‘Increase Immigration To Maintain Population’ Says Cabinet

Is immigration the solution to Japan's population problems?

Yahoo! Japan netizens are known for their xenophobic, conservative views. Therefore, when they clocked this article, about cabinet findings that Japan could maintain its population at 100,000,000 people if there was consistent immigration, they were pretty unsettled.

Many netizens cited “public order” [chian], or the peaceful nature of Japanese society, as being the first things that would be sacrificed when foreigners started inundating Japanese shores.

While Japan can certainly be a difficult place for foreigners to live, the government realises it has bigger problems at hand. With the birthrate continuing to fall and the population aging rapidly, Japan could face severe economic problems in the coming decades if a solution to the problem is not sought.

From Yahoo! Japan:

Cabinet Population Estimate: If Japan Takes In 200,000 Immigrants Per Year Population Of 100,000,000 Can Be Maintained

On February 24, the cabinet announced regarding Japan’s future population estimates that preliminary calculations suggest that Japan could maintain a population of over 100,000,000 people assuming that the birthrate recovers and Japan accepts immigrants.

The cabinet made its calculations by separating the outcomes “birth rate recovers” from “current state of birthrate”. In the case that the birth rate recovers, then is is assumed that the total fertility rate (TFR; an estimate of how many children each woman will give birth to in her lifetime) will reach 2.07 by 2030 if Japan also accepts 200,000 immigrants per year from 2015. According to this calculation, by 2060 there will be 109,890,000 people, and by 2110 this will reach 114,040,000.

With the current birthrate, if Japan does not accept immigrants, then it is estimated by 2060, the population will fall to 86,740,000, and by 2110, this will decrease to 42,860,000.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:

[Selection of most upvoted comments]


Immigration as a measure against Japan’s decreasing birthrate is nothing other than an inane plan.


This is just the epitome of stupidity!
Is Japan going to quit being Japan?
200,000 foreigners every year?
This is a massive problem, makes the issue of giving foreigners the right to participate in politics seem like no problem at all.
There’ll be a foreign country in each region of Japan.


Young people, learn lots and have lots of children.
The government too, shouldn’t be saying “The population is falling, it’s going down”, but they should be putting effort into guaranteeing employment and lifestyles for young people so that they can be independent, have families, and bring up children.
If we take in immigrants, it will be directly linked to the end of Japan.
Let’s really throw ourselves into year 2674 of the Imperial Era [2014].


And what’s happened to the US and Canada, who’ve taken in immigrants? Don’t tell me the person responsible for this calculation doesn’t even know?


I think it’s awful that they’re simply going to accept immigrants.
It would be the worst if we got immigrants from our neighbouring countries.


If we’re prepared to take in immigrants that we should just quietly accept a falling birthrate and aging society.


It’s just too simplistic to adopt immigration as a policy to increase the population. If we accept immigration, then on top of the problem with the falling population, problems with public order and discrimination will be unavoidable.
Do your bloody job! Are you stupid?


This is just the muddlebrained thoughts of a government agency who think that if it works mathematically then problem solved. If we take in immigrants then all that’ll happen is that public order will get worse (>_<)


I have my doubts as to whether foreigners would really fill a gap in labour.
As a tourist spot, Japan has a rich history and abundant nature,
it’s elegant, clean, and probably a great country to visit,
but for a foreigner it ain’t an easy country to work in.
Common understanding between Japanese citizens is just too strong.
“You, even if it’s written in the contract, you say ‘this’ and you mean ‘this'” (Wonder why I wrote that in Nagoya dialect..)
Could they really work in a country like that?
They’ve used the EPA to call in Indonesian nurses,
but they never really stay no matter how many years pass.
When they finally pass the exams, they just end up going back to their own country.


Immigration sounds fine, but the only kind of people we’ll get over here are the ones who are no good and have no livelihood in their own country.
Look at the UK.
Any community they had was destroyed years ago.
And immigration to Japan would come from China and Korea, which would be completely awful.
This is nothing but a completely inane policy.


Maintain the population by taking in immigrants. Hmm.
They just want to exploit Japan.
And all that’ll happen is that people from an unnamed mainland and peninsula will flood over here.


They can’t sacrifice public order just to maintain a population of 100,000,000.
It’s not too late — if the government halves taxes then they can easily increase the number of children. It’s not that people don’t want to have children, is it? It’s just that they don’t have them because they have no money.


I’m against taking in immigrants!!


A ridiculous policy that they definitely shouldn’t carry out.


I wonder if they researched previous examples properly where the West have taken in immigrants?
I don’t think that a decreasing population is necessarily all that bad anyway…


This is bad.
This ain’t Japan anymore; the final whistle is sounding.

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  • BigWheels

    Classic xenophobia from Japanese netizens. Sociology professors may want to use these comments as examples.

    • besudesu

      In a way this is just classic xenophobia from the internet. You see the same things on various Anglophone websites too. I guess the difference here is that Japan has a pretty homogenous population, whereas in the US or UK immigration is an integral part of the nation’s history.

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        True, but this is Japan, which is dealing with a serious population problem. Other nations can sort of get away with it since they have a steady stream of immigration already and no amount of bigoted whining will stop it. Japan has none yet.

        It’s like a diabetic refusing to take insulin because they hate needles.

      • MoronsAroundMe

        Uh what? All Western European states are, historically, ethnostates. You’re just buying into an official narrative of say, British and French History that turns these things called invasions into the post-Roman equivalent of preventable economic mass migration.

        The difference between Japan and Britain is that Japan’s laws are stricter. Stop doublethinking just to justify the fact you think it’s ok for Japan to have strict laws but not white people.

        • chris


    • weizi

      Sociology isn’t a real science. It’s leftist propaganda disguised academics.

      • mikedo2007


  • prin12

    “immigration to Japan would come from China and Korea, which would be completely awful”

    “They just want to exploit Japan. And all that’ll happen is that people from an unnamed mainland and peninsula will flood over here.”

    Lol.. The usual self absorbed japanese xenophobia.
    Speaking of korean, the reason why there are many Koreans in Japan is because they were brought there as forced laborers during japanese occupation (which they probably forgot). Other than that, there are temporary south korean tourists, students or business people. No one in south korea would even imagine living in Japan. They are enjoying economic prosperity and fear their country would end up in the mess japan is today. Also Koreans no longer emmigrate. According to joongang ilbo, only 302 south koreans emmigrated to other countries for permanent residency (mostly the US) while over 3000 naturalized citizens returned.

    Anyway, their xenophobia is going to cost them dearly.

    • besudesu

      Yeah I’d love to know how many Koreans would drop everything and live in Japan if this immigration policy is instituted. Anyway, pretty much anyone could go and live in Japan as long as they fulfilled visa requirements; I don’t think these netizens understand that immigration isn’t actually illegal.

      • bigmamat

        My question is does the Japanese economy support the kind of immigration the government is proposing. It’s my understanding that the low birth rate is due to a poor economy anyway.

        • chris

          its not solely based on the poor economy. its a combination of all sorts of societal issues – but mostly, the lack of gender equality at the workplace. Men stay working over hours while the women are suppose to stay home and take care of children even though the modern economy demands both genders to work. there is a lot of pressure on females to work AND be a stay home mom and its just not practical.

          • bigmamat

            Well I don’t think it’s as simple as anyone thing so I probably misspoke a bit. I did read an article last month about Japan’s low birth rate and also that Japanese young people aren’t even hooking up. Now that came a bit of a surprise. Anyway, it’s a combination of culture, the pressures of modern life and economics.

          • besudesu

            I think you’re right, it’s a combination of things, but creating a better environment for working women would be one effective way to start tackling the issue. In terms of the economy supporting immigration, I suppose that the government’s main concern in this regard would be that immigrants contribute tax. Of course, for them to contribute fully they would have to be Japanese citizens…

        • dk2020

          There’s record low birthrates across the world right now except Sub-Saharan Africa, that’s including the US.. it’s a sign of the times..

      • Immigration isn’t illegal, its just incredibly insane requirements.

        • besudesu

          I know…

      • Rutim

        > Yeah I’d love to know how many Koreans would drop everything and live in Japan if this immigration policy is instituted

        Probably the same amount ok Zainichi Koreans who would leave Japan for Korea. Not much.

        • besudesu

          Exactly — but that’s because a lot of Zainichi Koreans *are* Japanese by the mark of any other country where ethnic nationalism does not play a major role. The majority of people who grow up in a country don’t plan to leave that country unless there is a good reason for doing so.

          • chucky3176

            500,000 ethnic Koreans who refuse to take on Japanese citizenship even after 3 to 4 generations? OK, to be fair, let’s say 60% are North Koreans by papers. But as Japan is now right wing, there’s good chance in the future those ethnic Koreans who are thought of as welfare leeches, increasingly have their rights taken away and violence against them increase. When ethnic groups have their rights taken away, that’s when they’re open to immigrating abroad.

          • chris

            Chucky is like the Fox News of S. Korean topic. lol it is baffling how narrow minded and conservative you are.

        • Paulistano

          Zainichi Koreans don’t leave Japan for Korea because Japan is better, Rutim. There are more important factors. Look at Brazil, there are more than 1 million japanese ethnicity including myself and they still will live here, probably. Japan is one trillion years ahead of Brazil and yet, most of people prefer to stay here because of friends, home, love and affinity that many of us have with this country. Now, I think there no reason to koreans move to Japan since South Korea is almost equal or the same with Japan in quality of life matter.

          • chucky3176

            Didn’t Japan pay Brazilian Japanese to return back to Brazil recently? Japan couldn’t even handle few Brazilians of Japanese ancestry, how is Japan going to be able to handle 200,000 a year new foreigners? I say Abe is pipe dreaming again.

          • Rutim

            Nope, but I know for sure that South Korean government called for young Zainichi Koreans to serve their duty.

            Anyone came back?

          • Paulistano

            Yes, I heard of people who came back in my community in São Paulo. Never met them personally, I don’t know if they received a little sum of money from the government or if they came themselves. But I heard when american crisis happened (2008-2009) that Japan would give money if the dekasseguis (japanese brazilian living in Japan) go back to Brazil and never return to Japan by law since unemplyment in Japan was high. I don’t think this strategy worked very well, however, many dekasseguis returned because they were unemployed for some time and cound’t get a job.

          • Rutim

            I bet Japanese capital in Brasil is 100x bigger than Korean in Japan.

          • Paulistano

            Can’t understand what’s your point really. Japanese capital in Brazil? What does it mean?? I think that about 70-80% of nippon descendant live in São Paulo state, there are various nippon colonies here and there are small cities that almost the entire population is brazilian japanese. I myself live in one of those colonies, there was a time in my teens that I only saw japanese descendant since my school was inside in the community, only saw brazilians more often when I entered in college.

    • Rutim

      > Anyway, Japan’s xenophobia is going to cost them dearly.

      They just don’t like Koreans and Chinese that much. It doesn’t mean that they don’t like other nations.

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        Of course they don’t hate other nations, they just hate other nation’s foreigners living in their country.


        • Rutim

          Isn’t it humorous picture? You don’t have to take those things seriously lol

          • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

            But of course humorous pictures like these are seeded in some form of reality.

            Can’t be 100% serious all the time. You’ll choke on your own bile.

      • d-_-b

        care to explain this? LOL

        • Claude

          Signage like that is far and few between in Japan. There’s been a few cases of discrimination. An activist waged a campaign against a onsen in Hokkaido and a some pictures of signage have appeared on the net; calls were made etc… But I spent a decade there and never once seen a no foreigners or Japanese only sign and I’ve spent a lot a time kicking around the streets and exploring the nightlife and I don’t know anyone else who has.

          • Mighty曹

            “exploring the nightlife”. Care to elaborate? 😉

          • Claude

            The Japanese work hard and play hard. Once the sun goes down shit gets pretty crazy. When I first arrived I did the same. I saved NO money for a year. Clubbing till they closed then off to a after-hours clubs followed by DJ’s in the Yoyogi park in the summer from 10am till 1pm then home to crash.

            If you have Japanese male friends they’ll always want to drag somewhere unsavory. Not a conversation for mixed company.

          • Mighty曹

            Sounds like we could’ve hung out together. That was exactly how I partied here (every week). Things get really crazy when big name DJ’s from Europe play the clubs.

        • YellowMagic

          I know some Japanese places don’t want foreign customers(who can’t speak Japanese), not because they hate them or are racist or anything, but when there is trouble, they are unable to deal with or accommodate customers properly because they cannot even communicate. It just becomes frustrating and time consuming for both the customer and the people giving the service, hence the sign.
          Even with those signs, they usually allow people accompanied by a Japanese speaking person, or if they can somewhat communicate in Japanese.

          The best thing to do is just choose places where there are English speaking people so they can accommodate you properly.

          I used to wait in a restaurant in Tokyo back in college. In Tokyo, even if they are able to accommodate English speaking customers, there is usually only one staff that can. This becomes even more of a problem at peak hours. They don’t have a sign but they definitely preferred Japanese customers over non Japanese speaking foreigners, as they require less attention.
          I think there are too many tourists who mistakenly think that you would be understood if you just speak in English. I mean how many of you can communicate in the foreign language you took back in middle/high school?

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            “I mean how many of you can communicate in the foreign language you took back in middle/high school?”

