthy.

          • ShihonoRyo

            Yes 8 to 12 is a Good range, anything else I generally ignore. 🙂

          • Déji Fadahunsi

            It is getting harder and harder to find thin single women in the UK, most are already dating someone from age 15 or younger onwards and are having children by 29 or before, so you risk getting left on the shelf in England if you are too picky, I chose to date a Hong Kong Chinese woman, she is not slim, but not as large as most women who approach me in England, Black men tend to attract the interest of fat White women a lot, but Asian women are more pretty, often slimmer even if considered fat in Asia and better conversation than the women I come across in England both Black, White and mixed race (Black/White or Indian/White)

  • Lk

    I think that fat women should not get harassed for being fat(they shoud get encouraged to lose weight though), but at the same time others shouldnt have to pretend that they are beautiful or lie about their preferences for thinner women.

  • Kiwi

    ( ‘-‘ )/

  • Relivash

    I seriously love how nearly everyone who feels being called to say ppl shouldn’t be so PC about it, should just hit the gym to solve their problems. Oh, little do you know about what makes people fat.

    For instance, some people can blame it on their genetics. Others don’t have a metabolism that allows them to eat junk food as much as most people. There are people with certain disseases. Some people are just plagued by psychological factors. And then there’s people who don’t eat healthy.

    There’s also food. A lot of food just isn’t healthy. I have a friend who used to drink a specific cola and usually went eat chinese. He tried not to drink cola, and learned to cook chinese food for him and his gf. He said that after 4 months, he started to feel better. He had more energy, and the results were visible on his skin. Just a story to tell how in the west, our food has become quite chemical, with all those artificial aditives.

    So yeah, there’s a lot more to it than you think.

  • Elizabeth Rose

    She has a mark on her nose, she’s so cute. Why do people always bash on other people, it’s a shame. I’m glad for them!

  • Poofball

    I think what people are missing here is that the term “marshmallow girls” is a term these girls have made for themselves. It’s a way of reclaiming their own bodies. I’m personally a large girl, and I really don’t mind when people call me fat or “fatty”, “whale”, or really any other name pertaining to my weight/size. I think it’s rude to enforce your opinions of another person’s body whether they be “a stick”, “too muscular”, or fat, but really what can you do? people have opinions.
    It’s when you begin to dislike yourself that it becomes a problem. I don’t need men to be attracted to me. This is not my goal. My end goal is to be okay with myself. I’ve lost weight in the past and gotten down to a very small size. I was unhappy and had a terrible body image. Now, at my highest weight, I see that my body is not the most important thing about me. Calling myself disparaging names will not help a single thing. I understand now what I didn’t before: there are so many things above bodies that should be at the top of our priorities. For example: studying, making a living, family, friends, hobbies. Bringing a cute, positive name for a body type just helps people prioritize their lives better, I think. When they no longer bring so much undue attention to such a teensy part of their lives, they become more productive, happier. I am fat, I can run eight consecutive miles, I have normal blood pressure, I was the salutatorian of my high school, I’m at an Ivy league college, I am a great chef, I am a writer, etc. etc. My body isn’t everything and it is the least of my worries. Good on these women for helping people see that bodies are not the most important, and that anything can be put in a positive light.

  • Brandon

    Loved the Ghostbusters name drop, followed up by a Gentleman’s “Kindness”- personally I prefer these Marshmallow girls, they have bigger boobs & cute nerdy faces, so long as it stays a Japanese term we’re all good. As a side-note, it’s strange how I view fatties in other countries vs those of my own.. kind of like black girls. I find myself much more attracted to Black girls from the U.K., certain African countries or Jamaica, but find fewer intellectually & physically stimulating girls here in the States. I find English “Marshmallow” girls attractive, but few here in the States.

  • I can’t BELIEVE the kind of shit I’m seeing on this article. These bigger women are actually happy with themselves, and you people have the nerve to still call them these horrible names, and say that they are WRONG to feel confident in themselves?! Just because you’re bigger, doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy and/or happy. Seriously, what is wrong with you people? Let these women be happy, and worry about your own damn life.

  • Perplexingly pink

    I think this is a good thing, to be perfectly honest. I believe that using the term marshmallow makes it sound a little cuter. Haven’t you ever wanted to just be cute for a day? I mean, listen to what these people are saying about these poor women. The call them fatties and make fun of their shape, yet, they themselves could be trying to eat healthy and diet. I say, size shouldn’t matter as long as your check ups with your doctor go well 🙂 it’s good that they can feel “kawaii” and beautiful in their own culture and inspire more girls to love who they are. If they suddenly inspire girls to enjoy their body shape, but eat a little healthier, it’ll make their new fans with similar thoughts about their weight achieve a good healthy goal to excercise a little, eat better, and still feel instantly beautiful WITHOUT having to starve themselves to feel right. I didn’t mean to rant and preach, but I just felt like all the hate these beautiful women were getting was just ridiculous.

  • jordan

    The term “marshmallo girl” came about because her fashion style in the magazine geared towards curvy kawaii is very girly and froo froo. Like pastels and fluffy skirts and bows and stuff. I blame the article for not doing their research but you’re all ridiculous who fell on the bandwagon and went with it. There needs to be more encouragement for all girls of all shapes to embrace themselves and dress nicely instead of just hiding themselves. Of course people need to have a goal to be healthy, but being healthy does not equate to being thin. That lie causes girls to stop eating. Yea the public might tell her how good she looks, but on the inside she is crumbling and she shames herself with the onset of any weight. It is NOT ok to shame someone on their weight or body, whether too much or too little. That doesn’t mean unhealthy lifestyles should be supported, but we need to support the person. There are many struggles in life and everyone has their own, the biggest being to love and support yourself.

  • jordan

    I know that post was late but whatever. Its just really disturbing the negative spins that can be put on people trying to be positive.

  • “marshmallow” doesn’t mean morbidly obese, it’s just bigger/plus size girls and women. they’re still just as cute as girls of any ‘healthy weight,’ i think; and for some women, they can’t help their weight gain. some medications cause that, and they can’t just stop taking their meds, so why not let them still feel beautiful? plus marshmallows are commonly meant to be cute, especially in cartoony drawing styles for things like cute stationery, so i think it’s a very nice positive name for these ladies.

  • Batosai

    Rice Ball is a nice name for it.

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