Trump Wants Japan to Pay For US Military Presence

Should Japan pay the US for its military presence?

Should Japan pay the US for its military presence?

Businessman and U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump has been receiving significant media attention for his provocative comments, which have so far garnered him both growing support and harsh condemnation. Now the likely GOP nominee is making headlines overseas as well.

During the most recent GOP debate in Texas, Trump expressed his desire to increase the amount Japan pays for the cost of maintaining an American military presence in their country. The U.S. currently has 50,000 troops deployed throughout Japan across 109 bases, most of which are located in Okinawa.

On 2ch, many users thought Trump’s statement was ridiculous. However, a few users saw this as a potential opportunity for Japan to take a more active role in its own national defense.

From Yomiuri Shimbun:

“Trump Under Fire, Fierce Debate Rages Over Cost of U.S. Military in Japan

(Washington = Imai Takashi, Los Angeles = Tahara Tokuyo)
At the 10th televised debate for Republican Party presidential nominees, which was held in Texas on February 25th, premiere real estate king Donald Trump (Age 69) came under heavy fire from his opponents.

Media outlets such as U.S. newspaper The Washington Post started criticizing him harshly, but there is plenty of analysis that indicates “the attacks began too late” (Wall Street Journal) and that Trump’s lead will remain unchanged by “Super Tuesday”, the climactic preliminary round that occurs on March 1st.

In the debate, Mr. Trump stated that he seeks to increase the financial burden
of U.S. military stationed in Japan, saying, “Japan can’t do things like protect Korea”. When Senator Marco Rubio (Age 44) explained that Japan shoulders part of the cost and raised doubts by saying, “If we walk away from them, both Japan and South Korea will become nuclear weapons powers”, Trump raised his voice and said, “I never said walk away. I want [Japan] to pay us much more money”.

Comments from 2ch:


He makes Bush look sane.


This guy seems like he’ll make a really troublesome president.


But Japan will probably end up paying.


I didn’t think America was this stupid.

イス攻撃(大分県)@\(^o^)/ :

The time has come for Japan to break free from the postwar regime and return to the path of self-governance. w


He doesn’t understand the purpose of having U.S. military in Japan.
He should study some Post-WWII history.

中年’sリフト(広島県)@\(^o^)/ :

Cut ties with America!
There’s no need to continue our alliance if this guy is president.

トペ スイシーダ(佐賀県)@\(^o^)/:

Just a little while ago he said he was dropping out. He’s a real flip-flopper.


The world’s police have suddenly turned into robbers.


Then we’ll kick the American soldiers out and get nuclear weapons.


Trump is probably saying what America is thinking.
Japan needs to wake up now.

シューティングスタープレス(チベット自治区)@\(^o^)/ :

My interpretation is that Trump’s saying he’ll help Japan become a normal, independent nation.


With Trump as president, Japan can truly become independent.


How much does he want us to pay?
Like 10 trillion?

魔神風車固め(東京都)@\(^o^)/ :

I think he’ll change his tune once he becomes president.


Is there some rule that allows only clowns to run in American elections?
All members of both the Republican and Democratic parties are wackos.

チェーン攻撃(茸)@\(^o^)/ :

If you don’t like it then leave.
It would be better to have nuclear weapons rather than be talked to like this and told to pay more.

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