Students Go On Anti-Abe Hunger Strike, Netizens Unsympathetic

On August 13, a group of Tokyo-area university students calling themselves the Student Hunger Strike Executive Committee announced their plans to hunger strike against Abe’s security bill, and on August 27 four members of the group put that plan into action right outside the National Diet Building. The hunger strikers plan to consume only water until at least August 30, and possibly longer.

Although the slump in Abe’s approval ratings immediately after the security bill vote, along with the various other protests that have since occurred around Japan, would suggest that many citizens sympathize with the students’ intentions, netizens were resoundingly scornful of the hunger strikes. Many seized on the fact that the hunger striking students have been occupying the tactile paving blocks intended to guide blind pedestrians along the side of the street as an example of left-wing activists’ lack of consideration for others.

From livedoor NEWS:

Four Anti-Security Bill University Students Begin “Indefinite Hunger Strike”: “We Want to Call for Change, Even if it Means Sacrificing Everyday Life”

In front of the National Diet in Nagatachō, Tokyo, on August 27, a group of students hoping to prevent the enactment of the security bill began an indefinite hunger strike in which they will consume nothing but water.

The group in question is the “Student Hunger Strike Executive Committee,” made up of university students from the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. The group attracted media attention on August 13, when they announced that they would carry out a hunger strike to call for the defeat of the Abe administration and the prevention of the security bill’s enactment.

Starting at 2 p.m. on August 27, in front of the assembly hall of the House of Councillors, which is across from the National Diet building, the group members held a meeting and declared the beginning of the hunger strike. According to the Executive Committee, the time period has not been decided in advance, and the four students will continue the hunger strike for at least three days. On August 30, they will change locations to the main entrance of the National Diet, in order to join a large-scale protest there.

Ida Takashi, a sophomore at Sophia University who is participating in the hunger strike, stated, “At the moment the bill can’t be stopped in the Diet, so we decided on a direct action. There are various criticisms, and I don’t think it’s the very best way, but we have to stop it right away. We want to call for change, even if it means sacrificing our everyday lives.”

First-year Waseda University student Kimoto Shotaro expressed his resolve, saying, “I was advised by a hunger strike survivor to reduce my meals little by little, so I’ve been eating one meal a day since the day before yesterday. I don’t have much confidence in my physical strength, but I’d like to do my best until August 30 at the very least, in order to declare my opposition to war.”

(From Bengoshi Dot Com News)

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Dregs of humanity


This is truly stupid


They are fundamentally scum


I feel bad for the blind people
[NB: The commenter is referring to the fact that the hunger strikers have been sitting on the area’s tactile paving blocks provided to guide blind pedestrians.]


From my perspective, the tactile paving blocks are there because some people really need them, do these idiots not know that?


A gathering of shitheads without a shred of common sense.


How does someone get this idiotic? Are their brains just structured differently?


As humans they’re just complete shit


I cannot possibly see a sufficient reason for monopolizing public walkways.


“We want to call for change, even if it means sacrificing our everyday lives”
Well, you’ve also made sacrifices out of the blind people, as well. Wow, your bravery is as amazing as a hundred million fireballs. [NB: The last sentence is a reference to an old WWII slogan.]


People without disabilities don’t understand the value of social welfare facilities. Getting moved away from the guide blocks is seriously scary!


They’re making light of society.


Even though this will be attached to their names for the rest of their lives, they choose to join this sort of bullshit movement…


What a pain in the asssssss


Of course the left-wingers don’t consider the trouble they’re inflicting on others. What a self-centered bunch.


Because they’re wannabe terrorists, there’s no reason for them to abide by the laws of Japan.


Considerate people don’t do this kind of idiotic thing.

I LOLed at the way they cropped the picture so you can’t see the tactile paving blocks.

稲妻レッグラリアット(愛媛県)@\(^o^)/ [in response to above]:

They’re seriously shit.

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