Netizen Explains McDonalds Cheeseburger Rip-Off With Equation

McDonald's Japan double cheesburger rip-off

Watch him, he’ll run off with 80 yen if you let him..

Japan’s netizens have decided to call out McDonald’s yet again. This time, they’ve noticed that the price of double cheeseburger is not double the price of a cheeseburger, oh no. It’s almost triple! So what gives, McDonald’s?

One clever Twitter user, who apart from now being a legend among netizens is also an assistant professor at Toho University, created an equation to prove that not only is the burger over-priced, but that McDonald’s would actually owe customers 80 yen if they purchase a double cheeseburger rather than two regular cheeseburgers…

From NetLab:

Doubts Over Price Of McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger? Discovered As Result Of Netizen Calculations: “If You Eat The Bun, You Get 80 Yen Back”

And No Matter How You Calculate It, They’re Right…

On October 26, McDonald’s consolidated its product pricing in each of its branches, and even started putting its prices on its website once more. However, after the prices were published online, netizens started talking about how strange the set prices for the cheeseburger and the double cheeseburger were.

Looking at the menu available on McDonald’s official site, a cheeseburger is 130 yen [approx. $1.10], whereas a double cheeseburger is…340 yen [approx. $2.80]!? Even though it’s twice as much as a regular cheeseburger, isn’t the price closer to triple the cost?

Just to be sure, we looked at the nutritional information. A cheeseburger weighs 122g and is 310 calories, while a double cheeseburger weighs 178g and has 463 calories. Since both the weight and calorie content of the double cheeseburger is just under twice as much as the regular cheeseburger, it doesn’t seem that the double cheeseburger has significantly more in it.

Nutritional information for a regular cheeseburger.

Nutritional information for a regular cheeseburger.

Nutritional information for a double cheeseburger.

Nutritional information for a double cheeseburger.

So what the hell kind of calculation did McDonald’s do to get to that price? Twitter user @CDR6275, who is an Assistant Professor of Information Sciences at Toho University’s Faculty of Sciences, did a proper calculation in response to the doubts a lot of people must have been having. The result was even more absurd: “If you eat the bun, then you should get 80 yen back” [approx. 66¢]. WTF…..

McDonald's Japan double cheesburger rip-off

x= burger and cheese
y= bun

If you just think about those two products, then you will always arrive at this answer. In fact, if you were to order two cheeseburgers, for 260 yen you’d get a double cheeseburger and an extra bun…Damn, the more you think about it, the less sense it makes! Why has this happened!

Online, there have been a lot of responses to this calculation: “So they’re definitely adding 80 yen to the cost even though they’re taking away the bun”; “Oh…”; “So I guess it’s better to just order two cheeseburgers then, huh?”; “LOLZ”. Nah, I mean, setting the price for something is pretty difficult, right…?

Comments from


It’s because they do stuff like this that they don’t sell so much any more…


This doesn’t make you want to go to McDonald’s, does it?


No one’s gonna buy them so let them set the price at whatever they like.


Man, economics is tough.


This has to be a trick to make you buy cheeseburgers at 130 yen.


Aren’t they going to use this to make their set meals look cheaper?


Cheeseburger 130 yen
Double cheeseburger 200 yen
Triple cheeseburger 250 yen.
Those are the prices they should have if they’re following common sense…


So I guess what we should do is order two cheeseburgers, then at the register, right in front of them, put the burgers together and ask them to throw away the extra bun, right?


Isn’t the meat from different countries in the two burgers? In fact I reckon its from places like China…


It’s been weird since they had the McDouble and the Double Cheeseburger for sale. It was like, come on, how much you gonna charge for a frickin’ slice of cheese.


Maybe what’s really going on is that because fatties aren’t good with money, they won’t notice the price, so McDonald’s figure they can make good there.


If you happen to be from the class of people who frequent McDonald’s, then you’re probably not going to notice, so it’s OK.


Sell them at the going rate already!


More than anything, this just makes it clear that they set their prices without thinking.


As far as McDonald’s is concerned, if this means they’ll sell more cheeseburgers then it’s fine. Just what we expect from Casanova! [NB Sarah Casanova is current CEO of McDonald’s Japan].


Oh what are you doing to the only thing you had going for you, the double cheeseburger! w
I’m only ever gonna buy coffee there now.

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  • vonskippy

    It’s the standard stupid tax – if you can’t do basic math you deserve to get screwed.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      That requires thinking. Thinking is hard. You shouldn’t think. Just have another double cheeseburger and let McDonald’s do the thinking for you.

  • Sad Clown

    The Japanese are only discovering this now?! Been buying 2 singles and combining them since….forever, man.

    • bob

      but it isn’t even necessarily like this in other parts of the world. Canada for example. I think a cheese burger is something like 1.19, a double is 1.69.

  • PoliticalTruthTalk

    Mcdonald food and service is ripoff. No math is needed. Just common sense.

  • bumfromjapan

    Japan-China-Korea Summit must be the hottest news with most commentsin yahoo Japan. How come not picked up? enough for politics and racism? What changed with CS, JC, KB??

    • besudesu

      Well, I didn’t see that many people talking about it when I published this article — we only publish things that are getting a lot of online attention, and sometimes those aren’t the things we’d expect. But we’re also really busy, and we’re human — we miss things. So if you have an interesting link we’ll take a look at it.

  • KenjiAd

    I’m a restaurant owner. The price of that regular burger is almost certainly what is called “loss leader” – the price that’s close to or even below the cost. Restaurants and retailers do this to draw traffic to the establishment.

    Once customers are drawn to the loss-leader burger, most of them end up buying something else.

    “Would you like fries with that, Sir?” And most of them say “Yes” because they think the burger is darn cheap, so why not buy French Fries with the money saved? lol

  • weiner

    is he a communist?

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