South Korea To Publish ‘White Paper’ On Comfort Women

Yahoo! Japan’s most commented-on article today was the news that South Korea is to publish a white paper on the Comfort Women at the end of next year.

The paper will include a comprehensive approach to the issue, including information from international and citizen organisations, as well as assessing the legality of the the system itself

Questions over the Comfort Women system has been an ongoing diplomatic issue between Japan and South Korea since the 1990s when Kim Hak Soon, the first Korean Comfort Woman came forward; however, the issue had first been raised in the 1970s in a book by Senda Kako, and in the 1980s by feminist journalist Matsui Yayori, who published her findings in the Asahi Shimbun.

Still, despite the opposition between the Japanese and South Korean governments on the issue, few people point out that the Comfort Women system included women from a variety of nationalities and ethnicities, including Japanese, Dutch, and Filipino.

So is this white paper really for the women who suffered under the system? Or is it another of a series of diplomatic moves between two nations with intertwined histories?

Needless to say, the netouyo were quick to dismiss the paper, calling instead for South Korea to question its own actions in Vietnam.

From Yahoo! Japan:

South Korea To Publish “White Paper On Comfort Women” At End Of Next Year, For Global Distribution

On August 3, South Korea’s Ministry Of Gender Equality and Family announced that it is to publish a “white paper on Comfort Women” around the end of 2015 in order to let people at home and abroad know the real state of the issue of forced military prostitution under the former Japanese Imperial Army. The move is taken to be a countermeasure against the fact that the Japanese government had officially disclosed the results of its review into the statement made by then chief cabinet secretary Kono Yohei in regard to the Comfort Women issue.

In addition to documents relating to the issue and the results of research, the paper will be based on the activities of international organisations and citizens’ groups, and will organise and analyse comprehensively the current status of the criminality and harm of the Comfort Women system. It will also feature the dialogue and opposition between the Japanese and South Korean governments.

The document will be distributed internationally, and English, Chinese, and Japanese editions will be made, as well as Korean. Minister for Women Kim Hee Jong said that “We hope that this will become a fundamental resource that will lead to a more proactive treatment of the Comfort Women issue and toward a strategy for resolution”.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


Hey, they should also write about the comfort women used by the US, and what South Korea did in Vietnam.


They need to summon Kono and the Asahi Shimbun to the Diet, review the process of their lies, and then distribute that to the rest of the world.


Ah Korea, isolated from the rest of the world.
Please don’t get involved with Japan any more, OK?


Now their lies have been exposed, so they’re rushing to make this.
Seems like it’s already a foregone conclusion that we won’t have anything to do with South Korea after this.
I’m happy just thinking about the time there is NO KOREA.


This was all sorted out in the peace treaties between Japan and South Korea. All this and they don’t even have the guts to abolish the treaty.


They don’t even know that they are the embarrassing ones…What a pathetic people!


“We hope that this will become a fundamental resource that will lead to a more proactive treatment of the Comfort Women issue and toward a strategy for resolution”.
What the hell are they saying, when they have no intention of resolving things…?


End of next year, hmm, that’s quite a way off.
Does this mean that ultimately they haven’t investigated anything yet?


Let’s make their lies a World Heritage site.


This will be the remarkable accomplishment of the world’s first ever white paper on prostitution.
Aren’t they ashamed?
Put your evil actions in Vietnam in there too!


Stop protesting already! Japan should take a more adversarial stance in this, too!
Distribute a paper that says “Beware Of Chosen’s [the old name for Korea in Japanese] Fabricated White Paper On Comfort Women” to the world!!


I think that this will put the focus on US military prostitution wonderfully, but do the Koreans even realise that? Also, I can’t wait for the time when all they have left is comebacks like “Oh it was a different time” and “they’re talking about Christmas”, arguments that could be shot down even by an amateur.


What a nauseating nation. They know what their own army did in Vietnam. They’re a country that only knows how to lash out, a “Mad Dog State”


Hey, how about publishing a white paper on Lai Đại Hàn?


Everyone who is disgusted by Korea and hates them, please upvote this.


Let’s make a white paper on prostitution,
Let’s blow up the underbelly of their economy, where they earn foreign currency even today by exporting hundreds of thousands of people around the world!


What happened to an apology for Lai Đại Hàn!


Naturally they’ll also write about how much we gave them in compensation after the war, right?


Making things up again? And you say you’re gonna spread it around the world??: Unbelievable. I can’t fucking bear this!: Everyone, please participate in the Zaitokukai demo.


Don’t forget to send the first edition to the Mayor of Tokyo!

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