            I wanted to take Spanish but was forced to take French de to quotas. There were a lot of people pissing about in classes and my French class had 18 different teachers in the final two years. I still managed to get a D. Now that might not be impressive, but in those two years, I didn’t learn any French. The teachers were too busy dodging missiles.

          • Zappa Frank

            “how many of you can communicate in the foreign language you took back in middle/high school”

            among people the whole population the percentage is low, however in touristic places I think everyone can speak English.

          • Claude

            In small bars where people are sitting close to one another having a foreigner who doesn’t speak the language can be a very a awkward and uncomfortable for Japanese people. The Japanese are pretty shy and harmony (Wa) is important and a traditional Japanese value.

        • Rutim

          Care to explain this (examples from Korea and China):



          *waiting for at least 16 anonymous upvotes*

          • Chucky3176

            It tells me where you get all your materials from, from 2ch. The sign was a joke made by an internet gaming house. It says “Japanese banned” but right under it in brackets says “if you insist you may enter if you shout dokdo is Korean three times”. Even if it was a joke, any Japanese could have entered the place after shouting and clapping dokdo is Korean three times. It figures you guys are so desperate to use that joke sign as if Japanese are really being banned, because that’s all you’re going to find. Typical 2ch fabricated information on Korea. You Japanese are expert fabricators of false information which is flooding your sites. Simply disgusting.

          • Rutim

            It’s not fabricated.

            And Korean sense of humour… How about ‘No Korean trash allowed here’ with ‘If you’re Korean you may enter if you shout three times ‘My grandma was a whore during the war!”.

            Funny as hell, isn’t it?

          • kimchibitch

            Dude… Wow… You really think claiming the ownership of some stupid island is the same thing as calling someone trash or degrading his grandmother?

          • Chucky3176

            Not really funny. It would have been funnier if it said “no Koreans allowed but if you must get in, you must shout East Sea is really Sea of Japan!”. Now that’s called sense of humour, without resorting to hate like the raving mad Japanese holding kill Koreans banners and school kid calling for massacres on the streets while the passerby people laugh and shouting “right on!”.

            Abe’s 200,000 immigrants a year for Japan is complete joke. There’s no way Japanese people would even allow that to happen.

          • kimchibitch

            To be fair, he was opposing your statement that Japanese only hate Chinese and Koreans. He didn’t mean Koreans or Chinese are any better.

          • Guest

            definitely fake. these pictures are from livedoor.

    • takasar1

      just to point out: despite experiencing ‘economic prosperity’, they still produce 4 times less than the japanese as a whole, produce significantly less per person than the japanese, earn significantly less on average too and are already facing facing the same stagnation inducing barriers that the japanese first encountered throughout the mid 80s (‘small’ population and nil resources). all this despite two lost decades experienced by the latter.

      • Paulistano

        I think you have misunderstanding some things too my friend.

        1-”they still produce 4 times less than the japanese as a whole”. Japan produce 4X (I think It’s more, but okay) in GDP sense because Japan is much bigger than S. Korea. There is no secret in that. If you think that way, China is better than Japan because their GDP is bigger and it will double in 10 years. Hell no, China is 50 years behind Japan in almost all scientific, quality of life and status matter I think.

        2-”produce significantly less per person than the japanese” That’s true, facts are facts. But my fears is that one day Korea could surpass Japan GDP per capita. Some credit rating has already said that Korea will surpass Japan (2018 nominal and 2030-40 PPP) if Japan keep falling economically. I personally don’t think Abe will fix the situation, but I really wish that Japan could go back in the 70’s and 80’s situation.

        3-”earn significantly less on average too”. That part I have to disagree with you. Korea has already surpass Japan. A korean with avarege salary has more power to buy things in Korea than a japanese with avarege salary in Japan. Here is a souce:


        4-”already facing facing the same stagnation inducing barriers that the japanese first encountered throughout the mid 80s”. In natural course, Korea would follow exactly Japan’s path. Actually, S.Korea would already be in Japan situation at this rate, but what makes S. Korea different is China. Exporting to China helped to boost S. Korea economy since China market is huge. From what I read in world news, Korea positive economy growth in 2013 is due to China. If Sino-japanese relation were good like Korea, I’m sure that Japan wouldn’t be in a so bad shape like now.

        Hence, I think Japan underestimated Korea too much. it’s time to Japan wake up and start to focus regain status that the country has in 80’s.

        • Claude

          Glad someone brought up quality of life versus the shure size of a economy by GDP. I heard this over and over again by Chinese and expats alike while in China while they were living in apartments the size of shoe-boxes that had a the life expectancy of 25 years. Infrastructure that was crumbling within 2 years of completion and an air quality that causes cancer and was akin to breathing pea soup. They would wax on about the clout China has made do to the size of the economy.

          This is the same disorder the Japanese have. Always concerned about the size of the GDP while they live in “rabbit hutches” and concrete jungles with little green space. When they slipped to number 3 in size I could hear the collective whimpering of defeat like they just had their asses handed to them in the World Cup by the Koreans or Chinese.

          It’s time embrace something other than GDP and all Asian nations to put their inferiority complexes on the shelf.

          • chris

            you cannot blame the Japanese for living in “rabbit hutches”. imagine a country with approximately half the size of the U.S. population in a country the size of California/Oregon – which are made up mostly by volcanic islands with mountains everywhere. what do you suggest that they do? there is VERY little flat space.

          • Claude

            True, it’s cramped but not as cramped as it appears. Lets ignore the ghost towns. The small community’s practically abandoned do the the demographic shift as the country ages. Plenty of room in those towns and focus on the cities.

            House vacancies in Japan are estimated at 18% and expected to go to 24% by 2028. I certainly saw it in Tokyo walking around my neighborhood and seeing the amount of run down homes and apartments that – with intensives, be redeveloped into larger spaces. The owners are collecting no rent in these places and it would certainly benefit the GDP when the landlord builds, buying construction material, hiring labor and not to mention eventually collecting rent. It’s win win. Larger apartments and a landlord that better serves the economy. Something else Abe needs to address. A few years there were several land reforms and their was a little building boom in north Tokyo where land was cheaper. It was good to see and my shitty neighborhood transformed itself. Well, around the train station anyway.

            I’ve also noticed that rice cultivation has been hit with a demographic shift. Younger people just don’t want to go into growing rice and the land has been used to build larger homes on the outskirts of Tokyo. Decent sized homes 45 minutes to an hour from Tokyo by express train. Sad to see the demise of an industry, though.

            Anyways, I’m not an economist but I thought I’d throw that out there.

          • guizi

            > Decent sized homes 45 minutes to an hour from Tokyo by express train.

            Still very difficult. Japan’s population started to shrink some years ago. But the Tokyo metropolitan area is still growing and accepting lot of people from country side of Japan.

            Maybe in 2050 when the population becomes 80 millions, we can have a little bit better house than now.

    • Claude

      If Japan stays this course the Korean economy is set to overtake Japan’s by 2030.

      • Paulistano

        LOL I think you expressed in the wrong way. I think it’s almost impossible South Korea overtake Japan GDP. What I read a few months ago is that S. Korea will overtake Japan GPD (nominal) per capital by 2017-2018 and GDP (PPP) per capita by 2030-40 IF korean and japnese stay at this current course. MAYBE, if we see a unified Korea, there is a chance that in 50 years, Korea can pose a serious economic threat to Japan. But fear not, Claude, China will smash both much earlier, since they have enormous resources and manpower unlike Korea and Japan.

        • Claude

          That is correct. By using GDP(PPP) as the gauge – Korea is set to overtake Japan as “Asia’s richest country” according to economist Igor Purlantov. Is being Asia’s “richest country” something to scoff at? It’s come a long way since I lived there in the early 90’s. Although I never want to go back, I’m impressed.

          • Paulistano

            I think Korea came too late to play the game I think. Japan was smarter and developed much before when China was in chaos (Mao Tse tung era). When Korea partially woke up (North Korea still a mess), China woke up too. GDP per capita is important, but GDP in general is ultimate factor that can influence other countries (ex: more money to military power) and China is dominating in this matter. I personally a little worried with Asia, since China is still officialy dictatorial country and their showing what Japan did in Asia: Imperialism. Tibet, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia are the finest examples.

          • Claude

            Perhaps, but I found that Koreans have a flexibility that the Japanese haven’t. The Asian crises was a great example for that. They weathered it better than I thought. It helped that they were still developing off course but made reforms quickly. And also, they have the opportunity to watch the Japanese make mistakes and learn from them.

            I don’t think it’s in China’s best interest to dominate any more than they have in the imperial sense, they need stability and continued growth. Soft power is a different matter and they are doing very well in Africa and other developing nations.

          • hailexiao

            Going by PPP GDP per capita, the richest country in Asia is Taiwan, not Japan.

          • chucky3176

            PPP GDP alone is not a good measurement of wealth since the figure disregards the quality standards of the goods and services that the people are afforded. For instance, a bus ride in India, is not same as a bus ride in Japan. Two substantially different transportation systems of differing qualities. This is why PPP GDP’s overly favors poorer countries with lower Nominal Per Capital GDP’s.

            Of course nominal GDP’s have also its faults, namely that fluctuating currency value relative to the US dollar could wildly swing the figures. But it does a better job of showing national economic powers and industrial development of each countries, than the PPP figures which does a better job of showing the living costs for average people.

            This is why, to get the best picture of the comparable economies, you have to take both the PPP and Nominal GDP’s, along with UN ratings on human development index, to get the best picture of economies.

            With that in mind, I say Japan, while slipping rapidly, is still the richest country in Asia. As for Singapore and Hong Kong, they are cities with no rural populations, so too small to be really called countries. They will be better if we compare them to Tokyo for instance,but not entirely comparable to Japan.

          • Jesus

            No one cares about that island lol

        • prin12

          GDP per capita itself however is not an accurate way of distinguishing living standards particularly among advanced economies. In terms of actual developedness, both S korea and Japan are within the top 20 for the Human development index compiled by the UN every year. S koreans also have a larger purchasing power in relation to their relative cost of living compared to their japanese counterparts, I think someone in here has already mentioned that. South korea also has a higher annual economic growth and much lower national debt. its quite obvious they have aleady surpassed japan in many ways particularly in areas of technologically economy and culture etc, years ago.

    • firebert5

      The Chinese on the other hand, would crowd the airlines to get into Japan, despite its own racism.

    • guizi

      > Lol.. The usual self absorbed japanese xenophobia.

      Perhap, your comment IS the usual ignorant prejudiced one.

      > Speaking of koreans, Honestly no one in south korea would even imagine living in Japan.

      This is just wrong. Perhaps you dont like the idea of Koreans coming to Japan which is the most hated country in Korea. But a face is a fact.

      Lots of Koreans come to Japan. They are not immigrants, as you say. Thet come to Japan to study. Koreans are the second biggest foreign students after Chinese. They come to Japan to study and then they find a job and live here. They lose a chance to go home, and Japan becomes their second home country. Lots of Chinese and Koreans end up in Japan like this. Of course many others go home. But if they have a job in Japan and they are already over 35, it is difficult to go home.

      > There are many Koreans in Japan today because they were brought there as forced laborers during japanese occupation (which japan has probably forgot).

      This is the story which most people want to believe. You know, Japan is bad and they dont admit it. It is always told as this. But again this is not true.

      When Korea was part of Japan, Japanese government banned Korean to come to Japan. At that time, Japan was the most advanced economy in Asia, so naturally lots of Koreans wanted to come to Japan. But, still Japan was not that rich to accept immigrants, so Japan did not allow Koreans coming to Japan.

      But anyway, lots of Koreans did come to Japan. From 1905 to 1944, the number of Koreans in Japan rose to about 600,000. Then there was the National Mobilization Law enforced in Korea in 1944 due to the lack of workforce after lots of Japanese men went abroad fighting and killed. After this, the number of Koreans in Japan expanded to 2 millions at the end of WW2. I think you are mentioning this as forced laborers. Yes, at that time, all Japanese were forced to work, and my father was one of them. He was 14 years old, and had to work in a factory. So, my father was a forced labor. And at that time, Korea was Japan, so Korean also had to work in factories.

      But Japan lost the war, and Japan did not have anything for them. So lots of them returned to Korea. And returning koreans to korea was the policy of American occupation government. Soon the number of Koreans was lowered to 600,000, the same number as before the mobilization law.

      I think this number of Koreans had the base of their lives in Japan, so they did not return. I also think they were not the Forced labors as you say. If they were forced to come to Japan, why did not they return to korea? I think Korean Forced Labors were brought back to Korea by themselves and American occupational government.

      So, korens living in Japan are not descendents of forced labors as you say. Then a war started in Korea. Again Koreans started to come to Japan.

      And there is one bad fact to you. Why many koreans in Japan are originary form jeju? Isnt there a very bad discrimination in jeju, and many fled the discrimination and came to japan?

      • prin12

        Exactly my point, Koreans were brought to japan for labor during occupation which is why so many live there today as decedents. Why did many not go back? Because they had lived there for so many years and developed a living in japan, but now right wingers want them out. Why are japanese brazilians not moving back to japan? because they have been there for generations and built their life there. So back to my point. How many SOUTH KOREAN citizens actually want to LIVE in japan forever? The answer is zero as I have stated above. They go there to study, or do business or tourism. look at actual statistics. Japan needs to be more concerned about how to maintain their own population, like introducing incentives and stop diverting useless attention to korea all the time.

