Schoolboy Sends Twitter Death Threats To Celebrity Singer

Gaijin tarento Agnes Chan

A 15 year old schoolboy is in hot water after leaving death threats on Twitter for the singer and celebrity Agnes Chan.

Chinese-born Agnes started out as a pop-star in the 1970s, and ended up with PhD from Stanford by the 1990s, returning to singing in earnest in the early 2000s. Known for her philanthropic work, Agnes is also a UNICEF ambassador.

Who would want to send a death threat to such a person? Well, according to netizens, quite a few people. 2ch netizens in particular call Agnes out for being a hypocrite, while Girls Channel commenters ponder where a child ends up after making death threats at the tender age of 15…

From FNN News:

Boy Suspected Of Writing Death Threat To Agnes Chan, Police Carry Out Search Of Boy’s Home

A boy in the third year of middle school has had his home searched by Tokyo Metropolitan Police after being suspected of posting a death threat on the official Twitter account of celebrity and singer Agnes Chan.

A post was left on Agnes Chan’s official Twitter saying “On September 21, I’m going to stab you repeatedly and kill you”. On the same day, Tokyo Metropolitan Police carried out a search of the home of a boy (15) in the third year of middle school, who lives in Akishima City, Tokyo, on suspicion of making threats.

The boy admitted the charges, stating in response to the investigation that “I couldn’t forgive the fact that even though she does all that charity work she has an affluent life”.

Police confiscated the boy’s iPhone, which was used to post the death threat, and intend to send documents to the prosecutor’s office once they have confirmed the allegations.

Agnes Chan commented about the news that “I heard right before I went on stage at my concert in Osaka that it was a 15 year old minor who had written the comment. It was a huge shock, and it just made my heart ache. Police are still investigating, and so I’d like to see what happens”.



Well, I gotta say, it’s just as the 15 year old said.


Ah Agnes, even though you’re always saying “protect the children!”, you’re being sent death threats by the children.


Woah, woah, you’re being pretty horrible to that kid, Agnes.
Maybe he’s a child who’s not from a very privileged background.


This is just a prank by some bratty kid, so don’t be all submitting a suit for damages. She’s just an out and out hypocrite.


Hah, a middle school student?! w The Internet has such an influence these days w.


Agnes is taking away the life of the very child she should be protecting? wwwwwwwwwww


It’s all because she’s always boasting on TV about her luxurious lifestyle.


Come on, what can you do, he’s just a kid.
You’ll forgive him, right, Agnes?


Agnes, you have to protect the children.
You won’t say that Japanese children are the exception, now, will you?

Comments from Girls Channel:


Umm, don’t really get what he means: “I couldn’t forgive the fact that even though she does all that charity work she has an affluent life”.


Wow, I’d love to see his parents’ faces.


Well, Agnes wasn’t all that bad when she was a singer.
I wonder why she ended up like that.


Wow, just 15…no hope for him.


Sooo stupid〜


“I couldn’t forgive the fact that even though she does all that charity work she has an affluent life”:
Does all that charity work: NO
Does all that hypocritical work: YES


I mean, sure, I don’t particularly like Agnes, but it’s horrible to send her an online death threat.


Third year middle schooler.
What kind of adult is he going to grow up to be?

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  • vonskippy

    What type of a dumbass kid doesn’t know how the internet works? Let Darwin take this one.

  • jin

    Don’t know if the comments has something to do with the fact that shes chinese?

    • JEng

      I think she is a great example of kevlar – with kids who know their Chinese side of the family well. My cousin’s kids reportedly spend half the week with the Chinese grandparents and the other half with the Japanese ones. The Korean sister-in-law’s kids do the same thing – that’s quite an asset of authenticity that these Japanese cousins can claim, right?

  • Balkan

    “Woah, woah, you’re being pretty horrible to that kid, Agnes.Maybe he’s a child who’s not from a very privileged background.” So it is okay for him to threaten her with murder? So It’s her fault? What kind of thinking is that?

    • JEng

      two of her sons went to Stanford which propagated that marriage to a Chinese could be an asset and not a dilution of Dalek goals.

      It’s not like she has ever felt compelled to say anything against Japanese so like Sadaharu Oh, she’s more than bent over backwards to be GOOD ENOUGH for Japan.

      • John Snow

        So what? Does that mean the she deserved to received death threats? Just because she is rich?

        Due to the sexism of Japan’s society. These attackers most probably male need to feel dominant over women. Successful or not. Agnes is just an easy target for them because she is not considered to be “Japanese” also she is “female” with some “celebrity status”

        Regardless of her success or personal agenda. She does not deserved to be threaten.

        Death threat is not a fun thing to received especially from an anonymous source/person.

