Students Go On Anti-Abe Hunger Strike, Netizens Unsympathetic

On August 13, a group of Tokyo-area university students calling themselves the Student Hunger Strike Executive Committee announced their plans to hunger strike against Abe’s security bill, and on August 27 four members of the group put that plan into action right outside the National Diet Building. The hunger strikers plan to consume only water until at least August 30, and possibly longer.

Although the slump in Abe’s approval ratings immediately after the security bill vote, along with the various other protests that have since occurred around Japan, would suggest that many citizens sympathize with the students’ intentions, netizens were resoundingly scornful of the hunger strikes. Many seized on the fact that the hunger striking students have been occupying the tactile paving blocks intended to guide blind pedestrians along the side of the street as an example of left-wing activists’ lack of consideration for others.

From livedoor NEWS:

Four Anti-Security Bill University Students Begin “Indefinite Hunger Strike”: “We Want to Call for Change, Even if it Means Sacrificing Everyday Life”

In front of the National Diet in Nagatachō, Tokyo, on August 27, a group of students hoping to prevent the enactment of the security bill began an indefinite hunger strike in which they will consume nothing but water.

The group in question is the “Student Hunger Strike Executive Committee,” made up of university students from the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. The group attracted media attention on August 13, when they announced that they would carry out a hunger strike to call for the defeat of the Abe administration and the prevention of the security bill’s enactment.

Starting at 2 p.m. on August 27, in front of the assembly hall of the House of Councillors, which is across from the National Diet building, the group members held a meeting and declared the beginning of the hunger strike. According to the Executive Committee, the time period has not been decided in advance, and the four students will continue the hunger strike for at least three days. On August 30, they will change locations to the main entrance of the National Diet, in order to join a large-scale protest there.

Ida Takashi, a sophomore at Sophia University who is participating in the hunger strike, stated, “At the moment the bill can’t be stopped in the Diet, so we decided on a direct action. There are various criticisms, and I don’t think it’s the very best way, but we have to stop it right away. We want to call for change, even if it means sacrificing our everyday lives.”

First-year Waseda University student Kimoto Shotaro expressed his resolve, saying, “I was advised by a hunger strike survivor to reduce my meals little by little, so I’ve been eating one meal a day since the day before yesterday. I don’t have much confidence in my physical strength, but I’d like to do my best until August 30 at the very least, in order to declare my opposition to war.”

(From Bengoshi Dot Com News)

Comments from




Dregs of humanity


This is truly stupid


They are fundamentally scum


I feel bad for the blind people
[NB: The commenter is referring to the fact that the hunger strikers have been sitting on the area’s tactile paving blocks provided to guide blind pedestrians.]


From my perspective, the tactile paving blocks are there because some people really need them, do these idiots not know that?


A gathering of shitheads without a shred of common sense.


How does someone get this idiotic? Are their brains just structured differently?


As humans they’re just complete shit


I cannot possibly see a sufficient reason for monopolizing public walkways.


“We want to call for change, even if it means sacrificing our everyday lives”
Well, you’ve also made sacrifices out of the blind people, as well. Wow, your bravery is as amazing as a hundred million fireballs. [NB: The last sentence is a reference to an old WWII slogan.]


People without disabilities don’t understand the value of social welfare facilities. Getting moved away from the guide blocks is seriously scary!


They’re making light of society.


Even though this will be attached to their names for the rest of their lives, they choose to join this sort of bullshit movement…


What a pain in the asssssss


Of course the left-wingers don’t consider the trouble they’re inflicting on others. What a self-centered bunch.


Because they’re wannabe terrorists, there’s no reason for them to abide by the laws of Japan.


Considerate people don’t do this kind of idiotic thing.

I LOLed at the way they cropped the picture so you can’t see the tactile paving blocks.

稲妻レッグラリアット(愛媛県)@\(^o^)/ [in response to above]:

They’re seriously shit.

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  • Butsu

    “Netizens Unsympathetic”
    Yea, no surprises here.

  • klmlkml

    Who cares about the one or two blind people in Tokyo? Why have they got a whole part of the pavement to themselves? Is there a separate pavement for Segway users and the retarded too? Weird country.

  • Frank

    You shouldn’t reduce your meals before a hunger strike. If you eat well, the hunger will pinch you a bit more when you begin, but you’ll have way more energy.

  • vonskippy

    Like Abe cares – most of the protesters won’t be able to vote until next year. Hunger strikes are totally ineffective against changing policy, just like self-immolation and hitting yourself in the head with a hammer – great for press, lousy for politics (who listens to a crazy person?).

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      A lot of people it seems, given how many response that other politician got. The one that called Japanese cowards for not wanting to go to war.

  • Facebook4Disqus

    Directly affect all Japanese. Like it or not. Japanese family will pay a heavy price. Japanese politicians killing their youth.

  • syntheticzero

    This move by Abe is one of the most unpopular in decades, yet the only comments Japan Crush posts are from right-wingers on 2ch. Give me a break, Japan CRUSH. Do you have some sort of agenda to only post stories that highlight the worst aspects of Japanese people?

