Call Larger Women “Marshmallow Girls”, Says Magazine

Marshmallow girl Goto Seina

A new term for larger women has appeared in Japanese, thanks to the plus-size women’s magazine, la farfa.

The magazine recently introduced one of its models, Goto Seina, as a “marshmallow girl”.

But the word has created an online controversy among netizens; while some feel it is a positive term for those who are not as small as the average Japanese woman, others feel that it is just confusing the issue, and that such women just need to lose weight.

What do you think? Is “marshmallow girl” a more user-friendly term for the larger women among us?

From Livedoor News:

The Pros and Cons of “Marshmallow Girl”

In a nutshell:

The term “Marshmallow Girl”, which means a plump woman, is trending online.

Differing opinions; “They’re confusing it with ‘fatty'”, “It’s a good thing that they can enjoy fashion”

Model who is considered a “marshmallow girl” takes it as positive.

Pros And Cons Of “Marshmallow girl”, Models Themselves Are Positive… “I’m So Happy About It”

la farfa VOL.4

Goto appearing in <em>la farfa</em> magazine.

Goto appearing in la farfa magazine.

The term “marshmallow girl” to refer to women who have a “chubby” body-type is causing controversy online, but on December 11, a model introduced in a magazine as as marshmallow girl, Goto Seina, spoke positively of the term on her blog, saying, “It’s something that makes me really happy”.

In the November 20 edition of the fashion magazine la farfa VOL. 4 (published by Bunka-sha), which is aimed at plus size women, they called women with good bodies “marshmallow girls”. Online, this roused a controversy, with some saying “They’re confusing it with ‘fatty'” and “It’s a good thing that they can be happy and accept themselves, and enjoy fashion”.

Goto Seina

Goto Seina

Goto Seina, who is actually introduced in the pages of the magazine as a marshmallow girl, is positive: “Of course there will be different opinions — people who say ‘you’re a pig’ or ‘you’re a fatty’, but for me, [marshmallow girl] makes me really happy”. Goto also said that she would be happy if the term “marshmallow girl” would spread, and she’s happy if she or the magazine help people to know about it. “The thing is, the “Marshmallow man” or “Bibendum” are exactly like me! (^-^) They’re distant cousins, for sure!” she joked cheerfully.

Goto Seina

Goto Seina

The la farfa editorial blog was also updated on December 11. Although there were some nasty comments about marshmallow girls, Goto says she took no notice and just laughed.

Besides, it seems that Goto has been booked for TV appearances just by marshmallow girl becoming a hot topic. Can marshmallow girls spread their wings in the entertainment world without giving in to bashing?

Comments from


Just call them fatty.


How about just calling them “pizza girls”?


Fine to just say “Michelin Man”.


Marshmallow man is OK.


A beautiful girl → marshmallow girl
Fugly girl → fatty.
That’s how it should be.


Sumo girl.


Nah, they ain’t light like marshmallows, this gives the wrong impression, don’t like it.
Make it “paperweight girl”.


Yeah, they’re not like marshmallows at all — not light or soft w.
I think that “drum-barrel girl” is most suitable.


I’ll accept them as marshmallow girls if they have beautiful skin and they’re not sweaty.
If they’re breaking into a greasy sweat and they have spots, then I shall certainly not accept this term.


A gentleman’s kindness is in calling a fatty a fatty, to give them the motivation to change things.

Comments from Livedoor News:


There’s nothing wrong with calling someone who’s plump a fatty in the first place…I mean, shouldn’t you make them realise that they are fatties and make them understand clearly why that’s awful? It’s Ok for the female celebrities who are making a buck off it.


Come on, we’re just talking about the pointless conclusions of some magazine. I’ve never seen anyone use “roll cabbage” and all that stuff in a normal conversation. People will be sick of it soon.


I don’t really know what sort of consumer desire they’re trying to titillate by calling middle-aged women in their 30s and 40s “girls” and calling fatties “marshmallows”. It’s up to them if they want to encourage idiotic consumers, but in real society these nutcases who really do think they are these things are a pain in the ass.


Reminds me, in a certain film a marshmallow ghost called “Marshmallow man” appeared. I reckon she really looks like him…Marshmallow girl.


A fatty is a fatty.


Pros and cons is a word to be used when there are about the same number of opinions that agree and disagree, I think.


♪ Ghostbusters!♪


Give this a rest, there’ll be confused fatties all over the place calling themselves marshmallow girls.


Fatties aren’t ill or anything, it’s completely their own fault that they’re fat — not like people who are really bald or ugly, where there are elements of heredity. If you have time to make excuses, or make up words that are going to make you feel better, then get off your ass and lose weight!

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