        • guizi

          Did you read my post? And look at your comment with lots of hatreds. Very sad to see the existence of people of your kind.

          • prin12

            By the way, most ordinary koreans don’t “hate” japan. Its true they get annoyed with historical issues but otherwise, most people are just complacent or not interested.

  • Guest

    I guess the Japanese would rather want to shrink and disappear.

  • bigmamat

    I love the comment: And what’s happened to the US and Canada, who’ve taken in immigrants? Don’t tell me the person responsible for this calculation doesn’t even know?

    I find comments like this really funny considering that the entire country is built on immigration. Just because we argue about current immigration laws doesn’t mean that immigration has been detrimental to the U.S. we wouldn’t even be a nation if not for immigration.

    • Mighty曹

      First and foremost, we’re a nation because we wanted to live free. Immigration, which was a by-product of the various European colonies, built this country into the superpower that it is today.

      • dk2020

        I keep hearing about the UK and how the open policy of immigration and multiculturalism has failed there because minorities are outnumbering whites..keep in mind Britain is a very small country too with not alot of land for the population so it is more comparable to Japan and S Korea..

        this guy is funny..

        • Mighty曹

          Actually that’s a fair comparison. I think the UK laws are a bit lax and it has created negative impact for the native populace. Japan can learn from it to prevent the same from taking roots.

          • bigmamat

            I don’t know about the UK I just know that the history of immigration laws in the U.S. is not about economics or jobs or whatever bullshit story someone throws against the wall to try and make it stick. It’s all about white fear. Not the current debate, every immigration debate, has been about whatever breed of white group that was in power at the time was worried about losing their advantage.

          • Mighty曹

            We’re more concerned about ‘illegal’ immigrants who are financially costing the average citizen indirectly, which is linked to economics and jobs.

          • bigmamat

            There’s no actual evidence of that either. Illegals are a very limited draw on the economy and in some areas they are a boost. Peddle that spin elsewhere. The U.K. may not be able to absorb large immigration populations but the U.S. certainly can and already did. Our current economic situation has nothing to do with illegal immigrants. Please don’t tell me you’re actually still listening to that broken record? I think it’s quite clear what’s happened to the U.S. economy. I think the issue is how to reverse it.

          • Mighty曹

            As someone who readily accuses another of being ‘simplistic’, you sure are naive for not being aware to the fact that illegal immigrants DOES affect the overall financial spectrum that includes our economy. Just think, when an illegal immigrant gets medical treatment at a local general hospital, who’s paying for it? Need help with the answer? Wake the eff up.

          • bigmamat

            Like I already said, studies show that illegals are not a large drain on the economy. They also indicate that their illegal status is what creates the drain not their behavior. Hence our constant discussion about how to make the millions of them who have been here for some time legal. Don’t need any help with anything. Just don’t need to be schooled by someone who can’t do their own google search.

          • Mighty曹

            You ignorance can’t be overshadowed by my amazement that you actually believe I, or anyone in this day and age, ‘can’t do’ google search. I guess that makes you feel like the scholar that you think you are. ‘Age’ doesn’t always equate with ‘wisdom’. You’re just old.

          • bigmamat

            Yes it’s disturbing that someone so young is so willing to fall right in line behind so many old white mother fuckers in suits. You do realize that the people who are using this issue as a political wedge are the group that benefits most from illegal immigrant labor. They also know there is actually nothing substantial that can be done to stop people from entering the country illegally. This issue and the “southern strategy” are nothing more than deflection tactics, a little like a magic trick, look over here. Look over here at the creepy little brown people who don’t speak our language pouring into the country to take your job cleaning the shitter. Now look over here at all the black on black crime. Did that welfare mother just get her nails done, how dare she? You do realize the people who are telling you to be upset about this stuff are the ones actually picking your pocket don’t you? You don’t need to do a google search to figure that out. You just have to keep up with current events.

          • Mighty曹

            What makes you think I’m a mindless individual who’s so easily deceived by ‘magic tricks’? I speak from my own personal experience and interactions. There are actual illegal workers I know who are openly boasting about how they don’t need to pay income tax yet they can get medical treatments for free. You think that’s not a financial burden at all or that it’s just a minute portion of the population that doesn’t affect anything?

            [email protected]”keep up with current events”. You need to fast forward a decade.

          • bigmamat

            Pardon me if I don’t believe a damned word of your so called personal experience. I’m sure it’s standard practice for illegal immigrants to boast to guys like you about how they’re taking advantage of the system. What are you some kind of undercover operative? Did you infiltrate their group and gets the good on them?

          • Mighty曹

            Now you’re just being silly with the ‘undercover operative’ and ‘infiltrate’ fantasy. It’s a reality and that’s part of my frustration. Knowing about it personally but not being able to do anything about it. If choosing not to believe my words means this does not exist and helps you sleep well at night, that’s fine. I’m amazed by people like you living in a perceived world of doubting people and only believing yourself.

          • bigmamat

            Next point…straight out of wiki…Anecdotal evidence is considered dubious support of a claim; it is accepted only in lieu of more solid evidence. This is true regardless of the veracity of individual claims… You are aware that the evidence you’re offering is called anecdotal evidence not actual evidence?
            I’m not calling you stupid just wrong about this one. I’ve seen your posts and often agreed with you. Just not this time. You might be to close to the subject to see it clearly. Just saying. Please pardon me if I come off rude. I don’t intend to be, I’m actually pretty blunt in person too.

          • Mighty曹

            By that logic, if you tell someone your personal account of an event or experience, good or bad, we can dismiss it as an ‘anecdote’? Tell someone you got raped. “Oh, it’s just anecdotal”.

            Anyway, I’m flashing my peace sign at you. No ‘pardon’ necessary and I apologize if I was being an ass. I respect you for agreeing AND disagreeing as you see fit. Nothing wrong with that. You go, gurl!

          • bigmamat
          • Mighty曹

            Woh…. are you providing proof that you’ve been misunderstanding me all this time? I have nothing against and wholly support immigrants who drive our economy, which I am proud to be a part of. My argument iss about illegal immigrants.

          • bigmamat

            The article is about illegal immigrants. Stop splitting hairs.

          • whuddyasack

            Actually, I’ve followed a lot of your posts and while I don’t necessarily agree with most of them, I admire how rationally you handle criticism and insults (there are plenty) thrown towards you. I have to disagree with you about illegal immigration too unfortunately, although you’ve handled it much better than the typical so-called liberal. You’re definitely better than 99% of the rabid nationalists that flood the English-speaking internetzz who resort to mudslinging and using retarded terms such as “libtards”.

            But there’s one cause that I’ve always been sympathetic over. And that’s how deplorably, unashamedly and pathetically women are treated, and how they are constantly subjected to blame. I could expand a lot more but ultimately, I respect your stance here.

            Which is strange, in a sea of overly-opinionated, highly “sexist” and “misogynistic” males on the internet, I must be one of the only super opinionated user not to jump the chauvinist bandwagon. I find it low. The rest are nice guys. Too nice.

            “Please pardon me if I come off rude. I don’t intend to be, I’m actually pretty blunt in person too.”

            That makes two of a kind. The only difference is that offline, most of my friends would vouch on my politeness. If only they knew how I treated my enemies 😉

          • bigmamat

            You won’t believe how many people have un-friended me on Facebook lol. I’ve been called demonic because of my stance on abortion. I’ve been called a communist/socialist because of my political leanings. I was married to a drunk for 17 years so you can imagine what I’ve been called to my face. lol I freely admit that I’m a social liberal. I’m for as much freedom of choice in your personal life as a society can stand. There was a time when I thought myself fiscally conservative but in my country the so called fiscal conservatives have gone off the rails. I have frequent debates with lots of free market supporters. I don’t believe in unregulated capitalism.

            I meet a lot of “militant feminists” online that seem to think I’m not feminist enough. The problem with being a feminist is that in some countries it can get you dead. I’m all for women achieving more autonomy but I do not advocate a woman sacrificing herself for a cause. So occasionally I come off as being critical or “victim blaming”. That isn’t my intent. You would think I wouldn’t have to keep reminding young women that the #1 cause of death in women is not heart disease but men. So while I’d support a group of girls joining the next “slut walk” I’d never say that it was smart for a girl to go off alone with 5 guys she barely knows and get drunk. That’s just taking your own personal safety for granted.

            I also understand that I often come off condescending and arrogant. While I might hand out criticism with very little hesitation. I am also willing to concede when I don’t know something or if I’m just wrong, for me being wrong usually means I’m uninformed. I’m old, over 50 and I’ve lived through a lot of things many of you only read about in history books. I’ve also kept up on current events. I’m only here now because I’ve become so disgusted and jaded about politics in my own country. I have the right to take a break from it. Along with my finances it has wrecked my piece of mind. I was a community activist and a union official for many years in my real life. None of it ever made a dent. So yeah, I’m cynical and jaded too. That’s one reason I don’t really care how many names some wet behind the ears keyboard jockey calls me. Nobody else has walked that mile in my shoes. I do think that nothing gets resolved and people do not come to any kind of understanding without the use of civil discourse. Name calling never changed anyone’s mind about anything. Believe me in real life I cuss like a rapper and I’m very sarcastic. I understand I’m an acquired taste. Thanks for the shout out. BTW..I never have enemies life to short to even bother. I don’t do revenge even though I love me a good Korean revenge movie. I’m more into just walking away from bullshit rather than stepping in it.

          • whuddyasack

            Thank you for the response. It was an interesting read

            My observations on “militant feminism” are that they tend to fight for the most ridiculous of causes such as Paglia criticizing Swift and Perry.


            All the while overlooking more important issues such as rape, trafficking of women in third world countries, femicide, child marriages and abuse and female illiteracy world wide. But then again, I’ve seen perfectly legitimate arguments from women who were then accused of being feminists and there are things that people should thank them for such as women having access to education and woman suffrage.

            In contrast, there is nothing positive about Men’s Rights Activism (MRA). Their only purpose is to counter “rabid feminism” in rabid ways and come across as hateful whiners IMO. Not to mention MRAs have literally brought us NOTHING and are widely supported by some of the most misogynistic, chauvinistic nations where rape IS a problem. There is a saying, a movement is only as good or bad as the company that moves along with it.

            I also completely agree with you that it is foolish for any female to willingly go off alone with a company of a group of strange men unless she was coerced or trapped. Even a group of females aren’t safe to be honest and the freaky violent criminals actually target and single out lone women. Groups of drunk dudes seeking to rape someone is an entirely more dangerous situation.

            I’m only here now because I’ve become so disgusted and jaded about politics in my own country.

            Bless you ;-P. Personally, I am thankful my country is NOTHING like the land of my ancestors. Politics there is the least the people worry about and should.

            No I don’t find you condescending and rude. Quite the opposite, and given what’s thrown at you, I’m surprised how thick of a skin you have. I apologize if that was offensive, but I say it admiringly. Words of wisdom, life really is too short to have enemies. Good principle.

            Hahaha as far as good Korean revenge movies are concerned, I have to agree with you. I really enjoyed “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance”. Friends recommended “I Saw the Devil” telling me how awfully brutal (in a good way) it was. Definitely on my to watch list.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            The UK laws are a little lax but the bigger issue is from Europe and the EU. The freedom of movement with in EU member states mean that those who have recently joined and are ‘poorer’ nations have people from their country go to the ‘richer’ nations. The UK was ‘flooded’ with Poles when Poland entered the EU. Poles aren’t coloured people.

            The issue is and has been in how to integrate immigrants into a local culture, while also respecting some differences (marriage rites, religions, etc.). The other fact is, when the people original came (the 50s/60s immigration) the locals, just as the Japanese posters in the Yahoo segment commented, didn’t want them. So the immigrants flocked together because the locals didn’t want anything to do with them causing them to create their own immigrant hubs and a bit of back home in the new home.

          • LibSlayer

            Boris, de facto freedom of movement is a problem (with or without Schengen), agreed. But it’s not that simple: Britain continuously relaxes its policies in regards to certain Commonwealth Nations for example. Student visas are also too easily obtainable (Britain views tertiary education and foreign students as a kind of business, which is fine to a degree, but not when it leads to more and more joke-universities being created all over the country). Family reunification laws are incredibly permissive (Acquis Communitaire mandates this).

            But really, just about all Western countries from Germany to the US have extremely permissive immigration laws compared to non-Western ones. Even non-developed Gulf States have more restrictive criteria. Hell, even a lot of Sub-Saharan African ones do.

            These states aren’t going to change their policies. People in Europe and North America have a right to be worried about mass, non-white immigration and telling them they don’t is bizarre and Orwellian.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            Britian relaxes and tightens, it has been going up and down like this.

            These joke universities were basically set up as scams that took advantage of loopholes in the law. They are being closed down and student visas from the countries that exploited this are finding it hard to get student visas.

            I don’t have much against the family reunification laws. But I do need to read more into it.