    Here’s an article about the massive protests against the Abe changes:

    And, yes, it is led by young Japanese students. Let’s wake up here. The right wing is not the only force in Japan. does not represent all Japanese, not even Japanese youth. It’s like a site called “America Bam” which only posts right-wing trolls from 4Chan. as though they represented the entire country’s Internet presence.

    • besudesu

      It’s disappointing that you think this site has any kind of agenda. In fact, the only thing this site sets out to do is to give readers a glimpse of what is trending online in Japan, and of Japanese Internet culture. This means that the articles we select are selected primarily because they are drawing a significant reaction or response from one, or sometimes several, sectors of the Internet.

      Most of our regular readers understand what 2ch is, how it works; they understand the influence of the netouyo on the Japanese Internet, and how the right-wing is significantly more vocal online than they are in day-to-day life in Japan. They also understand this as part of broader online trends globally; Internet comments in general tend to bring out both the best and the worst in people, no matter where they’re from.

      There is, and never has been, any suggestion whatsoever that 2ch represents the entire country’s Internet presence, but at the same time you cannot deny that 2ch wields a very significant Internet presence in Japan. Still, our articles feature comments from various Internet portals, including Yahoo! Japan (again, well-known for being right wing), Twitter, mixi, and Facebook. There have been several articles on this site discussing the issue of the netouyo; I for one have yet to find an equivalent sayoku presence online in Japan. I’d be interested if you have.

      And for what it’s worth, I don’t think this article shows the worst in Japan at all. I think many people will see what these students stand for and recognize how admirable their actions are. Some might even see how their actions reflect the actions of their parents or grandparents in the 1960s. And the 2ch comments will be taken with a pinch of salt, as Internet comments always should be.

      • JEng

        I think this article is about the SEALDs being dismissed. But I am totally okay with being banned from posting for disagreeing with the moderator since it IS your website.

        It’s only censorship when the anti-KMT Chinese Commies do it.

        • besudesu

          Hah! You can disagree with me all you want.

          But this article is not about the SEALDS being dismissed at all. The 2ch comments are dismissive, not the article.

      • syntheticzero

        This is the problem I have with your selection of comments. I have seen so many articles posted to Japan CRUSH with various anti-Korean and other right wing sentiments, and then a series of quotes from 2ch and Yahoo Japan which are almost universally in agreement with the reactionary view. You sometimes post remarks from multiple sites, but they are almost always all the same. Yes, I have seen you post remarks that are critical of Abe and the right wing, as well. But the fact that you frequently post articles with comments all coming from the same side is, to me, highly misleading. Of course you aren’t explicitly SAYING every Japanese person online is right wing, but by posting these one-sided collections of comments, it gives that strong impression.

        In this particular case, we have a student movement which is being led, for once, by young people, and there is obviously support among young people for their actions. Yet you only posted remarks from 2ch, with the headline “Netizens unsympathetic”. Really? “Netizens”? Is every single young person online a netouyo? Obviously not. Yes, I know you’re not explicitly SAYING this, and you seem to think everyone already knows that 2ch is a biased sample, but this is nevertheless the impression this kind of thing gives.

        I am Japanese-American, I grew up here, and yet I care about Japan. Since I live in the US I obviously have friends of every ethnicity, including many Koreans and Chinese, of course. When you post this sort of article it is extremely disappointing, speaking of disappointing. Polls show that this move by Abe is very unpopular with the majority of Japanese. I have Korean friends who have been surprised and heartened by the mass protests in Japan against Abe’s move. Yet the one and only article you’ve posted about this protest so far just says “Netizens unsympathetic”. It paints Japan in an extremely negative light, as do all of your articles highlighting universally right wing sentiments.

        There are more people than netouyo in Japan online. I wish you would sincerely consider the effect of your site when posting these articles and your tendency to post quotes which are all on one side of any given issue.

        • besudesu

          Again, let me emphasize that this website is not about Japanese people in general, it’s about netizens and Internet culture in Japan. In this case, netizens were unsympathetic. And in the article it makes it very clear that the netizens in question are 2ch netizens. Titles have to be a certain length to fit the format of the site, and by their nature are not the most descriptive part of an article.

          And if you can find a significant source of left-wing comments that are in support of the student protestsfrom a website that has significant traffic, as per the M.O. of this site, I will happily translate those comments and add them here.

          The Internet is not always an accurate reflection of a society. You only have to look at some of the articles translated recently about the security bill to see that even when an article shows how significant Abe’s rating slumps were, the netizens just said the survey had been distorted. And please also remember that the articles selected for translation have to be popular. They are usually at the top of access rankings. I didn’t see anything about protests this week. I only saw things about Sano Kenjiro getting fired. Having said that, selecting articles is not a science, and we are always open to translation suggestions.

          The comments posted here are often the most upvoted comments in a particular thread, or are selected from an extremely popular thread where upvotes are not available. To characterize selecting comments along these lines as being an editorial tendency is highly inaccurate.

