Child Dies After Hitting Head On Pipe While In Moving Car


A 6-year old girl was killed when her head collided with a guard pipe that was part of an overhead railway bridge after she stuck her head out of the sunroof while her mother was driving the car.

The tragic incident has shocked Twitter users, who are critical of the girl’s parents for not teaching her of the dangers of sticking her head out of the window of a moving vehicle. Many also raised questions as to why the girl was not wearing a seat belt at the time.

Is this simply a tragic accident? Or do the girl’s parents bear some responsibility for her death?

[Accident] 6 Year Old Dies After Sticking Her Head Through Car Sunroof And Colliding With Elevated Railway Tracks

At around 6pm on the afternoon of September 30, Sora, the eldest daughter of Kudmadani Satsuki (unemployed, 36) collided with a guard pipe beneath the elevated tracks of the JR San’in line while she was driving her compact car on a city road in Chinto, Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Sora hit her head hard on the pipe, and died instantaneously.

According to the Hagi Division of the prefectural police, Sora had been in the back seat of the car, and had apparently stuck her head out from the sunroof. The height restriction for cars passing beneath the tracks was 1.8m. Kumadani told police that they had been on their way home after picking Sora up from preschool.

Comments from Twitter:


This is really intolerable.

夏月 さくら:

I heard about this from someone at my company, but the only thing I can say is that it’s a tragedy. The way the parents disciplined the child probably invited this kind of tragedy.

[email protected]:

I mean, I feel sorry for the parents, but they’re at fault here. When I was a kid, I was told it so many times by my parents that I got fed up — “Never stick your body or your head out of the sunroof!”


#OrigamiNews Can’t believe it, and it was her own kid too.


If a child has an idiot for a parent then they’re doomed…well, this girl died.


Accident? It’s a homicide! Gap of 4cm.


Can’t believe this…
I bet regret doesn’t even cover it for the mother.
My condolences.


Wha, wha, what the hell is this news. 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。

Yuda Toyohiko:

Amazing that a 6 year old wearing a seat belt could actually stick her head through the sunroof.
Was she like Giant Baba, or a Wada Akiko?….


Why didn’t they put her in a child seat…

Ken Yamauchi:

Will the parents be charged with death by dangerous driving?


When I was a kid, I was told about stuff like this as though it were an urban legend — it frightened me and after that I never stuck my hand out the window. I never ever thought I’d see it on the actual news.


It’s up to the parents to protect their child.
I really hope that sad accidents like this will stop.


It’s virtually certain that the kid would have been decapitated by this, right?



コナン.K / JA6RJM:

There have been similar incidents before, and all I can say is that the parents are idiots RT @F650GD: RT @KidoAmaha

Yoshikazu Chichii:

When parents are irresponsible, their children meet with this kind of tragedy. The poor little girl.

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