Store Clerk Who Wants To Marry High Earner Mocked By Netizens

Netizens mock part time supermarket worker who is looking for rich boyfriend

2ch netizens have mocked a woman who left a message on the Yomiuri Shimbun’s problem pages, asking whether she was asking too much to find a man who earned 8,000,000 yen a year. That’s roughly $77,889.

The woman herself is a part-time worker at a supermarket, who intends to become a full-time housewife when she marries.

It is unclear whether this is a serious poster or someone trolling for attention. But the question remains: is she asking too much?

From Yomiuri Shimbun:

I Want A Boyfriend Who Earns 8,000,000 Yen Per Year. Is That Too Much To Ask?

I’m a 32 year old woman. I look young, and my friends always tell me I look like an actress.

I work part-time in a supermarket, but there are obviously no men who meet my standards there. As a result, getting married seems a long way away.

Still, as my friends tell me, the problem is not the way I look. If I had to put it down to anything, I’d say I’m slightly chubby, right? (I’m 154cm tall and weigh 54 kilos).

I’m really good at housework, and I’d like to become the perfect family wife. I’m looking for a kind man, taller than 170cm, with a normal body type.

After marriage, I think I’d like to become a full-time housewife and look after my family.

Am I aiming too high, asking for a man like this?

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Comments from


Yup. Asking too much.


32 year old part-timer www


She struck out the moment she was thinking about income.


Hah, so there really are people in their thirties out there who take flattery seriously and have heads filled with flowers.
She has issues, both with asking too much and with her mental faculties.


Come on, if you’re 155cm and 55 kilos, then you’re just a regular fatty.


Fatal mistake, saying chubby. That’s bad.
Stop doing that.


Umm, I reckon that it’s precisely the people around her that will make the most fitting partner for her.
She’s just a part-timer, what the hell is she talking about~


If you’re gonna marry the kind of woman who marries someone because of their income, then you’re better off going to a brothel.


If you can earn 8 million yen a year too, then it’s fine.


Ain’t no guy earning 8 million yen a year gonna turn his head for an part-timer hag in her thirties.


Who the fuck would go out with a chunker like that w


Is she stupid, asking for a guy who earns 8 mil when she’s 32? w. Stay single your whole life.


If someone’s a salaryman and they’re getting 8 million a year, then they’d have to be in the same class as a department chief of a major company.


Just die.
We’ll all have high hopes for your next life.

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