            Western countries do have ‘lighter’ laws compared to the ones you mentioned but I’d say it isn’t as easy as some are making out (EU excluded). And I am not saying that people shouldn’t be worried. I am saying that some of the ‘headlines’ printed in newspapers are not true, and comments such as “whites being outnumbered” in the UK is far fetched when White British (not White in general, so this ignores people from other parts of Europe) is above 80% in the country. This is pure scaremongering and nothing else.

            The earlier immigrants that came did have large families but the second/third generations are having smaller families with 2-3 kids. This is even going on for the new immigrants coming to the country. So the number will level off. So it isn’t likely that the white population will be overtaken in the UK, it might strink but I don’t see it shrinking as much as some papers have made out.

            And nothing I said is Orwellian. I see that as a jibe at me and an attempt to discredit my post and views.

          • LibSlayer

            White Britons are essentially outnumbered in their own capital city. The same is happening in Birmingham, Leiceter, Bradford etc. If the same happened to Japanse in Tokyo, Kobe, Kyoto etc, the Japanese would also have the right to be angry.

            The earlier immigrants that came did have large families but the
            second/third generations are having smaller families with 2-3 kids.

            Doesn’t this ipso facto disprove the economic case for mass migration, given that it means we’re just creating another aging population bubble further down the line?

            Perhaps a better approach to aging populations is acceptance and careful fiscal management of the problem instead.

            My views derive not just from facts, but from my generally held belief that nobody really respects Western countries for their permissiveness, they just see it as something to be taken advantage of.

          • Mighty曹

            One would think they have learned a lesson from the unification of East and West Germany. The migration is always toward the area that is more prosper. Can’t just knock down the wall and hug each other. You’re right, they need to be prepared to integrate immigrants, maybe even impose some restrictions on the new arrivals in a buffer time period to slowly ease them in to the local culture.

        • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

          There are certain media groups in the UK that peddle this myth of “minorities are outnumbering whites”. Untrue. Most of the immigrants that come in were used to work cheap labour jobs or in the factories when they were inviting people in the 50s and 60s. Pretty much these people came in and lived with the other poor people. The white people move out of these areas while immigrants, finding that there are people like themselves there move in because lets face it, birds of a feather flock together – it makes it easier for them to adjust to an alien country. When the first immigration happened it was supposed to be temporary, as in they come in, work and then leave. I know many people who actually came had this idea themselves. They come, make money, send it back home and then leave. But what happened was they had kids, the money back home wasn’t good enough and ended up staying. A lot of them would prefer their own country if they could make decent money there.

          The media in the UK is owned by few private groups. Rupert Murdoch owns a lot of media outlets as well and mostly has an anti-immigration stance. The media has even misinterpreted news to back their agenda – the case of winterfell (or something like that) was taken as an attack on Christmas and the news repeated a few times in a few years after the event. It was suppose to be some Winter event and not a renaming of Christmas. But the media ran with it and it sold.

          One of the best things I learned from one of my English language teacher was how to deconstruct words used in a news report. I remember we were reading a article on the Brixton Riot written in The Sun newspaper. The article was written with hidden racism within it. You could tell by how the writer used certain words from the article but no racist terms were used.

          So, in hot topic cases, I tend to be a little more sceptical of the press. The Sun was also the one of the few papers to support the government in going to war with Iraq with them running headlines like “Mad Saddam ready to attack: 45” or the Daily Mail writing “Just 45 minutes from attack.”

          The immigration issue in the UK is a lot more complex and recent immigrants have been white immigrants from Eastern Europe, such as Poland or Romania and the fear is that with the EU laws being as they are and more Eastern European nations joining, they will ‘flood’ to the UK. So the whites being outnumbered is a little over the top considering the fact that whites are the biggest majority (White British is at 81.46% as of 2011), even when excluding white immigrants of eastern european origin.

          The problem really was and still is in how to integrate people into the country. It will be difficult because the locals didn’t want them and the immigrants came for short term gain. Japan will need to find a way of introducing their laws, language and customs but also being open to people’s different way.

          • Paulistano

            Intesting read Mr. Boris, The Animal (Tiger, in this case)

            Now I see that prejudice against Poland is real indeed, and thought that Kurwa thing was just a bad joke.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            I have a mate who was born and raised in London, half Polish and half French. The Kurva thing is real.

            I have worked along side some decent Poles. The ones I knew were a nice bunch. I even knew a Jehova witness Pole. You wouldn’t have been able to tell he was one.

            I do think that immigration needs to be dicussed properly in the UK. But the way it goes it gets hijacked by racist and anti-racist groups that proper discussion doesn’t happen. The issue is pretty complexed and I am not sure a online forum is the best medium for such debates as tone and such are lost. That and my thoughts always jump about. I can’t stay on point most of the time anyway.

          • Moniisek

            don’t tell me that you refer to immigration from eastern europe as “the kurva thing” (kurwa in polish) …..

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            no, that is just a swear word that Polish people use. They use is as commonly as people in the US or UK might use the F word. Very liberally.

          • Moniisek

            don’t worry, I know very well what it means which is precisely why I’m asking…just to make sure I don’t need to be angry.

          • yantao

            Can you tell me was is “kurwa thing” ? I really don’t get it.

          • LibSlayer

            Boris: Most of Murdoch’s broadsheets are pro-immigration in their editorial stance (see: The Times). They’d be considered fairly extreme in East Asia given the sort of immigrant they advocate.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            To be honest with you, I;ve not been in the UK for some years and haven’t picked up the times for longer. I believe their website is subscription based as well, so I can’t access their news anyway. So I will have to take your word for it.

      • takasar1

        “First and foremost, we’re a nation because we wanted to live free”. lol, ain’t that cute

        • bigmamat

          I think he got it from a song, probably a country music. Maybe Toby Keith.

          • Mighty曹

            *see above

        • Mighty曹

          Ahahaha… I wasn’t aiming for cuteness but only you saw the tongue-in-cheek sarcasm.

    • Claude

      I’ve lived in Japan and if you’re white – you’re alright. The biggest fear is the further influx of browns, Koreans and god forbid the Chinese.

      • bigmamat

        Yeah I understand white privilege goes a long damned way.

        • Claude

          Well, it’s privilege and a preference to be perfectly honest. A preference for whites.

  • dk2020

    lol.. dishonest abe finally gets it.. negative population growth es no bueno.. the only reason some european nations are growing is because of immigration..

  • Mighty曹

    It’s a serious problem If you have to consider ‘importing’ people to maintain population but why look outward when you should begin internally. How about setting up incentives, like tax breaks, government assistance, etc. to encourage families to have more babies?

    • From a policy perspective, yes that’s what you (ultimately) should do, but immigration is a good stop-gap measure for the amount of time it’ll take to implement those structural changes.

      • Mighty曹

        The combined effort of both is required to grow. I said the above because the Abe government doesn’t seem to be really doing anything other than saying, “‘Support Women In Workplace To Increase Birthrate”. (Remember this article?)

        • chris

          Mighty, you gotta link to that article? i mean, the idea behind that is definitely headed in the right direction. Abe just needs to stay true to his words AND a sustain a stable political administrative agenda. this requires time and having 4 different PM’s in a span of few years is going to be detrimental as well.

    • takasar1

      it won’t work in the short or even medium term. costs would simply be too great. japan cannot afford even more debt, especially when a large bulk of it will have to re-financed within half a decade. besides, do these policy tweaks/promotional posters even work? in theory yes, but they often fail in the longer term. they can’t be trusted to suddenly shift a fertility rate of less than 1.5 to over 2.1. essentially, japan is in a death spiral, with few options other than mass immigration.

      • Paulistano

        Yes, I think you are partially right but these kind of mesuares are in long term indeed. But, unlike you said, these measures CAN work. Sweden is an example, they gave much assistances to the ladies and fertility ratio increased significantly. I think in Japan will be a little more difficult since the society still a little patriarcally but I’m sure it’s not impossible.

        • Miniluv101

          As a swede I can add that the still most important reason we manage to have higher birth rates than deaths is due to immigration. Despite what the Swedish Democrats say, we need immigrants to keep the boat afloat.

          Jesus, these paranoia that Japanese will somehow be overwhelmed and crushed by ” lesser races” is something straight out of the Confederacy. It’s both ridiculous and shameful.

          • weizi

            Xenophobia is a positive thing. Hate, prejudice and intolerance are all very important things in self-preservation.

            Sweden is being swamped by immigrants that would permanently alter their racial, cultural, and genetic identity. Just because whites want to be replaced in their homeland doesn’t mean anyone else does. Fixing economic woes with immigration is like curing a disease by committing suicide.

        • takasar1

          Sweden’s TFR is holding steady due to the immigrant effect.

      • Mighty曹

        Maybe they should allow an influx of immigrants as a ‘stop gap’ as mentioned by someone here and then start implementing new measures to encourage fertility. Even China has relaxed on the One Child policy.

    • Clive Rowland

      but with many countries massively overpopulated, why doesn’t it make sense to move people from one place to another rather than just make MORE people? I’m not saying that’s my personal opinion, but when you forget the cultural ties of Japan having to stay ‘Japanese’, it just makes sense to fill a void with another countries excess.
      The real root of the decline in population should be addressed first though.

      • Mighty曹

        That’s a good thought. We can achieve Utopia if we can simply shift population around the world to maintain a perfect balance. I really wish that’s possible but when I see how a city is diversely divided and not easy to see black families move into a white neighborhood without causing demographic issues. And that’s on a small scale of internal city level.

        • whuddyasack

          Completely agree. Given how tightly knit and “Japanese” Japan is, an increase in immigration isn’t going to work. And you raise a very valid point regarding Blacks and Whites in the US. If these people can’t even coexist peacefully, despite sharing the same land for more than 2 decades, it’s impossible that such a clannishly tribal people would do well in Japan. I’ve seen first hand how some of these complete aliens act in Asian countries, like buffoons and rabid swine.

          Much of the hate and xenophobia is directed towards the Chinese and Koreans at the moment due to historical and politcal setbacks, but it would truly be a sad day in history when the Japanese unite with their neighbors as a single polarity/race to drive out the non-Orientals from their land.

          It would mean Japan would no longer be the country I know. Things that make Japan so special would be no more.

          Hopefully, Japan remains Japanese as long as time exists.

          • MaMa

            Don’t worry, Japan will remain strictly Japanese for the a long long time. It’s a country where very few ethnic minorities still can’t find good housing as Japanese are reluctant to rent to them.

            I can’t imagine how Japan would be handle 200,000 new foreign faces a year when they don’t even have basic laws against racism and discrimination. This talk by Abe is bull shit as usual. Japanese people themselves would never allow masses of non-Japanese to move every year. So all this talk is pure nonsense because it’s never going to happen.

          • Kaskade

            You can’t assume that all blacks and whites act like total idiots when visiting Asian countries. I’m sure when you and others visited Western nations, you weren’t familiar with the social cues. If blacks and whites make the effort to behave like a civilized individual, and ask questions when they aren’t sure, then there shouldn’t be any problems.

          • Mighty曹

            Completely agree with you as well and that’s the tricky part. To assimilate without losing one’s unique identity. Even now, when traveling, notice how all the hotels are starting to have the same look and feel. I hear the same top 40 hits in bars/lounges, the dance clubs play the same music, I see Burger Kings and Starbucks everywhere, etc. My vacations are starting to feel too much at home.

          • whuddyasack

            Mmhm, you are experiencing the negative aspects of globalization. Yes, I’ve noticed the same thing. Not only that, but many buildings are starting to look the same. Same old box structure and all.

          • Mighty曹

            The other factor is that the design for most major buildings and projects are commissioned by well known international firms. Now I appreciate all those quirky designs that I used to think were weird looking.

    • whuddyasack

      “How about setting up incentives, like tax breaks, government assistance, etc. to encourage families to have more babies?”

      I agree. This is ultimately the perfect solution. If I were to further add, lock out foreign influences and make sure that it’s only Japanese families having Japanese babies in Japan. I think this is already slowly happening. The government can step in by promoting the idea of a Japanese family as an “it-thing”, something ” 格好良い” as they’d put it. Government assistance and special groups for parents and children as well as financial incentives are also some steps they can take to ensure this.

      Solving and investing in solutions to a decreasing population is definitely more important than funding nationalistic propaganda against their neighbors, especially Korea IMO. You still need a “populated” country and citizens to fight for your cause, even if that cause is conflicts with your neighbors.

      • Mighty曹

        That might be somewhat regressive as it took a while for Japan to come out of isolation after realizing how far they were behind the more developed countries. Maybe allow foreign influences while maintaining everything that’s Japan.

        “Solving and investing in solutions to a decreasing population is definitely more important than funding nationalistic propaganda against their neighbors, especially Korea IMO. You still need a “populated” country and citizens to fight for your cause, even if that cause is conflicts with your neighbors.” – Right on, my man!

  • chris

    whats wrong with increasing the work force? Japan has some serious fundamental issues within society. the population is decreasing at a rapid rate because a lot of people did/do not have the luxury to afford having kids, which in turn made a lot of people to ignore the significance of having children. now this generation is suffering from the economic effects of it.

    Japan is resorting to the quickest/most efficient way to fix its problem with a decreasing work force and quite frankly, i don’t see a problem with it. if people want to complain about the new immigration laws, they should start having sex (i know that sounds ridiculous but its true!) the government should make it easier for people to start families (i.e. equal maternity leave for both men and women, gender equal salaries, etc.) and give incentive to have kids instead of being fixated on their work habits.

