Emperor Concerned As Yamamoto Sent Knife And Death Threats

Emperor Concerned as Yamamoto Recieves Death Threats

Yamamoto Taro, the former actor and Upper House representative who made the news for handing a letter directly to the Japanese Emperor at an Imperial garden party, has remained at the centre of controversy after receiving an envelope containing a knife, the implication being that he should commit suicide.

This escalation of the situation has led to the Emperor revealing to his staff that he is worried for Yamamoto’s safety. This was the most shared news of the day on Facebook, according to Yahoo! Japan.

Envelope Containing Knife Sent To Representative Yamamoto Taro That Read “Assassins Dispatched”, Metropolitan Police Investigate Allegations Of Intimidation

On November 13, an envelope containing a knife, which was addressed to Representative Yamamoto Taro, was discovered at the Upper House representatives’ building in Chiyoda ward, Tokyo. It was accompanied by a note that warned of Yamamoto’s death. The Kōjimachi division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police are investigating allegations of intimidation.

On November 8, Representative Yamamoto received a stern verbal warning from Yamasaki Masaaki, and the steering committee decided that from now on they would not allow Yamamoto’s participation in Imperial ceremonies from now on.

Emperor Concerned Over Politician Yamamoto Taro

At a scheduled press conference on November 14, Kazaoka Noriyuki, grand steward of the Imperial Household agency, revealed that the Emperor was worried when he saw in a newspaper article that Upper House representative Yamamoto Taro, who passed a letter to the Emperor directly at the autumn Imperial garden party, had received an envelope containing a knife.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


Look at the Emperor’s generosity compared to Yamamoto’s behaviour…


The Emperor is truly kind.


Yamamoto’s not someone it’s worth being worried about though…

Colorado Bulldog:

As a Japanese citizen, the fact that the Emperor is so concerned like that is, in itself, difficult to bear.
The thing is, I think that Yamamoto has yet to realise the gravity of his actions.


The worst thing is that the Emperor is unnecessarily worried. I suppose that His Majesty frets about so many things, and even though it was so obvious to everyone around him that his actions were selfish that they all complained, but he still behaved recklessly. What an asshole.


I’m moved, Your Majesty. I pray you live for a long time.


How kind.


Truly big-hearted.
Yamamoto bears a huge responsibility for making the Emperor worry like that.


The Emperor is generous…Yamamoto, you need to restrain yourself.


Don’t make the Emperor worry about you!
You fucking idiot, Yamamoto.
After you’ve reflected properly on what you did, devote yourself to the Emperor!

Comments from Twitter:


Glad to see the Emperor has common sense (#^.^#)


I reckon that the voters who elected Yamamoto in the Tokyo election district should also bear some responsibility for this.


Yamamoto Taro, you should reflect on what you did while shedding tears at His Majesty the Emperor’s kindness.


Wonder if Yamamoto feels any responsibility now that it’s come to this?

Pink Angel:

To think that the Emperor is concerned about someone who’s just an attention whore. Yamamoto’s a disgrace to the nation. Even if he gets stabbed by the right-wing, I’ll have no sympathy for him.


I’m shocked at some of these comments. Makes me wanna puke. People saying that in the old days Yamamoto would have killed himself and stuff. Was the old way really the right way?


Those netouyo and self-described conservatives need to give it a break and think about what’s going on. Even though you lot haven’t got a shred of respect for the Emperor, you’re the lowest form of trash who “use” the Emperor’s authority to attack others and gloat about it.


Even Yamamoto is a child of the Emperor. And there is no parent who doesn’t worry about their children.


Hope that twat gets some divine retribution at least.


Seriously though, I’m just surprised that the Emperor actually reads the newspaper.


The right-wing have been the enemy of the emperor in every period of Japan’s history.


The Emperor dealt with this like a God would.

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