Girl, 18, Goes Missing, Suspects Say They’ve ‘Buried Her’

Press gather outside the East Funabashi police station.

Press gather outside the East Funabashi police station.

One of the most accessed stories of the day on mixi News was that of an 18-year old girl who went missing after getting in the car with some guys she knew.

Police are now investigating whether or not the girl is being held captive by the group, after police were told that the girl had been “buried”.

Rumours are now rife that the girl has been buried alive, prompting a strong reaction from mixi netizens.

From mixi News:

18 Year Old Girl Goes Missing; Group Of Acquaintances Say “We Buried Her” – Under Investigation Holding Her Captive, Chiba Prefecture

On April 23, it was revealed by an investigation spokesperson that the girl (18) from Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture went missing after getting in a car with a group of boys she knew after they had called out to her as they drove by. Members of the group of boys are said to have stated something to the effect of “We buried her” when asked about the circumstances of her disappearance, and police assume it is highly likely that they are involved in the incident. As police search for the whereabouts of the girl, they are also pursuing an investigation on suspicion that the girl is being held captive.

According to an investigation spokesperson, on April 21 the East Funabashi division of the Chiba Prefectural Police Force received a report that “a girl had gone missing a few days ago”. According to the report, when the girl had been walking with friends, a group of several boys, some of whom were adults and some of whom were minors, and whom she appeared to know, called out to her, and she got into a car with them.

When police asked boys from the group, who had been arrested in relation with a separate incident, about the girl’s whereabouts, they stated something to the effect of “We buried her”. However, given that there is some ambiguity about the statement, police are continuing their investigations with care.

Comments from mixi:

They’ve done this awful thing and still their names aren’t being made public. And what’s more they won’t get a harsh sentence either. I don’t like the idea of people like this being “caught and released” into society. Seriously, “human rights” is a term that only seems to benefit the perpetrator.

You couldn’t just kill her, could you? It wasn’t just flirting, your aim from the beginning was to rape her, wasn’t it? We’re gonna bury you bastards deep underground, you shit! I think that they should give the victim’s parents the right to murder the jackasses that did this to their daughter.

Get rid of the Juvenile Law already. Doesn’t matter if the criminal is an adult or a child, there’s no way of rectifying what they did.

These bastards are savages! Bury the lot of them alive as punishment!

Don’t tell me they buried her alive? No matter what, just give them the death sentence. It’d be ok to bury them alive too.

You know, if a cruel child just becomes an adult with no intervention, they’ll just end up a cruel adult. You know what happens then, right?

No matter how hard Funashi tries, these toxic insects are devouring our land…we should move toward exterminating them so that not a single one remains.

I think it’d probably be OK if we had a revenge-style system.

That poor girl, I can’t stop crying. Why was it necessary to bury an 18 year old girl with a future? It’s just unthinkable, I’m sure her parents feel the same way.

What an amazing world we live in. Peoples values are really wobbly.

Do we really need the Juvenile Law? To think that they killed someone to protect themselves, buried them, is there really a reason to protect people like that?

This reminds me of the “High school girl encased in concrete murder incident” at the end of the Showa period. I’ve been wondering if it’s not still being told as some kind of urban legend among the yanki kids in the region that the incident happened.

No idea what they’re on about. This is a situation which is really difficult for a “human being” to comprehend.

We’ve still got young girls in our family. If something like that happened to my kids while they were growing up, I don’t know what I’d do to the criminals.

Anyone can do it, so we should spread the real names, addresses and faces of everyone of the gone-in-the-head mental shitty brats in that group on sites like YouTube. Rather than letting them die, we should make their lives a living hell.

It may sound bad, but “burying” is kind of trendy in Funabashi these days, right? That high school where they buried the kittens alive was also in Funabashi. Tell me, Funashi! The bastards who did both of these things should meet the same fate as far as I’m concerned.

They “buried her”??? There are way too many incidents like this these days.

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