    S. Korea and other nations that rely heavily on exporting their products should take note so they don’t end up being like Japan.

    • chucky3176

      “S. Korea and other nations that rely heavily on exporting their products should take note so they don’t end up being like Japan.”

      Thanks for the thoughts, but we’re in much better shape than Japan. We have the Korean dispora all over the world, including Japan, China, and former Soviet Union blocs that we can tap into if necessary. We also have untapped resources in North Korea, and it’s only matter of when, not if, when Korea’s reunify.

      South Korea should encourage the Zainichi’s in Japan to immigrate back to South Korea with incentives. That should make a lot of pure Japanese happy, at the same time boosting Korea’s economy and size.

      • chris

        i mean sure but your idea is a bit too far-fetched. how does one “tap into” Koreans living outside the country? its not a simple thing. people with dual-citizenship may have allegiance or would rather live elsewhere. same goes for Zainichi Japanese. while people protest ethnic Koreans to follow their conservative, racist agendas, what about those who have made a living in Japan and consider themselves a Korean nationalised Japanese? a strong work force does not equate to a strong economy. it might be a significant component of it but other important factors are necessary.

        • bigmamat

          I can’t see a lot of second and third generation Korean Americans wanting to come back to Korea. A lot of them don’t even speak the language. I think they’d rather just have a more visible presence right here in the U.S. I seriously don’t think Korean can “tap” into the diaspora like chucky believes. Obviously these people and their families left Korea for a reason on the first place. If they come back it won’t be because they are called to come back.

          • chucky3176

            Did I mention anything about Korean Americans?
            Maybe you should learn a bit more about the Korean diaspora throughout the world, before shooting off your mouth. You know, America is not the center of the world as you think it is. For instance, there are 500,000 ethnic Koreans in former Russian Republics and Russia who are stateless since the breakup of the Soviet Union. They’re floating around central Asia because they’re discriminated against due to they speaking only Russian. They are hard workers, born farmers, whose forefathers turned deserts of Central Asia into productive farming lands under Stalin’s rule. They should be given special South Korean F-class visa’s so that they start repopulating South Korean farms through mass immigration. And not to mention SK already has 650,000 ethnic Koreans from China who should be fast tracked to South Korean citizenship. I think all 2 million of them would have be in Korea if there wasn’t restrictions on VIsa’s. And as for Japan, once ethnic Koreans get tired of getting targeted by Japanese right wingers and attacks get worse and worse every year, they’ll be more open to immigration. South Korea should run some kind of a major program to attract their investment and encourage immigration of those people. Right now S.Korea is looking towards South East Asia, but that’s shortsighted when there are much more culturally closer ethnic Koreans in Asia and Russia who can adjust to Korea much faster.

          • Rutim

            > And as for Japan, once ethnic Koreans get tired of getting targeted by Japanese right wingers and attacks get worse and worse every year, they’ll be more open to immigration.


          • bigmamat

            So you’re thinking China and Russia would allow that many people to come back? Why haven’t they already, is it because of SK? If they are allowed back, then yes, I believe SK should make it easier for them to return. Why wouldn’t the Korean government be handing out visas? Is SK just as skeptical of Koreans that speak only Russian as they are of actual Russians? Explain please, I might be talking out of my American ass. I knew about the Chinese and Japanese Koreans but I’m not sure I read as much about Koreans in Russia. I guess repatriation is possible. Only if the diaspora wants to return and Korea is willing to accept them.

          • Chucky3176

            Because the population is not decreasing like Japan’s. Korea is still increasing and still in positive territory. As long as it’s in positive territory, Korea will watch with concern but not yet forced to pull the trigger on immigration. Unlike Japan who is unable and unwilling to change even if their dying, Korea is much more flexible. When the time comes for Korea, the first choices should be given to ethnic Koreans, the way Israel and Germany encouraged their ethnics to return to their mother lands.

            In 2012, 70,000 Koreans gave up permanent resident status from foreign countries to return home, double the previous year.


          • Rutim

            Korea already hit the point where Japan was few years ago and last year they got record low birthrate. Way too fast.

          • Chucky3176

            I was talking about these kinds of immigrants to Korea


            Koryo-ins (ethnic Koreans) from Uzbekistan, a thousand recent arrivals living in Koryo-in community in a southern city in South Korea. The South Korean government should give them immediate citizenships by choice and get rid of all the bullshit visa processes that always gives them a hard time. These are the types of immigrants that South Korea should go after instead of restricting them. At the near end of the video, look at the faces of the children. They look exactly like any Korean kids in South Korea. They would fit in nicely.

          • bigmamat

            I agree that Korea should allow ethnic Koreans to return. Just wondering how well they’d actually “fit in” since fitting in isn’t a very easy thing to do in Korea. I understand a lot of actual Koreans don’t “fit in”. I guess it’s better to be in competition with people of your own kind than it is to be refugee in someone else’s country.

  • FYIADragoon

    Encouraging immigration as a “bandaid” for poor population growth is illogical for any country. I understand their point of view. What they should be doing is creating the right environment for more Japanese to have families. And for the people talking of the “prosperity of Korea”, don’t get ahead of yourselves. The next country to deal with a shrinking population will be them. The stress placed on males over there surpasses Japan, along with the gender inequality.

    • chris

      but you need a “bandaid” to sustain an economy stable and strong enough to implement societal reforms. 1. agenda for Abe is to rejuvenate a sluggish economy and keep it that way for a while so he (if he is smart enough) to institute political/economical/societal reforms.

      • Mighty曹

        Abe should address that immigration meets immediate needs and ‘home grown’ (no pun intended) solution will be in place for the future.

      • Comebackkid13

        Wrong, it is a bandaid, and anyone with economic understanding knows that. They have had 30 years to implement the policies and they have yet.

        First immigration won’t end the governments ridiculous
        spending policies. That is the heart of their problem. They want to bring in cheap labor to stimulate growth in order to maintain government expenditures. They could get the Japanese economy back on track in 3 years if they end the pension and welfare systems, cut spending, and defaulted on current debt that is impossible for them to pay. However, this plan involves none of that, therefore these same problems will be back even if
        cheap labor suddenly gives them the growth they expect. They bleed the young and the economy dry to keep the bargain with the older generations when they bought their votes for promises of a nanny state.

        It’s hilarious, because you are talking about this as being a temporary solution to “rejuvenate” a sluggish economy because you “need a bandaid” to give enough time to implement societal reforms. That is laughable because you assume that immigration is an immediate relief? That if they open up borders tomorrow they will get their 200,000 cheap labor workers employed registered, and paying into the system any more quickly than slashing the budget and ending tax burdens on the youth to support the old?

        • chris

          so simply ending and cutting funding on welfare system is the way to go?

          sounds like an amazing idea!!

          • Thor

            Yeah, it’s the “solution” more and more governments are buying into, getting more and more of their people living outside in the gutter.

            In the U.K., you get jobs in London only. Everywhere else, especially in the north-east, people live on welfare. Yay ! Cut the welfare ! Return back to the middle age ! Let’s rejoin the endless queue of third world countries !

    • takasar1

      right. apparently their fertility rate is even lower than that of the japanese.

  • MyMotto

    Immigrants seem like the wrong way to go about, mostly cause it hasnt even happened yet and their already pissed off. Also Japan is really going to have to change alot if they expect foreigners to actually want to stay, there cant be 200k esl teachers every year. Theyd have to be willing to hire foreigners and actually sell them decent housing…

    Also I dont get why their blaming the government for their lack of baby making.

    • besudesu

      “There can’t be 200k esl teachers every year” — This.

  • Jaques Ploteau

    Immigration may not be a long term solution, but it’s nonetheless an important short term measure. Even if they somehow manage to engineer a baby boom we’re still looking at a 10+ year vacuum where these children have to grow up, educate themselves and enter the workforce.

  • Jake

    I am from Canada and have a huge interest in going to Japan and perhaps even living there. I am 20 years old and as it stands I have a long road ahead of me to get into Japan.. since a four-year degree is necessary to qualify for a work visa. Then I need to get sponsored, get over there and hold my job for a minimum of 5 years to qualify for citizenship.

    I cannot lie, there is a part of me would love to just be able to walk into Japan with no effort to work hard or to change, but that doesn’t reflect how I truly feel. I respect Japan for how well it adapted to the modern age and how well they have remained who they were for so long.

    I would much rather work hard and conform to Japanese law and culture and blend into society rather than disrupt it because I got a free pass in. Canada is a “multicultural” society, but I am a citizen here and I feel like I lack any culture at all. Sure we live a certain way and do certain things, but who is are is influenced by everywhere else in the world and I feel like I am no one specific.

    So I oppose this 100%. I will work hard to get into Japan and do be best to blend in while also contributing to society as best I can.

    • Comebackkid13

      In other words, “I am going to Japan and like all the other
      English teaching expats I want to be special and have my special Japanese
      adventure. I don’t need other foreigners ruining that for me when I am going to
      be like Tom Cruise and be the only accepted foreigner! I am going to learn the
      culture and language better than anyone! You wait!”

      YAAWWWWN, seen this toooo many times.

      • Mighty曹

        Hahaha.. give the kid some slack. Don’t discourage him from following his dream.

        • whuddyasack

          True, he’ll need all the encouragement he can. Robbing someone of their dreams is never nice.

          • Mighty曹

            I remember my dream of becoming a fighter pilot. I signed up at the recruitment office for the Air Force. Then someone discouraged me telling me, “They’ll just make you push a broom because you’re a minority dude”. So I backed out before the formal signing. Still not sure if that was the right decision but someone did rob me of my dream. Not nice.

          • whuddyasack

            You know how the saying goes, “Dreams aren’t meant to be broken” 🙂

          • Mighty曹

            Too bad I can’t follow “Dreams are meant to be fulfilled”. haha…

          • whuddyasack

            I can relate hahaha. I’ve always wanted to be a doctor but my laziness in high school got the best of me. Now I’m working part-time in a museum studying social/community management.

          • Mighty曹

            Oh wow, what kind of museum and what school are you studying at? (Not familiar with ‘social/community mgmt’)

          • whuddyasack

            It’s a maritime museum and I help the archivist out. Sorry about the ambiguity and the degree is actually a bachelor’s degree in social work (University of British Columbia). Currently I’m in an exchange program in Australia. Yeah, ‘social management’ isn’t the correct wording I guess. What sort of course did you study? Haha

          • Mighty曹

            Related to naval ships by any chance? I’m a buff. My previous job required working with the encyclopedia on naval ships to retrieve info related to the files I worked with. Hey, I’ve been to the UBC campus! I have cousins in VYR (actually Burnaby). Now you’re down under? What a transition. Hope you’re having a great time there!

          • whuddyasack

            Yes, how did you know? Unfortunately, I’m a total noob when it comes to naval ships so I’d probably be out of my depth when discussing this with you hahaha. Most of my tasks involve filing, storing and preserving old maps, photos, records. But actually, it seems like your previous job is quite similar to mine, or perhaps more correctly my manager.

            It’s actually quite pretty neat that you’ve got cousins around the area. Notice any differences between the attitudes of Asian Americans and Asian Canadians? Subjectively of course. 😉

            Yeah, it’s actually quite a transition and not so. Both culturally and in life styles, Australians and Canadians are quite similar both being members of the Commonwealth. The differences end there, I find Australians are more outgoing and perhaps even aggressive when compared to Canadians. I mentioned in the past, Australians have very liberal tongues. With that said, in every English speaking country I’ve visited, it seems Asian students are the most polite when it comes to saying their “thank yous”, be it in a restaurant, train/bus or class, with Chinese students doing surprisingly well… Weirds me out hahaha

            And yeah, I’m having a great time there. Thanks bud.

          • Mighty曹

            I had to know the dates a ship was laid down,commissioned, decommissioned, sea trials, retrofitted, overhauled, dry docked, etc. and making sure it’s the right ship and not a different ship with the same names. I enjoyed reading the history of the ships especially those that saw action and survived. There are both sadness and inspiration in them.

            Hahaha… there’s definitely a marked difference between the Asians. Canadian ones are more open to interracial relationships. I see much more Chinese-Caucasian couples there than I’ve seen here (and San Fran is a large diversified city). My cousins are married to a white and a black, which I think is just awesome!

            You’re going to have to clarify Aussies having ‘very liberal tongues’ another time. LOL

            I must say most Chinese are brought up to be respective and polite. Especially toward the elders.

            Good to hear you’re having a great time there!

          • whuddyasack

            Thanks again.

            Wow, I’ve got to hand it to you. You definitely know a lot more about naval ships than I. But what’s more obvious is your obvious love of ships. Sadness, inspiration, admiration, love and appreciation. For me, these things are non-existent when it comes to the ships. I can appreciate the history though and there are those that interest me, such as the Titanic, Flying Dutchman, Komagata Maru and the Queen Mary. But I think it isn’t the ships themselves that interest me or their designs, etc. It is the stories they tell. The people on board or the legends involved. To be honest, I’ve always enjoyed a more customer-oriented line of work than the practical/mechanical side of things which is what my job feels like. Yet I can’t complain for a few reasons. The job is part-time, it pays the bills and I get to see all sorts of tourists. I might not be the tour guide (and I’d suck at it given my less than desirable knowledge) but I can still afford them a smile, a wink or some welcoming words.