        • JEng

          no it means they no longer feel bound to be nice/tolerate to Chinese to keep up appearances for America that has effectively communicated that America doesn’t like China (and by extension Chinese because the Japanese individuals will very accurately make that connection – helped by the locust condemnation in HK and the Chinese tourist horror stories – signs of intolerance by others sets them free to shed their cover and they notice the pro KMT aka Taiwanese Chinese Americans who fled from the Commies category) coverage as well – it’s hard to miss.

          I was always surprised by Agnes’ popularity – enduring beyond her marriage – I think because she got that Stanford degree – they wanted to watch her in interviews to see what she had going for herself.

          Now that’s run out and they wouldn’t go after a Japanese celeb for having achievements or wealth.

    • JEng

      I read The Road Winds Uphill All The Way. It was not very good. Reporters in America write better one-off articles. Elizabeth Bunmiller writes very well. There are preachy Phd dissertations that are more useful and better written than what Agnes co-wrote.

      I’m not so sure about HK talent sometimes.

  • NorthEast

    Okay, so 15 year old boy is not her fan.

    • John Snow

      death threat is still a crime.

      • 3608820025168

        I agree, Japan recently full of stupid behavior. For example, who pays attention to her.. No need to death threat. Do we know her?

      • Korea

        are you related to snowden? Like you had many personal experience.

  • JEng

    I used to wonder if her husband was secretly Chinese because she comes from a successful family in Hong Kong so it seemed that she would have been marked for a good match in Hong Kong. But her husband and her sons like Haruki Murakami strongly resemble Peking Man so I guess she really did marry a Japanese and made it seem like Chinese get along well with Japanese. Agnes is very Hong Kong and always says the right thing – even better than a Japanese striving to do just that so she’s actually helped the Japanese image especially by making it appear that Japan is tolerant of Chinese in their midst. However, I remember a photo she took with Masako for the United Nations iirc and Masako did that angry snob tilt upward and you know. Masako was totally meant to be that international humanitarian for the UN (Princess Di, Princess Di) that Agnes has just been placeholding.

    Masako early days seemed to have lots of ambitious aggressive plans for a Japan that forced down everyone else’s throats as being superior (Harvard) and human rights scolding and promotion of misappropriated Chinese culture as Japanese heritage.

    • fr hy

      ehh u do know Agnes-chan is NOT an ethnic Nipponese, Her parents are both from taiwan or Hong kong.

      Please pay attention to the plight of Ryukyu people under Japanese and US military rule in their homeland. They are protesting infront of UN headquarter today Monday 28th of September, 2015.

      All the hoo haa in mass media about Chinese air strips in South China Sea is a cover up of greater sin by militants in Japan and US to make use of Ryukyu people as scapegoat in future conflict with China. UN member states should help the Ryukyu people to boot out US military base to give peace to the region.

      I post the news about this because I believe real news like this will never find its day in a fake democracy.

      • JEng

        chiu chow hong kong iirc and not really that popular in HK compared to Japan – maybe she is the karen mok of Japan – kinda more irritating because uncommonly praised – but then they have no problem with Akihito’s family tree getting such treatment to a higher degree. Those “princesses” are in no way fan material.

  • Boxed_Sushi

    So netizens are defending the kid because he’s poor, and Agnes is rich so it doesn’t matter if she gets death threats. Good going, netizens.

    • weiner

      maybe because he’s poor *and* a kid, but you’re probably just an american dripping in neoliberal cultural marxism; you guys wouldn’t understand what economical or class differences mean even if it hit you in the face

      • Boxed_Sushi

        I grew up poor and struggled to buy necessary essentials like food and clothes, but I never used my lower class status to excuse my behavior. This kid is 15. He should know at this age that his actions will have consequences. He shouldn’t hide behind his lower class status to justify sending death threats.

  • Korea8820025168

    No idea who she is.

    • James

      that’s nice

  • SeoulElite

    Is she popular in Japan. I have no idea who she is.

  • KoreanPeninsula8820025168G20

    Who is she?

    • James

      who are you?

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        Isn’t it obvious? He’s the Korean landmass.

        • James

          a lot of korean landmasses around here. I wonder where they are from?

          • Korea

            from Korean landmass.

          • James


  • Korea

    She is Chinese singer in Japan. Not popular with young crowds in Japan. She received a death threat.

  • Koreans

    I wish her the best.

  • TypeKing

    Is she popular?

  • “I couldn’t forgive the fact that even though she does all that charity work she has an affluent life”

    It’s because she leads an affluent life, that she is able to dedicate her time towards charity work.

    • tomoe723

      Or the other way around… you can’t imagine how “charitable” charity work really is when you finally get to peek at the wages of these people in them accounting books. Tax free, too!

  • Smith_90125

    You know, it is possible to criticize people without resorting to threats.

    Regardless of what a person thinks about othes (e.g. I despise those who have no value to society, like all royal families worldwide), they are not worth losing my freedom or getting a criminal record.

  • SeoulMegaKorea

    Is she from Taiwan? LMAO.

  • masterchief

    isnt that the woman that tried to ban hentaimanga. if so i hope she does die

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