          I understand that you care about Japan. Everyone involved in this site does too. But you can’t ignore the right-wing shift that is currently happening in Japan, and in particular how this shift is magnified online. Yes, there are more people than the netouyo using the Internet in Japan. But do they leave comments? Do they have a significant Twitter presence? Are they organized? Not in my experience. Not yet.

          • syntheticzero

            What about Twitter or other social media? Most Internet activity and discussion even in the US is on social media these days, not on forum sites.

          • besudesu

            We do use Twitter, mixi, and Facebook. They’re all SNS sites. But there has to be an organized response to things. This isn’t always the case on Twitter. But there are sites that track Twitter responses to particular topics, such as Togetter and, and we certainly use these wherever we can. I can also promise you that I will check the Twitter response to this particular article, and if there is a good bulk of comments that differ significantly from the 2ch ones, I’ll add them to the article.

    • JEng

      The coverage on the SEALDs is very different from the favorable coverage of the HK Occupiers.

  • Mr. Obama
    I am Japanese.
    Please do not force us war. We stopped killing people long time ago for a reason.
    Please do not force us the ultra right wing PM. Abe Shinzo.
    Fire Joseph Nye and Richard Armitage.
    Please do not force us nuclear plants. Japanese goverment restarted Sendai nuclear plant, which is only 50 kilometers from a volcano Sakurajima, starting to erupt. We are so worried now. Please do not force us the womb cancer vacctine. Many girls are suffered from various desease after having injection.


  • I am one of the peace loving Japanese those heading and hoping for unity and permanent peace in the region, so I am not backing the students with open arms for the time being.
    As far I see, they have many problems very serious.
    They seem to have really less idea about history, and anything else.
    Some of them didn’t even refrain from cooperating with Koan police, so to get other protesters away from near around them.
    Also they don’t adopt a right measure for the performance.
    Choiring anti-war should be dealt in our mother language, not by a colonial language.
    Colonial language written in a pla card is fine, as it works on a photo.
    But the choir is not.
    Choiring anti-war must be sounded in OUR LANGUAGE out loud, definitely.

    However, they have problems yes, they have no correct idea about a real enemy, they can’t tell who to rely on, who not to.
    They have no sense of modesty at all.
    They have no ear to listen to elders.
    Actually I see them not so different from Netouyos, with their elements inside.

    Still they are viable power to scare Abe, and it will be a real thing when they are aware of the real enemy they should accuse, should bring our cause to.
    It is Washington, it is Barack Obama, Shinzo Abe is only a puppet.

    We are not going to join any war, we don’t kill people again.

  • Mr. Obama.
    I am Japanese.
    We don’t want war. Please stop forcing us war.
    Please stop forcing the war bill.
    Please fire Joseph Nye and Richard Armitage, and our PM Abe.
    On Sunday, September 6, 12000 people gathered to protest.
    Do not ignore this.
    There were also many protesting in Japan.

    Japanese government said that it doesn’t matter whether Japanese people agree with war bill.
    I am so mad about that.

  • They chose a wrong place to deal with hunger strike.
    It would have been a BIG NEWS when this were something performed in front of the US embassy.
    This is their/our fundamental problem that we are still pretending as if it is nothing wrong with USA, no, it is ALL ABOUT USA.
    Our cause is something that should be brought to BARACK OBAMA first, and I am very sure that Shinzo Abe will resign real soon when Washington says “Quit”.
    Barack Obama, stop forcing us to join a war for you.
    We are not going to kill people again, you can’t force us anything you want.
    Fire Joseph Nye and Richard Armitage RIGHT NOW.
    They are now KNOWN ENEMIES of us peace loving Japanese, so we will NEVER EVER welcome them anymore.
    I don’t assure if they spend their Japan stay COMFORTABLE as much as they did before.

  • We are being against the dictator Shinzo Abe who are about to break our constitution, we are the people trying to keep rule of law.
    He’s now breaking any kind of law, doing whatever as he sees fit.
    I have no other word but Hitler to introduce him to foreign people.
    And American people, why wouldn’t you give any support to us doing so.
    Really unbelievable.
    American people, are you someone who really weigh up rule of law?
    You should say No to your President who still gives full support to this Japanese dictator!

    Article 9.
    Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.
    In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.

    So we are not going to join a war with you, sorry.

  • Take a look, this is Abe’s core supporters.
    They are the people those propping up Shinzo Abe, a man that your President is propping up.
    American people, ARE YOU OKAY WITH THIS?

  • Today, Shinzo Abe has become something BEYOND law, as he forced steamrolling while there’s no legal vote process taken in the Committee at all.
    Please take a look at this picture.
    Lawmaker Masahisa Sato(former Jieitai officer who was sent to Iraq) punched another opposition lawmaker.
    Violence makes nothing legal.

    Barack Obama, why do you keep supporting a Japanese Hitler?
    Fire Joseph Nye and purge Richard Armitage RIGHT NOW!
    We are not going to have a war for you!

  • syntheticzero
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