            Yeah, “Aussies” have really liberal tongues my friend. I think I mentioned this to Wiener when I came back after hiatus. Basically, Australians swear much more than Canadians, in a natural and friendly way of couse. They’re a bit like Americans in this regard, albeit more creative. They’re particularly fond of the word “cunt” and it’s variations, and it’s not unusual to hear them squeal “What a sick cunt!!”. That’s a compliment by the way hahaha.

            I see that I’m not the only one who notices a difference between Asians. I think you compliment Asian Canadians too much hahaha. Not a bad thing though. Obviously, the high interracial rates in Canada are having it’s toll on some Asian Canadians and personally, I feel we are the whiniest bunch. But we’re cool that way. I don’t have any problems with IRLs myself, provided both sides genuinely love each other and care for each other. I find Asian Australians the least whiny, most athletic, Asian Americans the most glamorous/hip/savvy, Asian Canadians the most accepting and Asian British the most academically focused. Very subjective of course.

            Ahhh San Fransisco. To me SF is to the Chinese/Japanese what LA is for all the other Asians. It’s where some of the oldest Chinatowns and Japantowns in the US are located although not so much the latter. Lots of similarities to Yokohama’s Chinatown IMO. To be honest, I wished some day C-towns would join the same fate as J-towns and become a thing of the past.

          • Mighty曹

            Thanks, and that’s just with ships. I’m also an aeronautic specifications buff. I won’t bore you with detail but you get the picture. hahaha… You’re lucky to be able to see tourists at work. Interacting with tourists is always fascinating for me as I’m always interested in language and culture. And there’s always a good chance that you end up being friends from afar.

            Aussies are more akin to the Limeys as the Canucks are to the Yanks. So I’m not surprised of their preference for ‘cunt’ as with the Brits. Funny how you described the Asians at these four regions. It’s a very accurate assessment! LOL

            In away C-town and J-town here are slowly fading. Chinatown is now filled with New York style electronic ‘bait-n-switch’ stores while Japantown is full of restaurants owned and operated by Chinese and Koreans.

          • whuddyasack

            You won’t bore me, don’t worry. You are a long way from making me snooze, bro. Long way lol. l will probably just be clueless but appreciate learning something new hahaha

            True. I guess being able to see them while working is reason enough for me to count my blessings. Still, it’ll be great if chattering with them was part of my job hehehe. It’s true, you could make great friendships from tourists and learn new things about them, but I find this is easier to achieve in class, through pen pals or hobbies/clubs.

            I think you are pretty much right about the Aussies/Limeys being one group and the Canucks/Yanks another. Although there are differences. In general, British people have a gentleman’s aura while Australians are simpler people. But yeah, they both use cunt. Although the word appears 10 times more frequently from the Australian’s mouth.

            Yeah, the Asian assessment. I admit it’s based on my own observations having interacted with Asians from these regions. Asian Americans are what the other Asians most want to be. We think you guys are like superstars lol 😉

            Thanks for the information in J-Towns and C-Towns. Yeah, I’ve heard how old buildings from the latter have been demolished and it’s all but dead nowadays. As for the C-Towns, yeah, I’ve heard they were dying too hahaha.

    • Mighty曹

      Spread your wings and take flight, Grasshopper.

    • guizi

      Citizenship? I think it requirs 10 years for normal people. If you are very special, such as an olympic level athlete, it would be 5.

      But anyway, Canada is a great country. You dont have to think revoking its citizenship now. Japanes people dont expect such thing from foreign people. If you say such a thing to Japanese, J-people would think you are a bit too extreme.

  • David

    Well, if the Japanese Otaku would man up and learn to screw their women more this would not be a problem. OK, that is a little simple and maybe a bit paternalistic (but that does not make it untrue).

    • dk2020

      LMAO.. hey you can say the same thing about white dudes in the US and Europe.. where guess what? There’s a low birthrate too! I think it has more to do with women not wanting children.. kids today huh? LOL..



      Do you have kids? I don’t think you do.. ahaha..

      • David

        Well, it was obviously a joke. But you can not compare the birthrate in America (even the white people) with Japan, it is on a different level. Yes, I have two adult children, one man and one woman.

        • guest

          >with Japan, it is on a different level.
          USA’s birth rate is 1.89 and Japan is 1.4.(2013 data)

          both rate is not enough to keeping population anyway.
          But US is accepted many new immigrants.that’s why USA has no serious issue at population declining.But your coutnry having many crime,drug and many immigrants issue…

    • Doge Wallace

      Not everyone can be a ladies man like you, David. I’m sure you get all the panties wet.

      • David

        Nope, I am a broken down old man (and happily married). I will leave that to the young studs here.

    • takasar1

      have you seen the native birth rates in europe and america? obviously not. what an imbecile

      • David

        Learn to take a joke. Second, the birth rates in America are just fine. We are not a disappearing population like in Japan. Our birthrate, in conjunction with our immigration has us with a slow growing population.

        • takasar1

          That’s the point. The TFR is not just fine, at 1.8 it is in fact below 2.10. The population is growing because immigration is making up for the TFR, although this has had less impact over the last half decade. Not to mention the fact that immigrants are out breeding the ‘native ” population, which will likely lead to huge socio political changes in the mid future.

          • David

            First we do not have the low ‘native birth rate’ of Europe. We are not Russia or Japan. While it has gone down this is normal for a mature economy. The TFR for the United States is 2.08 as a whole. You really do not understand United States. We are a country of immigrants not a country of white people. Our culture has been shaped by immigration from the beginning. The fact that new immigrants have slightly higher birth rates is of no consequence. All of your comments are simply an attempt by you to deflect from the serious problems Japan is facing NOW, which was highlighted by my little joke so you are mad.

          • takasar1

            well that’s just…uninformed of you. france and britain have relatively high birth rates, still, regardless of whether the TFR is 2.09 or 1.01, the fact is that the US fertility rate is below replacement level and has been for a while. stop assuming things, i don’t care whether americans are white, immigrants, yellow, blue, black, etc. the point is that first and second generation immigrants give birth to more children on average than any other group. that is my point, the native population breeds less and so relatively high rates of immigration are required to maintain a healthy growing population. yeah…i dont care about japan or its fertility rate, stop assuming everybody around you is a weaboo. the point is that everywhere you go in the modern developed world, fertility rates are below replacement level, with states having to resort to immigration to maintain growth.

    • Paulistano

      Hahahaha, otakus are weird indeed, but I don’t think that’s problem. Japenese people have plenty of sex like any other country in the world, but having kids are totally different matter. Raising a kid is expensive, you know and take a lot of time and effort to educate correctly.

      • Mighty曹

        I saw a TV program segment on ‘unusual’ occupations that included one of a woman who would come to the home of a paraplegic man just to jerk him off. Japan got that covered.

      • David

        Yes they are and they do. I have two that are adult now and I wonder how my parents did it with 8 kids (or my grandfather with 12 kids). Obviously the post (despite many others getting their panties in a bunch) was meant as a joke. : )

    • FYIADragoon

      Because otaku make up the majority of Japanese people and are not a microscopic minority of the country. Base your assumptions of the country on actual experience and actual data, not your experience with Japanese anime.

      • David

        Relax, it was a JOKE. I have 30 years of experience with Japan, including living there, studying it professionally as a historian and having a Japanese wife. BTW I am 50 years old, the only Anime I ever watched was “Speed Racer” as a kid and a few things a decade ago when my son was a teenager.

    • Mighty曹

      Hahaha… Otaku’s.

      • David

        Thank you for being one of the few that actually understand it was a joke, Mighty. You know, this forum used to have more of a sense of humor.

        • Mighty曹

          No prob. Sometimes people get a bit oversensitive to see humor and take a defensive stance. Same here, some people get my jokes and some take my sarcasm as being the real deal. It’s fine with me as everything is up to one’s interpretation. Don’t let that change you. Just be who you are, my man.

  • koreancrush

    Good citizens with common sense always welcomed. Anti-society crime groups, especially koreans shall leave instead.

    • dave johnson

      i would love to disembowel you

  • Marcus Muller

    “I think it’s awful that they’re simply going to accept immigrants.
    It would be the worst if we got immigrants from our neighbouring countries.”

    I think its safe to assume this is the most common notion going through Japan on this subject.

    “If we’re prepared to take in immigrants that we should just quietly accept a falling birthrate and aging society.”

    This is probably going to be the result and Japan will probably be irrelevant with time. By the time people then will realise they should of been more welcoming to immigrants, it’ll be too late.

  • Claude

    Why can’t they just throw their money at this issue like they do with all their issues. Just pay couples more money to have children. Japan a construction state (see Olympics) and they don’t mind propping up their construction companys and their employes. Japan is throwing plenty of cash at thier military recently. Obviously, the the high debt to GDP is holding the country back. People have been predicting economic collapse of Japan for 20 years and the country still plots along. Just pay people to have kids and then back it up with a higher family allowances. Give people incentives and then knowing they’ll get cash in the mail to compensate for the fear they have that Japan has no future.

    • Claude

      Oops, I meant to say the high dept to GDP *ISN’T* holding the country back.

      • Thor

        The high debt isn’t indeed holding the country back because Japan doesn’t borrow money from the rest of the world. The state borrows money only from its own citizens.

  • Eidolon

    Demographically speaking, no East Asian country has a TFR above 2.1 – the quantity required to ward off population decrease. Consequently, all of them are going to face the same demographic problems sooner/later. Indeed, it is not necessarily bad, because countries eg Japan and Korea have population densities that are way above the post-industrial average. A population decrease is not a huge negative for these countries in the long run.

    The main problems arise in the transition: the proverbial age pyramid, which during periods of population decrease and low TFR, become inverted, with old people becoming the widest segment of society. The lower productivity and higher welfare that results affects economic output and lowers the country’s overall competitiveness and geopolitical clout.

    What this says, ultimately, is that East Asian countries are heading for a decades long period of contraction while their population structures readjust. Given the traditional xenophobic conservatism across East Asia, shots are the panicky governments in this region are going to tackle the problem by giving massive incentives for having children, eg what Russia is doing, instead of turning to mass immigration, eg what the US is doing. But such incentives, even were they to cause a TFR rebound today, is going to require decades before they increase the % of working young. Thus the contraction.

    With regards to Japan’s xenophobic attitude – it’s pretty typical of East Asian netizens. I’m sure that, were you to propose the same sweeping immigration policy in Korea and China, the netizen responses won’t differ greatly, certainly not when they imagine the immigrant candidates to be each other. For those who have been slow on the uptake, East Asians aren’t exactly on friendly terms with one another, in no small way due to their jingoistic medias, which spare no effort to present other East Asians in a negative light.

    But the fact is, even outside of East Asia, xenophobia is a default human instinct. It took a tremendous amount of ideological change, civil movements, and media political correctness to make immigration look positive in the Western world, and even then, it’s in countries eg the US, which have a continuous history of mass immigration, that present day immigration isn’t looked upon negatively. East Asian countries have not gone through the same process, and are not remotely ready for the same amount of immigration.

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      Take the old lot round back and shoot them. There, saves cash.

  • Butsu

    I wanna immigrate, don’t wanna go back to Sweden, too many immigrants!

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      Sweden needs more immigrants.

    • Flora

      Isn’t Sweden that country that’s so genetically homogenous that it’s most popular app is designed to make sure you don’t accidentally sleep with one of your cousins?

      If it’s the one thing they do need, it’s immigration. It’s not all about demographics – sometimes the gene pool needs a little freshening up, too.

      • Chris Granzow XI

        There’s 8 million people in Sweden. I have no idea where you heard that, but it’s complete nonsense. The arab world is where cousin marriage was common not too long ago. In 1995 in Libya, 40% of marriages were between cousins.

      • Butsu

        The estimation from last year is that 15% of our population are from foreign countries, another 5% have no Swedish ancestry at all. We’re not genetically homogenous at all.

        • Flora

          Compared to nations like America & Canada (or even other W. European countries), that’s actually very low.

      • KunTewk

        Nonsense ! Anti-White garbage.

  • vonskippy

    Stay strong Japan, you don’t need no stinking immigration, just keep up the work on building humanoid robots and you’ll be fine.

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      Then the day will come when we all bow to our Robotic overlords!

  • Gerhana

    why not just identify the variables that makes it difficult for Japanese to want to reproduce, and eliminate it? isnt that better overall?

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      Well, according to some, there are people who prefer ‘2D’ women than actual real women. What do you do with that lot?

      It would be better if the tackled the issues, instead of talk and shout slogans and get nothing done. But thats no different from politicians from most countries.

      • Gerhana

        well, lets identify the variable here: Men who prefer 2D women. what do we do with this variable? we should eliminate it. I am thinking gas chamber or walk the plank into crocodile infested water. Joking aside, what can be done with these man? more social program for men to meet women? make it mandatory? mandatory dating for single where they are required to write a report with evidence and submit it to Family Planner DIvision headquarter? (<– I made that up but it could be effective who knows lol).

        What would you do? what can be done with these men?

