Child Dies After Falling From 43rd Floor, Is Anime To Blame?

6 year old falls from 43rd floor in tragic accident, was anime to blame?

Last week, netizens were talking about a tragic accident in which a six year old girl jumped from the balcony of her parents 43rd floor apartment after watching an anime.

This led to questions regarding the content of the cartoon, and whether or not it contained images of a character who could fly.

Such questions disturbed 2ch netizens in particular, who saw it as a further step toward regulating anime, something which has often been a source of consternation. Others questioned why a 6 year old was able to access a balcony on the 43rd floor, particularly given that the guard rail was only 1m high where the accident occurred.

From FNN News:

Did 6 Year Old Girl Found Dead In Grounds Of Apartment Block Fall By Accident? — Abeno Ward, Osaka City

On April 10, a 6 year old girl was discovered unconscious in the grounds of an apartment block in Abeno Ward, Osaka. It is assumed that she fell accidentally from the 43rd floor.

At around 2:50pm on April 10, the girl was found collapsed among the shrubs of the 43-floor apartment building in Abeno Ward.

The girl has been identified as Sasaki Momo-chan (6), a first year elementary school student who lived on the 43rd floor. She was taken to hospital but was later confirmed dead.

According to police, Momo-chan had been watching an anime DVD with her family in which one of the characters can fly. Later, when her family searched the apartment because they were unable to see her, they found her bedroom window open.

Police are investigating on the basis that the child fell from the window by accident. (Kansai Terebi)

Comments from


Yeah, yeah, blame it on the anime.


Anime again, huh?


How is this anything to do with anime?


Looks like there’s gonna be more warnings before anime.


I mean, if you live somewhere like that sooner or later an accident like that is bound to happen.


Once again, another precious life lost because of anime.
Regulation is coming our way.


Kid, if you’re going to fly you should always practice on the stairs first. Why would you just suddenly try to fly by jumping from a 43rd floor window?


Even if I don’t watch anime I feel like I want to fly why I look outside. I’m not sure I’d actually give it a go though.


A 6 year old fell because she was able to open and close a window in a 43rd floor apartment.
Do they actually have the kind of windows that people can get out of on such a high floor?
This is a huge planning error.


Regulate all anime. All it does is cause trouble.

Comments from Twitter:


Before saying whatever about anime, it makes me feel a bit strange about the fact that when you have a young child in your house you don’t take your eye off them for a second. The fence on the balcony wasn’t even 1m high.

あきもっちゃん 踏ん張らんと:

43rd floor? of an apartment building? I’ve never seen that, I mean, such a high place…makes me tremble even imagining it.


43rd floor, that would just be a mess. People won’t want to live in that apartment block now either, it’s not going to be easy for them.


You’d think that a 6 year old would instinctively know that it was dangerous. This whole thing stinks.


Right now, my daughter is playing on the veranda. After seeing that a 6 year old girl has died after falling from the 43rd floor, I’m petrified.
I mean, a 6 year old would probably realize that if you fall from there it wouldn’t be OK.
Did this kid in her 6 years never once fall from the sofa and think: “Ow! That hurt!”?


I thought maybe she was on her own and her parents were out, but they weren’t. So sad.


When I was 5 I also felt like flying so I jumped off the stairs. I twisted my neck and my entire family was up in arms. Seems like I was unconscious and had a fever.

エルモ コヲタ:

I wonder if the anime she was watching with her parents depicted a scene with there someone had special powers to fly through the sky or something?

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