    • FYIADragoon

      Because that would actually be logical and solve problems. We wouldn’t want that would we? Same reason the US can’t get its shit together. No one wants logical decisions.

  • LibSlayer

    To try to maintain support ratios off the basis of immigration is inane for a number of reasons, the netizens are right:

    1) Diversity increases mistrust (see Putnam’s research), ceteris paribus it erodes away at civil society. Increase racial and ethnic diversity, increase racial and ethnic conflict and before you know it you have to devote countless resources (time, money, energy) to simply maintaining order between these competing “tribes” (just look at America’s identity politics), or the impotence of British police in dealing with the Muslim grooming issue for fear of being seen as “racist”.

    2) Support-ratios cannot be maintained unless you’re talking about taking in tens of millions of immigrants over the period of half a century, which would be insane.

    3) The above assumes that immigrant labor is as productive as native labor, and it usually isn’t unless the immigration policy is restrictive enough to filter out unproductive labor on a large scale, in which case the immigration is usually demographically insignificant anyway. A good case in point here is France, which from the 1940s to 1970s had limited immigration, but the immigrants who arrived had the same employment and welfare dependency rates as the natives. After that point France liberalized asylum, family reunification and other policies and the welfare dependency and unemployment of immigrant groups relative to the natives skyrocketed.

    • Thor

      The welfare dependancy and unimployment of immigrants “skyrocketed” just as much as the locals’ welfare dependancy and unimployment skyrocketed : because of the economic crisis, after 1973. The country never actually recovered from it. Economic crisis is the cause, not the liberalisation of asylum and family reunification. After all, it’s the local businesses that wanted immigration from the start. They would have never come if they weren’t wanted from day one. It’s pretty much the same everywhere else, whether the immigrants are legal or not.

  • NSA

    just get some 100mil ppl from China. Problem solved

    • hotstuff

      Sorry but Japan don’t need anymore garbage. Problem not solved.

  • mei mei

    i dont think it work.

  • NSA

    i say, have sex more, pump out more babies. If japan had a lot of oil they could be like saudi. 1 Baby born, mother gets 5000$

  • japanese

    I am against the acceptance of the emigrant too.

  • yuripie

    I dont understand, Japan already accepts immigrants for a long time, what kind of immigrants ?
    short term immigrant, long term, permanent ? which one ?
    – if it’s just short time immigrant for works without making babies then it’s fine, coz I cant imagine what’s good it is if a short term immigrant comes only to work for 1-4 years, impregnant a japanese girl then go home
    – long term/permanent immigrant -> people who can stay in japan for work that long is quality immigrant, but people who are skillfull and can find job easily will prefer to live in their home country

    however, I think declining in population is not gonna be that bad, at some point when economy is good again, the population would rise,
    I am glad that Japanese youths are responsible with their future planning, they dont wanna have kids when they cant afford it, rather than in many developing countries where the population is so high because they are having babies without resposibility whether they can give their kids good food or education, many people there having kids when they are even cant feed themselves

  • Flora

    I see this as a natural progression. As a homogenous nation, Japan can only live that way for so long – eventually, enough DNA lines are going to be crossed that inbreeding is going to be a problem. All single-race nations are slowly creeping up on that point one way or another. But as an island nation with low immigration, Japan is especially at risk and they’re probably going to be the first to get there.

    tl;dr – Time to stir the pot, so to speak.

    • Chris Granzow XI

      Einstein’s parents were cousins. Your statement “..enough DNA lines are going to be crossed that inbreeding is going to be a problem..” is idiotic and shows a complete lack of understanding of the basic principles of genetics.

      • Flora

        And? Just because he wasn’t the Elephant Man doesn’t mean that it’s something that should be done. Basic genetics will tell you that the closer organisms in an environment get biologically, it puts the entire gene pool in danger – there’s no way to buffer disease predispositions, they’re slower to adapt to environment changes, etc etc.

        • Chris Granzow XI

          Yes, but you’re not suggesting that. You’re suggesting that reproduction with someone of the same ethnicity is synonymous with inbreeding, which is utterly ridiculous and even insulting to some extent.

          • Flora

            If someone is the same ethnicity, they are your biological relative. The relation may be so small that it’s irrelevant, but their ancestors have crossed genetic lines with you before – they wouldn’t be the same race as you otherwise. The more people of the same race shun intermarriage, the more those lines are crossed. Eventually, the race will get to a point where nearly everyone is so similar that they’re relatives in all but name. As I’ve mentioned before, look at Sweden as an example.

            Japan is an island nation that has never had any significant immigration or race-mixing. In fact, they’ve had just the opposite. Their time is due, and they’re probably just the first in an oncoming procession.

          • Opaque

            Swedes have a very low level of inbreeding. Both Sweden
            (and Japan) have a very intelligent and productive population and has one of the highest living standards
            in the world. There is NO proof that Swedes have suffered from the low level of foreign admixture at all NONE. Only
            a deranged multiculturalist liberal *ssh*le would even begin
            to think the thought that we would somehow benefit to interbreed with people who lives in huts made of cow dung
            and with an avr. intelligence quota as a person with mental disability in our population.

    • Opaque

      You only need to have a population of 1000 individuals
      to avoid inbreeding. Both Europeans and East Asians
      have managed very well to build successful and powerful
      civilizations without immigration from the third world.

      • Flora

        For a time, that is true. However, innovation comes from sources outside of the norm. You can build whatever you want, but good luck maintaining that without some kind of population flow between places. No population flow = no idea/information/cultural flow. The nation stagnates and eventually dies.

        You can tell yourself whatever you want to, but this is fact. Some people are so averse to change that they’d be perfectly willing to see this happen so long as their wishes are met – these people are blindingly selfish children and need to be ignored. It’d be a tragedy if they weren’t, because it’s the end of things otherwise.

        • Opaque

          We will never benefit from breeding with populations
          with on average much lower intelligence than we have,
          the only thing that will lead to is a less intelligent population
          that will find it harder maintain the level civilization we currently have and we will sink closer to the living standard
          of the third world.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    Don’t drink the kool-aid Japan. It has been disastrous for Europe, Canada, America and Australia.

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      Yes, they should take Russia’s lead and attack anyone of different colour, faith, and sexual orientation.

      • Chris Granzow XI

        lol. You’ve never been to Russia, have you? Most of the people doing the attacking and violence are non-white immigrants and caucasians (from caucasus mts region).

        • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

          You are right, I have not.

          But after hearing people’s own experience, I don’t think I want to.

          • Chris Granzow XI

            Then be wary of the source of the anecdotes.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            Yes. I will be.

            By the way, do you think foreign reporting on Russia damages Russia’s reputation?

            I’ll give you an example of the reports you can find on Russia.


          • Chris Granzow XI

            Definitely, that’s all part of geopolitics though. Saudi Arabia is far more homophobic than Russia, yet you’ll never see any media campaigns against them because of them being a “crucial ally” and oil supplier.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            I have a strong dislike of KSA and especially their government. But this isn’t the place to go into it.

            I do think certain countries will not be reported because we do not think better of them (KSA – not a democracy and people may not say it but do see them as backwards ) or they aren’t hot topic (Uzbekistan have more rights abuses than other dictators that have recently been attacked by the US).

            I do think people thought Russia to be ‘more open’ to it than what has been protrayed in the press. The press does push agendas. And maybe it has to do with Russia, China, and other countries trying to grow their influence.

            Iran for example is in the news for their nuclear issue but also their rights abuses more than Middle Eastern nations such as KSA or UAE. You can doo a search of ‘Iran’ and ‘No Gays in the Country’ and get an image of people hanging.

    • Flora

      The hell are you talking about? All those countries are first world nations with huge amounts of political and economic clout. And they wouldn’t have gotten any them without the contributions immigrants.

      But, then again, you’re a white male posing shirtless in your avatar with what looks to be a gun strapped to your back and you probably have RaHoWa tattooed somewhere on your asscrack – you’re not exactly the paragon of thoughtful, accurate information.

      • Chris Granzow XI

        Wow, I can tell you have no idea what you’re talking about. My point is that those are developed nations who are drastically declining since taking in third-world immigration (i.e. public safety, violent schools, more sexual assaults and murders, intellectual decline on a national scale, loss of a sense of community). You used to be able to walk the streets in the middle of the night, but now you don’t even want to be in some areas even in broad daylight. Third world immigration to those countries is making them a hell hole, you should travel more often or do a semester abroad. There are parts of Paris that look like cabrini green. 90% of rapes in Sweden are committed by non-white immigrants, and it now has one of the highest rape rates in the world. It’s estimated that 20% of Swedish women will be raped at least once in their lifetime. Pakistani gangs across the U.K. were forcing young white girls into prostitution and raping them. Just a week ago in Australia, a 14 year old was gang raped by 6 African immigrants. The targeted gang rapes of white Australian women by Lebanese gangs were one of the key reasons for the cronulla riots too. There’s black-on-white mob violence in America (for decades), but now it’s in places like Europe and Australia too. Honestly, just read the national and international news every once in a while. When you travel, go off the beaten path for a minute (at your own risk). If you visit Paris, venture off the Champs-Élysées to Essone, Saint-Denis, Clichy-sous-Bois, Sevran etc. When in London, go to South London, East London, Croydon, Hackney, Brixton, Peckham, etc. then you’ll see what I’m talking about.

        Situation in Australia (just last couple months):

        Britain (a couple from the last few months):

        -youtube(dot)com/watch?v=WR25OCJ_7GI –(you’ll see a group of blacks try to sexually assault a French woman in plain sight, in front of hundreds at a music festival)

        • Flora

          Thank you very much for proving my point.

          • Opaque

            No he did not. He got All the facts on his side, the only thing you got is insults. Your multicultural “technicolored” dream is crumbling, and you now it Typical liberal anti-white scum behavior!

  • Mighty曹

    Oooops, my bad. I only read the headline. But that brings back to the core of my argument of paying for illegal immigrants’ medical costs, government’s spending that indirectly affects the economy because tax paying citizens and legal residents are paying for it.

    Also, I read that article. Did you read the comments that the author’s approach was all flawed. There was no concrete facts to support his views that illegal immigrants do not hurt the economy.

  • gaga

    What’s really ironic is that Chinese and Koreans can integrate within 2 or 3 generations and no one would be the wiser. However Japan hates them too much to even contemplate such notion.

    • Flora

      It’s even more ironic once you remember that 98% of Japanese people are of Chinese ancestry – the only true “Japanese” people are the Ainu.

      • Opaque

        The only multiculturalism that might work (even if it’s not a guarantee that it will) is multiculturalism with closely related

  • mattman183

    Immigration is actually a very smart move to deal with a very serious problem.
    Japan’s demographics problem is simply a little further along and a
    little more well known than most other countries. But the problems it is
    dealing with can be found in countries the world over.

    boomers are retiring, and the large machine which drove the worlds
    largest economies over the past few decades is shutting down. Declining
    birthrates in these countries and others mean that the youth, far fewer
    in numbers, will be unable to take over the reigns from the large number of
    retirees that are on the way.

    Mighty, you are right though. Along with
    immigration, creating more favorable policies directed at women to have
    babies, not only in government, but in the workplace would also help to
    stem the effects of the upcoming birth dearth. At home as well. As women
    increasingly enter a traditionally “man’s world” men will have to have
    more of a part in a traditional “women’s world,” and help take care of
    things like child rearing more than his predecessors. The point is make having a child coincide with a woman’s goals, not go against them.

    In the
    years to come, we will see Japan’s story play out around the world. We
    are already and will continue see resistance to immigrants. But that
    stubbornness could be costly in the long run.

    Those countries who are open
    to such, aforementioned policies, are likely to emerge from the
    situation with an advantage over those who kept there xenophobic pride
    and shot themselves in the foot in the process. Yes, the demographics will be more mixed, but they will have stronger workforce. In the end, as it always has been, it’s people which determines the power of a country.

  • whuddyasack

    Personally, I side with the netizens in this case. I wouldn’t wish “multiculturalism” on any Asian country, nor would I wish it to my worst enemies. I’ve seen the tensions in North American and European countries. Not only in Japan, I’ve even seen bits and pieces of it in other Asian countries like Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, China and Korea. It isn’t a pretty sight to behold. The sheer savagery and race-driven antics of Non-Asians has always been shocking and quite frankly repulsive. If these people were to get a foothold in Japan, such a courteous, passive people would have no chance. It would be like nothing they’ve dealt with before.

    What the Japanese should work on instead has already been pointed out by many others, i.e. increasing the birth rate and give incentives for JAPANESE families to have children. It would be self-defeating if the offspring would leave Japan or cease being Japanese after all. Actually, the Japanese are doing much better at maintaining their identity and purity than a certain “totalitarian” country with a more ridiculous “liberal” outlook to marriage (thankfully changing too). Most Japanese are unfalteringly proud and aware of their identity as they should be.

    Make it easier for women to raise children in Japan, give them incentives.

    According to surveys, the greatest barrier for Japanese women having children is the difficulty in raising them:


    If they were to insist on immigration, it should be done sparingly, the applicants should be screened for cultural compatibility and should NEVER have a criminal record.

    • Chris Granzow XI

      “..The sheer savagery and race-driven antics of Non-Asians has always been shocking and quite frankly repulsive. If these people were to get a foothold in Japan, such a courteous, passive people would have no chance…”

      Exactly. I’ve heard that lawyers and courts are very seldom used in Japan because of the non-confrontational nature of their society. Extremely diverse countries quickly descend into racial-tribal politics which is inherently confrontational, even on trivial topics.

      • whuddyasack

        Extremely diverse countries quickly descend into racial-tribal politics
        which is inherently confrontational, even on trivial topics.

        A very good point indeed. These confrontations are often petty, polluting the internet and turning legitimate discussions ugly. And trivial race-driven bickering is simply the beginning. It gets worse from there. The Japanese are very fortunate they don’t have to fear for their lives or change their religious and cultural practices just because it offends certain minority “races”.

    • December Rain

      Well said. I’m so glad people like you and the Japanese netizens have enough common sense to see that immigration is not the solution. A beautiful country like Japan ought to stay Japanese forever.

      • whuddyasack

        Thank you and very nicely said. Why aren’t you a sight for sore eyes, it’s good to see that you’re still alive and well and I’ve really missed your intelligent, well thought out posts. These discussion boards are not very intellectual without you.

        You are indeed correct and may Japan remain Japan until the very end.

        • orchidwater

          Sorry for the late response, but thank you for your kind words though I don’t think I live up to such high praise, heh. You’re quite intelligent yourself and you do a good job bringing some perspective back to these boards, so kudos. 🙂 I had gotten rather tired of the hotheaded racist trolls patrolling these sites since they’re not here to argue with reason but to “let off steam” so to speak. I’ll still come back now and then but I don’t have the stomach to deal with obnoxious racist white men on a regular basis.

          • whuddyasack

            No need to apologize. It’s great to hear back from you once in a while. To be honest, I’ve been pretty late in responding myself and should apologize for that. I don’t know what it is with me and timing, but every time I do post I miss some friends and people I respect. Luck is not on my side 😉

            Thank you for the compliments. It means a lot coming from someone as culturally knowledgeable and respectful as yourself. If only Dim Mak still posted.

            Either way, your foresight has been amazing. I come back to see that you were proven right again, the recent Obama supporting Japan thread being filled with exactly that. Hotheaded “wacist” trolls with chips on their shoulders.

            Even then, it’s nice to know that you’ll drop by from time to time, always a breath of fresh air since barely any Chinese posts there anymore. I totally feel the same regarding the repulsive nature of many of these clannish White men. I’m tired of them myself and realize that engaging with them is the same as casting pearls towards swine.

    • Flora

      Those tensions you speak of do not come from multiculturalism – they come from people like you who don’t know how to be decent human beings and are threatened by differences. Someone else living & believing differently as a fundamental way of life scares and confuses you, so you lash out in panicky fear or are arrogant enough to believe that your way is a marker of true civilization/humanity.

      Assholes cause the “tension”, not differences.

      If the majority of Japanese people know how to be decent human beings to those that are different and take the initiative in shutting down people who seek to cause strife, they will do fine.

      • Opaque

        What a bunch of liberal BS! Forced multiculturalism is another word for destroying the character and culture of the host country! Certain
        cultures do not work together because their values are too different
        and incompatible and therefore conflict is the natural result. You
        and other liberal self-hating *ssh*les can ask people to be “tolerant”
        all you want but in the end multicultural societies have one of three
        outcomes 1) The host population kicks out the foreign population. 2) The foreign population takes control of the country and oppresses/genocides the host population 3) The country splits into ethnic homogeneous states. The multicultural phase is generally quite short and the multicultural states that have lasted the longest
        have never been free and democratic states and have kept the its realm together with brute force.

  • Insomnicide

    It’s an ironically hilarious situation. Japan needs to import immigrants to keep their population strength, but they are extremely xenophobic. Especially against other Asians. So how are they going solve this problem?

    • Flora

      I don’t think Japan is xenophobic. It’s true some of their older populations are, but thankfully, they’ll be dying off soon.

      If anything, Japan is ignorant. They’ve been known to wall themselves off for decades at a time to avoid any sort of outside influence – as a result, most Japanese people are well meaning to people of other cultures, but often have absolutely no idea what they’re doing.

      If anything, their pathological aversion to any sort of confrontation is going to be a blessing and a curse. Conflict may suck when it’s happening, but (when done right) it’s the quickest way to learn.

    • Opaque

      Yeah sure and the “tolerant” peoples of western Europe
      and North America will be an minority in their countries
      within 30-50 years is that better? Xenophobia to a certain
      extent is actually a good thing. A country can only be saved
      by raising the birthrates of the native population not by replacing
      them with foreigners, if you do so the country will loose its cultural
      character and will more and more remind of the home countries of the immigrants.

  • Stefan Xu

    Lol, I’m from Sweden, a country of 10 miljon takes in over 100 000 every year. 200 000 for Japan is nothing.

    • Opaque

      Oh yes and it has led to poverty, and a sharp
      rise in violent crimes and rape crime.
      And by the way we cannot handle it there is almost no
      housing for the immigrants and the money is running out.

      • Stefan Xu

        It hasn’t really led to poverty. I’m living as good as before and so do my friends.

        Yes, the crime has increased, but in daily everyday life I don’t notice it, it also depends where u live. I grew in the so called ghettos Rosengård in Malmö and Rinkeby in STHLM and I’m not afraid. I haven’t been a victim of crime. I’m not a Muslim or African, I’m Chinese. Sweden is still much safer than the UK and USA.

        I’m an immigrant myself and I like immigration into Sweden. I wish Sweden to become a multicultural country.

        • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

          I thought you were Chinese and an immigrant to Sweden.

          Aren’t you part of the problem? With you scamming the Swedish people yet yearn to go back to China?

          • Stefan Xu

            I am Swedish citizen with a immigrant Finnish German father and a Malaysian Chinese mother. I was born in Saudi Arabia but grew up in Sweden and England.

            I’m not a problem and I’m not scamming Swedes. Even if I would like to live in China in the future it will be quite difficult with permanent residence permit. My closest connection with China is my Chinese girlfriend.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            Stefan, I’ll be honest with you. Having seen your comments here and there, it is hard to take anything you say seriously.

            You may well be telling the truth but this is the internet.

            And my comments in the previous comment were partly jesting.

          • Stefan Xu

            During the last two months I’ve been serious. Disregard the troll posts about China I made a couple of months ago.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            Ok Stefan. It will take some time though.

            Do you consider yourself Swedish? And do other Swedish people see you as Swedish?

          • Stefan Xu

            I don’t consider myself Swedish and others don’t either.

            I consider myself a global citizen living in Sweden.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            So, you are a Swedish citizen. You do not consider yourself Swedish and others do not consider you Swedish.
            You mentioned you are Chinese in one post and in another you say your mother is Malay Chinese while your father is Finnish-German. Wouldn’t you consider yourself all that rather than just Chinese?

          • Stefan Xu

            Yes, I consider myself a mix of those. 🙂

        • Opaque

          Yes you are an immigrant hence you do not get targeted
          by other immigrants as Swedes do. Besides the crime statistics tell another story. Immigrants born in Middle-East
          and Africa is 4-5 times more likely to commit a crime than
          ethnic Swedes are.

          If it has not led to poverty? Is that why multicultural Malmoe
          needs 5 billion SEK every year in economic support from the state and still has a deficit of almost 100 million SEK 2014 (there situation is similar in other Swedish cities with many immigrants) and is that why Sweden lacks 48 billion SEK to pay for the immigration waves projected to arrive next five years. Well the system does not make immigrants poor (they are the only group that really benefit from the current situation), removes funds from Swedes to the benefit
          of the immigrant freeloaders. It does not make immigrants
          poor it makes Swedes poor!

  • Mike

    Having a homogeneous population is the most precious thing.

  • John Snow

    All Japan has got to do is change their working culture. If you have people working lesser hours you would need to hire extra people to fill in the quota of the work that you have. People will have more free time, and more job opportunities.

    I tell you the fact that you need to use your holiday for when you are sick instead of your sick leave is stupid.

  • Zaqpan

    Japan doesn’t even have laws to protect people against hate speech and racism. It’s not a fitting country for immigration. Anyone who moves there is crazy and will be exterminated.

    If this girl did this in the West, she’d not only be on news, but she’d be in juvenile detention and her parents questioned.


    • Zaqpan

      She’s calling for another Nanjing massacre but aren’t Japanese claiming Nanjing is an anti Japanese hoax by China?

    • Flora

      IT wouldn’t be THAT bad…. Mostly, people would just be calling for her to be re-homed, as her parents are obviously racists d-bags.

      You can’t go to jail for hate speech, but it will make you a pariah.

    • Flora

      Japan doesn’t have anti-hate laws because, up until now, there’s been no need for them. USA didn’t have them either until very recently (about 50 or so years, not counting gender discrimination).

      They’ll probably start rolling them out after a generation or two, once large-numbers of immigrants (or their Japan-born children) have made it very apparent that they aren’t going anywhere. They only question is, is there going to be a fight over it.

  • Krystal Hampton

    This will happen to all nations, not just Japan. It’s called globalization.

  • Schlomo Rothsteingoldberg

    This is wonderful! It’s a good time for Japan to open up to the world at large! Let immigration happen to culturally enrich Japan.

  • BenGarrison

    Goodie, now Americans can enrich the backwards Japanese with their rich and interesting culture! Obesity, rock music and blockbuster cinema! Treat yourselves to some nice American cuisine like Burger and… uh.. Cheeseburger

    Have fun Japan, we sure did enjoy watching our own cultures crumble beneath the jackboot of American cultural and moral imperialism.

    Kosovo je Srbija

  • Ichibana

    More like neetizens, not netizens. Their Xenophobia and refusal to take initiative in the society that they so adamantly want to protect is the reason for all of this.

  • David Goldenberg

    It’s a trap! Trust me Japan immigration is not the solution. They will come in thousands destroying your culture, ravaging you economy and lastly they will eventually get more power in Japan than you have.
    Don’t reach the low point that Europe has, were we accept rape when it is done by an immigrant, were we give them welfare if they refuse to work and were they can push and blame you whenever things aren’t going their way.

    • If you moved to Japan, how many women would you rape?

    • Mihel

      Don’t reach the low point that Europe has, were we accept rape when it is done by an immigrant, were we give them welfare if they refuse to work

      It’s sad that I have to agree with you, because you word your sentence like a retard and a racist, yet you are telling the truth.

  • blight14

    Look no further than the devestation ‘immigration’ has wrought on the United States……be VERY careful who you allow into your beautiful nation!

  • Guest

    nobody wants to live in japan. radiation and recession. what’s to love?

  • Paul Martin

    There are already some 2 million gaijin in Japan. Crime, big investments and right wing political influence belongs to the yakusa NOT the gaijin !
    Of course ALL foreigners are gaijin here…but ALL Japanese are gaijin EVERYWHERE else !
    So who would be worse off…if the gaijin ALL left Japan and the Japanese were ALL sent back…and the hundreds of foreign companies left then the gaijin boycotted Japanese cars and products tourism and the Olympics because of blatant discrimination and outright racism towards the foreigners or the gaijin…..?
    Obviously Japan needs gaijin to do the work Japanese ME generation won’t do but in reality the foreigners could exist WITHOUT Japan….think about it

  • Lani

    I am a Filipina based in America. Been to Japan in 2008. While I love Japan, I would not want to live there for a long time. To say that it is a very stressful and rigid society is an understatement. Why do you think it has the highest suicide rate in the world? Why do you think people want to dress up and put weird stuff on their faces? I never thought I’d think this way but I agree with the Yahoo Japan comments. I prefer a Japan that is accepting of foreigners but I don’t want them to overrun Japan. I want the culture and anything that makes it uniquely Japanese preserved.

  • splooge

    immigration here aint that bad in the west. as long as they have work. they dont commit crime. If they dont get jobs theyll move to the poor ghetto areas and theyll look for illegal means to get money. In canada its typically the natives or whites that commit crime similar to new zealand and australia. You will get the occasional immigrant but nothing major. In usa and europe, depending on the demogrpahic such as blacks latinos and arabs that commit crime,guess what are the ones not able to get jobs. On cnn they were talking ablut how successful canada and austrailas program is on getting work for their migrants,the the eu and usa should adopt. If japan doesnt want neighboring nations they can consider africa latin america middle east and south asia as possible recruits.

  • .JเคŦย.

    I think immigration is good to have, it doesn’t mean immigrating foreigners to japan means destroying the “public order” and “culture”, you can still take in foreigners while requiring them to adapt to the japanese culture, although aesthetically I might not look japanese( i am singaporean) I do not spread my native influences in japan. In the big picture, it is the “blood” that is destroyed and not the “culture” or “public order”. anyway you don’t expect yourself as a guest in your friends house and start lying around and making a mess.

    • Boris

      There has to be a plan to integrate them. If there is no plan then you get the host population ‘putting up’ with their ‘guests’ while the ‘guests’ are left to help each other out, which will cause them to group into their own ‘ghettos’. This means that the ‘guests’ are always seen and treated as ‘guests’ and are never allowed (by the hosts or just the general factors) to become part of the country. You just have to take a look at how they already treat people of Koreans decent who came over long time ago still seen as being outsiders.

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